Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Key! The Key!

CATV 8 20130227 1259

I LOVE THE Q's flowers lately!! Wonder what the floral budget is...

So...Tracy, one of the smartest ladies out there DOESN'T PUT THE KEY IN a safety deposit box.

So it goes on soaps. 

Wonder who the "hair double" was for Caleb/McBain!!?? GIANT JOB right there.

An... Alison looked so gorgeous!!

Liz and  AJ full on go...

Caleb is not dead, btw... he'll pop up again.  

Great 'Who's Sam's father"..Alexis..PHONE RINGS!!

Hey, Heather's hair looks good after her dunk in the river.  Heather was creepy good with Rafe.

OK, today is THE END OF THE MONTH--and all my paper work is due in and I will miss the SHOW AGAIN.. SORRY.  I am taping it. LONG LONG Week folks!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

General Hospital: Wednesday

This whole week is a mess for me-- lots to do and little time for the show. I will be watching later--so if you'd like to recap here, do so!!

Here's the knife...and BTW, did you realize that Caleb/Stephen actually undressed Sam, redressed her and applied GENEROUS amounts of Max Factor to her face? 

ALSO: Genie Francis will be on the CHEW this Friday. I hate to mention the name of that show but it is GH news. 


This was in the twitterverse:

Nancy Lee Grahn@NancyLeeGrahn
Went in for Nurses Ball Gown fitting and saw my sweet once my GH nephew and now star of So happy!!!

BIG DEBATE on Twitter it confirmed, isn't it confirmed. WHATEVERRRRRRR. There's the tweet read it. We'll see if he shows up. 


NLG just posted the following: "@soapsindepthabc spilled the beans? Love u but you dont get to twist my words. I said I saw him there. If you must know neither one of us were there to work. I was having a fitting & he was visiting. To infer anything more from my tweet & tweet it is not cool.

Maurice Benard Set to Star in Indy Movie

Maurice Benard stars in 'The Ghost and the Whale" an independent film that's shot in Bodega Bay. "They went out to sea together.  He came back, she didn't"... promises to be a haunting tale. The film, also starring Madeleine Hamer is having a kickstart fundraiser on their website: The Ghost and the Whale. By joining the site you get exclusive sneak peeks, interviews and content not available otherwise. Exclusive Membership is only $10.

You can also receive a phone call or LUNCH with Maurice with your donation. Their facebook PAGE will also keep you up to date.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Julie Marie Berman is OUT at General Hospital

SID has announced that Julie will be leaving General Hospital and filmed her last scenes today---
She will be REALLY MISSED by cast, crew and fans alike. This is her choice and she wants to go pursue "Other Things". I am so sorry for Lante fans as well. There are some recast specs out there so pick up this week's magazine when it hits stands!

Dr. Noah Drake is Back..and Brings His..

Real life son with him! Read it all on PEOPLE!

As the ABC soap opera marks its 50th anniversary, the "Jessie's Girl" singer will also be joined by his son, Liam Springthorpe, who will make his debut appearance on the show as an undercover cop.

DWTS First Photo!

Ingo and Kym!

Steven Lars is Stabbed!

 CATV 8 20130225 1348(2)

Stabby day!! Knives! Teeth!! Woot!!

I also saw "Livvy" laying there in her wedding gown all laid out like a sacrifice.. with RUBY RED LIP STICK on. You think Caleb bought that for the occasion?? 

BY THE WAY... Do you like AJ and Liz?? 

Danny is a cute baby, and there's Heather ready to take him again.

Ingo Rademacher To Dancing With the Stars: Confirmed!


Wynonna Judd and Tony Dovolani
D.L. Hughley and Cheryl Burke
Jacoby Jones and Karina Smirnoff
Lisa Vanderpump and Gleb Savchenko
Andy Dick and Charna Brugess
Victor Ortiz and Lindsay Arnold
Zendaya Coleman and Val Chmerkovskiy
Aly Raisman and Mark Ballas
Ingo Rademacher and Kym Johnson
Dorothy Hamill and Tristan McManus
Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough

Yeah for our INGO!  I am also psyched to see Lisa Vanderpump and Andy Dick. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

You're Always a Mama..

