Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Ebb and Flow

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About a Boy..
Obviously I had a very up and down week with the show! I wasn't going to watch live but then broke down and ended up viewing and I'm glad I did. Let that settle in; I'm GLAD I did. After my Monday meltdown things picked up and came together. 

So, I'm settling in with some coffee to write.  I have no idea how this is going to go---and so much happened it may take awhile.  The facets of the show are complex. So, bear with me! 

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Monday Meltdown: I was furious. If you read the blog at all, I just could not deal with the fact that Jason--after all this time, still had no clue who he was, didn't remember his flashbacks and the movement was stalled. I'm still not happy it hasn't been more fruitful but I'm dealing with it better.  I also think that part of my dislike of the reveal was the sheer power/number/hysteria scenes with Carly. Don't get me wrong, I think LW does a great job but the whole "trying to get to the Church on Time" was just maddening.  

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Everyone found out that Jake is indeed Jason. Only, Jason doesn't remember anything. Any-thing. Sam can't believe it. Patrick was probably thinking: Geesh, I'm the Sabrina in this story, aren't I? After the church scenes, Patrick and Sam talked and Jason and Liz went to the bridge. Liz tried to convince him that he was still "Jake" at heart and they should get married. He says no way because he doesn't even know about this whole Jason thing... what does he feel? What's going to happen?  Yes, he still loves Liz but isn't sure what the means in light of all that he knows now. 

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Of course, during all the mayhem, we have to have the "Sonny Show" continue because you know, this is GH. Sonny's fighting for Avery because he's her father and he must have her.  Ava is brilliant in her plan to draw Sonny into a confrontation and tape it. She calls him handicapped, pathetic, everything she can to provoke him. It works. Sonny tells her he's going to "fill her so full of bullets no one will recognize her". Um, not cool.  The judge awards custody to Ava. Sonny is so angry.  SO SO Angry that he blames Carly for not being there. She could have gotten him custody of Avery. Of course Sonny can't admit his own words lost him the battle. No way, no how. 

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Sonny is told his soulmate is alive and well...just with a new face. At first he doesn't believe it. Then, it sinks in. Carly dragged poor Jake over to see Sonny himself. 

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Sonny's adoration is apparent in gazing at his Jason... "You saved my life many times"... followed by a ton of  flouncy words that border-lined on The Holy Scriptures. 

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Jason, however, is unmoved. He kind of looked like "WTF you talking about here"?? Were we like, "involved" involved?? lol... He didn't remember his former life, no matter how much Carly and Sonny want him to. 

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Then, over at the Drake house, Sam and Paddy try to figure out their life together. He finds Sam with Jason's ring. I was surprised by the lack of talk about when Robin came back to him and how he felt. He still is happy to see she has on the giant ring he gave her.  The rings certainly seem to symbolize the entire storyboard. 

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Alexis  comes over for a mama-daughter talk and also a reality check on the legal status of all this. Jake's "order of death" needs to be overturned and Sam would have to divorce him to marry Patrick. Hard truths-- made harder when Jason shows up. 

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I'm not even sure where to start with these scenes. I'm not a Liason fan or JaSam fan "First" but they just blew me away. Kelly played every beat perfectly.  Desperate, afraid..happy, scared you name it. She wanted for so long for Jason to be alive and there he is. The scenes also went into his memories that he had (them in bed) but also the reality that even after they kissed, Jason doesn't feel what he felt before all this began.  " I have to find out who killed me". True because Jason is still "dead" in many senses of the word. I don't like it--I wish they would have progressed to this point about 6 months ago but there it is. 

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The power of these scenes were worth the week for me. Bravo. 

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The Gloriousness that is Greenlee (and she is Greens) holds court at Wyndemere with Laura, Liz and Nikolas. She basically owns them and lets them all know she knows they knew. 

CATV 3 20151113 1347(12)

Ain't nobody happy about that!! 

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Then we get some lighter fare happening. In one day, three people end up getting jobs!! Julian laments the Crimson situation and decides to hire Nina to basically run it into the ground.  Nina was so on-point "interviewing" for the job. She dressed in her fashion best and even posed. Alexis was horrified. 

