Thursday, March 16, 2023


 Planning at the Q mansion. Maxie, Millow and Carly are all in the living room. Carly is too happy playing with Amelia to really pay attention. That baby gah!! 

Brook answers the front door. It's Chase. He's there to see Amelia. They talk about Bailey a bit. Chase goes in to see Amelia, they talk about Willow's bone marrow. 

When Chase goes to leave Brook blurts out "I need you"! She says for the Nurses Ball. They touch hands... 

Spencer isn't happy Dex is living at Sonny's but Sonny is like: TOO BAD. Spencer tells him Cameron is moving because Joss broke up with him and got with Dex. Sonny leaves to visit Nina but tells Spencer to learn to live with Dex. 

Dr O visits Nina at her apartment. The LAB STILL IS TAKING IT'S TIME on her tests. GEESH. They talk about Scott. Then Sonny comes over. Nina wonders why 2 body guards are there. He says he'll tell her later. Liesl gets a call from the hospital. She can be the donor but there's a problem.  They can't harvest her cells right now, it's on hold. 

Trina visits Esme. Esme says she doesn't remember what she did as "that other person'. Trina calls Ace Spencer's "baby brother" and Esme freaks out. HE CAN'T HAVE HIM!! Trina tells her to chill out. Esme says whatever happened was Ryan's influence. Trina says not the drugging or the porn video. Esme says "how do you know"? She wonders if she passed the test and if Trina thinks she's lying about her memory.

Later, Esme gets a letter from Heather and looks horrified.  

Joss and Cam say goodbye. Cam cries a little. Trina calls Joss says to meet her at Sonny's she has something important to say to her, Cam and Spencer.  

Cam and Spencer show up at Sonny's. Dex answers the door. Spencer tells him to get lost so he can talk to his friends. Trina shows up and tells them SHE'S GOING TO DROP THE CHARGES AGAINST ESME. 
Ok, so she thinks if they prosecute her now and she is sympathetic to the jury, she could be found not guilty. That would mean even if she did remember, she couldn't be tried again for the crimes. Also, they need to get Ace out of jail. All 4 agree to try to get the charges dropped against Esme. 

Greg slurs his words and speaks slowly. Alexis wonders if he's drunk. He says NO WAY. She insists on driving him. He says he's NOT A DRUNK LIKE HER! He gives her his car keys, says he'll take a cab and he never wants to see her again. Alexis goes to talk to Sam about it and Alexis is sure he was drunk. WHY wouldn't she think it was medical? Geesh. 

Liesl has to wait to harvest the marrow until her meds are out of her system. 

Diane is going to help the kids. 

Esme is going to read Heather's letter. 


  1. ----oooooo hated Spencer today - wow a jerk
    ----smart Trina-----so wonder what Heather wrote to Esme? Esme had just said 'how do we know my father didn't force me' (which sounded like the old Esme) ----- and then a letter showed up???? I think it's related...
    -----I guess Brook Lynn and Chase get back together and then he finds out she lied that feeling that Chase wanted Brook Lynn today...
    ----Nina is NOT Carly - she will NOT do well with Sonny's business and danger - I think she will meddle OR she decides she has to leave him to protect her daughter (I mean like next year) but little does she know MICHAEL is trying to destroy Sonny..
    -----Gosh, Nina is irritating and whiny and acts like a child........and now Alexis character has changed and she is begging a man she barely knows and is convinced he is an alcoholic?????
    Laura Anna Felicia - strong women ------------------------------------why aren't others?????

    1. In recent years GH has repeatedly written some strong women into weakness. Anna was among the first. When she wept while talking to Faison years ago. She went down from there but she has returned more to her former self in the past year. They do it with some male characters too.

  2. I'm wondering if they are going to do a Parkinson disease storyline with Gregory.

    1. I think that is exactly where this headed.

  3. Spencer was an ass. Poor Maxie looks like a hot mess. Alexis is another character they r making unbearable like Carly and Joss.

    1. Maxie looked fine to me. Just her usual self.

    2. Maxie should be in designer clothes - I agree her wardrobe is just not what it should be.

  4. Those twins are too adorable. And so advanced for their age. lol
    Avery Pohl is so good. And credit to the writers. I really thought that she might be faking. But the letter. She seemed genuinely troubled.
    So how long does it take for a medication to leave the bloodstream? At most a few days for blood thinner. Of course a few days on GH could be a month.
    They are making Alexis obnoxious.