Even when your kid is full grown! He had a check up today for college and that's where I've been. SORRY!! 

NICE Paddy was in a grief session. 

IS STARR Kneeling ON THE ROAD? in the WINTER?!! WITH ICE around? Ummm...


did you enjoy today? 

Robert Scott Wilson Joins AMC

Online!! He's a model on The Price Is Right...And Sorry, it's AMC NOT OLTL...Peter Cortlandt

and oh so "Ford" looking..not sure his role but here's a sneak peek at his abs:

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Will Ingo Rademacher Be on DWTS?

Ah.. a funny thing happened on Twitter.

@Ingo Rademacher 

Time for a little celebration.
Kate Edwards
Ernest Johnson (on Facebook)
Hey Man, you should consider doing the Catalina Challenge with me on a 14' at the end of March to race against our buddy Byron Kurt and team Hobie ?
@Ingo Rademacher lets talk about that. good chance i'll be in town

On Twitter:
@Ingo Rademacher
Off to LA this week. Lots happening can't wait to fill u all in as soon as I can.
@Scott Wilkie @IngoRademacher D

They are announcing DWTS cast Tuesday. I could be wrong-- but I could be right. I can't imagine this 'big news' is going back to GH for a bit.  
The photo is of SILVER OAK wine. My hubby bought a bottle and is actually saving it for our son's 21st--so it's a great bottle!! 

Sunday Surgery: Everything Including the Scrub Sink

Yes, I Googled "Scrub Sink" 

Well. This week was so HUGE it took me a whole day to digest it. Usually I can start Sunday Surgery on Saturday night but I really needed some time to ....reflect.  Things came in waves and by Friday my head was ready to explode. (but in a good way)!

So, put on your google-goggles and let's get crackin. I think I'll even have a little Bloody Mary to go with the scrubs today! 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Carolyn Hennesy Dishes to Huff Post

Watch the video on Huff Post with CH describing her character "Barb" on Cougar Town. Did you see Carolyn on "The Middle" Wed? 

excerpt: How did you prepare for the role? 

"I looked at a lot of young men. I would go home to my husband and I would say it's all just research, it's business, it's work-related. 'Look but don't touch,' that was my motto ... I used to stake out the high schools," Hennesy joked.
She also described the key to Barb's vicious zingers. "They were able to write for me the comedy Atom bombs. I would walk onto set, say whatever Barb had to say, and then just watch the destruction, and then Barb moves off, just like a ship.


Haunted Star had some Glitterific Pillows!! WOWZA 

I think that TG's  back is bothering him. And I was happy to see he and Tracy together. I like them too. IT's all A JUMBLE PEOPLE!! LOL Luke, Laura....Tracy and Luke. Can't I have both??!! Tracy about dies when she hears Scotty's back. heehee.  "I've moved on..Twice with you"!! Luke says. 
"Scott Baldwin, back with that bad luck troll hair" LOL 
Luke thinks that Scotty sent the Ice Princess to Lulu. 

MOLLY you in TROUUUUUUBLE oh boy!!   Those handcuffs must be tiny. 

Scott revisits Logan's death with Lulu. Logan tried to rape her, she had a knife and he ran into it and stabbed himself. He died. Scott hated her for it. Now he wants to make up. Lulu says NO way. He says "But I'm marrying your MOM"...god he can't keep that news to himself, can he?  Lulu is mad at Laura, this should be interesting. 

Anna's like OH Gawwwwwwwwwwd,  Scott Baldwin??  Anna can't believe Laura would get back together. 

McBain finds a book with the Bat ring. It has the history of the ring and families.  THEN he googles  "Stephen Clay" and finds his photo-- remember I talked about Stephen Clay in the whole explanation of Port Charles? Caleb came "back" as musician Scott Clay.  Lucy must have thought he was a vampire-- Alison was just afraid of Caleb/Stephen because he's a crazy killer. 
ERGO..Scott Clay, rock musician thought he was a vampire by the name of Caleb Morley. He married Livvy who died. Lucy was also convinced he was a vampire because of what he told her. After Livvy died, Stephen went insane and was put in the mental hospital. 
Creative KUDOS to Ron because it makes sense, ties it in a bow and used history. Liked it. Good job. 
and PERHAPS, Livvy didn't die, she's really Sam--who has amnesia?? COULD BE that's why John looked familiar??! 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Jail Break

CATV 8 20130219 1356(15)

Molly and Lucy... Molly's going to love this Tale of The Slayer... she can write a Teen Vampire book. 

