Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Turkey...To Go

Patrick: Is she really dead?
Sam: Um, I think so.

They reaffirm their love. "Jason died on that pier that night"... she loves Patrick.
See, people, she has to. That way Liz/Jason will be together until THE LIE comes out. Sam will have the story of being heartbroken when Patrick finds out that Robin was away to protect them.
Soap 101. It gets more mileage that way. Way more. 

Kiki's arrested.  Carly won't press charges-- and Paul the DA lets her go.

Morgan is in the hospital. He and the Doc talk. He's staying for tests. He and Sonny have a really good talk. Very real/honest. I liked it.  Bobbie brought dinner into the hospital room. Kristina is back for the holiday too. 

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Carlos is at Sabrina's... He said he faked his own death. I'm thinking Sloane put blanks in Anna's gun. Or he wore a vest. Something. He wants Sabrina to leave the country with him. 

Lulu and Maxie are at the Loft. She's getting stuff. She thinks that Val left her lipstick there but it was really her's. Maxie gave it to her for Christmas.  Dante walks in.  He's mad she got the separation papers. I like Mad Dante better than Sad Dante. 

END: Sonny makes a long "thankful" Speech...Ava's gonna be alone on Turkey day. yada yada



    Ava's home: Pava sex over!! :) Awww too bad he can't help with Kiwi. Ah well.

    Felix and Sabrina's home: CAAAAAAAAARLOS! :) This is great! He doesn't believe the baby is Michael's, and he ain't going nowhere hahaha! Oh where did that gray hair come from? Yummy! Caaaaaaaaarlos wins the line of the day!

    Caaaaaarlos: I accept your invitation to your bedroom.

    ROFL! And the look on Sabrina's face hahahaha. And just love how Caaaaaaaaarlos kept smiling. Man I have missed you so much! Ask Di she shows! :) So good to have you back! Sabrina was so nervous talking to Michael hahahha!

    The hospital/Morgan's room: Morgan laying on the bed, I thought his doctor drugged him. Great scene between Sonny and Morgan! KRISTINA! BOBBIE!!!! Thanksgiving time! Can't wait for tomorrow's Q thanksgiving disaster hahaha.

    Samtrick's home: So basically,

    Sam: I wuv this house. I wuv this floor. I wuv this couch. I wuv the ceiling. I wuv you Patrick!

    Floor, couch, ceiling, and house: We wuv you too Sam!

    Police station: Awwww Carly dropped the charges, and Kiwi's eyes are sweating! A lot!!

    Lante home: So basically,

    Lulu: SEE!!! This is proof that Dante is cheating! The lipstick!

    Lipstick: I am innocent!!!

    Maxie: I gave you that lipstick last Christmas!

    Lulu: oh.

    Lipstick: Gee Lulu are you pmsing?

  2. lol I definitely know how much you've missed CAAAAAAAAARLOS.

  3. Thanks for the recap! I missed yesterday because my DVR decided not to record it. Anyway, your recap is way better than On Demand anyway!

  4. "Di said... lol I definitely know how much you've missed CAAAAAAAAARLOS."



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