Friday, November 20, 2015

Strip Poker

They blow up the photo and find out that Kiki was driving. Franco tries to say it's him in a wig. LMAO but he's let go.

Carly and Patrick are talking about Sam going after Jason. Carly then goes to the PCPD to figure out who hit her. I have no idea why Nathan didn't just show her the photo. 

Helena's big revelation? She saved Jason's life. 
Um......IS THAT IT? I mean, geesh. Boring 
Sam tells Helena no one ever loved her and that's why Meekos went off with her Grandmother. Helena curses her like she did Luke "Samantha Morgan I curse you and yours..yada yada"
Sam is all "How stupid" Helena tells her to ask Luke and Laura how stupid her curses are. Liz wants to leave. Helena says she's not done yet.  It comes out that Helena wiped out Jason' memories. She doesn't say yet if she can restore them.

Morgan and Kiki go to Sonny's cabin. We've never seen it. Morgan is all manic and trying to fish when it's freezing. Kiki's like: Um, you're stupid. He's like I want to live here forever.  They play strip poker. Morgan has to go jump in the lake because he lost. He loves it. Franco calls Kiki and tells her to stay gone because the cops are looking for her. 
THAT'S NOT SONNY'S CABIN!! LMAO...Morgan broke in!!  Then he thinks someone is outside and he goes and gets a rifle. @@ he's super manic. 

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Epiphany and Sonny are gold. She doesn't want him to have any pity for himself. She made him go to the gym.  Patrick walks in. Sonny wants to make good with him because he saved his life.  Carly comes running in and tells Sonny Morgan is missing with Kiki and Kiki was the one that hit her. 


  1. I ff thru virtually the whole show except for Helena. It WAS a letdown that the only revelation was that she saved Jason's life (Duh). But I LOVED it when she cursed Sam. Cause Helena's curses carry deep consequences! Sam needs to watch her mouth.
    The funny part of all this is that Helena used to annoy me. (Not the performance, but the actions of the character.) Now, this bunch of doody heads deserves whatever she did to them. Everyone on the show is so unlikeable to me that I feel she is the only one to like. She has ALWAYS been evil, she has never had one good intention towards anyone, and now let her be the queen of mean over all these lying, sneaky, black hearted dunderheads she is dealing with. Only bring newly stupid Anna, Alexis, and Tracy, cause they are all so stupid now they deserve a dose of Helena.

    1. I ff thru Kiwi and Moron the past two days...just can't take them.

  2. Haven't watched yet today, but watched DAYS...SO SAD.

  3. The hospital:

    Patrick and Carly: Poor Patrick! It looks like he is about to cry. :(

    The cabin: Karen is it Sonny's cabin? I thought it was BobTodd's cabin. Oh Morgan take off that hat! You look stupid! WOW Morgan is so very manic!!!! Great scene! Bryan Craig did a fantastic job! When they were playing strip poker, I thought he was supposed to take off his underwear. Whew. Too bad he wasn't wearing an Ellen DeGeneres underwere hahaha!

    Police station: BobTodd wins the line of the day!

    BobTodd: Sometimes when I am all by my self, I get frightened.

    ROFL! And it was also very funny when he pretends that the picture of Kiwi, is him in a Halloween costume! Hahahahaha!

    BobTodd and Nina: Oh oh. Consequences for Nina! BobTodd are you going to eventually break up with her? Cus he was pretty quiet when she asked him if he was going to break up with her. She keeps saying that she doesn't want to be all alone. So what happens when one day BobTodd is sick of her? Will he be afraid to break up with her because he is worried she will be all alone and can't handle it? Seems this is foreshadowing.

    Cassadine island: I still think she is lying about being sick and dying! She faked this before back in the day when she was with Luke!! I mean if she was REALLY dying she wouldn't be playing games and taking so long to tell the story! COME ON! :) Oh CareyN! I saw the painting!!! Awesome! She must have stole it from Luke! Cus he would never willingly give it to her. Oh Helena put a curse on Sam!!!! DOH!

    Sam's cupcakes: Oh no! What is going to happen?! Will I shrivel up and fall off?!

    Liz wants to get the hell out of there!!!! She must have to change her panties since she peed her pants!

    The gym:

    Piffy and Sonny: Awesome!!! Yes Karen! Piffy and Sonny are gold! :)

    Patrick and Sonny: Love their scene too!!!

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  5. Didn't watch yet. still working. But, I must interject, Helena has something in her nostrils, otherwise she looks FINE. She does not look sick or frail at all like someone here said. Also, no one responded to my comment that nurses are NOT PTs, how can Epiphany be Sonny's PT?

  6. "AntJoan said... Helena has something in her nostrils, otherwise she looks FINE. She does not look sick or frail at all"

    Yeah I agree! She does not look sick or frail at all!

  7. AntJoan, you are absolutely right, a nurse doesn't have the same training as a PT. My dtr-in-law is a PT and my niece is an RN, totally different skills.

  8. Big letdown today. Morgan isn't bipolar, he is just plain nuts. Epiphany is great with Sonny. I think CT looks great as always. She has to be pushing 80.


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