Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Multiple Fractures

GH is quickly becoming the 'must see' soap on TV. Between sexy vampires, oldies but goodies returning and some ramp up to the much loved Nurses Ball, our show's on a roll. 

So..why am I not feelin' it? Could it be there are about 900 stories going on and noting seems 'finished' (not even simple scenes??) I'm DVRing more and more and using that FF Button a lot.

Without further ado... get your scrubs on and grab a Latte.  We need multiple casts to mend  this puppy. 

Frisco's back!! THEN WHAT? HELLO knock knock. This sheeze HAS. GOT. TO STOP. You did it with Robert/Anna/Duke. Now this. WTF.  Not only didn't it continue, it was at the point of Frisco all misty eyed at Maxie--"hello Maxie"..CUT. THEN IT'S THE NEXT DAY--and NOTHING!! Like we missed that whole first impression conversation? 
Um, no.
Not right. I don't know if this is supposed to be "creative" or 'time saving' or what but stop it. :stompingfoot: 

Another thing? We never saw Johnny's sentencing!! WTHEY! or did I miss it? Did I miss it?

There was great humor this week with Lucy, Heather and Todd. To be sure, I did enjoy their hi-jinks. Glad they are holding up at Wyndemere (pretty dust free, isn't it?!) because it was the perfect setting to have CALEB come out!
Speaking of..I love Caleb, I  think you know that. ME plays him like a damn rock star. BUT this feels like 2 or 3 different shows right now. With Laura back, then Scotty, it's going to be gaining momentum into crazy-town soon.  Everything is getting treated to a hatchet job.  It's like an ADHD show; nothing seems to finish. I just keep watching things pile up.  Right now we have:

Robin's story on hold. Robert is in the clinic in a coma 'with Holly'

Tracy's story--ELQ take back
Cawnie--who's becoming the Ms. Fixit of PC
The ELQ money story, do they have any?
Starr and Johnny Cole/Hope thing
Caleb mystery
Rafe, new guy
Alison (dead in 2 days)
Kevin back
Lucy back
Heather cray-cray shenanigans

Missing/mystery Q heir 
Michael and Starr
Todd on the Run 
Britt blackmailing  Maxie
Maxie with Spin's baby
Ellie back with Spin, living at Maxie's
Lulu and Dante thinking it's their baby
Laura's coming
Scotty's coming
Steven Lars exit
Olivia LSD visions
Duke trying to win back Anna 
Luke trying to keep Anna
Carly love-bomb with Todd
Britt trying to get Patrick
Betty trying to get Patrick
Britt trying to destroy Betty I think trying to help AJ and keeping the nurses' station warm
Molly/Rafe/TJ angst
Alexis representing half the town and maybe sleeping with Shaun/Sean/Shawn
Todd running away
Danny will go missing
We will have the Nurses Ball  coming and a ton more people doing cameos.

I'm exhausted. Seriously.  I am SO HAPPY for the show--believe me, I am. See,  I'm smiling :) Laura will be back. I don't know how I'm feeling about that. I hope there are other people that are of the same mind set I am.  EVERY time she's come "back" I've wound up feeling like crap. You can't go home. I identified with her so much back in the day! I lived in a tiny town and lived vicariously through her. *sigh*. I just want my fun memories.  Guza totally destroyed THAT, thank you.  So this return is bittersweet for me. 

NEW BFFs? Hmm, interesting. BTW,  I've had the Pickalila spoiler up for months.  Just have to toot that horn a bit. I don't get much lately and when I do, I have to shout.  And since when has Connie become star of the show? Good Lord, she's always on and now, she's all Ms.Nice guy, helping out, fixing things.  :eyeroll: 

SCENE(S) of the WEEK:  This. THIS THIS THIS!!  Loved Caleb and Lucy's scenes. Michael Easton just knocked it out!! LH did a damn fine job as well.  

NOT THE SCENE OF THE WEEK:  TJ telling Molly that Rafe is "Troubled"..really. REALLY?  He would say that? Um, no.  They suddenly have TJ talking like he's gone to Harvard or something. Just didn't like the scene at all-- the whole "I'm jealous" is just weird.  Oh, and the second stupid scene? Having baby Danny all over those murderous docks for a "walk'--in the winter. SMH

PROP OF THE WEEK: Whip Cream Cans... I'd say Caleb's ring but it gives me too many goosebumps to publish lol 

RUNNER UP:   Todd's Ear

Ok, Wubbers, that's about it. I think I may need a break from the show for a bit! I sound like crabby McCrab pants.

