Friday, November 6, 2015

Lead Balloon

SO MUCH FILLLLLERRRRRR UGH!! Why do I watch Soaps!!?? LOL 

Anna is seeing new Doc today. Dr. Andre Maddox. Bye Kevin.  He thinks Anna is lying. They fight, she goes out. She wanted her medicine refilled. He says no. Later, she sees Ava and Paul doing it on his desk. 

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Hayden and Liz... waste of time. Nikolas comes in. He says Emily would be all OK with this lie. LMAO Okay then!! 

Epiphany tells Cam and Jake to play hide and go seek in the old church. Um.. welp. Aiden gonna end up in some tomb. LOL 

Fkin' Sonny, pulls Michael out of the wedding because even TODAY it has to be ABOUT SONNY in some damn way!! 

Jake refuses to believe he's Jason. Even after DNA and Morphing computer. He mad. Carly's mad. They argue.
A LOT. Zzzzzzzzz COME ON!!  You know, if Jake had gotten some memories back in the YEAR we've sat here, this might be easier. Also, are we going to have to sit and wait until he DOES remember? Or won't he ever remember? 

The boys go out for ICE CREAM--because this is taking so long lol 

Jake walks in with Carly. Looks at Liz. That's it. End. 

OH Sunday Surgery will be a BITCH. 


  1. This week had bad bookends right? LOL Monday was a let down and it seems so was Friday. Not awful but very impactful either.

  2. Oh, I do so hope that Anna got a pic of Ava and Paul.
    Other than that, MEH. Such an anticlimax. YAWN. FOOT STOMP. BOO. HISS.

  3. I was thinking the same thing about Sonny and Michael. He couldn't send one of his "men" home to get his suit? he had to pull Michael out of the wedding and leave Sabrina on her own. That was beyond ridiculous.

    I guess Anna realizes that she really can't trust Paul now. He's " in bed with" Ava. lol

  4. Ya, today was a let-down. And um, Jake/Jason - you DID have flashes of memories. I know that was with different writers, but ... ;-)

  5. Jake can't believe Carly because he does not remember BEING JASON. He has had flashbacks but not in the right context, like remembering being in bed with Sam or kissing Liz on the bridge.

    Sonny is so selfish. Michael had something to do. Max or Milo or even Ric could have gotten his a suit and dress shirt for the hearing on Avery.

    Being the upstanding man he has become, Jason will not marry Liz until things are straightened sorted out. He realizes he is still married to Sam, But doesn't have the Loving feelings towards her now. Lots of angst ahead for all!

  6. Not the built up excitement that was to be expected. I think the fans were let down. I believe fans were wanting to get more about the wedding. Too much yapping from Carly with Jake. I was thinking that Robin would appear at the church and proclaim Jake to be Jason. Thought Thursday's epi was better. Too much time was wasted on the other stories. I agree about Having Michael pick up Sonny's clothes.

  7. #Jasonrevealed!!!!

    The accident: This was a great scene between them. It was a little funny because she was trying to tell him you are Jason! And he was all no I'm not! He is dead. Let him go! ROFL! Carly wins the line of the day!

    Carly: I really didn't think that when I finally found you that we would have a fight.

    ROFL! Love their scene today! I am going to miss calling him Jake! Poor Jason. He doesn't feel that he is Jason. :( Will he ever feel it? And yeah good question Karen! Will he ever remember?

    The hospital:

    Sonny's room: Love the scene between Sonny and Ric! Sonny's court case will be in 2 hours! Michael could have stayed for the wedding! I mean when Sonny called Carly and left a message, he said she can come by the hospital AFTER the wedding is over!!! So why is Sonny telling Michael he has to skip the wedding! HUH?!!?!

    Kevin and Anna: Anna looks really good. Like she has been sleeping. Why is Kevin pawning off Anna to another therapist?!!?! HUH?!

