Monday, November 30, 2015

Cyber Monday

Morning! It's the end of the month which means I'm in the office with paperwork today, can't do GH. I'm not expecting much until the cameos start--and the "Gala". Hope it's a decent day. Remember you can get into AMAZON through my portal over there. All it will do is take you to your Amazon account.  Have a good one. Hope you get great deals. I myself, am mostly done shopping!! But, I'm weird like that :) 
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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday Surgery: A Baker's Dozen

20151125 0648(37)
Bags O' Fun! 
Only 3 days of the show this week. Thank goodness because I don't have the strength to summarize  more (way too much turkey and stuffing this year)!! 

This week was a C for me. Just meh--which is sad because it should have been awesome.  There were also some scenes that were big missteps as well. Nothing really moved forward if you think about it. Olivia even broke bread with her cousin's killer. Oh, Sam did overhear Jake say a veiled "Secret" but--you know. We are back to SamTrick and Liason. Lante's still fractured and someone else is not really dead and apparently,  and maybe Helena is? Morgan's gonna be treated for bipolarism. Welcome to no sudden movement. 

You know we have to have cranberry juice cocktails and PIE!! 
13 "Highlights" for you await! 

Friday, November 27, 2015

General Hospital: No Show Today

No show due to Football Festivities!! Gaze upon the cast from the Olden Days. I sure miss it-- Diana Taylor was still alive in this photo! Hope you all had great Turkey Days-- I ate my weight in stuffing. Wubby Hubby cooked the entire meal and it was yummy!! I can't believe I have my first Christmas party (for work) next Sunday!! Geesh. I guess I have to get shopping. Not today though... nope. Not going out there!! 
Are you into Black Friday? I do a lot of my stuff online and I will get out for Small Business Saturday to some of our local stores. 

See you for Sunday Surgery--this week only  3days to gab about!! 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Turkey Day

Alexis House: Molly, Krissy, Olivia (who brought Italian food), Julian. Ava comes in. They all have dinner together. 

Patrick's House: Sam, Patrick, Danny, Emma, Dr. Maddox and Anna.  Emma talks about the Christmas Carol-- and the ghosts.
They are so trying to force Maddox and Anna. 

Dante's: he and Valerie watching Bills/Pats Game. Idiots.  They KISS when the Bills score. THEY STRIP and are going to have sex. YEP. Happy Thanksgiving. I did not need to see that sheeze. 

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Q's: Tracy, Monica, Dillon, Julian, Sabrina, Michael, Jason comes in and Monica hugs him. Liz comes in with Jake Jr. only. WHY? Because Aiden and Cam wanted to STAY WITH THEIR OTHER GRANNY. I am serious. LMAO.. 
WTF..just ship them off to damn boarding school!! 
Jake Jr. hears Hell's name and throws something on the floor. He shoves Liz away. She "thinks maybe he SHOULD see someone after all" 
Then..SAM shows up with Patrick and Danny.

Yes, she goes to the Q house. NOT To her mother's house. How weird. Come on. 
The power goes out. They order pizza. Jason's face the entire time is flat as a pancake.  Sam hears Jake Jr. telling Danny he knows a "secret about their Daddy". 

Laura and Lulu at the Metro. She's double-thinking the separation. You know she's going to go over there and see Val/Dante. (tomorrow) 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

David Canary RIP

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So sorry to hear that David passed away on November 16th. He was my birthday buddy. Loved him on AMC.  He of course played Adam and Stuart Chandler.  Canary was also on Bonanza. 
Full obituary: HERE

Turkey...To Go

Patrick: Is she really dead?
Sam: Um, I think so.

They reaffirm their love. "Jason died on that pier that night"... she loves Patrick.
See, people, she has to. That way Liz/Jason will be together until THE LIE comes out. Sam will have the story of being heartbroken when Patrick finds out that Robin was away to protect them.
Soap 101. It gets more mileage that way. Way more. 

Kiki's arrested.  Carly won't press charges-- and Paul the DA lets her go.

