Monday, November 16, 2015

Leaving Port Charles

So, Contractor guy came to try to make Sonny's house handicapped friendly. THAT didn't go over well.  He throws the guy out. Tells Carly if she doesn't like it, she can move out. She then "Goes home' to her other house lol and talks to Lucas. Sonny tells Morgan to "Stay AWAY" from Ava. Later, he throws his wedding band and tells Carly since "they only married for Avery, they can just get a divorce".
Carly mentioned she was glad he couldn't reach the barware LOL

Hayden and Tracy.  They argue about who's "plot' really is and who's taking control. Tracy calls Nik "Euro-trash". 

Park lady tries to get Emma to look for puppy "Bella".. She shows her a photo. She tries to grab Emma but Emma screams like she's been taught and Tracy Q runs to her aid. She calls Patrick. 

Ava and baby Avery are in the apartment. Paul comes in with a stuffed bear. He tells Ava she has to get to work for the mob.  They kiss. Interrupted by Morgan trying to get in. 

Jason is all GRRRRRRRR to Nikolas "I know you know my DNA was Jason and you changed it" Nik says Helena did it, not him.  Jason says he's going to bankrupt Nik by exercising his rights as a "Quartermaine" and taking his shares and voting!! WHOOT! 

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Sam tells Patrick she kissed Jason. He's mad. They don't even talk about when Robin came back. I mean, he went through the same thing!! Geesh!! When Tracy calls, he won't even tell Sam what's wrong, just leaves.  He finds Emma, they both tear up talking about Sam.  "I found out Danny's daddy came back.:"  They both cry. Awwww. very touching scenes. 

Robin tells the guard that when Jason remembers, he will come for her because he knows she'd never willingly leave her family. I guess Partick and her mother do? 

OH YES!! WOW... Liz and Sam go at it. Liz is telling Sam to leave Jason alone. Sam is like Um, he's my husband...yada yada..

Meanwhile. Jason rides off into the sunset and leaves Port Charles. 


  1. Guess he remembers how to ride a motorcycle? :)

  2. To Patrick's credit, he and Sam did talk about the similarities, only Patrick pointed out that Robin had her memories and came back to be with her family. Jason has been there a year and hasn't expressed any recognition for Sam or Danny. I think he's being written very realistically. He's giving her space and understanding how complex her feelings are, but also trying to point out that, uh, Sam, he's just not that into you. Team Patrick!!

    I know we all keep wondering what will happen to Emma when JT leaves, but can they recast him?????? I love Patrick and I think I'd accept a recast if it means we get to keep Emma!!! :)

  3. I think that Patrick will "ride off into the Sunset" with Robin, and likely Emma, too. Then Emma will want to come back to PC for many reasons and will end up being raised by Anna in her beautiful new house. Then Patrick and Robin can come and visit any time! We CANNOT lose Emma, people!!

  4. Wow, the little actress who plays Emma really is terrific.

  5. SamTrick home: Sam all confused and her head is spinning, and Patrick dressed up like Freddy Kruger! Don't go to sleep Sam! I love that Patrick wants to protect Emma!!! Liz vs Sam BAHAHAHAHAHA!

    The park:

    GreenHayden and Tracy: Sweet sweet sweet!!! Love the scene! I really wonder if GreenHayden is really a Q! That would be a great twist! :)

    Lady and Emma: Poor little fake Bella puppy! :( This is what the puppy sounds like.

    Yeah Emma!!! Bite her!!!! WOOT WOOT! :) Good girl! Love that Tracy helped too! :)

    Patrick and Emma: Awwww great scene!!! They both are in tears and it made me cry! :(

    Carson home: Sonny still has rose bushes that Lila gave him? :( Carly and Sonny scene was great! Carly wins the line of the day.

    Carly: Are you happy you can't reach the scotch? I sure as hell am. It's going to save us a fortune in broken barware.

    ROFL! He don't need to be paralyzed to break barware! :)

    Sonny: We can get rid of these rings anytime we want! LOOK!

    *throws rings like a child having a tantrum*

    Sonny: And we can end this marriage as easily as it started!

    BAHAHAHAHA! Does that mean you want a divorce Sonny? :)

    Wyndemere: Wait!!!! Nik said that Helena is dying and is fragile?!!?! HUH?!!?!! Nik must be lying!

    Ava's home:

    Ava and Avery: Awwwww! :) Where are they going?!

    Ava and Paul:

    Paul: Coochie Coochie coo.

    Oh I didn't know he was dating Charo! ROFL! Oh more Pava kisses!!! Oh hi Morgan! Morgan you are such an idiot!

    Jakeson: Billy Miller looks sexy on that motorcycle. :) Oh oh bye bye Port Chuckles!!! He must be going to see Helena!

    Robin's lab: Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

    1. Sonny was acting like such a penis! Serves him right if Carly left him! What a jerk! Loved the Emma and Tracy scenes. God I loathe Morgan...yeh I was scratching my head on the fragile Hills thing....mkay

    2. *Hells...stupid auto correct LOL!

  6. Sonya, I think Sonny means his marriage to Carly can be annulled as it was never consummated. He's be in a wheelchair and partially paralyzed since the wedding. A good soapy out!

  7. Liz: "Jason is not my property"

    oh, who is she trying to kid?

  8. "shirleedee said...Sonya, I think Sonny means his marriage to Carly can be annulled as it was never consummated. He's be in a wheelchair and partially paralyzed since the wedding. A good soapy out!"

    Hahaha. Well, either way he threw the rings and had a temper tantrum. :) And he didn't throw barware this time! ROFL!

  9. I think they're going to recast Patrick, AntJoan. And we definitely don't want to lose Emma. That little actress could show a few others how to how to act upset, and how to cry on cue. That's actually not an easy thing for many adult actors to do. She really gets into a scene. I hope they put her name in for a Young Actor award this year. She's amazing.

    And I can't see Hels being frail regardless of her age. She'll be fighting off the imps as they drag her evil a** down to hell. lol

  10. Someone on twitter pointed out how Billy Miller basically "wobbled" out of Port Chuck on that bike....and in all honesty, he did! Lol!

    Billy Miller is no Jason Morgan that's for sure! But I do love me some Billy Miller :)

    Brooklyn Rae Silzer is an amazing little actress! Really hope they figured out a way to keep her on screen, perhaps that's why they gave Anna a mansion? We can only hope. I'd hate to see her GH career be over due to TPTB's reluctance to recast "Robin" or "Patrick".

  11. Loved loved loved the Patrick/Emma scenes. I hope JT has some kids of his own eventually, because he has been amazing playing a dad, and little Brooklyn is such a gem. I'm sure they will both miss each other tremendously. Sick of Sonny and his tantrums. Is Jason going to ride his motorcycle to Cassadine Island?

  12. A new GH promo! Liz and Sam on a plane! Liz throws a drink at Sam and then Sam throws a drink at Liz! ROFL!


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