Thursday, August 31, 2023



Metro Pool and Alexis is meeting Spencer for a check in. They end up talking about what a great worker Esme is and it's nice having Ace around. Spencer says it's great to watch him grow even if he has to live with Esme. They talk about young Spencer and Nikolas taking care of him. Then they move on to Curtis. Then back to Nikolas. 

Lucy is at the Pool too and Marty comes up behind her. They sit to have drinks. She mad he wasn't at the hearing today. She says they'll be bankrupt in 6 months. She is upset that Brook betrayed them. She says she's going to fight Tracey even if it costs her the company. You can tell Martin knows something. 

Austin comes to visit Ava at Wyndemere. She wants Nik's body back. NOW. Austin says to cool her jets for awhile. Then Ava says she's not sure she even wants to live in Wyndemere anymore. She only wanted it to spite Nikolas. Mason shows up. She wants payback. NOW. He says he can't give Nik back until everything is 'finished' and it's 'going down tonight". Um, OK? 

Joss is at Kelly's and Dex tells her he can't go to the concert because he has to work. She's mad they have to cancel. Why isn't she back in college? WHY ISN'T SHE DOING HER PRE-MED STUFF? 

Robert finds Diane at the courthouse. He brought his new car to show her. She can't because she's there on behalf of DREW?? AT NIGHT? What? And Robert says he thinks the judge was biased too! Diane asks Robert to call the WSB to help. He says he can't. The WSB isn't happy with him now a days. 

Brook is sad and Leo comforts her in the Q kitchen. Olivia looks on. Tracey is there all of a sudden and she's going to explain what happened to Olivia. Brook says Tracey blackmailed her. Brook is really upset with Tracey because she trusted and liked her. 

Chase meets Brook at Kelly's to talk about Tracey. He looks THRILLLLLLLLLED. 

note: ADAM Huss WAS SHOWN IN FLASHBACKS! I think he's totally going to come back as Nikolas

OMG HE was!! he was on at the END OF THE SHOW!! He's at the cabin/house in the woods with Austin!!!!!!!! 

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Open House For Wubsy



Today is the day I welcome the cherubs back to speech!! Sorry I'll miss it again. I don't think I missed much yesterday? Twitter was NOT IMPRESSED. 


Wu goes to Sonny to ask him to help her get the poker game back into The Savoy. She looks fabulous. Sonny tells her not to bother Marshall or Curtis. PERIOD. She apologizes. 

Gladys tells Nina all about Dr. Mean and his blackmail. Nina thinks they should go to the cops. Gladys is like: NO we can't. Nina insists on calling the doctor. Gladys dials the phone. He doesn't pick up. Nina says she's going to go tell Sonny but Gladys grabs her arm hard. 

Sam and Cody go ahead with their plan. They are going to a doctor to get him 'evaluated". He is saying he has su*cidal impulses. He's really selling it! WOW

Sam "bumps into" The Dr. Mean Monteque. She sees Gladys trying to call him

Dante goes to visit Sasha in Ferncliff to ask some questions. She's all passed out. He can't wake her up.


Tracey comes into court to get her hands on the Deceptor. Lucy wonders why she would do this. ALAN MENTION! Tracey looks ICE COLD.  Jackson says they are suing for intellectual property. Anyway, the judge says YEP, it can go forward and the trial is set in 6 months. Lucy says they can't wait that long, they'll be ruined! Tracey tells Lucy that she can get out of a trial for 75% of Deception. 

NEWS INTERRUPTION: Hurricane and Fire update from Biden 

SO that's it!! 

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Trouble Tuesday?


Not sure I'll make it today OR tomorrow for the blog because work is starting up and I have open houses. So I'll just open it up to you-- 

I do have some ideas that SHOULD have happened this summer: 

Sante wedding. We needed a nice little fun wedding and I'm diggin' Sam and Dante. Plus, with all the Lulu talk, they'd be hitched when she woke up. No wedding "interruptus" like we usually see. 

Joss/Dex/Trina/Spencer: SHOULD have visited Cam in California. Even if they never actually SAW him, it could have been some kind of mystery sprinkled with Nikolas stuff. 

