Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sunday Surgery: Metamorphosis

CATV 3 20151030 1358(47)

CATV 3 20151030 1358(61)


And so it goes...this week we inched closer to the St. Jaysus reveal!! We ...are..almost..there people...almost...there... 

It was Halloween and Maxie's Bday. It's also somehow, the day before Liz and Jake's wedding.  Now I get it's "Soap Time" but we can count. 31...and then..6? Nope. LOL. 

Ok, I'm sure you have some left over Halloween candy hanging around. The stuff no one wanted. I gave out ring pops and 3 muskateers with RED filling!! Almost ran out too. 

CATV 3 20151027 1310(10)

The first part of the week was pretty dull until Thursday hit.  There was a GIANT-ass'd surprise Tuesday-- LOOK at that! ANNA has a HOUSE!! I guess Finola has wanted one for awhile and she even tweeted a 'thank you' to the set people. I personally would have done up a nice English cottage look. I can so see Anna as a gardener. Anyway, happy happy. Emma showed off some costumes and Paul threatened Anna. He knows she killed Carlos and he switched the bodies. He didn't tell her (on the docks) it was Sloane however, just said someone who died of a gunshot. Anna "saw" Carlos again on the docks and we are still left wonder if he's really dead or she's just seeing his ghost. I have to think he's alive because of the whole WTD  story with Sabrina (eyeroll)

CATV 3 20151027 1328(12)

Thank you for getting Lucas, Sam, Alexis and Jules all together. He has his son, she has a ring and Alexis has a house! (How long will those white couches last with Leo's babyness all over?). I'm hoping for a full-out Thanksgiving at the house! WITH Molly and Kristina too. (and Brad).

20151028 1407(23)

Ric appeared out of the woodwork. He was seen weeks ago --and was supposedly looking to get Custody back of Avery. Oh well, he did have his Clark Kent glasses on so I was like "whatever"! I also wonder if they did this scene to put him back into Liz' orbit. Who better to pick her up after this mess than someone that's done horrific things and been the town's pariah? I also have to give giant KUDOS to Rick Hearst for his scene when he walked in and saw Sonny in the wheelchair. Very subtle but awesome acting right there. It was surprise mixed with pity and a little bit of 'wow...look where YOU ended up, big brother"... he couldn't even look him in the eye at first. Perfection. 

CATV 3 20151028 1329(43)

Ok. I'm mentioning this was such a weird wasted scene--yet amusing. Morgan goes to see Kiki, who texted him she was sorry. They get out some snacks and then it quickly dissolves into typical stupidness that is the staple for these two nim-nods. Morgan left without his snacks and Kiki got all pissy and drunk. :eyeroll:

CATV 3 20151028 1345(18)

Mama dropped by and wanted Kiki to testify for her at Avery's trial. Um.. hey, Ava, you boinked her boyfriend while pretending to be dead so...?? Ava has another card up her sleeve though. Paul (who grabbed and kissed her) said he would help. Ergo, he's probably got a PLAN.

CATV 3 20151028 1339(34)

Nothing says LOVE Like not being able to fill out your marriage certificate because you have no idea who you are! Are we supposed to think that's going to be legal even if Jake wasn't already married to Sam? LOL. Okay then. Liz also gave him a "Mr and Mrs Doe" sign for the front of the house.  DOE. ahhaha So if he adopted Cam and Jake, they'd be Cameron Doe and Jake Doe Jr. DOH!! (Homer Simpson voice) Aiden would be all happy he got to at least keep his last name. 

CATV 3 20151029 1300(46)

Family dress up! Geesh, Patrick, don't go all out there. LOL. Spinelli is working on the Face-Plan and gives out the candy..

CATV 3 20151029 1317(7)

And Maxie shows up. It was a nice scene because he remembered her birthday--awww. She later spilled coffee on his computer. It was a small setback however, because he was able to boot it back up and get that Face-thing going again! (more on that later) 

CATV 3 20151029 1302(29)

Team DOH!! Even Aiden is in there. Cam just keeps getting younger it seems like LOL. Liz dressed as a cheerleader. She looked about 16! Jake insists Jake is his REAL father--and this is when Liz talks about the whole adoption thing. Better call Lucky. 

CATV 3 20151029 1350(22)

"Ya know, Dante you only fooled around on Lulu once, I'd say you're doin' pretty good given your genes"...

CATV 3 20151030 1355(12)

This was my second fave thing this week. Tracy was OUT OF THE HOUSE! She talked to Ava! She talked to LULU and Maxie! WHAT!!? I absolutely loved this part when she and Paul were like: we are OUT OF HERE..they both went BYE to the security guy and laughed and laughed. I just don't like the fact that Paul is mob. He could have been a corporate raider, a devious guy but why mob? BOO. 

