Monday, November 23, 2015

A "Happy Accident"

It was the car accident that wiped out Jason's memory, not Helena. "there's no pill for amnesia, Sam" She says.  More of the same of Helena. She gets all mouthy at Liz about the baby-switch. Liz still hasn't mentioned her taking Jake Jr. for all those years. GEESH.
Helena is going to tell everyone the truth about Nik and Liz and she has a...Stroke? Heart Attack?  She dies. Did Nik poison her tea? WHO KNOWS...she's supposedly dead but I'm not believing it. Because this is GH. 

Jason, Sam and Liz leave without learning the truth about how long this has been kept a secret by Nik and Liz.

Anna is talking to Dr. Maddox. She flashbacks to killing Carlos. She tells him she killed him and someone is blackmailing her about it. HE says he won't tell, he'll just treat her. Then she walks on the docks. Carlos shows up-- she goes after him. He drops a necklace that says "Sabrina and Carlos"
Carlos is alive and shows up at Sabrina's door. YEP. Four bullets didn't stop him. Death is so meaningless on GH. Just meaningless.  (See Helena) 

Michael and Sabrina. They love each other, he'll make a great Dad--BUT.. There's something else I have to tell you ...

Then THE PHONE RINGS..grrrrrr

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It's KIKI!! Morgan is going all over the woods shooting at shadows lol. Michael goes off to find him.  They find them in the cabin. Max finally has to hold him while he's fighting to break free. 

Helena tells Jason to find a "worthy" goal like she did: "Family, Pleasure and Revenge"

"is it too late to tell you I hate you as much as I respect're elegant and fearless".. "I will find a way to grieve for you


  1. *steps over unconscious sonya* A little help here, please. Smelling salts...oxygen.... merengue

  2. LOL, Di, I was thinking about Sonya too. Carrrrrrrrrrrlos!!! :) Maybe I'll watch tonight. He is a handsome man.

  3. Knowing GH, Hells is probably just on ice for awhile, but there's a part of me that's afraid it might be for real this time. Either way, I'm gonna miss Connie Towers like crazy! Even when I knew she was just "exiled" it was hard to watch for the next week or so afterward. What makes it sadder for me now is that just about this time last year, she was beginning a three-month-long story arc on the show. :(

  4. No way Helena is dead. I can't wait to find out how Carlos survived that! I hope he's not on for too long. (Sorry Sonya!) I laughed when Carly said, "NO ONE WANTS KiKi!" Ha!

  5. I so don't believe Hells is dead, I kept expecting her to say something when alone with Nik. Maybe she really is and Nik has gone off the deep end and did poison her? So Carlos is alive, how? Was the gun loaded with blanks or whatever? So many questions, if he was really shot, who nursed him back to health, are he and Paul in on it? So many questions, but I'm intrigued for sure. As much as I do love Liason together I'm ready for the secret to come out...

  6. CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARLOS!!!!! *Passes out* Oh thank you Di for smelling salts, oxygen, and the merengue band! ROFL

    Anna and Dr. Maddox: BRAVO to Finola Hughes!!!! Great scene!!! Poor Anna! Come on writers bring Duke back!

    The pier: Ghost Caaaaaaaaarlos?! Oh his necklace!!! I was thinking he is so alive!!!! :)

    Wyndemere: Helena goes around in circles.

    Young naked Helena portrait: I'm bored. I have to find some hot sexy men to have fun with!

    Oh Helena wins the line of the day!

    Helena: I never claimed to be an innocent flower.


    The cabin: Great scenes!!!! Great job everyone! :)

    Sabrina and Felix's home: Sabrina lies and it sounds like Chad Duell has a cold. When Felix came out of the room, I thought it was Caaaaaaarlos at first. I got excited. Oh who is at the door?! CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARLOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! *Passes out again.*

  7. lol I knew you'd love that scene. I'm thinking they brought him back to usher Sabrina out of the picture. I just hope others find out he's alive before they leave so that Anna can get rid of this guild story line once and for all and so that Paul has no hold over her.

  8. That should be guilt, not guild.

  9. Di Hahaha I don't know if he is there to usher Sabrina out, but he sure looked happy seeing her baby bump! :)

    Paul it's okay. :) I know you are just jealous that he is handsome and women drool over him. ROFL.

  10. If Carlos can come back, why can't Duke and Silas? Not really a Carlos fan anyways, but am glad he's alive for Anna's sake!

  11. ding dong the witch is dead.

    seriously? i am the first one to say it? shame on all of you! ha ha.

    evil never dies. she will be back when tony geary needs money and comes back for a stint.

    i still say they are bringing back the wrong people (carlos). bring back alan, emily and georgie!

    did you ever notice the bad guys never die and the good guys never return?

  12. watching todays show now. when nik was alone with helena, connie was breathing. i saw her chest go up and down.

    go on, rewind. watch it yourself.

    either its a clue, or connie just forgot to hold her breath.

    1. Still think she's alive, but...that said, she's in her 80s, maybe she couldn't hold it that long?

  13. Finola Hughes is awesome.

    Not glad to see Carlos back, even if it gets Anna off the hook. I agree w/ David, it seems like the bad guys never die (or stay in prison) but the good guys do.

    I was hoping the new writers would have dropped the bipolar storyline. It was MIA for so long I don't think too many viewers missed it.

    Luke once shot Helena and that didn't "kill" her, so I hope she eventually reappears.

  14. Helena just can't be dead. Carlos sure is a good looking corpse. Finola is just amazing and I kind of like the new doc, too. KM had some huge bags under her eyes. I really wanted to see Liz finally busted even though I have always been a fan of hers.

  15. Did we ever found out why Helena was holding Robin? I have a suspicion its to cure Helena of whatever was laying waste to her. What if Helena's "death" is simply a ploy of hers to buy herself some more time away from Nikolas' supervision. Her doctor did state that he thought she had at least a few more months time. I think we'll likely see Helena's true death when Robin escapes.

  16. I too think the Helena is not dead. And that Nicholas gave her something in that tea. She will have something to do with Robin finally being free. Did love the curse she put on Sam tho, I am sure they will find another Cassidine that will be as evil as Helena. I don't think Nicholas has it in him to be truly evil like the other Cassidines before him. So waiting for Jason to find out that Liz and Nicholas knew all along who he was, and I truly believe he will toss pathetic Liz to the curb. Not sure if and Sam can get back what they had, maybe he just needs to move on with someone new... Hayden? lol Or maybe one of the Corinthos girls.... although they are kinda young, but what if Sonny finds out he had a child with someone he doesn't even remember? who knows eh?

  17. Connie is not dead, cannot be dead, she didn't die when Nik threw her off of a cliff, remember?? They didn't even TRY to explain that one!!

  18. "Michelle Latta said...Still think she's alive, but...that said, she's in her 80s, maybe she couldn't hold it that long?"

    That sounds like she couldn't hold her pee! ROFL! Ohhh maybe that is why she "died" she couldn't hold her pee for that long! :)


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