Maxie and the kids should have had at least 2 days of moving scenes-- it would have been fun. Liz could have helped too-- all the kids could have been in that deal. Sam's...Dante's--yada yada. Spinelli would have been involved as well. I still don't know why he's not on more. 

Wu's Gambling Palace should have been in full swing. Curtis was out of it for most of the summer, being mad then sad--then shot. She could have just taken over until someone noticed. I also say they missed huge opportunities to have guest cameos from guest actors in all genres. They are on strike. Daytime is exempt.. a few poker games could have been done up really well. 

Monday, August 28, 2023

Blazer City Today


So Kassie DePaiva (Blair OLTL) Is joining GH for a short time--and I'm GUESSING Blair was Marty's "EX"??? Is she the Deceptor person???? WELP! 

Liz and Finn on the roof, talking about Greg's illness. They are sad. Liz tells him she'll be there with him 'Every step of the way". 

Diane visits Carly in Kelly's. Both have blazers on. Carly wants Drew out of jail. Diane thinks maybe she can look into bias. 

Joss and Trina at Kelly's talking about Curtis and Portia. Cripes, can't these two do some club-crawling? 

Portia is crying to Marshall about Curtis coming home tomorrow and he never told her. They talk about Curtis and he might be avoding Portia (YOU THINK?) THEN Trina comes in and they talk about Curtis. 

Curtis is working out and Stella is talking to him. She tells him it's too soon to leave. Gives him a pep talk about being brave yada yada. She says don't shut Portia out. 

Anna takes Robert for a drink at The Pool. She wants to find out if Valentine's on Pikeman's payroll. She thinks he's still working with him. Then Robert leaves and Valentin comes in. Anna's suspicous. 

Lucy throws a drink in Marty's face and is mad about the wife #3 giving him money every month. Marty wonders how she found that out. She tells him all about Pine Valley. She's also anxious about the hearing tomorrow. 

Marty tells Valentin in the alcove that "it's not good news" whatever that's about. 

Alexis is going to be on the LGBTQIA House board. Then she and Krissy talk about Molly and the surrogate. Alexis likes the surrogate. Kristina leaves. Greg comes in. He says he doesn't know how long he'll be working. He tells her he told Finn and Liz but not Chase. She says she'll be there for him. 


Liz will be there for Finn

Alexis is there for Greg

Valentin tells Martin he has to do something then HE can do something. 

Curtis calls Portia and hells her he's coming home and they'll work out things together. 

Robert bought a new car, wants to take Diane for a 'spin' in it

Sunday, August 27, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Half and Half


I did watch 1/2 the week! I was so interested in why Cyrus would cut his hair I had to tune in. Not really sure that came in the form of a concrete answer other than his desire to "transform" (literally and figuratively) into the leader of the band. 

Not going to be long or painful this week so have a seat and let me ramble! 

Friday, August 25, 2023

Not A Friday Show


Finn and Tracey playing backgammon at the Qs. They talk about their families. Finn doesn't want to talk about Greg's condition. Tracey doesn't want to talk about Ned. Finn wants to talk about Luke. Brook comes in and tells Tracey she's furious and throws their game on the floor.  She asks why Tracey is messing with her friends and Tracey says there are no friends in business. She says the company she's working behind is after the Deceptor and wants to crush Deception. 

Sam and Drew still talk about him getting committed. He wants her to have power of attorney so she can commit him. Um..?? They keep going round and round and round. 

Willow wants to get back to nursing, asks Liz if she has a spot for her. Liz says she has to get clearance first from her doctors. That's what she's going to do! (her hair looks too good for being a stage 4 cancer patient for sure)

Alexis and Molly meet at the pool and Andrea the surrogate comes in. Krissy sees it all from afar. I think she wasn't invited? Nope, she leaves and Alexis sees her go. Alexis asks the surrogate why she's doing it. She has a young son, RANDY and her husband is a plumber and she wants to be a stay at home mom.  Alexis says she seems great. I hope they vet her. That was a lame interview. 

Kristina goes to GH to see Dr. Randolph. Willow tells her he was called out on an emergency. Krissy asks how Willow is....yada yada. Then Krissy says she feels left out of her sister's life. OMG She tells Willow the ENTIRE STORY of her sister, infertility and TJ and the surrogate! GEESSSSSSSSSSH

Sonny visits Nina at Crimson. HE gives her a huge diamond necklace. He's happy. Weird scene kind of.. he doesn't want to let her in with the business stuff.  It's the same old thing EVERY woman says to him. UGH. She wants a winter wedding. 

