Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Daily Break for A Bit

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I got nothing. 

Yep, I'm at it again! I just can't be bothered to watch live everyday-- I really tried. Kept it together for the sake of the 'reveal' and...a year of my life? Welp. A little worse than the whole Fluke mess. I'm not going to run home to see what and IF Jake/Jason remembers. Or who he does/doesn't pick. OR when Liz' lies get exposed (you know it's Feb sweeps or worse).  I think Billy Miller will be taking some time off in Jan or so to film some pilot, ergo, probably Jason will be gone "to think" or whatever. 

Patrick, our Dr. Hardy is leaving-- poor Emma's going to need to go to the children's R-wing.

Will Hayden finally out her memory? Who cares. Bored. Her father is probably Paul, but whatever, I'll catch that in a FF. 

So, you may fill in the daily. I may watch later in the night or before Sunday Surgery.  I will do that this week because there will be a lot to discuss about my crabby attitude. 

I will look forward to Ava taunting Sonny and Monica finding out about Jason. That's it.

Oh, and one more thing. The dialog has been great and fast-paced. The actors amazing (for the most part). But the STORY? 
Nope.  I'm just Jason: "I feel nothing"..


  1. I feel ya Wubs! I think that the acting and writing (breakdowns, dialog, etc.) are all were they need to be. I'm also very gratiful to Jelly for adding in the emotional beats that have been missing from all the heavy plot. The problem is I have major fan fatigue from all the Sonny, the Jason, etc. I stopped caring about those characters and their story lines along time ago. The stuff I do still care about has been sideline. So it just makes GH a bit of a chore at times.

  2. I generally ff through the Sonny stuff. I admit I am intrigued about where the Paul-Anna thing is going to go. He's smoking hot.

  3. Ditto the Sonny comment, ALC

    I think Paul wants Anna to help him take down Sonny so that he can take over. He needs to be seen as doing a good job if he wants to be truly invisible. And using Anna to "bring down the mob" would give his case legitimacy. Having something on her gives him a little extra control if she gets to close to the truth.

  4. Wait! Does this mean no daily Gus on Periscope?!?

  5. I agree with the Sonny comments. He is back front and center with Carly and the ratings are diving. They never learn, do they?

  6. the only thing I liked about yesterday was Ava giving it to sonny...many lines of the day

  7. Billy Miller has no passion in his portrayal of Jake/Jason. Was he like this on Y&R? The kisses he delivers seem so half hearted.

  8. Billy Miller has no passion in his portrayal of Jake/Jason. Was he like this on Y&R? The kisses he delivers seem so half hearted.

  9. The church: Sam feels like her head is spinning!!! You mean like this Sam?


    The bridge:

    Liz: Let's do what we set out to do today. Marry me.

    LIZ! WAKE UP!!!! Sam and Jason are still married! Get your delusional head out of the sand!

    SamTrick's home: Sam is your head still spinning?!

    Liz and Jason's home: If Jason regains his memory, will he be in love with Sam?! I am not so sure that I want Jason to get his memory back. I don't want Jason and Sam to get back together. Jason should change his name to Jake Morgan. :) Or Jake Quartermaine. Oh great! Sam shows up on a motorcycle UGH! Oh wait that's Jason's motorcycle and she walks home! Oh oh Liz don't like seeing Sam!

    The courthouse: OH!!!! You're right Karen! Ava did record Sonny threatening her!!! HA! :) Awww Sonny lost, and of course he blames Carly for being late! ROFL!

    Kiwi: What if I caused the accident? What IF i was the one who ran her off the road?!

    Ah ha! The mice that was implanted in Kiwi's head was a great idea! It's making her smart! :)

    Morgan: It doesn't matter.


    Morgan: My mom is fine!

    HOLY CRAP!!!!! :0

    Carly: Michael! Jake is Jason!!!

    And this is what Michael looked like when Carly was leaving a message to Jason! As soon as as she said Jason, the look on Michael's face!!!


    Wyndemere: Yeah I'm still not sure what GreenHayden is up to. I'm really bored. Oh they are gonna have sex oh no wait she stopped it. What the!!?!

    GreenHayden: Hey it's me. There has been a development. I need to talk, and it needs to be in person.

    Okay now I'm interested! :)

  10. Not only do we have to watch Liz become a liar and a jerk for keeping the Jason secret, now the writers are making us watch her become pathetic....I DO NOT LIKE!!

  11. sonya said... Awww Sonny lost, and of course he blames Carly for being late! ROFL!

    Of course he did. It had nothing at all to do with the fact that he threatened to kill someone!

    And Morgan is definitely a chip off the old block.

  12. "Di said..Of course he did. It had nothing at all to do with the fact that he threatened to kill someone!"

    Oh no! Of course not! Hahahaha!

  13. New GH promo! The shockways just keep coming!


  14. "kdmask said...Is that sarcastic, Sonya? ;)"

    The shockwaves remark? Hahaha no. It's not even my words. That's a quote actually. :)

  15. Why is it night on the bridge and day every where else?

  16. HOW can you have a custody hearing that lasts all night? They always seem to do trials that last for ONE day, this is driving me CRAZY!! Also, who were those strangers at Liz and Jake's wedding? Were they supposed to make up for the fact that her sister and parents are always MIA?

  17. It was weird - the hearing ended and Sam and Patrick were ready for bedtime. Becky did really looks beautiful in her wedding gown. But, it isn't exactly summer in NY and she had no jacket or sweater on. I was so glad Ava outsmarted Sonny, although she is a criminal, too. How could they think Carly would be her mother when she has a mother? I like Nik with Hayden, but they are always having a conversation inches away from each other. Supposed to be sexy but who talks like that? He is starting to look bloated in the face again, too. Poor Patrick.

  18. "AntJoan said...Also, who were those strangers at Liz and Jake's wedding?"

    That is what I was wondering!!!! What the heck?! :) I guess we will just have to make up names for them. :)

  19. So it is more important for the show to have Sonny find out Jake is Jason before his mother Monica finds out that one of her children is actually still alive. Carly had to go drag him over to Sonny's as soon as he got up even though he doesn't remember who he is.


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