Thursday, November 12, 2015

Goodbye, Nathaniel...

I loved Nathaniel on OLTL. I was one of the ones that advocated he come back as Al when his original character--Michael McBain was killed off. Peace to his family. 

Last night, on Wednesday, Nov. 11, his mother, Elizabeth Jackson, made the devastating announcement that despite fighting for his life for almost two weeks, her son had passed away.
"My beloved and cherished son, Nathaniel Marston, who was putting up the good fight until last night, was not able to continue due to the traumatic and devastating nature of his injuries," she wrote on Facebook. "Nathaniel passed away peacefully as I held him in my arms," she added.

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  1. Nathaniel was wonderful in the role of Al/Michael. He and his screen wife Kathy Brier played off each other perfectly.
    Had he recovered, he faced an awfully difficult recovery and life. May he rest in peace now. And God bless his Mother, as she copes with the loss of her son.



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