Greg comes in to talk to Elizabeth. He tells her he fell in front of Violet and he has ALS. Oh he told her before Chase!! 


Brook tells Tracey that No wonder NED didn't want to be her son! 

Sam agrees to have Cody committed (not sure how) to 'save' Sasha

PS. Charlotte and Valentin never had their burgers at the Metro Pool. 

This was a lame show for a Friday 

Thursday, August 24, 2023



Jordan meets hottie PT Guy. Then tells Curtis about Anna's house burning down. She leaves then some guy is on the treadmill that has artificial legs and they talk. 

Ava and Portia talk about Curtis. 

Carly and her Blazer are running Kelly's. Sonny and she talk about Dex, Drew...the jail. 

Dante and Sam talk about Cody. Then Sam goes to the horse barn. Valentin comes in to get Charlotte from Dante. 

Cody and Mac talk about Dominique and Sasha. Then Sam comes in. Mac leaves. That NuHorse is sticking his tongue out and being VERY LOUD LMAO. 

Sprina are going to get out the art for the Gallery. Esme wants him home for dinner. 

Deception is being sued and the stocks are frozen. Someone is saying the Deceptor idea was stolen. They don't know who. 

Wednesday, August 23, 2023



I had to come back to GH because of this-- How exciting! LOL.. it's intriguing to me. I also see that Jake was back on . 
Austin gives Cy the zip drive and wants out of the organization. GAW~ they have the same haircut. OMG!! AUSTIN knows NIKOLAS IS ALIVE AND HE SAVED HIS LIFE!!!!!!! He's been lying to Ava the entire time!! Cyrus tells Austin he can "go in peace". He says he'll do the lord's work with Sonny's information. 

Anna and Sonny eating Dinner? Interesting. She talks about the fire. They have giant pasta in front of them. They talk about the fire. She leaves. Ava comes in and asks if he knows the boss of Austin and Mason yet. He says no. 

Dex is visiting some guy I don't know in prison. Oh, it's BOOK that attacked Cyrus. Dex says Sonny tells him to not touch Drew again. 

Carly and Drew... still don't care. She thinks he should get out of jail early because...I don't even know. He's guilty. Leave him in there. 

Stella is working???????? Awwww. Someone said Felicia wants that job at GH? Anyway, I love Vernee so I'm glad she's working more. Felicia and Stella talk about Felicia possibly working as a patient advocate. I'm sure there's more than one position at the hospital. 

Gladys is trying to be nice to Sasha? Little late lady.  The doctor tells her he wants 50K to 'release Sasha' from the drugs. 

Wu trying to get Marshall to sell the club. She looks gorgeous. She says she'll get something on Marshall and he says he's going to throw her outta the club. She just smiles. 

Ava and Trina. LOVE Trina's look.  Spencer is listening to Trina complain about Esme. Then he comes in, Ava leaves and Sprina kiss. They talk about Curtis and family. 



Felicia is filling out a job form

Brick put fake information on the computer for Betty to find.!!!!! I didn't know this

Dex sees Austin walking around the jail lounge. 

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Laying By the Pool: Tuesday


People are liking Betty!! Also wondering why isn't SHE MOLLY? I mean--look at her! She fits with NuKrissy and is a pretty fun actress. What say you??!!
LOVE That she's reading Crimson!! Oh, and isn't she hot in that get up?

Monday, August 21, 2023

Monday !!!


Anders Hove (Faison) is on one of my fave new PBS shows: Seaside Hotel. It's Danish and he plays a mean farmer guy. I yelled when I saw him pop up!! 

Sunday, August 20, 2023

Sunday Surgery: EMOTE-Shuns


That's right.. they are just going to make stuff up!! Now pass me another Mai-Tai 

I hear the best part of the week was the Luau at The Metro Pool. I also hear no one knows WHY there was a party but hey, roll with it. Unfortunately for GH this theme was probably not the best given what's happened but they tape in advance and had no idea. Someone on twitter said it would have been good to have a note at the end about contributing to the people of Maui but... 