    Dr. Maddox's office: Hmmm Maddox. Sounds like a fish. He is handsome though. :)Oh boy that Dr has got Anna's number! :) Anna thinks Caaaaaaaaaaaaarlos is haunting her, but maybe he is still alive and is doing everything he could to make her crazy! :)

    Dr. Maddox and Kevin: ????????????

    The church:

    Piffy, Felix and the boys: Love their scenes! Love how Felix calls them little monsters, I mean little gentleman! ROFL! Now I REALLY want Felix to have a baby! :) When he has one, I bet he will change, and won't think of any child as monsters! :) Oh the boys have to have ice cream! Clever way writers for the boys not to be there when all hell breaks loose, and so they don't watch Jason grabbing Nik!

    GreenHayden and Liz: ??????????

    Liz and Nik: HUH?! Really Nik? You really think Emily won't have a problem with Liz lying?!!?!!? Of course she would! And she will talk to Liz herself about telling the truth!!!!!

    Police station/Paul and Ava: That painting is creepy! I rather have Heather Webber's painting over this one, even though Heather's painting is annoying. Paul helped Ava but we don't get to hear it? UGH! WOAH ANOTHER KISSY KISSY! Well desk sex is so much better than crypt sex. :) Oh oh Anna is skulking!!

    Previews: Oh love the preview of Jason, Liz, and Sam! Liz and Sam in small squares listening to Jason! :)

  8. one thing for sure Rebecca Herbst, looked gorgeous. she is a natural beauty.

  9. Becky looked stunning! She has such an ageless beauty. The new doc is really cute! Finola was amazing as always. Can't stand that arrogant Sonny. Kind of a let down today but I liked the Nik and Elizabeth scene. He still calls her Liz. They have all female writers now - don't know if that's good or bad but the ratings are horrendous.

  10. If this is the best the new writers can do, this show is doomed.

    I cant believe this is the big reveal we waited months for. So disappointing.

  11. The new doc is certainly anything but kindly, calling Anna a liar on the first visit, not renewing Kevin's meds. Don't know about you folks, but IRL I would never go near that doc again - way too arrogant - don't care how good he looks or how soapy the story line is - my thinking...

  12. Is this going to be a repeat of the Jason Quartermaine transformation to Jason Morgan? Jason never "felt" like a Quartermaine because he couldn't remember any of his life before. Now he will transform from Jason Morgan to Jake Doe because he can't remember any of his life before and doesn't "feel" like Jason.... Same story, different names.

    For years I waited for Jason Morgan to regain his memory, always thought that it would be a temporary thing. Then when Jake Doe appeared I thought maybe it would finally happen, and Monica would have her son back.. but...

  13. I thought the kiss between Ava and Paul was unintentionally hilarious. It seemed really campy and I don't think that was the intention.

    The morphing picture doesn't prove anything, but the DNA test should be enough. Wonder if anyone will remember to tell Monica? Many viewers responded positively to the Jake and Monica scene. I would love for Jason to call her Mom which the old Jason never did. The poor woman has suffered enough! I also would like to see Jason really struggle with his identity. I think the show missed many opportunities in the past to explore a conflict between Jason M and Q. Not that I'm even a Jason fan but that's because he was a robotic mob hitman IMO.

  14. If a patient is taking anti-anxiety or depression meds, they cannot just be told to stop them, they have to be slowly weaned, no psychiatrist would take the pt. off meds like that.

  15. Wow - I lOVED the show. It reminded me of so many soapy weddings in the past. Yes, it was a day of build-up - but there was some serious action as well. I find myself excited again (I love watching a wedding blow up).

    I love how many vets were on, the meme,branch of history (Patrick and Sabrina remembered they had a baby). I thought LW ROCKED Carly's reaction. All 3 of Liz's kids were there! Anna had some spirit again - what she did (if she actually did kill Carlos) was wrong and she should feel guilt.

    The only part that annoyed me is the Ava part. Buying Paul the picture Tracy tried to buy him. Basically telling Paul he can have her if she wins the custody case. I love the actress, but I find Ava completely unlikeable. But maybe that is the goal - I am actually rooting for Sonny and maybe that is what the writers are trying to get me to do.

