Monday, November 9, 2015

Monday Madness

1. Liz is playing dumb.."WOW, he's JASON"?? "OMG, that's right... that's probably why you chose the name's familiar" She's lying like a rug again!!  She's "shocked" and "trying to put the pieces together"

2. Sam is like: You can't be Jason..ergo, their "connection" seems MOOT. She wants another test. Then she realizes that Danny always would run up to him. He tells her he remembers nothing of their life. 

3. Anna and Paul: Arguing about her killing Carlos and blackmail. She threatens to shoot him like she did Carlos if he harms Emma. He wants Anna to work as an investigative consultant for the DAs office. 

4. Morgan lies on the stand, says he wanted to go to Military School, not that he was in danger 

5.  Scotty digs into Michael about getting shot in the head and changing his name. Krissy can't be there due to midterms. 

6. Ava has the BIGGEST LINE OF 2015: "Hi Sonny, oh, I didn't see you way down there" LMAO . Later she tells Sonn y he's just like "Tiny Tim" and will have to be taken care of when he's older. AHAHAAA. She's taping him and he finally says he'll "Fill her with Bullets until no one can recognize the body" . 

7. Kiki says that her mother is a 'liar, a cheater and a killer" . She totally throws Ava under the bus. 

Ok, so....Jake remembers NOTHING about his life...or memories. Apparently even the ones he had on screen that we saw. (him in bed with Sam..the phonenix, yada yada). ERGO a year of this sheeze and he DOESN'T REMEMBER OR FEEL ANYTHING.
Great. I gotta wait longer for him to remember..or not. For Liz to get caught..or not.


  1. I thought that was stupid on Friday, when he said he didn't remember anything. He remembered Robin, he remembered the wedding rings, the phoenix, the motorcycle with Sam, Elizabeth when she was YOUNGER (first memory!) SO STUPID. Didn't the new writers ever watch the show? RIDICULOUS!
    I will watch to see Jason chose Nik, lol.

  2. I feel like GH is sort of scraping a few truths in their attempt to smooth out some things. I'm more annoyed by the Saint Sonny tbh Why is he still on my show?

    As far as the Jason stuff goes the biggest issue for me is that I don't care and honestly never have. I hated the character of Jasus Morgan and his exit brought the ratings up. It wasn't necessary to bring him back. The story lines I was enjoying have all been ruined so that this Jason story could be told. GH needed to do a much better job then they have to make me feel anything about this story line. And I'm just going to come out and say it...Billy Miller is horribly miscast in this role. He should have been nuLucky or nuDillon instead.

  3. I'm loving the show. Billy is killing it. So is Sam. I'm glad Liz played if off. If Billy decides to leave he can go find himself and Sam can be free to love again.

  4. My issue is still: If he's not Jason, has no memories or "feelings" WTF did I spend a year doing/watching? If he's a new character, he should have been a new character, imo. Billy is doing a great job and so is Kelly. NOW we are going to have to wait for Liz' lies to come out. Another wait. Also going to wait to see if he 'remembers' anything. Waiting.

    I LOVED Ava today--that was my pay off. LOVED.

  5. I agree Mitchell, Billy did great, as did Kelly....and the look on Patricks face, I wanted to cry for him. His face said it all. Speaking of, I loved the look on Niks face after he realized the jig was up! Priceless!! Nobody is perfect, people sin, and I hope Liz gets (to keep) her man. Sure she's guilty but there are people who have done far worse and been redeemed.

  6. Paul's office:

    Ava and Paul: Office desk sex!!! :) Oh wait no office desk sex. :( Well maybe after the courthouse hearing. :)

    Anna and Paul: I'm not sure what Paul is up to! Does he not want her to turn herself in because he is afraid he will be going to jail? Hmmmmmmm..


    Sonny: He was complaining over not having any wheelchair accessibility at the courthouse! Hahahahaha. That was funny to me. :) Sonny when you are able to walk again, will it still bother you? Will you pay for the courthouse to be wheelchair accessible? Or will you just forget about it?

    Morgan on the stand: He is a lying liar that lies!

    Michael on the stand: Michael gushing.

    Michael: Oh he is a wonderful amazing father! His kids are safe with him. I just love him!

    Gush gush gush.

    Kiwi on the stand: Hahahaha! Perfect! :) You can see the daggers Ava was giving Kiwi! :)

    Sonny and Kiwi: Awwwww so sweet. :) Although her saying that Morgan and Michael are both great men was confusing! HUH?! Morgan cheated on you with your mother!!! What the hell are you talking about!? Are you drunk?! I did love Ava's daggers!!! Hahahahaha!

    Ava: Oh Karen! Is that what she was doing in her purse? Taping him? I thought she had a gun in her purse and was going to shoot him!

    Sonny and Ava: Ava taunting Sonny! LOVE IT! :) I thought he was going to stand up and start walking! :) Ava wins the line of the day!