CATV 3 20151111 1356(48)

Maxie on the other hand, gives a HUGE Fashion Speech! Our fashionista was back!! Nina asks her to be her assistant. Crimson will be in full force soon. I can see Darby being a model.  :giggle: Will Kiki end up there too? Just a thought. 

CATV 3 20151111 1319(38)

AND although I wanted Franco to be Art Editor at Crimson, I'm happy to see he reached out to Lesil for his job back. These two are priceless. Sorry but they are! He has to pass a psyche test with Dr. Maddox and I hope we get to witness that. 

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The Lante Saga continues. Lulu and her Mama have a nice talk. Laura tells her to take some time. Of course, she doesn't and goes right to the HS and starts making out with Dillon. (thank you that was stopped before they actually had sex!!) Laura and Sonny talk to Dante (separately) and he still feels like crap. I loved Laura in these scenes, she's grown into a character I can recognize.  We may have been spoiled, throw- caution- to-the wind in our youth but by GOD we learned something!! (Yes, I'm lumping myself in that category!) So glad Genie is on the show and Luke isn't. Even this die hard L&L fan can recognize the beauty of Laura without him.  I don't even want her in a romance yet, just let her be Laura for awhile! 

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On the opposite end of this is Valerie who is off to the Police Academy! I was so happy--BYE! SEE YA! But, even before she starts, she's going to work with Dante?? OF Course she is! Never mind she hasn't been to boot camp or learned a thing or that he's a detective and not a beat-cop. NAH, just make my life miserable by smooshing them together. I can only hope Dante quits. This is so the weak point of the show for me.

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Speaking of quits, Lulu decides she doesn't want the hormones to help her get pregnant. She may have wanted to but Dante shows up with lipstick on his collar. (he had said goodbye to Val and hugged her). She storms out and says maybe she'll do something with the embryo on her own.

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In the B story category, Paul and Anna continued their dance of secrets. Jordan finds out Anna is working with Paul...she knows something else is up. Paul supposedly stops Anna's quest to find out who shot Sonny. Anna however, seems to have something up her sleeve.

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 I was surprised when Hayden met Tracy. Pleasantly surprised. I did think she was in cahoots with Paul and she may end up being his daughter. This though, adds another layer for Tracy. BOTH Actresses are kick ass too and their characters are perfectly matched. Who knows? Maybe Hayden will turn out to be a Quartermaine after all? One of Alan's illegitimate dalliances?  BUT MORE Of this please!!! 

CATV 3 20151113 1329(44)

Spencer and Emma doing their 'leaf project" in the park (I thought it was the graveyard lol). He tells her about Jason. Poor kid. I did like this scene-- it gave Emma a chance to talk without an adult telling her "how to feel" or things would be ok.  Danger is lurking however because it is GH, you know and something has to be scary. 

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I'm doing the  part about Robin at the end because I have to focus on the whole "Black List" situation that's taking place. Good Lord, it was such a Bond film. The lab--the baddies...threats, phone calls. You name it. I half expected some girl in a bikini to walk out of the surf. 

CATV 3 20151113 1358(29)

So... Patrick calls Robin. Robin starts to tell him about Jason and her part in that scenario. Goon comes in. Takes her phone. She later hits him in the head and gets her phone back. She calls Patrick. She's about to tell him again, when Goon #2 breaks in.  Another guy comes in and "punishes" her with an iPad streaming video of Emma in the park.  Spencer is called away by Chandler (is he helping Helena?) and Emma is alone.  Some lady walks up looking for her lost dog to lure Emma away.  Obviously the town is wired all over the place. And again, we don't know when the Robin story is going to move forward or end.  PS. Emma would know better than to fall for that old "stranger danger" tactic! 

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SCENE OF THE WEEK: As much as I loved the JaSam scenes, this resonated in so many ways. Monica, the Q legacy -- and the possibilities it could launch.  Monica admitted Jason never called her Mom, and we all know the estrangement that they had. Maybe, just maybe things can go ahead with a new type of relationship. She also gave him time--and the ability to remember on his own. Oh, and one more thing--Quartermaine Thanksgiving!!? 

