Friday, March 10, 2023

Duck and Cover


Carly and Drew are just coming downstairs from Brownie sex LOL They clean the kitchen. Drew thinks the only one that can turn them in for insider trading is Ned. 

Mac is at the Qs telling Michael that all the stuff taken during the hook investigation has been returned to the boathouse. At the door, Ned lets Maxie in and she's happy because she wants to talk to him. 
Maxie tells everyone she's doing the Nurses Ball. Ned does mention Lucy being dead (geesh) and Valentin Maxie wants Aurora and ELQ to sponsor the Ball. Michael and Ned say yes. Maxie wants Michael to join the planning committee. 

Dex and Joss after zex...they are in his bedroom. He says he can cook. He leaves. 

Cody is explaining to Sasha what he overheard about the garage sale. She's mad at Gladys and wants to know who she sold it to. Then Mac comes in right when Cody is picking up the old DNA results that are on the floor. :EYEROLL: Mac and he talk about horse riding. Then they have beers. Mac talks about killing Ryan. 

Sonny wants Gladys to tell him exactly what Sasha knows or doesn't about the garage. He also asks her if Wu is pressuring her.  Before she can answer, Dex interrupts. Gladys leaves. Dex wants to know why he was left out of the Pikeman deal. Sonny says if it goes sideways, I don't want you in the middle. 

Sasha sees Gladys. Lays into her about selling the garage. Gladys finally says : "I sold it for ME"! She says that it reminded her too much of her son and she had to face all the bills and reminders. She manages to get Sasha to feel sorry for her.  

Ava and Nina have lunch. Nina tells Ava about the Carly insider trading deal. Boring bore Ava finally figures out what Drew/Carly did to potentially get arrested by the SEC. 


Mac picks up the DNA test (or something on the floor)

Sasha forgives Gladys

Dex saves Sonny from a bullet on the docks 


  1. So my Goddaughter's best girlfriend gave up being a lawyer and moved to LA, where she teaches Yoga. She said to tell me that she was an extra at the Nurses' Ball, and also was an extra eating at the MetroCourt. So I guess the NB is filmed already. . . .

    1. Oooooo! You gotta let us know which one she is! :)

    2. She is of Egyptian descent and has very curly hair--can't wait to see if I can spot her at the Ball!

    3. "AntJoan says, She is of Egyptian descent and has very curly hair--can't wait to see if I can spot her at the Ball!"

      Oh!!! Wow I can't wait to see her too!

  2. Dex's place:

    Jex: Are they a couple now? :) Ooooooo making plans for the summer! :) Me likey.

    Q horsy home:

    Sasha and Cowboy Cody: Oh oh! Gladys better strap on her seatbelt! Sasha is angry!!!

    Cowboy Cody and Mr. Ed: The DNA results!!!!! :) Now why are you still keeping it? :) Do you look at it constantly?

    Cowboy Cody and Mac: Awwww bonding. :) This is the perfect time to tell him that he is your daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Mr Ed can't wait until Mac knows the truth!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Ava and Nina: Nina you going to send Carly to sing sing? :) (Quoting Scotty)

    "Karen says, Boring bore Ava"

    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! Ava? Boring bore? :O

    Sonny and Gladys: Gladys and her bleeding dress! Yikes! Well I guess it is appropriate. Since she is talking to Sonny and she has a secret. But Sonny can help you Gladys! Tell him the truth!

    Sasha and Gladys: Sasha very angry!!!! Turning into the incredible hulk, but then she turns into a puppy because Gladys is very good.. Very manipulative. :)

    Sonny and Dexxy: Sonny is making sure that Dex knows that he is in love with him and that he is just protecting him, and that they are good. :) Hmmm I'll call them Sonnex. :)

    Carly's kitchen:

    Crew: Where the hell are the Tribbles? I guess they had to hide from all the zex! They must be outside. No Drew! Ned isn't the only one who can get you in trouble! THERE IS NINA TOO! Duh!

    "Karen says, Carly and Drew are just coming downstairs from Brownie sex"


    Q home:

    Mildew, baby Ohsaka Walnut, Drew, Ned, and Maxie: No no no I don't like that Maxie is taking control of the nurses ball. It should be Lucy! Hmmmm unless Lucy is going to interrupted the festivities and take control! :) That is my Lucy! :) Man that baby is huge. That baby is smiling!!!! Hahahaha.

    Drew and Ned: Drew wins the line of the day.

    Drew: I know we are Quartermaines and we are going to bicker and we're going to back stab, but at the end of the day, when it matters, we band together.

    BAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHA! Oh Ned you are not going to believe a word he says are you? He is just manipulating you! Don't fall for it!!!

    The warehouse:

    Sonnex: Awwww a second date. :) How lovely. Oh oh the date was interrupted by a gun shot.. Date over. :( In the previews for tomorrow it looks like they are going to kiss!

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to October 21st, 1998* Nik telling Katherine he wuvs her.

  3. yep online they started - I think they said March 6th???? and it's several days - but I wanted to hear Valentin sing and he's stuck....guess Chase????? Eddie Mayne??
    ----I really thought Ava would try to persuade Nina NOT to do anything since she needs the mother of Sonny's child Donna to be around and not to make Sonny mad....
    ----I did NOT see that ending going that way - unless unless it's a trick that Sonny is testing Dex???????
    -------I love Valentin and Anna but we need to speed this up - they are amazing actors who need more of a beefy storyline - especially Valentin - unless JPS is filming his other show now - otherwise I would think they are kinda bored?
    -----Willow had lots of energy today compared to the other days - I did not see it coming that she would WANT Michael to be on the committee?
    -----what comes first - the Nurse's Ball or the wedding I wonder?

  4. forgot one more thing - WHY would Holly wanna give Victor a dose of something to make him impotent? That seemed outta no where and that the writers changed their minds again....
    ----I think the coordinates Victor wants is gonna be something Mikos buried or hid years ago - hopefully not a weather machine.

    1. My thinking is that she wanted to hurt his ego but not something that would let him know that he was drugged. And with Victor and his ego the fact that he couldn't get little Victor to work would would eat at him and get him off his game with whatever he wants the Ice Princess diamonds for.

  5. They better wrap up this Lucy / Valentin / Anna biz
    before the nurses ball. Lucy MUST be there. AND - I will be upset if I don't get to hear Valentin sing and play piano.

  6. Completely agree Ladderr. Lucy MUST be there, AND Valentin must sing and play piano to Anna

  7. Valentin has to be at this Nurse's Ball. Think he was with old Nina in all these, but one of them I think he was looking for Anna.

    1. PS. I would also LOVE to see Valentin and Anna tango. Wonder if JPS dances too.

  8. I think Lucy will make a splashy return to Port Charles (naked) during the Nurses Ball.

  9. Are they really going this tired route with Nina and Carly. Most likely what some of you said about it all leading to Nina and Sonny's break up and Carly and Sonny back on again. Is that too predictable? No one cares about the freaking insider trading. It's old non news.
    I agree about Lucy making a splashy return to PC and the NB.


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