    Ava: Oh! I didn't see you way down there. You are just like Tiny Tim and you will have to be taken care of when you're older.


    The wedding: This was great! Although it wasn't like the previews yesterday.. Liz and Sam were not in little squares. :( Loved Jason grabbing Nik, but Nik kept laughing. Which was very distracting and out of place. Was it a blooper?!!?! Liz pretending to be shocked hahahaha.

    GreenHayden: Here we go!


    Jason: I'm Jason... Jason Morgan.

    Sam, Liz, Patrick, and everyone pees on themselves.


    Sam: What?!!? No. Your wrong! Spinelli is wrong! What?!

    Carly: It's true it's true it's true!

    Nik: Hahahahahahahaahahahahaaaahahahahahahahahahhaaaa!

    Carly: Nik! If you knew about this!

    Sam: Nik If you knew about this!

    Them's fighten words!!!!

    Patrick's head implodes.


    GreenHayden and Nik: ???????????????????

  7. "Frankie Dickinson said...I will watch to see Jason chose Nik, lol."

    ROFL! Sounds good to me! We can call them Jik! :)Jik is true wuv! :)

  8. sonya said...Sonny: He was complaining over not having any wheelchair accessibility at the courthouse! Hahahahaha. That was funny to me. :) Sonny when you are able to walk again, will it still bother you?

    I laughed too, Sonya; disparagingly, I might add. Sonny has been at that courthouse too many times to remember and the lack of a ramp hasn't bothered him before. But it wasn't about him then.

    I think Paul wants Anna to help take down Sonny. He needs to be seen as doing a good job if he wants to be truly invisible.

    I knew Ava was taping him but that whole scene was unbelievable to me. Sonny should never have been left on his own with Ava in the room. He should have had a bodyguard there at the least.

    And Nik's laugh was maniacal. lol

    Poor Patrick. :(

  9. Elizabeth is incredibly desperate to the point of being pathetic. Sad to watch.

    How many months or years are we going to have to wait for Nik and Liz's lies to come to light? And for the writers to make them look like angels and redeem them?

    And when it does, will the writers/showrunner tell all the fans that it will all be revealed on a specific date and then they purposely not reveal it until after a weekend to jerk the audience around?

    I don't know who is more pathetic right now, Elizabeth or the writers/showrunner?

  10. Maybe we are pathetic for watching all of this crap . . . no one is forcing us to. :( No, no, I don't mean it, we still love GH, I know I do, despite all of this crap, because we love the wonderful actors, and the rich history--and we keep hoping that the writers will go back to the legacy characters and the GH we know and love. WE WANT MORE GH AND LESS MOB!! And Lucy and Kevin, and Felicia and Mac and Bobbie and Audrey and Monica, etc., etc.

  11. All Jason has to do is change out of that tux and put on a black T-shirt, leather jacket, and hop on a motorcycle. I'm sure it will all come back to him :/.

    He's gonna be sorry he found out who he is. Carly's gonna be stuck to him like glue even more than before. I don't feel the friendship conveyed by the two characters. I feel that LW tries too hard to recapture the chemistry between Carly and Jason and it feels very forced to me. Just my perception.

    So Kiki thinks Sonny has been good to her, even though he threatened to kill her mother as soon as she gave birth and held her against her will. I don't think either parent shoild get the baby. If a judge found Lulu and Maxie unfit, surely Sonny and Ava are!

  12. "Di said...I laughed too, Sonya; disparagingly, I might add. Sonny has been at that courthouse too many times to remember and the lack of a ramp hasn't bothered him before. But it wasn't about him then."

    Maybe now that he is paralyzed (Temporarily) it will change him, and when he is finally able to walk he will change how the courthouse is accessible for people in wheelchairs? Hmmmm nahhhhh!

    "I think Paul wants Anna to help take down Sonny. He needs to be seen as doing a good job if he wants to be truly invisible."

    Yes! Very good point.

  13. Today represented just about everything I have hated about GH for the past decade that I haven't missed and yet it reared its ugly head again. No further comment.

  14. off topic a minute. Johnny Zacchara is coming back(beet he will get paroled). I see a repairing of Johnny and LuLu.

  15. YES, JZ although we dont' know if it's for a long or short period.

  16. If Jake was so consumed with finding his identity he might have discovered it sooner with hypnosis. Nik is just so evil now - too much for me. I think Paul is one sexy character-sorely needed on this show. Ava was fantastic! I think both she and Sonny are unfit parents but he is just too smug. I so want Liz to get her just desserts if only for keeping Jason from his son Danny and his mother. There is no justification for her selfish actions.

  17. I wish the writers hadn't made Liz find out about Jason all those months ago. The emotional payoff would be so much better. But I kinda like that Jason has no memory. It would have been cheesy and predictable if his memories had flooded back. He has spent a year as a new guy--so it will be interesting to see how and if they develop this character now that he has a name.



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