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Sunday Surgery: A Baker's Dozen

20151125 0648(37)
Bags O' Fun! 
Only 3 days of the show this week. Thank goodness because I don't have the strength to summarize  more (way too much turkey and stuffing this year)!! 

This week was a C for me. Just meh--which is sad because it should have been awesome.  There were also some scenes that were big missteps as well. Nothing really moved forward if you think about it. Olivia even broke bread with her cousin's killer. Oh, Sam did overhear Jake say a veiled "Secret" but--you know. We are back to SamTrick and Liason. Lante's still fractured and someone else is not really dead and apparently,  and maybe Helena is? Morgan's gonna be treated for bipolarism. Welcome to no sudden movement. 

You know we have to have cranberry juice cocktails and PIE!! 
13 "Highlights" for you await! 

20151125 0602

1. Carlos is alive. Yep. And he realizes the baby is probably his. Sabrina had resigned herself to the fact that she could be happy with Michael. Of course she had! Anna also realizes Carlos has to be alive after finding the jewelry marked "Carols and Sabrina".  (for the really dumb people that weren't sure)  This is after she tells Dr. Dre she killed him. Whoops.

20151125 0653(1)

Carrrrlos carressesss the elephant.... oh my baby...mine and Sabrinnnnna's baaaambino....

20151125 0603(11)

2. This is still happening. 

20151125 0604(39)

3. Morgan got strong-armed out of whatever the hell cabin he broke into. He's in the hospital for "tests" in his hoodie. He and Dad talk about being bipolar. I actually liked those scenes,  both Mo and Bryan were understated. I appreciated that.  Later...

20151125 0655(31)

4. The fam (and Kiki) gather together for apple juice and turkey Bobbie brought in. They listened to stories of loyalty and love from Sonny. Why is Kiki there you ask? Why is she not arrested for Carly's hit/run accident? Well, you see Carly decided that she didn't want to press charges. And Paul, being the DA, decided since it was "Thanksgiving" that he'd be nice. (setting a great example for the youth of PC, right?) 

20151125 0624(17)

5. Lulu gathers up her stuff from the loft. She finds some lipstick, thinks it's Valerie's. But--it's one Maxie got her for Christmas.  She also drops off papers for Dante. They argue, Dante says he's "sorry"..she storms out, yada yada.

20151125 0652(18)

6.  Sam decided that the REAL Jason "Died on that dock" so long ago. She and Patrick reaffirm their love. This will of course, last as long as it takes for Robin to come back and tell Paddy that she was away protecting their family. *sigh*. 

20151124 0629(44)

7. Piph gave Sonny a Pep Talk

20151124 0711(11)

8.  Helena Died. Or Did She? That's what wrong with GH. There are now more people who were once dead and now alive than alive-alive people. Ergo, this had ZERO impact on me. (and I love Helena). Nikolas kept looking at his watch during the scene. Did he poison her? Seems like it--he said "Sorry it had to end this way Grandmother" and he did talk like she was gone, but whatever. Oh, by the way. Did Helena give us ANY info about Jason? Nope. How about Jake Jr? NOPE. Liz didn't even really ask about Jake Jr. at all. You'd think instead of wondering about SaintJaysus a mom would be more curious about her boy that's been gone 4 years. NOPE.
oh--  Many people said they say Connie breathing during this last 'goodbye", btw. 
Whether she died or not, this was one of the weaker scenes I've seen in awhile The whole thing was weird. The doctor they had was a terrible actor and everything was just 'off'. It just didn't move me one way or another.  Everyone deserved better.

20151126 0811(22)

9. Um. Welp. The Bills won and Val couldn't contain herself any longer. (Yes, we Bills fans are usually beside ourselves when they win but... not taking our clothes off hysterical)  Please note: she did bring over dinner for Dante. Why the Fk Dante didn't go to dinner with his mama is beyond me. I hated this stupid set up. ALL of it. Look, Lante got boring but Val is just a pain in my side. ugh. Dante is still moping around and they have all the "chemistry" of a wet blanket. He's so sad about Lulu but he takes the first opportunity he has with Val? If he was a notorious player, I'd get it...but??  And don't even tell me Dom is playing Dante like he even "cares" for Val in any other way but side-kick. I see nothing. Even their "banter" is boring! 

20151126 0719(41)

10. Lulu was having dinner with Laura who of course, convinced her to go over to Dante's and give it "another try"... Try number 3 that's going to work out just like the other ones did. You know --catching them together.  *sigh* 

20151126 0808(20)

11. In the "It's Nice but Stupid" department we have this family scene. Did Sam attend? NOPE! ...Sam didn't attend but AVA did. Ava and Olivia. Sitting across from each other. I'm trying to figure out if we are just supposed to accept this 'happy family' because it's easier? Because of the  "funny" banter? What? Ava killed Connie Olivia should be going for her throat! I guess Darling Baby Avery can work magic. Did I like the scenes otherwise? Yeah, they were cute with the ladies busting on Alexis not being able to cook. I also guess Krissy isn't doing well in college because she hedged Molly's questions about it. Oh, do you think TJ was running Kelly's by himself? Doing Turkey BLT's? 