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PROP OF THE WEEK: Oh, Coffee Carafe taking the fall to show Sonny's struggle with his paralysis--we salute you! 

CATV 3 20151109 1342(6)

FACE OF THE WEEK:  Nikolas. Jason is at your throat...literally. 

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DEAR ABC...I hate this damn GLOVE interrupting my soap 5x a day. GET IT OFF. It's stupid and it's not making me want to watch Dr. Ken. Nope. 
There, I feel better. 

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So, all in all I was happy by the end of the week. The Jason reveal may turn out to be more of the  "Journey of the New Jason" rather than just Liason/JaSam and Carly's needs (for once). Everything seemed to come nicely together with good, emotional and dialog rich scenes. Yes, I'm still pissy about how long it took but I'm softening.  I am also more liking the "B" stories of Crimson (as you knew I would) and Kiki throwing Mama under the bus. I wish Val was shipped off to the Academy though-- I don't want to deal with all that. Maybe Johnny Z will help Lulu through her stuff? Anyway, she'll be at Wyndemere where more people will be interacting together. Already said I like the Tracy/Hayden connection.  If Anna ends up working with Jordan to bring down Paul? Yeah!! 


  1. The Jasam scenes were interminable. 12 years and Monaco still can't emote. Endless waterworks are not good acting. Herbst was actually better as the duressed Liz about to be exposed. The gap between Miller's and Monaco's acting abilities was HUGE!

    But they have zero chemistry, and the whole scenes w them rung hollow. The Monica scenes were far better if far less.

  2. Great Read - love the take on the show. It amuses me that so many are upset about Val working with Dante... bypassing the normal channels. I mean this is the show of contrived plot points. I understand Valerie is a polarizing character -Brytni handles the hate with class) -but I love the chemistry between Brytni and Dom. As weird as it sounds - many of the OGLante fans see a similar vibe that Dom had with Julie. (I have never warmed up to Emme's Lulu.)So for this viewer I look forward to them working together.

    As far as Jason. Can we have this be a story about Jason and put the "ships" to rest.

  3. I kinda wonder where they're going with this Jason memory storyline. In many ways I saw mirrors to when Jason Quartermaine awoke as Jason Morgan and his family alienated and drove him away with their insistence on who he supposed to be. Makes me wonder if they'll do the same with Jason and the Corinthos clan or if anyone learned a lesson from the first go around.

  4. Oh Karen! ROFL! Another awesome Sunday Surgery! :)

  5. they need to start showing some paying customers on the HS once in awhile or give up showing it. I don't see the chemistry between Val and Dante or Jason and Sam either. And Karen that blue glove drives me crazy

  6. I hate that blue glove too. And considering some of the areas it pops up in it should be X rated.

    I love that Hayden is working for Tracy. I want to see this relationship developed. And I want Jason to take his journey with the ships or Carly. Make it the Jason story. Not the Carly story or the Sonny story, as usual.

    And I share your thoughts on Valerie, KD.

    Thanks for another great surgery.

  7. I lost count on Fri. how many times that blue glove popped up on the screen! Maybe it was only a couple but it sure seemed like a lot.

    I would like to see Sonny, Carly and Sam experience a little of what the Quartermaines went through with Jason the first time he lost his memory. The Q's were raked over the coals for pushing Jason when he couldn't remember. I'd like to see him reject his old lifestyle again but in reverse of the original story. Let them desperately try to get him to go back to his old relationships and feel the anguish of being rejected. I really hope he does not end up back as Sonny's enforcer. GH needs something fresh.

  8. Instead of ending up with Sonny, why doesn't someone clue in Jason into what being a Quartermaine really means as far as the family business-- and how he can get control of ELQ back from Nicholas. It would be great if he and Michael teamed up to restore the Q family legacy and leave the mob life behind. Paying back Nicholas for his duplicity would be a bonus.

  9. That would be great. And now that Jason and little Jake are back doesn't that change the division of shares at ELQ? Shouldn't the Q's be back in control if Jason and Jake vote with them. He certainly won't vote with Nicholas.


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