GH: Wub Grades:
Effort: A+
Storytelling: C
Execution: D


  1. You have expressed my feelings exactly. I can add nothing to your comments except my thanks to you for venting my feelings and frustrations perfectly. Hopefully Cartini reads your stuff. I don't know how much longer I can take the bait and switches and the ADHD story telling. I'm DYING over here!

  2. thanks Maria...I really think I'm going to DVR the show and then just FF. I try to get home to watch and about kill myself rearranging things and then..I'm just pissed off. LOL

  3. I agree. It was so good for awhile and looked like a locomotive steaming through the countryside. The gas is running out and it is sputtering. Can the inevitable train wreck be far behind?

  4. I agree with your comments except I hate the vampires and Caleb storylines as well so imagine how frustrated I feel. Little glimpses of gold (Tracy/AJ/ELQ or Mac/Felicia/Frisco/Maxie) then back to the crap.

    I even enjoyed Molly sounding all junior Alexis attorney like and even starting to like helpful seems I like characters more when they are not orviting around the Son(ny) BUT THE VAMPIRES AND TURNING GENERAL HOSPITAL INTO GENERAL ASYLUM HAS TO STOP!!

  5. "Troubled"


    Karen, you must not work with kids under 25. Troubled is the new catch all phrase for anyone with a problem- from drugs to VD to sexual abuse to bad parents, etc.

    It's become almost as prevalent as 'like' in the sense of, 'I like like her, y'know?'

    It's a crap word, but it is ubiquitous these days. To NOT hear TJ use it wd be odd, and time warp the show back a decade.

  6. I also agree with your comments, especially about Frisco. He and Felicia were one of the greatest supercouples of all time, and to diminish his return was criminal. But, I am also not fond of the vampire element on the show-hopefully Caleb wll be psychotic and not a vampire. How does he even exist in daylight and when confronted with a cross - super strain or just ludicrous? There is way too much going on and I fear it will just combust. Maybe the overload is in anticipation of the big anniversary and Nurses Ball, and will revert back to normal after April. Not that I am not thrilled with the returning vets, but Konnie is getting way more time than any of them and even with her newfound conscience, I can only take but so much of her.

  7. you are right on the money- however one story left out there- Alcazar! Did I miss what happened after Skye and Carly went with Todd to stop Blair's wedding?

  8. I agree that ME is great at playing a vampire. However, this is way more than a 'nod' and I don't think it belongs on GH. It just doesn't make sense.

    Kind of takes away from the side funny of Luke, upon meeting McBain, making mention that he looks like a vampire.

  9. I also hate the vampire story so you can imagine how I feel too.

    I love the returnees except that they all seem to be just cameos and the "nod" seems to have taken over the show.

    I want the vampires gone, I want all the crazies gone - not increasing exponentially. And I want our old GH favourites pulled out of the pit they've been dropped in and their stories completed.

    Somebody has to make up his mind exactly what show he's writing for! IMHO

  10. Isn't the vampire stuff on now to write ME off the show?

  11. I don't mind the 900 stories going on, because that's what they have always done back in the day, but yeah you are right, they aren't finishing anything, and just leaving us hanging with certain storylines. When it comes to Robin, Kimberly McCullough is a director now. So we just have to wait. :(

    "Alexis representing half the town and maybe sleeping with Shaun/Sean/Shawn"

    ROFL! It's like she is sleeping with three men! ROFL!

  12. With these rushed storylines, some things seem to come out of nowhere. Like Todd and Carly suddenly being so much in looooove. What? They were friends. They scratched each other's itch. Todd got caught being a lying jerk. Carly was furious. Should have been the end of that story. No, we get this dramatic tearful farewell. Um, what?

  13. you guys might be wrong, if you are ff than your missing it all

    stop doing that and give the show the respect it needs, it is fantastic right now and I would not miss a second in real time, such a high!

    get into to it not out of it, who cares about the story line anyway, its the people we love, and right now they are there to view, such a ball, I love the show the way it is right now.

  14. I care about the storyline, Fun. My favorite character is Liz and she doesn't get any air time or good stories, so I have to rely on other storylines to keep me interested and I am not right now.
    I do quite a bit of FF lately myself. I don't FF when Todd is on and that is about it. Maxie, Lulu, Dante, FF. Connie/Sonny FF. Michael/AJ, FF. It is getting really sad for me because I keep thinking why I am I even recording this show anymore? It would definitely free up some DVR space for me.

    Did anyone watch Soap Net last night. They had the top 5 Valentines Day GH couples. They had a couple of older episodes on with Sonny and Brenda and one with Luke and Laura that had Sean and Tiffany on and Amy Vining. I LOVED watching those again!


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