CATV 3 20151029 1340(42)

One of the biggest messes of the week was the Haunted Star Saga. First of all, about 900 scenes took place there, all around "will Lulu find out the truth" or not. It was painful. I mean Mon-Friday we were on that damn boat.  First the computer is left out, then Dilly almost says something..then Val comes in..then Maxie pesters Nathan for info..yada yada. FINALLY FRIDAY CAME AND...

CATV 3 20151030 1356(6)

TA-DAH! The "Hot Sizzle" reel was shown. You see, Andy (the assistant) found the footage and Dillon put the zip drive in the drawer. HOWEVER, moments later he saw Valerie and Dante hugging and her adjusting her skirt (the zipper had broken). SO, he thought the worst and decided to show the clip to everyone. 

CATV 3 20151030 1356(13)

Even the youngest shut their eyes. (Look at Kiki back there!! LOL she's all "WOW, cool"!!) 

CATV 3 20151030 1356(30)

Suddenly, Lulu knows all. BOOM. 

CATV 3 20151030 1358(36)

Of course the MOST major thing to happen is this -- Spinelli has to go to Portland because Ellie broke her ankle. (Why he has to RUN OUT just when he's 95% done with the face-- is beyond me. Plus the fact you know PC doesn't have a direct run to Seattle..but whatever). He has to leave because you see, Carly has to be the one to look upon the angelic face first. The computer is all loaded, still downloading and Spinelli left it at the hospital. (where anyone can see it but ...I digress). The Face Program is going full-guns and turns out a photo morphing from Jake to Jason.  Spin must have programmed Jake's face in because in real forensic terms, Jason's face should have just popped in.
SOooooooooooooooooo, here we go. Carly's gonna find it and..what? Will Kiki run her off of the road after she sees Morgan and Darby? (not exactly actress of the year there, btw). Since the wedding is TOMORROW (UGH) it should come out pretty fast? Unless "today" Lasts DAYS AND DAYS... DAYS? 

CATV 3 20151030 1320(44)

Last but not least, we got to see Audrey for a second..reading a letter she wrote to Liz. Now, I'm happy she was on, yes...but please say "cameo" next time. It was sweet but I would have loved to have her on canvas. Rachel looks smashing for 80!! 

CATV 3 20151027 1356(29)

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  The entire Monica/Tracy exchange from the "Danny was hiding in your support hose" to this scene about Monica's boys is what I LIVE for on soaps. Please put more effort into the Q household--it's worth it. 

CATV 3 20151030 1328(21)


CATV 3 20151028 1338(1)

WEIRD WARDROBE OF THE WEEK:  Those damn arm-chaps that Darby had on.  I'm old but they were fugly.

CATV 3 20151029 1346(40)

PROP OF THE WEEK:  MR. and Mrs. Jake Doe.. soon to be in the garbage because.. well, you know. 

CATV 3 20151030 1309(36)

FACE OF THE WEEK:  ugh. Anyone figure out what she's supposed to be? Emo pirate? 

CATV 3 20151030 1311(39)

2nd FACE OF THE WEEK:  Paul...being... Skeletor. 

I did enjoy the latter part of the show this week. Thurs/Friday had a ton of character movement between sets and I love that. NOT Having 2 people stuck in the same place gabbing for days is awesome. Tracy alone was in 3 different places and Carly was just all over! Sam had a wardrobe change and attended a bach party all in the same day! Can't beat that. People are mixing again. yeah!!  

CATV 3 20151030 1350(5)

The most giant news this week came in trickles.... Tristan Rogers is "Back"... Brandon Barash is "Back"... meaning who knows. A day? Writing a letter? 3 days? A month? What? You see, all that info comes out--and then BAM! The long standing rumor that Jason Thompson is leaving came true. He's gone. NEXT rumor has it is that he has a job waiting at YR. Some character that Billy Miller played! Soaps are such turn styles.. LOL. swap-meets.  He'll be a loss. I'll probably do a whole blog about that soon. 

Sorry so long this week. A lot to cover. Hope you are enjoying the show a bit more. We need to move those numbers UP!! 


