Tuesday, November 17, 2015


November 17, 1981. I was young and time stopped for this glorious event!! GH was everything. 

Olivia and Julian talk about Leo...I tell you what, they are GOING THERE with them! you wait.  Later, Alexis invites both Leo and Olivia for Turkey Day. 

Crimson OFFICE!! Maxie is in all her glory!! Lulu stops by. Old times, Old times.  Julian doesn't really want to give Nina much of anything, just do stuff online. 

Morgan goes to visit Kiki. Because....slackers.  He thinks maybe she can be a waitress at the Metro.  Nate comes to talk to Franco because his car was seen.  

Franco takes his psyche test with Dr. Maddox.  He says it was his tumor that did all the mean stuff.  The Dr. thinks he's ok but wants to see him again. Dr. O says absolutely not. 

Sonny yells at Carly..throws his ring-- and then apologizes to Carly.  Epiphany comes in!! She's his physical therapist!! She tosses Carly out. Heh.  She does exercises with Sonny and makes him get off the phone. 

Paul and Ava are arguing. Carly comes over, Paul hides. Carly sees the blanket Morgan brought over. Carly tells Ava to stay away from Morgan. 

Lulu asks ALexis to draw up separation papers, then changes her mind. Meanwhile, STUPID Valerie is 'assigned" to drive along and be Dante's "Cadet".  Valerie falls asleep on Dante's shoulder in the car!!! And yep, Lulu sees it. 

END: Carly wants Morgan to see the psychologist. Nate arrests Franco for running Carly off the road. Kiki applies for a job at the Metro. 


  1. Stupid Val...falling asleep your first day as a "cadet"....hate the storyline, wish Val would go away. Curious by tomorrow's previews to see who Jason is talking to. Loving Maxie back at Crimson...

  2. November 17, 1981. I was young and time stopped for this glorious event!! GH was everything.

    Luke and Laura!! Thanks for the picture! In November 17 1971 I was 7 yrs old! :) I remember the wedding! :)

    Carson home: Great Carly and Sonny scene! She has got a haircut. I like it. Oh hello Piffy!!! YES!!! PIFFY IS SONNY'S PHYSICAL THERAPIST!!! :) Piffy will NOT take any of Sonny's crappy crap! :)

    Ava's home: Ava wins the line of the day!

    Ava: You will not pimp me out for your own ends. I will not be your whore!

    ROFL! Well Sonny thinks you are whore. :) Oh come on Ava and Paul!! Just have sex already! Stop having foreplay!!! Oh that did it! Carly got Ava angry! And when Ava is angry, she gets horny! :) Pava sex!!!!! :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Olivia, Julian and Alexis: Awwwww! Little uncle Leo is saying mama?!!?! :) Sweet!!!

    Lulu and Alexis: Boy Lulu is all up and down. So basically,

    Lulu: Hi Alexis. I want to have a legal separation from Dante..

    A minute later.

    Lulu: Hi Alexis. I changed my mind....

    Vodka: I'm lonely. Where is Kiwi?

    BobTodd and Nina's home: This was a great scene between BobTodd and Nina!

    BobTodd: Are you nervous about your first day on the job?

    Nina: I'm not nervous. Are you nervous about your first day?

    BobTodd: No I'm not nervous.

    Oh and here is Kiwi the killer of dreams.

    Kiwi: Die die die die die!

    BobTodd and Kiwi scenes were great!!! He is trying to be a father to Kiwi and being there for her. Yeah listen to BobTodd! Get a job Kiwi!!!!

    Kiwi and Morgan: What is the freakin point of their scenes?!!?! She knows BobTodd is right about her getting a job, but then Morgan still doesn't care that Kiwi ran over his mother!!!!

    *Kiwi stares at the alcohol. They are playing who blinks first*

    Alcohol: I win!!!! Now come and drink me!

    The hospital:

    Dr. Maddox's office:

    BobTodd: She's the best friend I've ever had.

    Awwwwww! :)

    Dr. Maddox: And your lover?

