Wednesday, November 18, 2015

So Sorry I'm OUT!

FEAST your EYES...

This is a gorgeous picture for you to look upon because I will be OUT today doing a 
real-life meeting.  Keep me posted-- I think we see Spinelli ?? Not sure.


  1. Metro court:

    Anna and Dr. Maddox: Dr. Maddox still got your number Anna!!!!

    Maxie and Lulu: So basically,

    Lulu: Dante is a sneaky snake lying liar that lies! And Val is a slut!

    Maxie: Let's READ! Thanks to Spinilli I can do that!

    The letter wins the line of the day!

    Letter: Dante I can't thank you enough for last night. Maybe it surprised you, it surprised me too. How great it felt, how natural. If I had any doubts about what I'm doing, I don't anymore. Thanks to you. I can't wait to do it again. Valerie.


    Maxie and Val: HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHHAHA! Basically,

    Maxie: You skank and your love letter to Dante!

    Val: ???????????????????????

    Maxie: You know what I'm talking about!

    Val: If Lulu doesn't stop this, she is going to lose Dante who is a good wonderful fantastic man!!!!

    Letter: I hope nobody is mad at me. I didn't do anything wrong.

    Maxie texting Lulu: I hope you are not confronting Dante! It was a misunderstanding!!!!!!!!!!

    Letter: I'm not a love letter! Honest!

    Police station: Oh they got their man! That bad guy is HOT! :)

    Lulu and Dante: Too late Maxie!!! Lulu confronted!!

    Q home:

    Sabrina, Michael and Liz: Liz is climbing the walls, and poor Sabrina does not want Michael to know how far along she is! ROFL!

    Sabrina and Liz: Careful Liz you look desperate!!!

    The hospital:

    Sabrina and the nurse: I have an appointment with Doctor Lee for a sonogram, Unfortunately, I am going to have to cancel.


    Sabrina and Patrick: Awwww Patrick! It's not your fault! :(

    Patrick and Anna: Oops. I guess Anna is the wrong person to discuss Sam with! ROFL! She isn't very maternal right now.

    Sabrina and Anna: Anna is climbing out of her skin!!!

    Dr Maddox's office: Hmmmmmmm? NOW Anna wants to spill her guts?! I wish Kevin was around.

    Portland: Awwww love the Spinny and Jakeson scene!!! Spinny doesn't push! Carly, Sonny, Liz, and Sam all push just like the Q's did all those many years ago!

    SamTrick home:

    Sam: Jason NEEDS me!!!!! He NEEDS me!!!

    Patrick: No YOU need him!!!

    You tell her Patrick!!! Oh hi Liz!! Liz vs Sam! LOVE IT! Oh no Spinny! Did you have to call Sam!? ICK!

    Spinny: Jason needs back up!

    Sam's thoughts: YAY! He needs me! I told you Patrick!

  2. Karen - hope the meeting went well.
    Sonya - HA! Love it, as always. Love the letter's dialogue ;-)

    I love Liz - even still - but I did enjoy the jabs Sam got in. I'm enjoying their scenes.

    I feel bad for Patrick, but he is kind of getting a dose of his own medicine. Glad he realizes this, and like his apology to Sabrina.

    Spinelli always looks at Jason like he wants to jump his bones.

  3. "Paul773 said...Sonya - HA! Love it, as always. Love the letter's dialogue ;-)"

    Hahahaha. Thanks. :)

    "Spinelli always looks at Jason like he wants to jump his bones."

    ROFL! So is Sam, Carly, Sonny and Liz! :)

  4. YES! Spinelli was totally like 'let's go to bed' geeeeshhhhhhh!!

    My meeting was great, my speech kid 'graduated' I 'fixed' his artic! :)

    I wish I saw Sam and Liz like I did Tea and Blair. I just don't see a glimmer of chemistry between them I need to like their 'mean' scenes.

  5. KD! I was thinking the same thing. The problem is Sam and Liz are both kind of wimpy, while Blair and Tea were NOT! Blair was always a schemer. Even when at her nicest she was always working some angle. Tea was always a firey, fearless hothead. Liz has always been sugary sweet, even when she's scheming, and really insecure. Sam has become SO whiny and co-dependent ever since being with Jason.

    On your blog, we often lament the lack of strong women on this show and it's pretty evident in these scenes. Laura is getting there, Alexis is definitely there, Anna is waffling now but she's usually tough as nails. And say what you will about her, but at least Carly can throw down.

  6. "kdmask said...YES! Spinelli was totally like 'let's go to bed' geeeeshhhhhhh!!"


    "My meeting was great, my speech kid 'graduated'"

    That's great!!! :)

    "I 'fixed' his artic! :)"

    His what?



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