AJ and Tracy. :) heh... Did you see the Pic-a-Lilah made it to THE SOUP?? it did!!
 I have to find the clip. 
AJ has a Panic Attack..Tracy says: THIS IS NOT MY FIRST FAKE HEART ATTACK! LOL. 

Rafe sure doesn't look like "Rafe"..look at the nose!! Molly charming the guard to letting her in there. Geesh, great "guard'! 

Lucy reaches for matches-- um, who has matches anymore? Where's Cameron? LMAO!! 

Lucy, Rafe and McBain escape. 

Kate's going to realize she caused the accident that killed her own kid. Whoops. OR someone's going to have to tell her--Olivia or Sonny? 

Kate and Connie
John and Caleb
Duke Faison 

Sooooooo, who's really who? LOL 

First Photo from AMC Set!

from Jill Larson via Soap Opera Socialite Productions 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Who am I?
What am I?
Where am I??

awwww.... poor Connie. So, Sonny tried to be with Connie but ended up with Kate. LMAO let's hope one of them didn't get pregnant. Sonny tells her she's married to Johnny, then she figures out Sonny is sleeping with CONNIE!! ahahaaa.

Scott drops the FIANCE Bombshell on Luke..Luke goes "DOH"!! I feel like it's 1978 again. We may have to revisit that whole time period. Scotty brings up the rape..Luke's like "what? do you love him"???
This just might be good folks. I mean,  I never really examined why I loved Luke and Laura so much when it was born of a rape-romance.  I  think unless you watched it live and in the '70's you could "get it". But this revisit might be cool. 

I'd write the whole Todd/McBain exchange in the jail but it's too fun NOT to watch. Todd is just hilarious.

Olivia sees Steven Lars get stabbed...only we know he's not. I think the scoops page has up how it happens. I'll have to look. Won't spoil here. 

Duke and Anna on that dang Pier 52. The new hang out. 

People's GH Issue

Now..why would they put JAGGER on there? He wasn't even that huge on the show?? Weird. Anyhoo, I'm just happy they have one! 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Still Under The Cloud

of this FLU's not PRETTY!! I keep thinking I'm getting better then..BAM! something else makes me feel like sheeze. oy. 

Hope Lulu doesn't throw out that or could be that someone just reproduced the Ice Princess and spray painted Styrofoam. Maybe it's a sucker!! LOL..Helena gave it to Lulu for fun.  Luke thinks it's Helena, I'm going with that.

Ellie is still on the show? Um...guess so. Spin gave her a bear, a bracelet and "UP" Blu-ray edition LOL

Maxie and Frisco.. he's still creeping me way out.  LOVED  it when he went in on Britt though, I hate her.  "I'm a fixer"!

Luke and Laura..thank you GENIE FRANCIS for NOT screwing up your face with botox or stretching or tucking. You are just  gorgeous. 
The Spencers...awwww. 

EMMA: "the magic wand--will it make her disappear"!!? (about Britt) LMAO. 

Sonny finally slept with Connie and she woke up Kate. 


Monday, February 18, 2013


OUR CAM IS GONE!  :Sobbing: 

Laura went to visit Liz...Lucky's still "Finding Himself" says Laura. Um, he has kids and he's off  "finding himself"?? I hope she's pissed at him. Liz got Flowers from her GRAM. ahah. Oh poor Liz. AJ did show up, however.  

On a lighter note: 
Lulu looked AWESOME...wowza...I wish I had a screen cap right now. Dante sat on that bar stool for almost the entire show. Geesh.  SO glad they could have a party on a BOAT in FEB! ahaha.  SO funny. But whatever. 

Steve and Olivia..on that Pier 52---they have more airtime than the Q mansion. 