I'm going to try to figure out some of the photos I stole from @Flutterby on Twitter. Lots of EMOTIONS happening this week: 

Roger looks as TIRED as I feel with all this. Did Mason threaten him again? DID HE? The horror. :eyeorll: I did see Betty got some kind of zip drive. Don't care. 

Sasha looks
SULLEN  because ... she's drugged up 24-7. I honestly thought this was going to be a vehicle to let Sofia have some downtime with her new baby. You know, send her to Shadybrook for a bit.. yada yada. BUT NOPE. :sigh: 

Finn... I take it Gregory finally told him about his ALS? Finn was just talking how Happy he was right? Welp. 

Vanna appears too  CONFLICTED because they are in the Metro Court now and Anna suspects him of...??? I wonder if they'll use the (whiny voice) "they were going to kill Charlotte" excuse again. 

Mr. Maine appears to be... having A BLAST  with not shaving, looking like a schlubb and-- basically enjoying not remembering Olivia. 

Cody is acting FOOLISH because I'm assuming he's trying to get into Shadybrook to be Sashs'a white knight. Am I right? 

Squeakers is EXCITED because she's found a surrogate-- 

Krissy is PISSY because.. she's not the one??? (no idea but her face looks mad lol) 

Spencer is BORED looking at Esme in her bikini. After all...he's seen Trina in hers! 

Ava appears to be just as GLAMOROUS as always. Drinking a martini ...and... giving Nina "the look" -- "Oh honey, Sonny's going to find out soon and he's going back to Carly"... look 

That's all... we're done... just leave! 

Friday, August 18, 2023



David reminded me that yesterday on the 17th of August, John Ingle took over the role of Edward Quartermaine. I thought it was a fantastic choice and I grew to love him as THE EQ!! He made Edward a little more 'twinkly' for me. 

Thursday, August 17, 2023



So, I'm knee deep in watching Schitt$ Creek (again) and decided to tune into GH for a few minutes!

What did I see? 

Cody being all bitchy at the PCPD (obviously trying to get into Shadybrook)

Esme taking off her cover up in front of Spencer :eyeoll:

Curtis AND Marshall dissing Empress Wu 

Mason threatening Austin AGAIN while Betty held some zip drive. 

Okayyyyy. So.. nothing has changed. OH! I did see a minute of Curtis' new PT guy. Nice lookin' for sure. 

Wednesday, August 16, 2023



So, I tuned into GH for a minute and.. SASHA. Good GOD... she's like Laura was when Laura got hauled away!!  I also saw Ms WU --so that made me a bit happy.  Hope you're enjoying the show!! 

Tuesday, August 15, 2023


Mykel Shannon has joined he GH cast as Curtis' Physical Therapist. 

Attention: New good looking' man on GH and his name is "GUY" ... 

Monday, August 14, 2023

Burnin' Down The...

No, I'm not watching but if I have the time I'll pop up a photo for you! Who do you think started the fire? I'm saying Cameron. Remember his fire-bug phase? He's not really in California, he's working for Pikeman. Heh... that would be a twisty-twist!  But honestly, who knows. Many think it's Alex. If they use that tired ish again  it's just criminal. 

Sunday, August 13, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Up In Flames


As you can see, I decided to take some time off from GH-- and I'm sticking to that. Some people are really liking the show now. The little talks with characters that don't usually interact-- the slow moments. Me? I can't. While I appreciated things like Alexis and Krissy together, the stories are just not there. I don't want to watch Curtis wallow. I'm not even that interested in the Anna fire.

Even the fun-fight didn't grab me. I was happy Mason got decked though. This Austin/Mason thing is taking forever. It will dovetail onto the Anna story for sure but...meh. 

So... drink up and have some ice cream --Maxie will be moving into Lulu's and those kids will stop fighting and we won't see them again. 


Amy or Deanna should apply for surrogate. They are hiring a new chick to play the woman vying for it. (As of now, Gregory Harrison's daughter is playing that role See Michael Fairman for details) 

Get rid of Glady/Sasha/MeanDoc etc and bring back Spinelli for Maxie 

Get Selina Wu and Brad doing things. Li is a good character too. Show some poker games with guest cameos. It's not 'scabbing' if it's on a soap. There are tons to choose from right now. 