    Say what?!!?!?!?!! That is none of your business! What has that got to do with getting the art therapy job?!!?!?!! That is not even a legal question! What the freakin?!!?!?!! I love how Dr O just swoops in and gives BobTodd a job! She wouldn't even let Dr Maddox have any say! ROFL! He wants to see BobTodd again, but Dr O won't let him! ROFL! Great scene!

    Morgan and Carly: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Finally!!!! Geez Carly it's about time Morgan sees a therapist!! RA RO BobTodd arrested!!! NO HE DIDN'T DO IT!

    Dante's stakeout: Oh come on!!! Val is with Dante in the stakeout, but yet she falls asleep!?!?!!?! WHAT THE HELL?!!?! Wake up Val!!!! Oh oh Lulu sees!!! She will change her mind again and get that separation!

    Crimson: YAY! Oh wow the word Crimson is so red! :) Great to see you again Crimson! Nina has no idea what the hell she is doing! ROFL! Although I like that, cus then she will learn how to do things and grow. :) And Maxie can help her. Lulu is so rude about what she said about Nina! Go away Lulu!

  3. So, there was a witness who saw Franco's car run Carly's off the road, but they didn't report it until days later? That witness should be arrested for not helping Carly.

  4. Why is it that whenever I decide to watch they shove Valerie down my throat? I always expect to see Sonny and Carly - they are omnipresent but Valerie? Why? Why won't she go away? And then as a special bonus KIKI!

  5. Michelle Latta said...
    Stupid Val...falling asleep your first day as a "cadet"....hate the storyline, wish Val would go away.

    I'm sure that NOWHERE in the history of any police force has a rookie on their first assignment fallen asleep on their training officer's shoulder. They'd stick pins in their eyes to stay awake first. Stupidest story line ever. Lulu simply seeing her in the car would have worked just as well, why add ludicracy!

    And they're having Paul act like they had Sloan acting with Anna, trying to force himself on her That's what I hated about Sloan. Now I hate Paul, and he was so charming with Tracy when he first arrived. Do they have a writer who thinks women like forceful men?

  6. Every time you refer to "stupid Valerie" you make me laugh out loud :-)!

    I'm still pretending Nina, Franco and Kiki don't exist.

    I enjoyed seeing Epiphany give Sonny hell.

  7. I don't mind Valerie but they start with a somewhat decent storyline and then jump to some
    dumba## "Help I'm a poor innocent girl and I can't do anything right.

  8. YES PAUL! I am going to rail on that "Witness" thing in Sunday Surgery. Um... they left CARLY IN THE DITCH all that time? WTF.

    Why is it that they don't think of those things? I'm HOPING when Franco is questioned they say "Someone saw a car driving erraticly down Rt. 31 and didn't think anything of it until they heard about the accident"?? If that happens, let me know !!!

    I know who Jason is talking to and it's just so weird that this character is THERE instead of HERE. I guess to get Liz and Sam on a plane together?

  9. Val brought 3 large coffees to Dante's car and she fell asleep? So dumb. Maxie is back!! Love seeing her at Crimson again. Kiki has trashy looking earrings all over her ear - ugh. I wish they would just get rid of her or recast. Epiphany is great. And yes, too many loose ends.

  10. I'm not opposed to the character of Valerie. PC needs some more POC's and to build up the Spencer clan but I wish they would just stop writing her so pathetically. Even though Val says she respects Dante/Lulu's marriage, her actions speak differently. If she realized that sleeping with Dante was a mistake and wants to make amends with Lulu, she wouldn't be getting herself into situations where she has to be in close proximity with Dante. She should be doing the opposite out of respect for Lulu.

    Same goes for Dante. If he wants Lulu wants to forgive him and work on their marriage, he needs to stop putting himself in situations where Lulu can misunderstand what is going on. Lulu is very high strung now and everything that Dante does, even if done with good intentions, is strike against him until she can work through forgiving him.

  11. How is Epiphany Sonny's PT?? She is a NURSE, nurses are not PTs, makes no sense.

  12. AntJoan, wasn't Carly a physical therapist at GH when she first arrived?



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