Tracy is with Luke. Tracy makes a crack about AJ's weight. is the elephant in the room... Luke slips and Calls "Lauren...Laura" and Tracy flips out.  He just had a little "slip" with that...whoops

Maxie and Frisco going to the Haunted Star.  That scene with them was pathetic. THAT WAS IT? WTF?

Good Lord. 
Then, Frisco manipulates her into them going to the  Haunted Star because Flea goes there.  Well. I could have lived without those scenes and more in Maxie's apartment, thank you. He kinda creeped me out at the end there-- not sure why but he did. 

OK end:
Ice Princess

L&L meet up 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

More On the Prospect Park Deal

Forgive me for not posting more of this, I realized reading the comments I should have updated. When you're sick however, the last place you want to delve into is the underbelly of showbizcrosscybersoaps 101.

From Daytime Confidential:  Roger Howarth and Kristen Alderson will be going to OLTL for 4 weeks, then coming back to GH as Todd/Starr Manning. 

It gets more complicated about Michael Easton who reportedly signed a contract with Prospect Park. Michael Fairman hints he may have to stay at the online soap.  

So, there you have it.   

Sunday Surgery: Selective Amnesia

selective amnesia - amnesia about particular events that is very convenient for the person who cannot remember.

OR The person who DOESN'T WANT TO remember!!! Ergo, sit right back and you'll get a treat this week. I'm breaking the rules. Got your scrubbies? 

BTW: The ONLY day I'm taking about this week is the day that is the one day  I remember...and that is TUESDAY.  The heck with the rest of the week.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Stamos Back: yea or nay?

Teaser on TV Guide regarding his comeback. He's due on the  Jeff Probst talk show to discuss a possible cameo on the show.  He nixed this:

During a sit-down with Probst, Stamos reveals he has indeed met with GH brass but was not thrilled to hear they want his popular '80s character, Blackie Parrish, to appear at the Nurse's Ball playing drums while Rick Springfield sings "Jessie's Girl."
"That's not gonna happen," Stamos tells Probst. "That's what I passed on." The actor goes on to say he's "indebted" to GH for putting him on the map and would happily return if given something meaty to do.

I think that was a huge mistake! It would be so fun to just have people pop up at the Ball like they do on Rock and Roll Hall of Fame stuff.. and I do think it's interesting he'd want "more to do". Huh..nice, so soap acting is cool, right? 
I want people to pop up left and right. Rose Kelly catering, Demi Moore running by in a trench coat-- All the Carly's in the ladies room at once. Just 2-day carnival of "spot the star"!!

BTW, I have a feeling he will indeed turn up in some capacity. Stay tuned!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Audrey Back to GH!

March 26th!! Genie Francis dropped that nugget on Katie today! yeah Rachel Ames!!! You wait, I'm sure Denise Alexander will be next... 

Fangs For Nothing!

Ah... it's the 70's again! 
Ok, the show was mildly entertaining today but I would have rather seen some VALENTINE'S DAY celebration goin' on with a L&L scene, maybe Duke and Anna and Flea and Frisco?  I guess the Haunted Starr will host a party soon.

Nope. Murder/Mayhem!!!

"Seriously DUDE"?? "You had to throw her in the drink"?? LOL..


Ah, Valentine's Day!

Nothing better than a good ZOMBIE card!! :) I will not be back today until after GH so PLEASE let me know if it's worth watching. Example: Tuesday's show WORTH IT...Yesterday's show? Not so much,  I could have just read the recaps!! 

Question: All time fave television couple...of ANY network--primetime OR daytime.

Mine? Maddy and Dave from Moonlighting   and Luke and Laura circa 1979-81. Runner  Up: Mulder and Scully X-files

have a wubbly day!! 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Heather is going to take Danny!!

And... newest line on Caleb is that he's just a sociopath that THINKS he's a vampire. As per Ryan from TVSource. Which makes sense, but I'm holding out for fangs. 

I got home late. Sorry. 

TODD on getting on the boat: "Heather Webber playing the role of an animated tiger"!! Life of Pi 

You Can't Look Back...

 "You can never look back" --Don Henley Boys of Summer...

