Thursday, September 30, 2010

The DRESS. Dear GOD THE DRESS. Sonny and Cher Claire went to the island. And Sonny gave her a....dress.

Sonny gives Carly a Dress...

This makes me insane. Any of you that known me KNOW how I hate the Guza "dress" scenario. Almost every SINGLE female has (at one time or another) gotten a  DRESS from a guy. Lasha got one from  Bat. Jax gave one to Brenda...and one to Venus. Sonny's given them to so many women  I want to vomit.

Sonny gives SAM a dress on the island....

The Dress symbolizes so much that is wrong with GH to me. Giving a woman a DRESS is bodice ripping Wild West days that it reeks of Raiders of the Lost Arc -- you know, Karen Allen got one from the Nazi baddie. It shows a woman is an object. The man--gives the object the outfit he wants to see her in.

NO, it's not JUST A DRESS.'s been DONE SO MANY TIMES by Guza it's pathetic. I think he thinks it's a joke by now,  but I'm not laughing. :mean face:

On to other news, FIVE weeks in and Brenda has landed in Port Charles!!

Alan Q Sells Houses!

Maybe he got the idea from Monica's "It's MY House" !!

Stuart Damon teams up with son Christopher to sell houses in LA. The Times has a nice little article about celebs cashing in on the real estate buxiness.
Even when I'm at Coldwell Banker, sitting at the office meetings, I'll be getting these strange looks: 'Who are you? Do I know you? Haven't I seen you before?' And we'll strike up a conversation," Damon said. "There's just a general feeling of friendship and a kind of closeness because they know who I am, even though I was playing a character."

So, if you're in the LA area and looking for a house, don't be surprised if a Q shows up at your door!! (order him some pizza, he loves it! LOL)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jerry Jacks aka The Balkan? Back on GH in December!

Gedstern guessed that Jerry Jacks would indeed be the Balkan, and it looks like it's coming true! Buzz Worthy Radio tweeted that Sebasian Roche (who's been dropping hints all over the place--see past blog entries) is back December 13th. A SID spoiler has said that "The Balkan is known to many in Port Charles". There ya go! Both Nancy Lee Grahn and Ingo Rademacher have tweeted about the possible return of their castmate as well.

It's Some General Hospital News and Scoops!

Tony Geary (Luke) is going to be performing in the play "Into the Woods" at Lucid by Proxy, an LA based theater group. Geary plays the Narrator/Mysterious man in the play. has all the deets.

Rick  Hearst (@wildmook) will be appearing on an episode of "Castle"! It shoots October airdate yet, I'll update you when I know more.

Jonathan Jackson took to twitter today to tell his followers that he's started a new You Tube channel @! Subscribe now and get all the updates on his music, poetry and acting projects.

Carolyn Hennesy will be appearing on CNN today about her character Barb on Cougar Town! Look for her at 6:45est or 3:45pst. Here's a great New York Post link with an interview about her character on that primetime show.

Kelly Monaco's in Vancouver to shoot a Hallmark movie. Read all about it on SID. 

TAKE A GANDER AT: The Soap Scoop:

BUNCH O' NEW SCOOPS are up!! Carly's going to go sheeze-wacky when Brenda comes to Port Chuck.  She wants EVERYONE to stay away from THE FACE!! lol.  Please hit a sponsor to help Alberta do her AIDS LA Walk!'s that for a round up!!?? Unfortunately,  I won't be here to live blog GH today--so please leave comments below and let me know if I should bother watching it on DVR!

Lante Auction for Charity!

This is in regards to the Toronto Event I attended last month, there's still  a prize out there to be claimed!!

How is everybody!!?? Just checking in.. It's been a while.. Life as you can imagine is getting very exciting for us!  Apparently we are auctioning off a call with myself and Julie later this week and the proceeds are going to CWF.. It's the last installment for our granting of the Wish so lets do it up!! Hope you all are fantastic!
Lotsa luvin' in the afternoon, DZ

check website for details

PS. Maybe you can ask them for the LANTE Cupcake recipe!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oh, Hell, I'm IN a WELL...