  16. I'm calling it right now. Hayden is real Emily. Why has her family not tried locating her? Because the Q's already believe she is dead. Back during the Port Charles Hotel fire when Helena believed Nicholas was dead, she put her curse on the Quartermaines just like she did Luke and Laura years prior and this (along with Jason) is all a part of that fallout and the twisted mind of Helena. What would Emily think of Nicholas if she knew he tried to kill her? What would come of her and Liz's friendship (Liz and Hayden already can't stand each other), especially IF Liz turns to Nik after the Jake/Jason fallout? Also, there is an ick factor considering Hayden tried to get Jake to believe she was his ex-wife.

  17. Oops! I forgot to mention the Sabrina and Patrick scene!

    Sabrina and Patrick: I LOVED it! Love how they talked about the new baby and about Gabriel. :) And FINALLY someone noticed that she is pregnant and showing! :)It was a great scene all around. :)

  18. "LiamAZ said...I'm calling it right now. Hayden is real Emily."

    On another website, there is a rumor that Hayden is Emily! Did you start that rumor?!!?!?! ROFL! I hope GreenHayden isn't Emily! UGH!

  19. Hi Sonya, I posted this in the comments in an article on DC a few days back, but I'm not sure if that is what you were speaking about:

    Had I been writing the show, I would have had more involvement from Helena and Monica. Nik could have had some very good reasons for not disclosing Jake's identity.

    #1: Helena could have been taunting Nik with the idea that he needed to keep Jake's identity quiet in order to (A) protect Emily who was possibly still alive and/or (B) protect Liz/her family, and everyone else.

    #2: Monica has known (somehow) all along that Jake was really Jason (maybe Nik knew this) and this needed to be kept secret (at least for now) in order to keep Jason and his family safe. In the meanwhile, Monica's plan was to file a civil lawsuit against Sonny for the death of AJ in order to cripple him financially/have his financial records scrutinized in the hopes of dissolving his connection to the mob once and for all. That way, once Jake realizes he is Jason, there would be no mob for him to return to. After all, she lost Alan, AJ, Emily, and Jason all because of Sonny's associations to the mob and she wasn't about to let history repeat itself. She had no problem with Liz being with Jake because she knew Liz had always wanted Jason to leave the mob. Although she felt guilty about not disclosing Jake's identity to Sam, she knew that keeping him away from her and Danny (at least for now) would protect them and keep them from falling into danger by associating with Sonny again should his identity be revealed since Sam was more prone to a dangerous lifestyle than Liz.

    The big reveal would not actually be the Jake/Jason reveal when it happened, but the fact that Hayden was actually the real Emily (to Nik's surprise). It would then make sense as to why no one/family members were looking for Hayden since her family already thought she was dead. How would her knowing that Nik tried to kill her affect any future for them? How would the relationship between her and Liz (former besties) be repaired including the fact that Liz had since been involved with Nik?

    This would of course set up for some BIG drama considering that Hayden had tried to make Jake believe that she was his ex-wife. After all of this played out, we would come to find out that Jake was in fact, NOT the real Jason.

  20. "LiamAZ said..Hi Sonya, I posted this in the comments in an article on DC a few days back, but I'm not sure if that is what you were speaking about:"

    Hi. :) No I'm talking about from this site.

  21. "LiamAZ said...I had not seen that."

    Oh okay. :)

  22. I'd have a HUGE problem with "Real Emily" being Hayden. Not only did we see her in the Q 'Dead up to Heaven" scene, it would be just plain dumb.

    That's all lol

  23. Maybe Paige Bowen had another daughter we don't know about? Emily's sister?

    Its a stretch but at least it is a family tie tot he canvas.

  24. Well, everyone is entitled their their opinions; however, Emily can't be any more stupid than (at least) half of the crap that we longtime viewers have had to endure beginning with the late 90's. Also, didn't Patrick "see" Robin as dead even though she wasn't as well as Robin being visited by Anna and Robert when they weren't?? That stuff seems to happen more often than some care to remember.


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