Great WRITING on Tuesday's show.  Reflection of "First Loves... Soul Mate fusion" of your younger days juxtaposed to your life later on. Frisco trying to come back to Felicia--Anna angst over Duke.  Luke and Laura. That one that 'got away' --or in their cases died a few times and rose from the grave! 

Luke: "It was a remarkable time in my life..the past poisons the present"... oh yeah, Luke I HEAR YA. I  am going to have to go back and write down his entire dialog. And Finola Hughes? How perfect was she in that scene? Wow.. Now, get Anna and Duke rolling!!

Ahhh, Starr fan girling over LAURA!! and the whole "Freezing the Town".  Julie was awesome and so natural with Genie. She really is underrated as an actress, imo. 

Luke Strokes Laura's glove LOL.. 

Too bad there were the TJ jealousy scenes mucking it up for me. And Molly fell for Rafe awfully easy.. I think it's because he's a Vampire, and she's a Cassadine! LOL 

Love that Starr got part of the Haunted Star. And are the Lindsay Rappaport of OLTL! If you watched that show, you'll know what I mean! LOL Jail time..

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Genie Francis On "Katie" 2/14

On Valentine's day, tune into Katie to see Genie Francis!! It's Valentine's Day--how fitting. Check your local listings but in most markets, Katie is on after GH airs
I shall break my "No Katie" rule for this!! 

Constance Towers Back to GH!

Our Helena is returning to GH!! With "Lasha" back, we can expect a ramp up to old Cassadine-Spencer shenanigans in celebration of the 50th. The question is: Will STEPHEN Nichols reprise his role as Stefan? Will RKK come back as "dead" Stavros?? I am thisclose to hearing that Tyler Christopher is back for a short stint so ..


No airdate yet, but you know when I find out You'll Be. THE FIRST TO KNOW!! 

Sorry, Sir NO Cigar...

the head writer of GH tweeted: 

@carlivatiron: For those asking about Frisco, we only have him for a certain number of episodes. I'm trying to space them out! #FriscoMaxieScenesSoon #GH

I say BOULDERDASH!! not SHOWING him for FIVE days after that first meeting was wrong. Call me what you want but leaving it hang at "Hello Maxie" makes no sense. Chop it up different. Edit it closer. Finish the damn sentence.

No excuse. Like I said, maybe it's supposed to be "creative" whatever-- but from here, showing him TODAY after all that time went buy?


not. Care.

TV Source Magazine: GH's 50th

 Take a trip over to TV Source Mag and get the dish on GH's 50th gala celebrations!

ABC’s new promo touts “Celebrate Romance, Celebrate Adventure” and GH plans to do just that. Featured in the video are classic clips of Steve Hardy, Luke & Laura’s wedding and Steve & Audrey interspersed with recent clips and upcoming ones, like Luke and Laura coming face to face and Laura encouraging Liz not to give up on love!

Full Video available!! 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Multiple Fractures

GH is quickly becoming the 'must see' soap on TV. Between sexy vampires, oldies but goodies returning and some ramp up to the much loved Nurses Ball, our show's on a roll. 

So..why am I not feelin' it? Could it be there are about 900 stories going on and noting seems 'finished' (not even simple scenes??) I'm DVRing more and more and using that FF Button a lot.

Without further ado... get your scrubs on and grab a Latte.  We need multiple casts to mend  this puppy. 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

GH Habitat for Humanity Build This Weekend!

Lisa LoCicero was kind enough to share this photo of she and Kelly at the Build site!! Every year, the cast and fans of GH help build a home for HH. Alberta Wubs has been there in the past (see her pics above). It's  great cause!!

Tim Limcecum Has HIS SPINELLI ON!

Two-time NL Cy Young winner and Giants right-hander Tim Lincecum shed his shaggy hair for a new look and outlook as San Francisco gears up for spring training.

Hell. It's our Damien. *Sniff* 

Oh, NEMO!!

We are still getting some residual snow today-- it's nasty. It came on quick yesterday as well. Our news only said 6" --which came in the first 3 hours. LOL.. this is actually packed down. The snow was heavy and WET, WET WET!
Outside my Front Door!! 