Morgan is in the hospital. He and the Doc talk. He's staying for tests. He and Sonny have a really good talk. Very real/honest. I liked it.  Bobbie brought dinner into the hospital room. Kristina is back for the holiday too. 

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Carlos is at Sabrina's... He said he faked his own death. I'm thinking Sloane put blanks in Anna's gun. Or he wore a vest. Something. He wants Sabrina to leave the country with him. 

Lulu and Maxie are at the Loft. She's getting stuff. She thinks that Val left her lipstick there but it was really her's. Maxie gave it to her for Christmas.  Dante walks in.  He's mad she got the separation papers. I like Mad Dante better than Sad Dante. 

END: Sonny makes a long "thankful" Speech...Ava's gonna be alone on Turkey day. yada yada

Monday, November 23, 2015

A "Happy Accident"

It was the car accident that wiped out Jason's memory, not Helena. "there's no pill for amnesia, Sam" She says.  More of the same of Helena. She gets all mouthy at Liz about the baby-switch. Liz still hasn't mentioned her taking Jake Jr. for all those years. GEESH.
Helena is going to tell everyone the truth about Nik and Liz and she has a...Stroke? Heart Attack?  She dies. Did Nik poison her tea? WHO KNOWS...she's supposedly dead but I'm not believing it. Because this is GH. 

Jason, Sam and Liz leave without learning the truth about how long this has been kept a secret by Nik and Liz.

Anna is talking to Dr. Maddox. She flashbacks to killing Carlos. She tells him she killed him and someone is blackmailing her about it. HE says he won't tell, he'll just treat her. Then she walks on the docks. Carlos shows up-- she goes after him. He drops a necklace that says "Sabrina and Carlos"
Carlos is alive and shows up at Sabrina's door. YEP. Four bullets didn't stop him. Death is so meaningless on GH. Just meaningless.  (See Helena) 

Michael and Sabrina. They love each other, he'll make a great Dad--BUT.. There's something else I have to tell you ...

Then THE PHONE RINGS..grrrrrr

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It's KIKI!! Morgan is going all over the woods shooting at shadows lol. Michael goes off to find him.  They find them in the cabin. Max finally has to hold him while he's fighting to break free. 

Helena tells Jason to find a "worthy" goal like she did: "Family, Pleasure and Revenge"

"is it too late to tell you I hate you as much as I respect're elegant and fearless".. "I will find a way to grieve for you

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Tonight on Twitter...

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Thanks for treating my burn. u guys rock!

And No, I don't know what happend!!

Sunday Surgery: Hell To Pay

CATV 3 20151119 1358(6)
Simply Delightful! 
Pretty good week, it certainly got better as the days wore on. We are off on an adventure to Cassadine Island (the most easily reached place on earth it seems!) and saw Sonny get some tough love from our fave, Epiphany.

I saw Nate Ruess this Friday and am in LOVE. Such an awesome concert. I'm having a power breakfast because I danced so much. Well, and a Bloody Mary too!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Strip Poker

They blow up the photo and find out that Kiki was driving. Franco tries to say it's him in a wig. LMAO but he's let go.

Carly and Patrick are talking about Sam going after Jason. Carly then goes to the PCPD to figure out who hit her. I have no idea why Nathan didn't just show her the photo. 

Helena's big revelation? She saved Jason's life. 
Um......IS THAT IT? I mean, geesh. Boring 
Sam tells Helena no one ever loved her and that's why Meekos went off with her Grandmother. Helena curses her like she did Luke "Samantha Morgan I curse you and yours..yada yada"
Sam is all "How stupid" Helena tells her to ask Luke and Laura how stupid her curses are. Liz wants to leave. Helena says she's not done yet.  It comes out that Helena wiped out Jason' memories. She doesn't say yet if she can restore them.