    1. totally agree. avery pohl has become my favorite young actress

  5. Willows baby was beyond precious

  6. Given his outburst, I'm wondering if Gregory can have a brain tumor, or some kind of growth in the brain. I definitely thought Alexis jumped on drunk a little too quickly, and didn't think of anything else after. My first reaction when he started slurring his words was stroke.
    And she sounded like the old Esme to me too when she said that, Mufasa. I was hoping Trina had noticed something when she was talking to her that might have given her away. And I'm loving her suggestion about dropping the charges. I hope it works.
    Loved cam and Joss's scene again. She seemed to be listening to him but hoping she's wrong because she knows he's only pretending to work for sonny.

    I was also glad Sonny shut Spencer down when he started going on about Dex again. I don't like that side of him.

  7. Kelly's:

    Cam and Joss: Cam in tears!!! Joss don't wipe away his tears! You have no right to do that anymore! I want to hug Cam!!!! :(

    Spring Ridge:

    Trina, Baby Ace, and Vampira: Trina you trying to trick Vampira into slipping up? :) Vampira is way too good for that. Baby Ace awwww. :)

    Vampira and the letter: Man! She is acting like there is a bomb in the letter! BAHAHAHA! What does the letter say?!!?!

    Sonny's home:

    Sonny and Spencer: Come on Sonny! Just tell him,

    Sonny: Dex and I are in love! We are together now. He will live with me as long as he wants to!

    The green beans on Sonny's table are waiting for him to tell Spencer that too. :)

    Spencer and Dex: *Snicker* I just love their scenes. :) OH! The gang shows up, and Spencer wins the line of the day!



    Spencer, Cam, Trina, and Joss: TRINA IS RIGHT!!!!! I'm glad they are listening to her.

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Gregory and Alexis: Alexis! Think of other things other than him being drunk!

    Gregory: Not everyone is a drunk like you Alexis!!

    Ouch!!!! Gregory that was not necessary! I hope you apologize to her and confide in her about what is really going on.

    Alexis and Sam: Alexis use your thinking caps!!!

    Nina's home:

    Nina and Dr. O: Oh Dr. O don't shut Scotty out. :(

    Nina, Dr. O, and Sonny: YAY! Dr. O is a match! What a problem? Oh oh! Her meds? Oh come on writers!!!! *Facepalm*

    Nison: Yeah Sonny you gotta tell Nina you were almost shot at.

    Q home:

    Chase and Brooky: Geez first they flirt and have eye sex and then she says I need you! They are still in love!!!! I want Chase to sing at the nurses ball, but not with Blaze. I want him to sing alone!!

    Carly, Mildew, baby Ohsaka Walnut, and Maxie: THAT BABY! GAH! Hmmm a newborn baby grabbing on Carly's hair! :) AND smiling.. Meh I don't care. THAT BABY IS ADORABLE! :) Great scene!

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to October 21st 1998* Nik and Stefan at Wyndemere.

    1. lol I did love that line of the day too. I pictured a crown on his arrogant head. PMSL

      And noooo. Don't tell her anything Sonny. Someone will trigger her and she will start moving her mouth faster than a swarming shark. I can hold my breath longer than she can hold her tongue.

    2. Brooke and Chase were a great couple until they ruined them. Hope Brooke can grow up and stop her selfishness

    3. Sonya said "Hmmm a newborn baby grabbing on Carly's hair! :)"

      For the first year of my son's life he would not go to sleep unless he had a handful of my hair. Started when he was a brand-new baby in the hospital.

      So, Trina not pressing charges is how Esme gets out of prison. I was wondering how they were going to accomplish that. I'm betting that her and Ace winds up living with Laura and Kevin.

      Do we know if William L is leaving as Cam? Or is the transfer to Stanford going to fall through?

    4. Spencer's line was a stitch, but he needs to tone down the hollering a bit, lol! And I was snickering when Dexter skulked off to his room!
      Both babies are too adorable for words. Gah! (stealing Sonya's word)
      I'd like to know too if William L is leaving GH. I really need him to stay!
      If I was Alexis I would go right to Finn and blab everything about Gregory instead of blathering on to Samantha. What does Alexis have to lose after Gregory pretty much pulled a Sonny implying you're dead to me! :)
      And Di is so right about Neener. Loose lips sink ships. If Michael and Dex don't take down Sonny, she will. But then you know, it won't be her fault and we'll have to hear about it for years.

    5. Dex didn't skulk off. He left because bully boy has his Uncle Sonny behind him and if he comes at Dex he has only one choice. He can let Spencer pound him and then prance around like a peacock because he won the fight...yaaah; or he had flatten him and Sonny will take him out. He chose the wise move.


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