Hope you are safe and warm..and those people in Florida or points SUNNY.. don't rub it in LOL :) 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Pick A Lila Today

Lucy with the gun...

Caleb trying to get Rafe..and taking that Police guy down the docks and killed the officer heh. In a whale-gutting type move. ROCK STAR!! 
HE licked the blood! eeeeee

Luke's still got his froggy throat.  YEAH he finds Todd :) Love Geary and Roger. Carly admits that Franco might have a kid running around and Heather might know about her too. 
Like Carly and Todd. awww. 

Tracy and Connie all buddy buddy. And Sonny finds out it  was Tracy that leaked the info. Such blabber mouths..and how did they get in??! God, that relish has to be OLD by now. oy. 

Sonny won't tell on Tracy--for Cawnie's sake. 

Duke wants to make Pick-a-Lila and then  Tracy gets the idea too. 

Terrible writing--and it's JUST like the Duke/Robert/Anna stuff we had to wait for..and wait for. This is..just not right. 

well, Sunday Surgery is going to be a bitch fest.  

Whatever.  yeah, Laura's back Monday...then when will they show her again? JUNE?? I get that the show is better and I do love my Caleb but the show is such a choppy mess, I can't deal. 

Kin Shriner Dishes About GH

TV Guide online has an awesome interview with Kin where he dishes the show, the '80's and beyond!


TV Guide Magazine: John Stamos is showing up, right?
I'm sure Stamos will come back because he knows GH started his career. And, of course, Ricky Dean Anderson. We need to get MacGyver back in the mix! We're like an old family from the '80s and I think we'll always feel that way. I'd love to work with Stamos again. As Blackie, he was Paul Drake to my Perry Mason, my footman, my go-to guy. "Go find this out, Blackie!"  

TV Guide Magazine: Word is, GH is going to revisit that incident where Luke's daughter Lulu killed Scotty's son Logan.
That's what they tell me. I kinda thought we played that out so I'm wondering where this is headed. Scotty took Lulu to trial and didn't win. He didn't really know Logan very well — one day the kid just suddenly popped up in town — but maybe Scotty's still disgruntled.

Read it all! 

Luke's Got a Cold!!

 Who heard that? I sure did...little sinus. Luke's here to rescue you Tracy!! So calm down.

"He's obviously troubled" says TJ..who the HELL talks like that other than a 40 year old woman!!? LOL Maybe even not then. And Tart it up MOLLY!! Make up..woot. And TJ is a nark?! Telling Anna on her? not cool.

Caleb... and Lucy "Lucy I'm home"!!... Where else but in daytime soaps can you pick up a story 13 years later? LOL... good laws. CALEB IS SUCH A ROCK STAR!!  ME acts so dang well as the Vamp Man. 
"They humor the crazy lady" !! so, did Lucy dream the Caleb? hmmm. heh. My lips are sealed

Hey, new cop guy!!
Todd and Carly...and Todd's Passport says DAVID VICKERS!! holla!!

I'm spotty on the blog, I  apologize. I may explain in Sunday Surgery, I may not. It's complicated. GH isn't first on the list. It used to be!! LOL. Sometimes when things get better, you lose a bit of the edge. Anyway..sorry I wasn't on yesterday.

SO much better watching the show on DVR because-- you know what? it goes like THAT. boom! 


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Three Stooges..ESCAPE!

John actually HOLDS A MEETING with a power point on the PCPD!! WOW!! A real meeting!! 

Olivia tries to convince Cawnie to do the right thing on Xtina. Connie comes into the courtroom to stop the proceedings!!1 

The goofy 3 go to Wyndemere..told ya. Can't wait for Caleb to visit  Lucy.
Lucy eats a protein bar: this gluten free?
Todd finds some clothes upstairs--Nik's clothes! LOL. He goes to see Starr. Gooey Moment ensues!

Sam and Caleb..yes. thank you.  I mean.. John. He says the print matches his (on murder weapon). I'm telling you, the beginning of "Starman" will hold the key!! 