Morgan and Kiki go to Sonny's cabin. We've never seen it. Morgan is all manic and trying to fish when it's freezing. Kiki's like: Um, you're stupid. He's like I want to live here forever.  They play strip poker. Morgan has to go jump in the lake because he lost. He loves it. Franco calls Kiki and tells her to stay gone because the cops are looking for her. 
THAT'S NOT SONNY'S CABIN!! LMAO...Morgan broke in!!  Then he thinks someone is outside and he goes and gets a rifle. @@ he's super manic. 

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Epiphany and Sonny are gold. She doesn't want him to have any pity for himself. She made him go to the gym.  Patrick walks in. Sonny wants to make good with him because he saved his life.  Carly comes running in and tells Sonny Morgan is missing with Kiki and Kiki was the one that hit her. 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Snakes..erm..."Ladies" on a Plane

"Patrick's gonna realize he was a placeholder Just someone between your legs until you could hop back on to Jason's motorcycle"

HOLY HELLO...Liz said this!! wowwwww. That's why Sam throws water in her face.  Then, Sam says Liz isn't Jason's equal, never has been never will be. Water thrown.  They decide to play nice for Jason's sake and are "glad they are together"... Believe it or not. 

Shawn is on with Hayden!!  She tells him about Jason.  She says she's 99.9% positive the bullet they took from my head didn't come from your gun.  

Feta Platter? 

Jason goes to Cassa Isle on a rope. LMAO. SO Mission Impossible. OMG Nikolas is there!! I had no idea. Surprised me. He's there to "see Helena' before she dies. NOT MY HELENA!! 
They go in. She says she wants to "right her wrongs" and tell the truth. Then, Sam and Liz get brought in by the goons. (Pretty fast) 
Liz, Nik, Sam and Jake all gather around her bed. She's going to (supposedly) tell all. 

Stupid Franco is taking the fall for KIKI! UGH!!  Morgan is all for it. Nina is confused because she knows Franco was home. Nate thinks she's covering for him. Nina figures out Franco is covering for Nina though. 

Morgan is back to being Manic and ALL over the place. He wants Kiki to run away with him. *sigh*  She says yes. thank you..go. 

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On the set at GH. Having a great time. Brings back many memorie


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Gala on GH

\Singing !! Dancing!! 

GH will be having a "Nutcracker Gala" for Christmas to benefit Toys for Tots. Spinelli will be back as well.

As per Soap Opera Digest. 

So Sorry I'm OUT!

FEAST your EYES...

This is a gorgeous picture for you to look upon because I will be OUT today doing a 
real-life meeting.  Keep me posted-- I think we see Spinelli ?? Not sure.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


November 17, 1981. I was young and time stopped for this glorious event!! GH was everything. 

Olivia and Julian talk about Leo...I tell you what, they are GOING THERE with them! you wait.  Later, Alexis invites both Leo and Olivia for Turkey Day. 

Crimson OFFICE!! Maxie is in all her glory!! Lulu stops by. Old times, Old times.  Julian doesn't really want to give Nina much of anything, just do stuff online. 

Morgan goes to visit Kiki. Because....slackers.  He thinks maybe she can be a waitress at the Metro.  Nate comes to talk to Franco because his car was seen.  

Franco takes his psyche test with Dr. Maddox.  He says it was his tumor that did all the mean stuff.  The Dr. thinks he's ok but wants to see him again. Dr. O says absolutely not. 

Sonny yells at Carly..throws his ring-- and then apologizes to Carly.  Epiphany comes in!! She's his physical therapist!! She tosses Carly out. Heh.  She does exercises with Sonny and makes him get off the phone. 

Paul and Ava are arguing. Carly comes over, Paul hides. Carly sees the blanket Morgan brought over. Carly tells Ava to stay away from Morgan. 

Lulu asks ALexis to draw up separation papers, then changes her mind. Meanwhile, STUPID Valerie is 'assigned" to drive along and be Dante's "Cadet".  Valerie falls asleep on Dante's shoulder in the car!!! And yep, Lulu sees it. 