We all know Curtis is eventually going to walk again. Just cure him. PS Why hasn't N'neka visited? Wouldn't she be running his club? 

Finn/Liz didn't work the first how many times. Cut bait on this. 

As much as I don't like Willow, huge beats were missed not having Liesl O at least speak to her afterwards. She got used for her bone marrow then nothing. I could see her absolutely being a Auntie-Hen hovering over Willow. 

More Davis Girls. I loved Lexi as Kristina but the new actress is doing great. Molly? Not my cup of tea but I like seeing my fave family interact. 

The Summer should have been Sprina Centered with Jex on the side --think old Luke/Laura/Tiff/Robert 

I can go on and on but you know most of my ideas already!! 

Have a great Sunday! Let me know what you're thinking about everything. Like I said A LOT of people are really enjoying the show. 


Friday, August 11, 2023

Break Time


Well, I'm taking a small break from the show--- you know me, I'll probably be back before you can blink. I'm just feeling like it's a chore to watch, not a joy.  Hope you all have a great day and weekend. 

Thursday, August 10, 2023

A Night Out

Olivia and Carly go to a big old dive-bar and Eddie is there. Olivia goes to the restroom and Eddie tries to hit on Carly. And then Mason hits on Olivia. He gets handsy-- and she pushes him away. Eddie steps in, decks Mason-- then they get in a fight. 

Kristina is watching "How to Catch a Killer" and has a facial mask on. Ha ha. Her internet went out and is watching TV at Alexis' house. I guess she has her own place? Since when? What? Anyway, they talk and Alexis sees books that Sam let Kristina borrow on finance. Then Alexis realizes that she was going to BURN THEM. BUT NO! Kristina wasn't. Then they talk about Sam trying to apologize by giving Krissy the books. 

Marshall goes home and is sad. Portia goes to get Trina. Trina left a note...she's gone to see Curtis. Marshall thinks he should move out when Curtis comes home after rehab. Portia says they all need him. Then they talk about Curtis not walking and get all sad. 

Curtis is sad in the hospital. He talks to Liz about having to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. 

Trina goes to the hospital and begs Finn to see Curtis. Finn goes to Curtis' room and lets Trina in. Curtis has a puss-face on when she walks in. She says she just wants to see him before he goes to rehab. 

Dante is at Anna's house and someone is skulking outside.  Anna asks Dante if he's ever heard of Pikeman. She says that it's a company dealing in arms and they recruit old WSB agents to work for them. They recruited Valentin. He worked with them LONG ago as a contractor. NOT NOW though. 

Sam goes over to Maxie's and brings ice cream and wine. The kids are fighting. UGH WE GET IT, the apartment is too small!! OK!! geesh! Sam gives James ice cream and he asks why she has a boy's name. Maxie sends him to bed. Says it's so hard to get a house in this market. Sam says she might have a solution. Maxie could move into Lulu's house. Then they talk about Lulu. It's been almost 3 years. Then they talk about Sasha's breakdown. 


Dante leaves Anna's....someone is skulking outside her house

Carly knocks Mason out with a scotch bottle

Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Go FIsh


Olivia tells Carly she's helping Nina plan the wedding. Carly understands that Olivia needs a distraction from Eddie Drama. Olivia says she's sorry for treating Carly so badly (WHAT?!) Carly says they are BFFs and that's that. They have a bunch of Carly/Olivia flashbacks. 

Portia is sad but Trina wants to move back home so she's happy. Spencer comes with her just to help move. Trina goes to set up her room and Portia tells Spencer to dop the boxes and she'll do the rest (not in front of Tri though) . Curtis was shot and that bullet could have been for his OTHER UNCLE Sonny. SO he's still dangerous. Spencer says he's sorry about Curtis and he's not like Victor or Sonny. He wants Trina happy and safe. He says he'll say goodbye to her and leave. Portia says "Just leave, I"ll tell her you had to take off" Oh, that's cold. He leaves. 

Marshall brings Cards for Curtis to play. Curtis is glad his dad is with him now. They play go fish. Try to talk about Curtis' condition. Curtis doesn't want to go to a rehab center because he'll be in a wheelchair. 