Molly goes to find Rafe in the lock up.  Molly doesn't understand how Rafe could have seen John McBain because John'ss good guy! Molly's a virgin...and Maybe Rafe is 1/2 vampire.  Ooooooooo. 

BTW, both Jacks brothers will be back around the time of the Nurses' Ball.  I think Nikolas and Helena are going to as well. 


MAJOR FAIL TODAY not showing Frisco!!!!! He needed  to be on FIRST! UGH WAY to break the chain. And it's the next DAY!! ergo, are we not going to see the reaction? 

Jackie Zeman BACK!

SOD is reporting that JZ will be back to reprise her role as Bobbie Spencer for the 50th Anniversary hoo-ha!! I also think John Stamos will make an appearance as well. He tweeted a photo today of he and Genie on set. Now we need to wait for Rachael Ames (Audrey) and Denise Alexander (Leslie) to join the group!! 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Web Series: The INN

Full disclosure: I am NOT one to watch things online. The only shows I've ever watched faithfully is "Pretty the Series" (by the same people bringing you The Inn) and Jenna Marbles. So, if you're like me, you may have some reservations about delving into the abyss of cyberspace..but Give this a GO! You won't regret it. It looks like spooky fun...with some twists. 

The INN by Steve Silverman stars Crystal Chappell as "Jane", a heroine who, in the true horror story fashion gets stuck in a back water town complete with a diner full of eccentrics.  One of those being the lady behind the counter, our own Denise Alexander.  Denise was also a part of "Pretty" and seems to relish her time in cyberspace!! On a side note, she sure could pass for a Cassadine in that photo, couldn't she?! 

After watching the first episode, I am struck by two things: One, the audio quality. In a lot of web shows, that's the last thing to get tweaked. Here, it's lush and high-quality with nice back ground music throughout. Secondly, the camera shots are killer. Loved the focus on the leaves and stairs, sunlight and shadows. The way the sheriff isn't completely shown. It's awesome already and I've only seen  5 minutes!!
A new INN will be up every's a taste to get you started! Subscribe to the channel on You Tube so you can be sure to catch them! 

Late Again!! many times is BRIT GOING TO SAY "I have something to tell you about your baby' to Lulu?? NINE MONTHS WORTH? Please. ughhhhhhhhhh

LOVE Heather, Todd and Lucy.  heh... ;) Kevin's knocked out.

LOVED Starr's dress today!! The whip creme thing? Eh..cute I guess.  Lante and Marr sex montage..and Kris Alderson had on some  Victoria's secret panties/push ups there!! 

BYE Steven Larzzz..Olivia and the shower.  hee hee.. She sees Sabrina and then Heather in the there. 


Monday, February 4, 2013

Frisco Fiesta! back!! Not that ABC did very much to announce it. Hell, Genie's back next week--I wonder if they will mention it somewhere. Look at what CBS did for the unnamed EX-GH Star that went to another soap. Ah well.

John's probably a pod body for the vampires. He's real but they used his likeness to do their bidding. muah mahhhh hahaahaa. Kinda like Star Man. Remember that movie?

Rafe's a liar. Geesh. 

Kevin comes in to see Felica and Mac.  They discuss vampires and Old Beaus. 

Todd "All the sincerity, all the "do the right thing" she didn't get it from me...and certainly not her mother"... says about Starr 

To Heather: "Go get your electric shock on"...
They escape during the worker's strike! 

STUPID BETTY..and Liz, take her out to buy a training BRA FIRST!! geesh.
It's coming: LOL... Olivia sees Betty with Steven Larzzz in the shower (LSD hallucination) 

#FRISCOSHOME trended on twitter today!! 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Surgery: The Reluctant Resident

This is what happens when you Google: Super Bowl Soap!
There are so many things to try and discuss this week that I'm almost tempted to throw up a Gone Fishin' sign and wait for awhile. My friend told me "I have no idea what the hell is going on on GH, just call me when the Nurses' Ball comes, ok"?? She didn't even want to have me explain it. 

I personally think the show is a bit of a mess right now--and yes, I'm enjoying it. However, when I think about the actual "direction and story" I want to throw my hands up. No rhyme, reason or synergy lately. With the looming actor and or cast changes coming because of the legal Prospect Park shenigans, we can only expect more jumbles. 