END: Carly wants Morgan to see the psychologist. Nate arrests Franco for running Carly off the road. Kiki applies for a job at the Metro. 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Leaving Port Charles

So, Contractor guy came to try to make Sonny's house handicapped friendly. THAT didn't go over well.  He throws the guy out. Tells Carly if she doesn't like it, she can move out. She then "Goes home' to her other house lol and talks to Lucas. Sonny tells Morgan to "Stay AWAY" from Ava. Later, he throws his wedding band and tells Carly since "they only married for Avery, they can just get a divorce".
Carly mentioned she was glad he couldn't reach the barware LOL

Hayden and Tracy.  They argue about who's "plot' really is and who's taking control. Tracy calls Nik "Euro-trash". 

Park lady tries to get Emma to look for puppy "Bella".. She shows her a photo. She tries to grab Emma but Emma screams like she's been taught and Tracy Q runs to her aid. She calls Patrick. 

Ava and baby Avery are in the apartment. Paul comes in with a stuffed bear. He tells Ava she has to get to work for the mob.  They kiss. Interrupted by Morgan trying to get in. 

Jason is all GRRRRRRRR to Nikolas "I know you know my DNA was Jason and you changed it" Nik says Helena did it, not him.  Jason says he's going to bankrupt Nik by exercising his rights as a "Quartermaine" and taking his shares and voting!! WHOOT! 

Embedded image permalink

Sam tells Patrick she kissed Jason. He's mad. They don't even talk about when Robin came back. I mean, he went through the same thing!! Geesh!! When Tracy calls, he won't even tell Sam what's wrong, just leaves.  He finds Emma, they both tear up talking about Sam.  "I found out Danny's daddy came back.:"  They both cry. Awwww. very touching scenes. 

Robin tells the guard that when Jason remembers, he will come for her because he knows she'd never willingly leave her family. I guess Partick and her mother do? 

OH YES!! WOW... Liz and Sam go at it. Liz is telling Sam to leave Jason alone. Sam is like Um, he's my husband...yada yada..

Meanwhile. Jason rides off into the sunset and leaves Port Charles. 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Ebb and Flow

CATV 3 20151112 1349(11)
About a Boy..
Obviously I had a very up and down week with the show! I wasn't going to watch live but then broke down and ended up viewing and I'm glad I did. Let that settle in; I'm GLAD I did. After my Monday meltdown things picked up and came together. 

So, I'm settling in with some coffee to write.  I have no idea how this is going to go---and so much happened it may take awhile.  The facets of the show are complex. So, bear with me! 

Friday, November 13, 2015

Falling Leaves

CATV 3 20151112 1358(6)

Sam is desperate for Jason to remember. Kelly was so good in that scene. Sad, happy..anxious, scared. Jason finally remembers something and they kiss...Jason says he doesn't remember.  Sam is devistated. He says he has to go and find who 'killed him" . Sam wants to help him. He says he has to go alone. 

In Wyndemere, FIVE people were in one room! Hayden gives Liz the business. AHAHHAA. Hayden is back, no more 'acting'!! Loved it. Laura is telling Liz to come clean. Hayden is like neener neener. Liz is saying she's not telling Jason anything. 

Emma and Spencer are in the graveyard. God, watch out for zombies! He tells her about the wedding. She realizes Sam is still married to Jason ("Danny's Daddy). Sad scenes.  (see what happens below) 

Tracy and Paul.....zzzzzz I'm glad she's out of the house but nothing really happened.  BUT LATER: Tracy meet Hayden! SO they are working together. I totally thought it was Paul. Oh well. 

Robin and Patrick calls about Jason. There's a guard, and she beans him and finally gets back on the phone to tell him she knew about Jason being alive. THEN another guy comes in and scares the hell out of me, and makes her hang up. She tells Patrick some BS. THEN another guy comes in to show her Spencer and Emma on a 'camera' while they are in the park/graveyard. Spencer has to leave all of a sudden and Emma is alone. He is threatening Robin. 
A lady walks in.."I lost my dog" will you help me find her? Emma falls for that old abduction line. Dang it! Her Grannie is a spy! Anyway, Robin is like ohhhhh!! 