  1. I wish Paul wasn't a mobster either. Not sure what the point of that is. *shrugs*... I am going to miss Julie's Lulu this week. These meaty, emotional, heart tugging moments are where Julie and Dom excelled... That being said this Lante story has been a mess. And while Dante did "cheat" Lulu's lie (actually more than one lie) really needs to be examined much more under the microscope than it has been. Lulu (as played by Julie) abhored lies and it all played into her trust issues. So for her to lie to Dante? Of course he should question her and their marriage. Just not sure Emme is able to tap into that history to make this worth rooting for. If any of that makes sense. LOL

    I will miss JT . Look forward to Jason be revealed and really feel for Liz. What is next for her? Stay tuned.

  2. Great SS! I so wanted Spin to be the one, not Carly...oh well. Sad about JT leaving. Loved the Tracy and Monica scenes. I hope Carlos is dead....

  3. Perfect SS! Not a bad week with Qs and Anna on. I thought that Paul kissing Ava was exciting because it came out of nowhere. I think the actor RB is doing a great job with the character and he is ominous but sexy and hard to read. Still hate Kiki and someone needs to correct her acting inebriated because she doesn't get it. She's a bit too trashy, too. Hate, hate, hate seeing JT leave but he deserves better and pretty soon he wouldn't have much to do since the writers are incapable of writing a decent storyline for him. Hope they do better with TR and BB. This week should be good.

  4. I just figured out how it can be October 31, and then tomorrow is November 6 , this is a tribute to the rocky horror picture show's 40th anniversary, let's do the time warp, again,

  5. Forgot to mention how nice it was to see Audrey. Considering RA's age she might not still be able to memorize lines therefore no appearance at the wedding. She looks fabulous !

  6. Thanks. My Sunday morning coffee seems complete again. :D

    kd said... I personally would have done up a nice English cottage look. I can so see Anna as a gardener.

    Oh so can I; with a lovely wide brimmed hat. It would be a great stress reliever.

    I also hope Carlos is alive. It would take care of the guilt, and march Sabrina off the canvas too if they’re planning to get rid of the actresss. ( I can also picture him happily haunting Anna on the docks. lol)

    kd said... I'm hoping for a full-out Thanksgiving at the house! WITH Molly and Kristina too. (and Brad).

    That would be nice. And they are having more and more people on screen now so they might have a few family scenes. (Anyone but Kiki and the gang.)

    kd said... They get out some snacks and then it quickly dissolves into typical stupidness that is the staple for these two nim-nods

    I know. I'm so hoping that she gets taken out in a drunken car accident and takes him with her.

    And that picture of Sonny giving "advice" is hilarious!!

    I also love the character movement and all the people lately. It's beginning to feel like my soap again, and not a high school play.

    And YES to more Q scenes, please.

  7. "Anna "saw" Carlos again on the docks and we are still left wonder if he's really dead or she's just seeing his ghost. I have to think he's alive because of the whole WTD story with Sabrina (eyeroll)"

    Yeah!!!!! He must be alive!!!! I mean if they are going to make him the father! It would be a waste if he is dead! And maybe he is alive and haunting her! :)

    "it was such a weird wasted scene--yet amusing."

    Hahahaha. Yes! The Kiwi scene with her texting Dar was amusing! :) What did Kiwi call her? Dar Dar Binx? ROFL!

    "Team DOH!!"

    ROFL! Love it! :)

    "Since the wedding is TOMORROW (UGH) it should come out pretty fast? Unless "today" Lasts DAYS AND DAYS... DAYS?"

    Yeah I was thinking the day is going to last days and days!

  8. Oops, forgot about carlooooossssss alive?yup. His hair is getting blonder, and longer.

  9. I actually hope Carlos is alive, he is a good actor, and also handsome, and then our Anna won't have to feel so guilty!!

  10. I don't like Carlos, but if he is alive, there goes Paul's hold on Anna. HA! He will have killed Sloane for nothing.

  11. very interesting article, thank you Greetings, Wonderful write up


  12. I hope Carlos is alive. It would be so soapy - baby daddy back from the dead - and I am here for that. I think Michael will have better storylines without children at this time.

    I haven't been watching for a couple weeks now and have only been tuning into recaps here - I may tune in for November sweeps.

  13. I'm wondering... If Patrick is going away for whatever reason...what about little Emma?! Will she be spending time away too? Or will she stay with her guilt-ridden grandma?! That would be cruel for her to loose another parent...
    What do you think?!

  14. Oh there is a promo for this week!!!!!!

    It's fantastic!!!!!!!!

  15. I knew the time on the wedding was off. It's a big ball of wibbley-wobbley timey-wimey stuff, not supposed to make sense. Poor Liz that seems to be most of her life. But really how many clues do Sam and "Jake" and the crew need thrown in their face and their nose rubbed in before they figure it out. EAH GADS........Sam is the worst Private Detective in the world.


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