Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Deja Wedding WUB

In a surprise to no one....


Setting: Chapel of Wub,  Port Charles

Minister: Do you Jake Doe take Elizabeth to be your...
Jake: Wait.. I'm not Jake .I'm Jason Morgan!
Liz: (Stricken) Well...well, it shouldn't matter you love me. Besides, when Lucky came back, he had a different Face and wasn't even that big of a deal..
Patrick: Well, I beg to differ, when Robin was found alive it was a HUGE deal...
Emma; What's happening!??
Anna; Oh, it's nothing honey, I came back from the dead, so did your grandfather Robert and well...Uncle Duke came back two times! So, you see..
Nikolas: That's nothing Emma. In my family? Well, my Grandmother came back, my Uncle AND my Father. I think my Uncle came back about 3 times. 
Dr. O: Zeee, you all are forgetting ze most wonderful comes back from the deads...Caesar Faison! My loved muffin. 
Minister: Anyone ELSE come back?
Carly: Raises hand..Um, I attended my own
Monica: Stands up..Oh wow, Jason... my Jason! You know though, when your brother came back after being declared dead, we had the decency to keep it in private. 
Jake: I can't help it if I have a different face, now can I? 
Franco: No dude, I can RELATE, man. Look at me. I was shot...and came back looking like this! 
Lucas: Hey, wait.. didn't Frisco come back during Felicia's wedding? I heard that somewhere.
Brad: and I heard that Brenda, that model from Paris did too. 
Heather: EXCUSE ME.. No one comes back from being dead quite like me.. 
Jake Jr: Wanna Bet? 
Laura: Um, I did before any of you. And it was glorious! 

Minister:  (Throws up hands) I give up. 

And PS. I'm sure I missed a TON of dead people....a TON. Because..well, this is GH. *sigh* 


  1. I haven't watched today's show yet, but . . .

    I don't know if anyone has posted this yet, but have you seen Brooklyn Rae Silzer (Emma Drake) in the new Barbie commercial? She's just as adorable as she is on GH!

  2. The real question is: can the entire show itself come back from the dead?

  3. The real question is: can the entire show itself come back from the dead?

  4. oh how I wish u were writing the show

  5. Karen, hehehe . . . Frank, hehehe . . .

  6. When I started thinking about all the 'back from the dead' people I just got a little angry. It's like the Who's the Daddy stories.
    REALLY? Really. ugh

  7. Oh my gosh, this cracked me up.

    Does it count if the audience knows they are alive but the characters don't? Like Danny...

  8. (Out of nowhere)
    Jerry: I died twice! Dangit my brother is coming-
    Sonny: "dimples"
    Jax: (ANGRY)
    Sonny: Fine (mumbles), I been thought to be dead.
    Julian: So have I
    Sonny: Soon you will be
    Julian: What-?
    Denise: POOR AVA DIED!-
    Ava: Fine, I'm not dead
    Ric: What about me? Don't I get $1 million for my fake death with the police?!
    Helena: I'm too rich too die(Rich laugh)

  9. Great description, Karen!!!!!!!!!!! Poor Emma!

    On a diff note, did y'all notice how much taller Jake, Jr., is than Cameron?!


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