I was also very sick the beginning of the week so perhaps some of my confusion is flu-induced. Who knows. 

I need a Bloody Mary... extra on the  Mary. Get on your SCRUBBIES!! It's SUPER SURGERY SUNDAY!! OH BOY!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Port Charles: A Primer

 Port Charles was a 30 min soap that ran from 1997-2003.  It was sandwiched in my area between the news and AMC.  The original concept was to focus on first year residents at GH.  Some characters such as Scott Baldwin, Lucy Coe and Kevin Collins and Karen Wexler  went "over" to the soap from GH. Others, like Livvy, Alison  and Caleb were introduced. (Livvy was found to be Kevin's biological daugher).  Later, Ian Buchanan joined the cast and played vampire Joshua Temple.  On Monday, December 4th, 2000, Port Charles began airing Port Charles: Fate, the first of twelve, thirteen week story arcs known as 'books'. Port Charles third book, which began June 4, 2001, added something new to its canvas...vampires. Then werewolves...and an angel.

When Kelly Monaco joined GH after PC was cancelled, her character was obviously changed to Sam McCall, grifter with an edge. Poor Kevin and Lucy didn't make it back on the main show. I was happy to see them now!!

Things I remember about Port Charles was the lighthouse where Lucy and Kevin lived,  how zexy Caleb and Livvy were and the bar "The  Recovery Room" where Mike was the "mixologist"! Serena Baldwin was on as well, daughter of Lucy and Kevin.  Rumor has it, she may be returning to GH at some point.  (Carly Schroeder) 

YOU MUST WATCH THIS CLIP OF Livvy and Josh hissing at each other as Vampires. Heh. 
Female Vamps on You Tube.

Here's a little taste of PC: lifted from 'Souls Tied in Eternity: Caleb and Livvy" on Tripod. 
Caleb is a  blood-thirsty vampire who blows into town and holds everyone in his grip.  Caleb turns some residents of Port Charles into vampires but what he wants the most is to win the heart of Livvie Locke and marry her.  Caleb does manage to make Livvie fall in love with him but in the end she is the one that destroys and kills him. 
   Caleb then enters back into Port Charles as Stephen Clay, famous musician, but everyone knows that he is really Caleb back from the dead.  Now he has some kind of water in a blue bottle that he always drinks so he doesn't have to feed on anyone.  Caleb has come back again for Livvie because he still loves and wants her.
   Caleb pulled all of the goodness from Livvie's body and made Tess.  Tess took over and somehow got Livvie in her body because she didn't want Caleb to hurt Livvie.  Caleb tried everything to get Livvie out but failed.  Tess brought out the good in him and he started to fall for her.  He couldn't bite her because she was too pure and good. 
   In the end he admitted he made a mistake and wanted Tess and Livvie to be whole again.  All he had to do was love ALL of Livvie, the good and the bad.  When he did that then Tess went back inside of Livvie and became whole again and came back to Caleb.

A bit of the RAFE/ALISON story: From Wiki
Rafe Kovich is a vampire slayer who is related to Lucy.  He comes to Port Charles in order to help the citizens of that city destroy the vampire Caleb Morely. Years before in 1991, Caleb killed Rafe. In an angel form, Rafe has come back to destroy him. When he meets Alison, she is dating her current love interest, Jamal. During one of their first encounters Rafe uses his angel powers to heal Alison after a tree falls on her. Alison later learns he is an angel and agrees to keep it a secret. He shows her some of his magic by making a pink rose grow. He slowly begins to fall in love with her.  There's a bunch more but it would take the entire page. LOL. He ends up going back to heaven, then making a deal with a soul from hell to come back to Port Charles. Rafe has no idea who he really is however--and you know, calamity ensues. 

There you have some of what Port Charles was about. No wonder you may be confused at this point. BTW, Alison wound up PG by Caleb not Rafe.  That's the big angst with her. Well, not any more because she's dead. LOL 

Hope this helps a little... not sure if it will be more confusing for you or will give you a window into what's happening now. 
See ya on Sunday for the Surgery!!


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