Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Selective Amnesia

selective amnesia - amnesia about particular events that is very convenient for the person who cannot remember.

OR The person who DOESN'T WANT TO remember!!! Ergo, sit right back and you'll get a treat this week. I'm breaking the rules. Got your scrubbies? 

BTW: The ONLY day I'm taking about this week is the day that is the one day  I remember...and that is TUESDAY.  The heck with the rest of the week.

Tuesday is one of the reasons I still watch GH. Just great writing. Tuesday is also a "Stand Alone" show. If you watch Wed, Thurs and Friday, not much that happened on Tuesday even appears the rest of the week. 
It was detached.
Hung out by itself. 

Which, btw, GH is doing more and more, but hell...I'm not here to complain, I'm here to gush about that one perfect day!! 

Long Lost Loves: Ah, they returned in abundance on Tuesday. We FINALLY got our Felicia/Frisco talk. (yes, a week late but hey..._) How hard was this to do for Kristina and Jack? Geesh... with their history?  I would have been dying. Anyway, great dialog and acting. Wagner tweeted those scenes were difficult. 

Do you play it safe? Stay with the good guy, the guy that's been there, that loves you and you know won't jerk  you around? you turn around and face that passionate past that made your toes curl?
Then you have to know this: because time moved on would it even be the same? 

So asks  LUKE to Anna--who tries to hold on to her past with Duke  (even though his face creeps her out)   LOVED this scene. It's the SCENE OF THE WEEK. Two middle-agers,  trying to sort out the past from their reality. Can you go back? Can you ever feel the same way? Probably only on soaps.  Anna's anguish was so real.  Kudos again to FH for just bringing it. 


I also really enjoyed Mac and Lulu. Like I said in blog already, nice mix up of characters. I like it when residents actually just talk about stuff. Lulu's a good one to talk to Mac about the absent father/mother thing. She should know! Plus, I'm more and more impressed with JMB as time goes by. She really does great work on a daily basis no matter what she's given to do. 

PROP OF THE WEEK: Did you catch it? Perhaps I'm reading more into this than I should but the use of  "AStreetcar Named Desire" was brilliant. Love, Lust... longings..illusions, the faded past.  Boom  there it is--This episode in a nutshell. 
Which also brings us to the "new love" part of the show. Stable, Molly, usually the good girl.  Do you hide the dangerous prison escapee under your bed? Go fix a sandwich for him and grab some orange soda? Sure you do-- this is a soap and danger-boys rule. And let's face it, at that age they do in real life too. 

We finally found out who Lucky saw in the graveyard in Ireland..although why he didn't tell his sister in all this time is beyond me! LOL.. who cares! Lucky and Laura had a mini-reunion at some PUB in Ireland. Has a nice ring to it! 

FAN-GIRL NOD TO THE PAST: ah, Starr gushing over Laura!! "I knew the whole story, Luke and Laura"!!  Great scene.

PS. I also thought Johnny giving Starr his 1/2 of the biz was a great idea. Who better to run a bar than a 21 year old that hasn't had a real job a day in her life and LULU...who..well, I guess could have learned from Osmosis!  
Glove Stroke 

Yes, Tuesday was a grand show. If I had my way, it would have been followed up by an Anna/Duke convo...the MAXIE Frisco stuff they've shoved under the table and a Luke and Laura run in. Three days after this and: nothing.  Sort of chops up the momentum.  At least we see some of this again next week. Laura goes to Liz'... Scotty shows up-- Frisco talks to Maxie.  Yes, GH is like watching 2 or  3 different shows. At least there's greatness in the barrel. 


  1. Sorry about the font, don't know what happened or how to fix it! ;/

  2. Disagree about JMB. the writing and her acting reminds me of Ty Christopher's last few years. She's absolutely phoning it in, and rumors abound she's actively looking to leave. She can act well, but not these last few years. the potential of the Dillon years has fizzled.

    Felicia belongs with Frisco. Mac is a reformed but incompetent criminal and an incompetent cop. Nice guy, but he was always the only guy they could pair him with.

    Mac can do better than the cheatin' heart of Felicia. He and Alexis are made for each other.

    Finola rocks, but the writing sucks. In the 80s, she was green and the writing superb. Why must she always go .500?

    I thought TJ's flashdrive heart, and saying he has her backup and she has her heart were good. The 2nd TJ is a much better actor than the first, and has real chem with Molly. If they were only a few years older, a good on the run tale could make them a supercouple that draws in college viewers. I don't think the show will last long enough for that to happen, though.

    On the good news front, Todd and Starr return in a month. If Roger Howarth does NOT get the Emmy for Male Lead, there is something wrong with the voters.

    Also read that Brandon Barash has re-upped and they are rehabbing Johnny after 4-5 mos. in prison.

    After Howarth, he's prob the best male actor on the show.

  3. @Cosmoetica: you mentioned Todd and Starr will come back in a month - which is great - but what about ME? Do you know if he's coming back too?

  4. Tuesday show was good, but I also loved Todd and Heather and John/Caleb - all of their scenes were well acted and fun to watch. Also loved Todd and carly and loved how concerned John is about Sam. Also like Molly/TJ/Rafe - good potential.

  5. Apparently Michael Fairman, the soap guru, posted earlier this week, and it was picked up by all the major GH/soap boards that PP and ABC reached a deal.

    There will be no recast Todd nor Starr. The Mannings will go over to OLTL's reboot for the first month and help out McBain in his custody battle w Natalie. They wil also finish up the Tomas/Alcazar connection, with Skye staying on OLTL for a while.

    PP and ABC will share their universes. The rumor is Vicki Lord will come back to GH and convince Todd and Starr to come back to Llanview.

    After the month is done, Todd returns to PC w Starr. Easton signed a contract w PP but the Manning actors did not, so they compromised. Easton will split time on both shows, as needed for SL purposes, while Todd and Starr are GH characters now, occasionally going to OLTL for funerals or weddings, etc.

    Some OLTL characters, as well as AMC characters, will show up in PC as well as some GHers heading to Llanview and Pine Valley for brief stints.

    The thought is that PP is going to save the soap format since ABC wants out of the biz and will ditch GH next year, so it's in all parties' best interests to make nice.

    Caleb will be killed off in early March, is NOT a vampire, just a psycho killer.

    That's the basic gist. Go to Fairman's site for more.

  6. I was thinking the same thing about those scenes with Kristina and Jack, must have been hard on both

  7. In regards to the book shown, A Streetcar Named Desire, I think you are spot on. I thought Ron Carlivati mentioned on twitter to look out for a special prop last week.

  8. In regards to the book, A Streetcar Named Desire, I think you are spot on. I believe Ron Carlivati mentioned on twitter to look at a special prop last week.


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