Alexis is upset that some senator got off scott free in some trial (it's weird) she wants to throw something. Greg tell her to go ahead. BUT~ They are going Ax throwing. Remember that? She can't throw well. HE CAN then he teaches HER to throw well. And then he has an episode and can't throw. His hand shakes and he says it gets worse by the day. 

Sonny is watching a movie with Donna. She wants to stay up 5 more minutes. He says yes, then she goes to bed. Nina comes home. He tells her about the fight. She changes into sexy PJs and look at her ring and kiss. 

Jordan and Dante. They talk about the shooting. Nothing new. Jordan is wondering why Anna and Sonny are talking so much. Dante covers and says "Robin"?? Then she leaves to and he reads Anna's WSB file. 


Nina and Sonny will pick a wedding date tomorrow

Greg thinks he's going to have to tell his kids about his ALS soon

Carly is worried about Drew

Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Weathering The Storm


Nurse Janice at Fercliff yesterday was Josh Swickard real life wife, Lauren

It's been massive rain here and today is just blah. Gray and went and blah. I have a kid I have to do a make up on today so I won't be in for the show. 

You know what to do!! 

Monday, August 7, 2023

New Car?


Anna and Robert talk about the workings of the WSB in his office. Anna flashes back to her being debriefed in London and she saw a PIKEMAN folder in there. I'm starting to suspect Valentin is Pikeman. YEP!! Anna goes away to figure things out on a whiteboard and connects everything to Valentin. 

Valentin comes to tell Spencer (and Esme) that Kevin and Laura are still looking for Nikolas. He says they can't find him anywhere. Esme says: Maybe he's dead. Valentin doesn't think so.  Valentin says that Esme and Spencer are doing a good job raising Ace. Gross. They talk about Family and making the Cassadines a "good" name. Valentin leaves and then.. oh boy. Spencer and Esme have a PHOTO SHOOT and selfie fest with Ace to send photos to Grandmother. 

Gladys is being bitchy by the pool. Sam and Scout are there. Sam tells her to shut up or she'll push her in the pool. Sam says she thinks something happened to Sasha before she stabbed Cody. They bicker... Gladys tells her to be a better friend to Sasha. Sam is suspicious. Gladys leaves. 

Sasha is in Ferncliff feeling scared and alone. Asks the nurse to call Gladys. Gladys doesn't answer so she says to call Cody Bell but Dr. Doom is in the doorway. The nurse leaves after the restraints are off. Dr asks why she'd want to call Cody when she tried to kill him. She says they are friends. He shows her pills they found in her purse (which he planted there) says that's why she went crazy. He gives her a shot. 

Diane is getting her nails done and Cody pops in to tell her he's not pressing charges against Sasha. He wants to see her. Only Gladys can get him in there. 

Diane goes to visit Robert and tells him to drop the charges against Sasha and he's going to talk to the ADA. She invites him to the car show this weekend because he needs a new car. 

Nina is trying to plan her wedding and Olivia says to shut up because of her situation with Ned. Sonny fell in love with NINA when HE lost his memory so maybe Ned will do the same with some rando lady. OH! Olivia and Nina are friends now! Olivia wants to plan Nina' wedding HAHHAHAHA.  Nina wonders what Carly will say. Olivia isn't bothered, they are BFFs and Carly wants Sonny to be happy. They aren't getting along right now though because she still thinks Ned got Drew put in jail. Nina just gives a side eye. Olivia is all excited to plan the event, it will be at The Metro.

Brick has information for Sonny.  Betty was a nanny but also worked in a trucking company in PAWTUCK !! you know, CRIMINAL CENTER PAWTUCK. OH! Austin went to UB BUFFALO!! :Clapping: Now he talks about dead alley guy. He also worked for Pawtuck Trucking. SO Did Mason!! And the trucking CO was bought 2 years ago by an LLC. Brick wants to kill them all but Sonny says they can't because Ava killed Nikolas and they have the body. They can get the body back then kill them. 


The Nurse Janice won't let Cody in to see Sasha even though he pretends to be Dante

Valentin comes in and sees Anna's writing. She says she thinks she knows who shot her and she thinks he knows too. 

Sunday, August 6, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Comet Joins The Picket Line!