Thursday, November 12, 2015


CATV 3 20151111 1349(22)
I turned you into a killer, man....we were soulmates! 

Watched the last 2 GH shows this morning. Yes, yesterday's show was good. Laura with Lulu and then Dante was gold. She's so "mama" now with all the hindsight advice she can give.  Of course, love the Nina-Insta-Job (and Maxie's and Franco's too!) Everyone is working! Well, except Kiki. I'm sure she'll find something to do.
The SaSon moments were priceless in their Sonny love. OMG..I expected him to leap from the chair and float "I'M SAVED! MY LOVAH SOULMATE IS HERE AND I'M SAVED"!! woop! 

I also loved how Jason walked out and looked like Carly and Sonny were both nuts. heh.
Trying to figure out why Lulu is going to boink Dilly. Hmmm. I mean the "story"?


Thank you for stopping that DillyLu sex. UGH...Lulu's all upset. She still loves Dante but can't stand him. 

Jordan is back on! She and Anna together again! Jordan knows something is up. 

OMG, Liz almost put duct tape on Jake Jr's mouth when he started saying he knew Jason was his Dad! LOL Geesh. Monica shows up. She tells him he doesn't have to call her Mom because Jason never did. 

Val and Dante.  He's all like "good luck"!! You'll make a good cop!!  BYE They hug, her lipstick gets on his collar. Lulu sees it later.

Alexis sees Sam.  She gives her legal advice. The order of death has to be reversed--and Sam will have to divorce Jason (if she wants to). 

Liz to Patrick "If you could just keep Sam away from Jake, it will be ok" !!!  GEESH!! Later, Monica is working at GH (dont' faint) and tells Liz to let Jason just "be". 

Jake comes to Sam's house..I mean Jason comes to Sam's house. He 'meets' Alexis. Holds Danny. 

Val gets a call, she's supposedly going to the academy but she's going to WORK WITH DANTE!! 

END: Lulu and Dante meet up at OBGYN's office and get Rx for her hormones. She just stands there looking miserable. 

I wonder if anyone called Spinelli?????

Goodbye, Nathaniel...

I loved Nathaniel on OLTL. I was one of the ones that advocated he come back as Al when his original character--Michael McBain was killed off. Peace to his family. 

Last night, on Wednesday, Nov. 11, his mother, Elizabeth Jackson, made the devastating announcement that despite fighting for his life for almost two weeks, her son had passed away.
"My beloved and cherished son, Nathaniel Marston, who was putting up the good fight until last night, was not able to continue due to the traumatic and devastating nature of his injuries," she wrote on Facebook. "Nathaniel passed away peacefully as I held him in my arms," she added.

Read more:
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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

I REALLY need General "Hospital"

YEP. That's me...all the kids I work with finally managed to infect me! Even tho I wasn't watching live I was going to try to watch the DVR but I've been sleeping and sneezing. Wah. 

She knows how much I wanted Crimson!!

Ok... how excited are you!!!???

I guess we got our MAGAZINE AND NOW I have to WATCH!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Daily Break for A Bit

CATV 3 20151109 1318(8)
I got nothing. 

Yep, I'm at it again! I just can't be bothered to watch live everyday-- I really tried. Kept it together for the sake of the 'reveal' and...a year of my life? Welp. A little worse than the whole Fluke mess. I'm not going to run home to see what and IF Jake/Jason remembers. Or who he does/doesn't pick. OR when Liz' lies get exposed (you know it's Feb sweeps or worse).  I think Billy Miller will be taking some time off in Jan or so to film some pilot, ergo, probably Jason will be gone "to think" or whatever. 

Patrick, our Dr. Hardy is leaving-- poor Emma's going to need to go to the children's R-wing.

Will Hayden finally out her memory? Who cares. Bored. Her father is probably Paul, but whatever, I'll catch that in a FF. 

So, you may fill in the daily. I may watch later in the night or before Sunday Surgery.  I will do that this week because there will be a lot to discuss about my crabby attitude. 

