Friday, November 13, 2015

Falling Leaves

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Sam is desperate for Jason to remember. Kelly was so good in that scene. Sad, happy..anxious, scared. Jason finally remembers something and they kiss...Jason says he doesn't remember.  Sam is devistated. He says he has to go and find who 'killed him" . Sam wants to help him. He says he has to go alone. 

In Wyndemere, FIVE people were in one room! Hayden gives Liz the business. AHAHHAA. Hayden is back, no more 'acting'!! Loved it. Laura is telling Liz to come clean. Hayden is like neener neener. Liz is saying she's not telling Jason anything. 

Emma and Spencer are in the graveyard. God, watch out for zombies! He tells her about the wedding. She realizes Sam is still married to Jason ("Danny's Daddy). Sad scenes.  (see what happens below) 

Tracy and Paul.....zzzzzz I'm glad she's out of the house but nothing really happened.  BUT LATER: Tracy meet Hayden! SO they are working together. I totally thought it was Paul. Oh well. 

Robin and Patrick calls about Jason. There's a guard, and she beans him and finally gets back on the phone to tell him she knew about Jason being alive. THEN another guy comes in and scares the hell out of me, and makes her hang up. She tells Patrick some BS. THEN another guy comes in to show her Spencer and Emma on a 'camera' while they are in the park/graveyard. Spencer has to leave all of a sudden and Emma is alone. He is threatening Robin. 
A lady walks in.."I lost my dog" will you help me find her? Emma falls for that old abduction line. Dang it! Her Grannie is a spy! Anyway, Robin is like ohhhhh!! 


  1. TRACY QUARTERMAINE IS QUEEN! I love this! We've all be wanting a smarter tougher Tracy Q and been wonder why she isn't taking action to get ELQ back! OMG I love Jelly so much right now!

  2. I was so happy to see that Tracy is the one Hayden's working for, and not the mob. Way to bring back the Q's, writers. Tracy can be just as devious and manipulative and I love to see her in action.

    And, as you said, KD, Emma is the grand daughter of a spy. I see her refusing the ladies request.

    And how nice to see Emma and Spencer acting like kids their age again, not hormonal teenagers.

    And, once again, poor Patrick. Sam should at least tell him the truth, that she wants Jason back.

  3. Two things: one the henchmen that are holding Robin, i assume Helena's?

    And Jason says he wants to go after the one who killed him and that would be Faison? Yay for more Anders Hove I hope

  4. THE KISS was a surprise today! That Jason kissed Sam was progress towards a full reunion, hopefully in time for Christmas.

    I hope Emma is smart enough to run away from the kidnapper!

    Who will rescue Robin?

  5. Theme: Secrets.....

    Wyndemere: Secrets secrets secrets secrets secrets secrets!!!

    SamTrick's home: Oh come on!!! Sam and her cupcakes! Stop pushing and begging!!! UGH! Sam crying and her cupcakes heaving. Oh great tonsil hockey! ICK! And it still didn't get his memory back!!!! Waste of time! Why should he get his memory back?! He didn't get his memory back, back then! So why should he now?! Back then he turned from Jason Q to Jason M! Why can't now he be Jason M and just change. Why can't he be a mixed of Jason Q and Jason M! Oh great now Sam is back to being obsessed with the ring!

    Sam: Yeah Jason was here. He came to see me.

    No he didn't!! He came to see his son!!!!!!

    Park: Awww poor Emma. :( Glad Spencer is there for her. Sweet scene.

    Lady: Have you seen my dog? Her name is Bella!

    Hmmmm. Is fake Bella BFF's with Val's fake cat Gunner?

    The lab: Kimberly McCullough's first day! YAY! Oh no! She is still being controlled?!!?! UGH! ENOUGH ALREADY!

    The hospital:

    Patrick and Anna:

    Patrick: This is so annoying. She just brushed me off Anna.

    Patrick's hair: Yeah I hate this. Come on Patrick let's go on vacation! We could go to Italy.

    Anna: I got back to the same thing. That she is suffering from PTSD.

    Oh come on Anna! You are a spy! You can figure this out!!!

    Police station/Paul's office:

    Paul and Anna: Wow! Paul shoved Anna in his office! ROFL!

    Tracy and Paul: Tracy wins the lines of the day! 1st line.

    Tracy: What is it about that woman that turns men on? Is the accent? The tail?


    GreenHayden and Tracy: The 2nd line.

    Tracy: And if anybody had been tailing me, They would have died of old age.

    ROFL! Ohhhhhhhh so THAT is who GreenHayden has been talking to! They are working together!!! Very interesting soapy twist! :)

    Yesterday I forgot to mention that Jakeson talked to Liz about how everyone talked about how good Jason is, but he notices that Jason is a killer! ROFL!

  6. Okay, I give up - I've forgotten who jelly is...

  7. OMG, so upset about what is going on in France, has anyone else seen the news? They seem to keep increasing the number of people killed, this is horrible . . .

  8. robin's captor is hot. can we have him on more often? please? kinda has that sons of anarchy look. (the first one)

    paul threatening anna. yeah. this isnt getting old

    liz owning and controlling jason like he's property. yeah, not getting old either.

    robin being held by a captor. again, havent we sent his before a billion times?

    tracy was a good plot twist that didnt get spoiled. great job. thanks for sharing that. GH was pre-empted 1/2 way through but I am glad someone revealed it.

    i still say hayden is emily's evil sister no one knew about.

    1. LOL! He was pretty hot wasn't he, more please. :) Was surprised by Tracy but I likey!

  9. "AntJoan said...OMG, so upset about what is going on in France, has anyone else seen the news? They seem to keep increasing the number of people killed, this is horrible . . ."

    Yeah I heard! It's awful! I hope you don't have any family members who are there! :(

  10. Maybe Hayden could be JimmyLee Holt's daughter?!

    Prayers for Paris.

  11. "Julie Langley said...Maybe Hayden could be JimmyLee Holt's daughter?!"

    Oh! Very good one! That would be interesting! :)

  12. i like that idea. if tracy is going into business with someone to get ELQ back, i can see it being family.


    and this is call for our super-sleath Karen...

    when Tracy was on The City and was a mob wife / mob queen, did she have any step-daughters from her marriage to the mob? I didn't watch The City, except for the brilliant episode when Tracy hired actors to portray her family. (comedy genius if you haven't seen it). Could Hayden be some kind of character from Tracy's days on The City?

    wub queen?

  13. Jason Thompson has extended his contract till Jan 2016.

  14. I loved the Tracy Q. twist- totally unexpected and not leaked anywhere that I could see. I have to say that Billy Miller is such an appealing, good actor. He has it all over Steve Burton's one dimensional acting. I liked the way Jason kissed Sam when he left. Very happy to see Robin even for one day. And I don't remember if anyone mentioned this but I think Alison Sweeny did a good job directing the other day. So horrible about Paris. A good friend of mine & her husband were there last month for a wedding. Thank goodness it wasn't this week.

  15. "LSV422 said...And I don't remember if anyone mentioned this but I think Alison Sweeny did a good job directing the other day."

    Oh I forgot to mention that! Yes I agree she did do a good job! :)


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