Thursday, November 5, 2015

THURSDAY... Procrastination Day

I haven't watched yet but TWO people were texting me at the salon! LOL It was pretty funny:

OMG! Carly! She put her phone in the water!!! 

OMG! Carly! She fell!! Hit her head!! 

Ava and Sonny: Sonny really called her a WHORE? He's the biggest MAN WHORE IN PC!! 

And..I heard Laura and Liz were good. 

I'll watch later!

Tomorrow, get your popcorn on! 


  1. "I haven't watched yet but TWO people were texting me at the salon! LOL"


    "OMG! Carly! She put her phone in the water!!!"

    Hahahahahaha! Yes the phone fell in the water!!!! Twice! She picked it up from the water, and then it fell in the water again! ROFL! I will wait until you watch the show before I share my thoughts.

    "OMG! Carly! She fell!! Hit her head!!"

    It was a thing of beauty! ROFL!

  2. I love how they are writing for Genie. Laura is the voice of reason here - and wow, she looked especially stunning today.

  3. Yes, I liked the Laura part. I also liked that the hospital "gang" was there and gave Liz nice gifts. :)

  4. Sonya!! I don't have cable and get to the free post online ... You ARE watching the show for me (for now) ... You have to recap!

    1. You don't have an antenna? It's getting so good!

  5. That should be and can't get to where you watch online

  6. The road: This whole Carly scene was comedy central!!! She finally gets Jake on the phone, but then drops the phone in the water!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHA! And then grabs the phone but oops it fell in the water again! ROFLMAOPMP! I was laughing so hard! Oh one bar on the phone YAY! Oops she trips and falls and hits her head on the rock! ROFLMAOPMP! Oh what next is going to happen? Is a black bear going to chase her? Are there black bears in Port Chuckles? Sure why not?! ROFL! Oh oh lions and tigers and bears are chasing her! Oh she hides in the catacombes. Oh oh one of the bears breaks her phone! Oh look! It's a bird, no it's a plane! No it's SUPERMAN! Yes yes! Superman! He saves her! They fly but oh oh Superman flies into kryptonite and they both fall! Now she is stuck! Oh but she wins the line of the day!

    Carly: I found you too Jason!


    The floating rib: Oh man! I am telling you that Ava and Scotty really should have a fling! Just as soon as he helps her get baby AJ!

    The hospital:

    Sam and Jake: Poor Jake!!!! ROFL! He is on the phone with Carly but she is not answering! ROFL! Jake is all like,

    Jake: Carly?! Carly?!!?! CARLY?!!?!?!?!!?!

    Sam: What's the matter?

    Jake: I can't get Carly! Something is wrong!!!!

    Sam: Oh you know how she is.

    Jake: No! Something is wrong! I got to find her!

    ROFL! And so he does! Hahahahahahahaha!

    Sonny's room: Ric with his glasses again yum! Oh oh Ava is angry!!! She is like a panther! Like a lion! Like a Lionther! :)She was about to rip Sonny off of that wheelchair! :)

    458 Lexington avenue: Great gifts!! Piffy are you whining because Milo hasn't asked you to marry you yet? UGH! Love the scene with the gifts tho. Love when Laura showed up!!! Love Laura's coat Laura was dropping a lot of truth bombs to Liz, and all Liz could say was don't do this to me! No you are wrong! You are wrong!!!! Oh Liz get your head out of the clouds and listen to Laura!

    Wyndemere: Laura! You tell Nik! Even though he is not listening to you. As soon as GreenHayden shows up, Laura turns into a statue! ROFL! After Laura leaves and Nis is on the phone, it sounds like he has a cold.

    The church:

    Sam, Patrick, GreenHayden, and Nik: So basically,

    Sam and Patrick: Huh?! Hayden you are here?! HUH?!

    GreenHayden: I'm going to sign the guestbook!

    Sam: Yeah Patrick! Nik has changed! Oh where did our friend go!?

    Liz's room: What the?! Why is GreenHayden there? She remembers something!? HUH?!

  7. "Stephanie said...Sonya!! I don't have cable and get to the free post online ... You ARE watching the show for me (for now) ... You have to recap!"

    Okay okay! :) And you could watch GH online! :)

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  9. "Stephanie said...That should be and can't get to where you watch online"

    You can't watch things online? Why not? Do you live in Canada?

  10. Very funny, Sonya.* blows raspberry* We can still watch things online up here. She just has to find the local affiliate.( will work) I can even watch on my Blackberry if I want. *blows another raspberry* lol

  11. I admit the writing has gotten better. It seems more natural and not as forced.

    Many many spoilers out there on Carly, Sam and Liz reacting to Jake being Jason.

    No mention of Monica. That is a sin. There better be a scene.

  12. I can't get to it from my work computer :(

  13. Paul, I was also marveling at how wonderful Genie Francis looked. I like the slightly darker hair and her skin looks flawless, I'm envious. I'm glad she has a contract, Laura is sorely needed in PC, a lot of people need a voice of reason! I like seeing Scotty as Ava's lawyer.

  14. "Di said...Very funny, Sonya.* blows raspberry*"

    ROFL! Without all the extra stuff I added, Carly scenes were hysterical! :)

    "I can even watch on my Blackberry if I want. *blows another raspberry* lol"


    "Stephanie said...I can't get to it from my work computer :("

    That sucks. :( You wouldn't want to watch GH at work anyway. You don't want to get in trouble!


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