Sunday, March 26, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Scotch


Another shortie because I am enjoying this format!! This week was another "filler" that I think is happening because of all the jazzy jazz coming up surrounding the 60th anniversary. The 5 days I saw could have easily been done in 2-3.  

Today's title is in reference to Jordan and Curtis. It's also because I need one. Badly. 

Hands down, best part of the week. Bobbie, Maxie, Lucy and Anna.
 Love the Nurses Ball planning and Lucy going back to OG librarian look. 

Even Liz is stunned she's cleared of everything
and doesn't even get a note in her folder! 

Willow and Chase--tolerable and cute together. *sigh*

And, you're in danger so for your own good I must sacrifice our love for mobular life.
(As Sonny has said to all of his 22,000 women over the years)  

I'm sick but I'll tell you off camera what it is, then don't tell anyone. OK? 

Laura serves Esme coffee and gives her money. What could possibly go wrong?  

Surprisingly touching scenes and the best part of Friday's show


Elizabeth is cleared by the GH board and can resume work 

Lucy exposes her alive-ness to Maxie and Anna finally catches up with her

Joss finds out that Michael is the "big boss' behind Dex 

Drew is walking Willow down the aisle

Valentin tells Carly and Drew all about the Victor plans :eyeroll:

Sonny tells Nina to scram for her own safety

Chase and Brook still can't get their shit together 

Bobbie gives Victor an earful. Wrongly tells Spencer he's named after Luke (Nikolas would NEVER) 

Spencer and Victor are cooking something up for Esme so they can get their hands on Ace 

Finn, Violet and Liz go out for spaghetti and meatballs 

Cam is leaving; party is coming (we think?)

Victor gets his hands on the fake ice princess necklace

Trina finds out Esme is living at Laura's with Spencer

Wu promises Sonny she's loyal

After many scotches, Curtis and Jordan almost kiss

Portia is sad 

Alexis badgers Greg into telling her he's not drunk, he's sick 

Marrow Update: Willow's still on the couch, waiting for drugs to clear Dr O's system

Esme is shady; tries to take Laura's money and runs. Cam stops her

THINGS TO REMEMBER: Epiphany's memorial show is coming March 29th. I hope people appreciate the love that went into making it!! Some want Epiphany to just go off into the sunset. I think given the circumstances surrounding Sonya Eddy and her untimely death, this was the best course. Just my humble opinion. 

Nurses Ball is coming and also, surprise guests all through April to celebrate 60 years. 

Again, sorry so short. I think my biggest take away this week is how messed up the Ice Princess story seems to be at this juncture. Way too many interruptions and just plain splicing of the whole thing to keep my interest. I'm also losing patience with Spencer and "my little brother". He's acting like Edward Q and the kid is only 21!! GEESH! I don't think anyone cares that Sonny's in danger AGAIN. It's so old. SO SO OLD. The Michael angle is way better to concentrate on anyway. Willow laying on the couch is just...*sigh*. Whatever. Get that marrow in her or let her die. Harsh, yet that's what I'm feeling! Do you think we will see a Cam going away party? Hmmm... 

See you tomorrow. Here's hoping this next week proves to be exciting...I'll be popping the corn in anticipation. 


  1. Thanks Karen.

    That newborn baby sure has the best smile and laugh. lol. He is ticklish, he kept laughing with Avery Pohl holding him under the arms, and he kept turning to possibly look at his RL Mommy off camera?? I am not sure if Esme memory is coming back, or if she is just wicked whether she's lost her memory or not.

    I was one who wanted Piffy to ride off into the sunset to medical school, but I think this memorial show is not just about the fans, but about the staff, other actors etc giving her a memorial service on their end. I imagine she was so loved by her fellow actors and crew that THEY wanted to do this. And, I think it should be done. Trying to figure out why one was never done for Stuart Damon though. Maybe because he hadn't been on the show for a number of years???

    The Mousy librarian thing was great. Not a disguise really, but a great throw back. And, Anna saying, "what are you? A mousy librarian? So original" lol. That was funny and great.

    I really loved the talk that Marshall and Trina had. Great scenes there. Either way, he is her grandfather.

    I think Laura is testing Esme, but she should have put guards out there. Shouldn't there be guards at the door anyway for Charlotte? And........... Where the heck is Charlotte in all this? Boy that penthouse sure is small for all those people Laura is housing....

    Sure hope all the "hoopla" is good. I am trying to keep my expectations low just in case.

    The Ice Princess storyline has been a dud overall. I like bits and pieces of it, but really it's not exciting like in the old days. No momentum and intrigue anymore. Back in the day story lines would take FOREVER too, but they were GOOD, had action, had mystery and suspense. OK sorry. I'll get off my "soap box". lol

    Appreciate all that you do every day Karen!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. PS I LOVED Trina's colorful blouse with the flowing sleeves Friday.

  2. Love baby Ace!!! Can’t blame Esme for wanting to get out of there with Spencer being so overbearing and sarcastic. Laura couldn’t be kinder. I remember when Lucy first appeared as the librarian - the good old days of a good mystery! Great SS!

  3. The SS is always a great end to any GH week. Thanks!
    That baby is just the cutest.
    Curtis and Jordan made me nauseous.
    Why is Sonny pretending to not know about Joss and Dex?
    Hate where they are taking Spencer. So will Trina.

  4. Hear me out - don't dismiss me yet LOL-
    They are trying to get Victor arrested for killing LUKE ------ BUT what if Luke isn't dead (like we all know) and THAT is how Victor gets off.......and LUKE shows up on ZOOM during GH 60--------cause we know Victor is gonna get off - CS isn't going anywhere--------and Lucy isn't dead and it can't be proved Victor took her????
    ---------I think Eileen is going to die......or disappear.....
    -----2 weeks oddly enough no Ava Austin Mason -
    ------GH PLEASE don't screw up this tribute to Sonya Eddy..............FELIX better be there if Max is there...

    1. meant Milo - sorry - I actually names two of my dogs Max and milo!!

    2. Yes about Luke. Not dead.
      Yes about Eyelean. Dead.

  5. also next Sunday is the ZOOM meeting with JPS and CS!!!!

  6. What ZOOM meeting is that with JPS and CS mufasa? An interview?

    1. all of their zoom events are great!

  7. Just wanted to share that I am a mega huge fan of Anders Hove as both Cesar Faison and his vampire role, Radu Vladislas from the Subspecies films. This weekend I was blessed to spend a lot of time with the cast and had a chance to talk to Anders about both. He said he wishes they would find a way to bring Faison back...he loves the character. Such a kind man and we were there at HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati to see the first new Subspecies film since 1998. This is a prequel called Bloodrise (part 5) and it tells of how Radu became a vampire.

    1. I know nothing about those films but he was my favorite GH villain. If only his brain wasn't in that jar. But is it really his. Thanks for sharing.

    2. this is the trailer for the newest installment


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