I will look forward to Ava taunting Sonny and Monica finding out about Jason. That's it.

Oh, and one more thing. The dialog has been great and fast-paced. The actors amazing (for the most part). But the STORY? 
Nope.  I'm just Jason: "I feel nothing"..

Monday, November 9, 2015

Monday Madness

1. Liz is playing dumb.."WOW, he's JASON"?? "OMG, that's right... that's probably why you chose the name's familiar" She's lying like a rug again!!  She's "shocked" and "trying to put the pieces together"

2. Sam is like: You can't be Jason..ergo, their "connection" seems MOOT. She wants another test. Then she realizes that Danny always would run up to him. He tells her he remembers nothing of their life. 

3. Anna and Paul: Arguing about her killing Carlos and blackmail. She threatens to shoot him like she did Carlos if he harms Emma. He wants Anna to work as an investigative consultant for the DAs office. 

4. Morgan lies on the stand, says he wanted to go to Military School, not that he was in danger 

5.  Scotty digs into Michael about getting shot in the head and changing his name. Krissy can't be there due to midterms. 

6. Ava has the BIGGEST LINE OF 2015: "Hi Sonny, oh, I didn't see you way down there" LMAO . Later she tells Sonn y he's just like "Tiny Tim" and will have to be taken care of when he's older. AHAHAAA. She's taping him and he finally says he'll "Fill her with Bullets until no one can recognize the body" . 

7. Kiki says that her mother is a 'liar, a cheater and a killer" . She totally throws Ava under the bus. 

Ok, so....Jake remembers NOTHING about his life...or memories. Apparently even the ones he had on screen that we saw. (him in bed with Sam..the phonenix, yada yada). ERGO a year of this sheeze and he DOESN'T REMEMBER OR FEEL ANYTHING.
Great. I gotta wait longer for him to remember..or not. For Liz to get caught..or not.

GH: Worst Episode Ever

Ok, let's think. What was YOUR worst episode ever of GH? Off the top of my head, one that sticks out for me is the Black and White Ball where they transfused Sonny/Ric's blood with a 'hose' they found somewhere. That, on top of the fact that the "Ball" Lasted 10 long, painful days (at least, may have been more) just made me furious. Jason riding the ski boat is a close second (awful CGI)

SO, think back...or think present-- what are some of your all time worsts? Thx to Dave for the photo and idea. 

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Club 5150 Debuts Tomorrow..

Another fun series from Steve Silverman, who brought us Pretty, The Series. (still my fave web show of all time). Check out the trailer. Airs tomorrow!!! 

Sunday Surgery: A Comedy Of Errors

20151104 1402(23)
A Kiss From the Rose on the Gray...

Oh Hell. WHY do I continue to torture myself? 
WHY to the HELL-O why!!!! 

Ok, if you liked Thursday and Friday's "let's keep stretching this out as long as we can because the audience members are dunces" then please, skip the blog. Just save yourself. 

I was SO happy Friday thinking it would be awesome ...and...blah. blah blah UGH.  Do not get me wrong though, I did enjoy the week up until the "reveal" point. There was a lot of movement and character interaction. Actors hit it out of the park. But Friday? Pushed me over the edge., I'm having straight up whiskey.  OUT of the bottle.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Be Still My HEART! OLTL Gang Together Again!

Yes, that Tuc, Kassie and Nathan all filming an episode of CASTLE together!! Can you believe it? I'm giddy and I can't wait.  She posted this on Twitter and FB. No air date yet, but you can rest assured I'll be on that when the time comes! 

Friday, November 6, 2015

Lead Balloon

SO MUCH FILLLLLERRRRRR UGH!! Why do I watch Soaps!!?? LOL 

Anna is seeing new Doc today. Dr. Andre Maddox. Bye Kevin.  He thinks Anna is lying. They fight, she goes out. She wanted her medicine refilled. He says no. Later, she sees Ava and Paul doing it on his desk. 