20151126 0735

12. Over at the Q house, Demon Jake overheard that Helena died and smashed something. He also shoved his mother away. Liz decides that "Maybe it's time someone talks to him". YA THINK? :eyeroll:  Dr. Dre is gonna have his hands full. 

20151126 0727(11)

13. Jason was SO happy to be at his former house. Look at him. Just GIGGLY.  Paul was going to fry a turkey but he blew a fuse and I guess there are no other fuses' around, so they have to order pizza. I missed Alice this year. And I also wondered about SAM going over there. ?? Huh? Okay-- considering Alexis was having everyone at her new place, it was strange Sam went to the mansion. Of course, it was a plot point to get she and Jason together and to overhear Jake Jr. tell Danny he knew a secret. 
I also have to note  that Liz left Cam and Aiden with their 'OTHER' Gram-- meaning Audrey, off set, who must be back from Switzerland or wherever the hell she was. LMAO. I mean, send those 2 to boarding school with Josslyn because they are never on!! Why Bother... WHY EVEN BOTHER. 

20151124 0438(6)

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Anna confesses to Dr. Maddox. Powerful and SO Finola. Loved it.

20151126 0733(3)

PROP OF THE WEEK: The separation papers. Dante was going to sign them, didn't sign them....then did sign them.  NOTE:  I wish we would have seen the turkey fryer but I guess that would have been too much fun. It would have been prop of the week for sure.

CATV 3 20151123 1310(33)

FACES OF THE WEEK; Liz and Nik waiting for the boom to drop -- and unfortunately for us, it didn't. *sigh*  On and on it's gonna go. 

And, that was our 3 day GH week. Like I said, there has been no movement in the Jake story what-so-ever. I guess Sam overhearing Jake Jr. is something but now we'll have to wait for that.  We all know this isn't coming out until Feb sweeps. If then-- maybe they'll save it for May. Who knows. Jason isn't Jason anyway. Jason's Jake. So do what you will. I am intrigued to see Robert, Johnny Z and Spin/Ellie during the Holidays. Epiphany can torture Sonny.  Other than that, meh. 

Hope your Turkey Day was fabulous!!  


  1. Once again, Sunday Surgery hits the nail right on the head. Thanks. Karen.

  2. Another insightful blog.

    Lante is a mess. And I hate that Valerie seems to be written the direction the Lante storyline goes. But there is chemistry between the 2 actors. Should have broken up Lante many moons ago.. develop Valerie.. and then see where the story goes. No need to make Dante a cheater.

    Lante has been on life support for too long. This interpretation of Lulu just isn't varied or layered to keep them interesting. Frankly she continues to bore me and I feel nothing.This is where Julie and Dom were SO good .. they could make you feel the more subtle moments of a relationship.

    So here we are. Its a mess.

  3. Again you hit it right!!! The story has so much potential but leaves us flat!!! Kids are just props on GH. Cam,Aiden and Joss are not needed so we never see them. I agree Jason si not Jason, he is still Jake he will never be Jason!! Liz can have him but I really want her to be outed and nikolas too!!! She is delusional. I get she wanted Jaso but is she amoral? He is married!!!She was going to marry a married man and let him get close to her kids??? At least Sam thought she was a widow and realizes she has to divorce Jason before she can marry Patrick. That will never happen since JT is leaving unless they recast. I was so happy when I heard there was a new head writer(s) but now not so. They are dragging this Jake/Jason story line on too long

  4. This week was a drag. Not completely awful but not as much fun as it should havve been. The worse part was the extra special Sonny Thanksgiving hour. I hate how all the Corinthian are being written. Every single one of them. We should have had more Quartermaines.

  5. kd said...Sam decided that the REAL Jason "Died on that dock" so long ago. She and Patrick reaffirm their love.

    But she still glares every time she sees Liz with Jake. I think Sam really wants to be a sister wife.

    I hate how they're writing Dante too. And Val is a good character but I hate that they had to write her as a home wrecker. She's been stalking Dante for months. How are we supposed to like her?

  6. I don't feel that Valerie has been a stalker. Why is Valerie the homewrecker, when Dante is the married one. I guess it easy to blame the woman then the man.

  7. While I agree Dante is wrong, her showing up with turkey dinner was a bit much LOL.. the writers are throwing them together in the weirdest ways (Drive along?)

  8. Yes, definitely a bit much. And she has gone to his place several times, even when he said he wanted nothing more than to get back with his wife. I don't recall him ever going to her place. She also seemed to constantly seek him out at work, and put her hands on him when she talked to him. She didn't do that to any of the other males at work.


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