THAT'S RIGHT!! NEW HORSE ALERT! Yes, that was the most fascinating thing I found about GH this week lol!! 

I tried to watch the show without thinking "Fi Core" writers are doing this but it's nearly impossible. Dialog is certainly different and the tenor of the stories is... well... hesitant. Some are rushing by at rapid pace and others are filled with repeat repeat repeat.  I didn't see the show in real time on Thursday or Friday and frankly, didn't miss them. Had to watch on Hulu which helped matters! 

Let's get into it. Please be kind to me. This was not an easy write up! 

Friday, August 4, 2023

Another Day Off!

 I went to Barbie and had a blast!!  Still at my brother's house so leave your comments on todays show below! 💕💗

Thursday, August 3, 2023

Thursday Theater Filler

I'm off to my brother's and taking a nice break from GH for the day!  Maybe Friday too, not sure!! 

Thought it might be fun to guess what movies the characters will be seeing this summer!! I'll try to keep it clean!! 

BARBIE MOVIE: Joss/Trina will go with their mamas Carly and Portia for a girlie's night out. They will drink Pink Punch at The PC Grille and go have some fun. 

OPPENHEIMER: Poor Liz will get dragged to this by Finn. Not because she's not interested but because she'll have to listen to his analysis for 2 hours in the driveway before she can escape home. PS. He also covered her eyes during the naughty chair bit. 

INDIANA JONES:  Drew will pack up the kids (Scout, Rocco, Danny) and take them to see Indiana Jones because it's "the closest you'll ever get to my real life Navy Seal career". Drew will also purchase a fedora to wear in the theater causing an angry slap fest with Michael. 

THE LITTLE MERMAID: Carly had to wait until this was at the $1 theater to take Donna and Avery since she lost 'all her money'. She will also bring some stale donuts and homemade popcorn in her giant tote bag. 

ASTEROID CITY: The only one cool enough to appreciate the Wes Anderson flick is of course, Leo. He'll have the entire script memorized by the time he goes to bed. 

DISNEY'S THE HAUNTED MANSION: ABC will of course, make the entire cast/crew go. Everyone will be given merch to wear and Violet will have a Crystal Ball with Jamie Lee Curtis' head inside. 

PS. I've seen Oppenheimer (loved) and I'm going to go see Barbie tonight with my little brother :) 

Wednesday, August 2, 2023



So, Josh Swickland's wife Lauren will be on GH as a nurse at Ferncliff. Kin Shriner's girlfriend even got some lines yesterday, so who knows. 

Martin visits Cyrus at GH. Cyrus talking about god is getting old. Cyrus wants to give all his money away. He wants to help people in Pentonville.  Later, Austin comes in.. he thinks Cyrus looks great for having a heart attack. 

Chase questions Austin about the Dead Alley Guy. Austin said he treated him and then the guy came after him about the bill when he was in the PC Grille. 

Sonny had Frank do some job and they have to deliver it. (Sonny goes to Kelly's) 

Ned slept over at the Q Mansion last night. Leo says he snores. Later, Olivia tells Ned he's too old to be out in dive bars all night. Ned calls Olivia a shrew. 

Maxie tells Brook it's hard to be involved with a cop.  Tracey barges in and wants to talk about Ned.  BUT It's a ruse to get Maxie out and she really just wants to talk to Brook Lyn about The Deceptor. 

Carly (in a silver blazer) pours coffee for Sam in Kelly's. They talk. Then Sonny comes in to make Carly an "offer she can't refuse". It's a giant bag of coffee, thanking her for having Avery over. Then Chase comes and has to talk to Sonny. Asks him about Dex. 

Maxie comes to get donuts for Deception. Tells Carly that Nina told her Carly owns Kelly's now. 

Laura and Kevin don't want Valentin to come with them on the rest of the Nikolas Quest. Laura appreciates him and cares about him and thinks he needs to go back to Port Charles. He leaves for the airport. 

Laura and Kevin are going to Cassadine Island where she was held so many years ago. 

Sam tells Carly that Drew is in isolation for fighting. 

Finally: Tracey

  Portia and Elizabeth at GH. Portia heard about Gregory.  Liz says the family is taking it hard. Portia asks what is wrong but Liz says she...