CATV 3 20151105 1357(35)

Hayden and Liz... waste of time. Nikolas comes in. He says Emily would be all OK with this lie. LMAO Okay then!! 

Epiphany tells Cam and Jake to play hide and go seek in the old church. Um.. welp. Aiden gonna end up in some tomb. LOL 

Fkin' Sonny, pulls Michael out of the wedding because even TODAY it has to be ABOUT SONNY in some damn way!! 

Jake refuses to believe he's Jason. Even after DNA and Morphing computer. He mad. Carly's mad. They argue.
A LOT. Zzzzzzzzz COME ON!!  You know, if Jake had gotten some memories back in the YEAR we've sat here, this might be easier. Also, are we going to have to sit and wait until he DOES remember? Or won't he ever remember? 

The boys go out for ICE CREAM--because this is taking so long lol 

Jake walks in with Carly. Looks at Liz. That's it. End. 

OH Sunday Surgery will be a BITCH. 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

THURSDAY... Procrastination Day

I haven't watched yet but TWO people were texting me at the salon! LOL It was pretty funny:

OMG! Carly! She put her phone in the water!!! 

OMG! Carly! She fell!! Hit her head!! 

Ava and Sonny: Sonny really called her a WHORE? He's the biggest MAN WHORE IN PC!! 

And..I heard Laura and Liz were good. 

I'll watch later!

Tomorrow, get your popcorn on! 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Nathaniel Marston

From Michael Easton's FB page: 

Nate was on OLTL for years as Michael McBain and then "Al"..  He was seriously hurt in a car accident in Reno, NV

If you would like to send a get well card, warm wishes, etc. please send them to Nat in care of his mother's P.O. Box:
Nathaniel Marston c/o Elizabeth Jackson
P.O. Box 175
Gerlach, NV 89412
There is also a Go Fund Me page set up to help his mother defray hospital and other related costs:

Pre-Wedding Jitters

Embedded image permalink
Reading for the Wedding

It's Day Of The Wedding. will be a few days until the ACTUAL wedding. LOL.. 

Jake writes a "Chocolate Chip" message to Liz with a rose on the pillow. She sees her 3 boys talking to Jake about the wedding day. Awwww.  Epiphany, Felix and Sabrina all come in to do her make up! Yeah!! FUN stuff!! They all talk about their boyfriends. Awww. 

Olivia tries to tell Lulu Dante loves her and she's sorry. Lulu is like "Tough sheet." 

Val, the idiot, goes to talk to Dante (well, she wanted  to see Lulu) and they talk all mopey. She says she's sorry she talked to Dillon. NOT mentioning Jordan, btw. Lulu walks in after talking to Olivia. Val just finished telling Dante she may not get into the Academy now. He consoles her. LULU sees it!  Lulu packs to leave. (not sure if she packed for Rocco)
Stupid VAL tells Lulu to basically get over it, forgive Dante and say that she (Lulu) is partially responsible for this because she lied!! 

Lulu leaves with 2 tiny suitcases. LOL she has A TODDLER and has 2 tiny suitcases. She says she'll stay at Wyndemere or the Haunted Star. 

Sonny talks to Michael (boring). Olivia comes in and tells them about Lante. 

Franco yells at Morgan a LOT, goes to get Kiki a donut. He thinks his car was sideswiped in the garage. DERP. Kiki starts remembering her driving all over last night. 

END: Carly finally reaches Jake-- he answers the phone.. and END. 

The Deja Wedding WUB

In a surprise to no one....


Setting: Chapel of Wub,  Port Charles

Minister: Do you Jake Doe take Elizabeth to be your...
Jake: Wait.. I'm not Jake .I'm Jason Morgan!
Liz: (Stricken) Well...well, it shouldn't matter you love me. Besides, when Lucky came back, he had a different Face and wasn't even that big of a deal..
Patrick: Well, I beg to differ, when Robin was found alive it was a HUGE deal...
Emma; What's happening!??
Anna; Oh, it's nothing honey, I came back from the dead, so did your grandfather Robert and well...Uncle Duke came back two times! So, you see..
Nikolas: That's nothing Emma. In my family? Well, my Grandmother came back, my Uncle AND my Father. I think my Uncle came back about 3 times. 
Dr. O: Zeee, you all are forgetting ze most wonderful comes back from the deads...Caesar Faison! My loved muffin. 
Minister: Anyone ELSE come back?
Carly: Raises hand..Um, I attended my own
Monica: Stands up..Oh wow, Jason... my Jason! You know though, when your brother came back after being declared dead, we had the decency to keep it in private. 
Jake: I can't help it if I have a different face, now can I? 
Franco: No dude, I can RELATE, man. Look at me. I was shot...and came back looking like this! 
Lucas: Hey, wait.. didn't Frisco come back during Felicia's wedding? I heard that somewhere.
Brad: and I heard that Brenda, that model from Paris did too. 
Heather: EXCUSE ME.. No one comes back from being dead quite like me.. 
Jake Jr: Wanna Bet? 
Laura: Um, I did before any of you. And it was glorious! 

Minister:  (Throws up hands) I give up. 

And PS. I'm sure I missed a TON of dead people....a TON. Because..well, this is GH. *sigh* 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Should have Been Brilliant

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Kiki and Darby need acting lessons. There, I SAID IT. Yes, I did. There are so many talented people in LA. Why? WHY? WHY? I even felt a tad sorry for Bryan Craig today. (just a little)

Carly goes to the DNA doc..he looks like a professor.  He confirms it's Jason.

Liz and Jake are on "the bridge".  He remembers being there before, with Liz--

Val talks to Dillon. Yells at him.

Kiki yells at Morgan.

Maxie yells at Nate.

Liason on the Bridge.

TWO ON TWO day. Liason were perfect, Emme and Dom did a great job. Other than that? Predictable.

Carly and Kiki going to collide and Carly will be late to tell Jake the truth...yada yada. Can't they think of anything else.

Monday, November 2, 2015

"The Love of my Life"

Liz is so flawless in looks GEESH.. She's going to go through with the wedding, even though she's crying to Paddy. 

Carly sees the FACE! She calls Spin to try to figure out if what she thinks is true, is true!! Sam, Patrick, Liz and Jake are all in the lobby. Carly stares at Jake-- she's unnerved. Doesn't know what to do.  She decides to call in a favor from a doc she knows from the Metro-- she's going to run a private DNA test. She gives him water to drink. 

Lulu demands the video be played, she finds out they slept together. She thinks Val lied to Dillon to break them up! "My husband would never cheat on me"!! Dante is all "I'm sorry baby, it's true".  Lulu demands to know what happened. NOW.  They tell her. Valerie says it's a little bit Lulu's fault because she was in a hotel room with Dillon. Oh SNAP!! Maxie is going to seriously KILL Val!! LOL 
Lulu runs out, Dante runs after her. Val figures out Dillon did the movie reel on purpose. Maxie realizes Nathan didn't tell her the truth about Dante's affair. 

Later: Lulu and Dante fight on "the dock of DOOM"..yep. ON the pier. 

Sam and Jake are wondering why Hayden's coming to the wedding-- like, why would she? SHE says it would be fun. "I got shot in the head so..I deserve to go".. 

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Metamorphosis

CATV 3 20151030 1358(47)

CATV 3 20151030 1358(61)


And so it goes...this week we inched closer to the St. Jaysus reveal!! We ...are..almost..there people...almost...there... 

It was Halloween and Maxie's Bday. It's also somehow, the day before Liz and Jake's wedding.  Now I get it's "Soap Time" but we can count. 31...and then..6? Nope. LOL. 

Ok, I'm sure you have some left over Halloween candy hanging around. The stuff no one wanted. I gave out ring pops and 3 muskateers with RED filling!! Almost ran out too. 


  Mac is back today!! Happy Happy!!  He looks great and the cast seems so happy as well.  METRO POOL . Gio and Joss... Then Sonny comes in w...