Heroin wears off real quick, don't it?

GH TODAY: Robin tries to get out of that well. Which, by the way would have all sorts of sheeze in it if it was really open like that. Gross stuff. Dead stuff. Just sayin'. How much do ROBIN AND STONE look alike?? That's just EErie!! wow....

Everyone was on the COUCH today...Claire/Sonny-- Jolivia--Brazen.. all  on the COUCH. @@

Molly walks in on Sonny and Claire. heh..and WOW, but Sonny's taking another LADY-FRIEND to The Island. Good GOD...will there be a package waiting for her with poker chips and a dress? Ugh. Sonny tells Molly "sometimes it's nice to just find a nice lady to be with"... She brings up Carly then Brenda.

Brooke and Nikolas on the plane-- whatever. Brooklyn memorized 3 sentences and he's "impressed".. she flips out on the plane.

Mac hauls Lisa into the PCPD and tries to "lean" on her.  He gets nasty and tells her he's dealt with Faith Roscoe, Ryan Chamberlain and Jerry Jacks!! I like me a nasty Mac!! I like Pat going to Spinelli too.

BEST THING TO HAPPEN TODAY? Lucky said "Bajeebus" which is one of my FAVE words to use on twitter!! WOOT!! Siobhan hears the Trio talk about Lucky being undercover. Good Lord. Whatever.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Medicine: Two Doped Up Girlies on GH!

Kirsten Storms is a girlie after my own heart! Her fave mag?? NYLON! It's such a great read. Amber Tamblyn was on the cover a couple of years ago. I'm dying to get Kirsten on the cover. My mission.

General Hospital Today: I think it's slightly funny that both Robin and Brenda are drugged up. On the heels of  Dante being drugged up-- sigh.  Wasn't Lulu drugged to? WTH. Geesh.

Very much filler today-- Carly and Sonny talking about Brenda. Brenda and Jason talking about Sonny. Dante and Lucky talking about Irish Potatoes. LOL. Lulu meets Siobhan. Lisa tortures Robin with  words. Patrick's looking for Robin. At least Ronnie was  on. You know I have a man-crush on RM in real life!! Too bad he couldn't go find Robin with Mac. The police can't ever find anyone!! LOL. Robin falls into the well...that is a deep well. Reminds me  of  "The Ring" well. Soon, Stone will come. Stone, sitting in the middle of Stones. ahahhahaa. I did love how Lisa looked over the edge of the well and smiled!

Carly trying to get a rise out of Claire.  She's about the only person that's worth watching today. Her hair is another story. eesh. It's 3: 40 and all I want is a nap!

Sonny's gotta pasta maker!!? They need to show it. Did you hear him mention SAUSAGE? hmm?!

This episode just reminded me how disjointed this show is. Lulu has to be the weak link here. WHAT is she doing in "Ireland"?? :eyeroll: kinda like when she showed up at the MOCA event.  I need coffee.

GOOD news for was tweeted by Jamey Giddens of Daytime Confidential that it was picked up for 2 more years by ABC.  Hip Hip Horray!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Surgery: A Cabin in the Woods

Oh, Lisa...dragging Robin off to a cabin in the woods..a cabin we've seen so many times before. Maybe someday, my wish will be granted and I can be a props-master and actually get into one of those to decorate it. Wubbers noticed  that was totally Patrick's old couch in there. Maybe next time, they could put a "cottage" looking place up. Think of all the stuff that's happened in cabins over the years. Babie's being being seen-- Luke smashed in the bear trap, Claudia hacked up.  Then what's next? Robin falls in a well...and how many people have been trapped like that? I'm thinking about Natalie--wasn't she in a well forever on #AMC? Erica was just trapped somewhere in the woods. At least the STONE fans will get a bit to squeel about with all this. 

All of that Deja Vu-- and another mysterious baddie coming. Text Message Killer, Karpov, Anthony Zacchara--numerous Cassadine villians. When in doubt, send in some maniac to stir things up. See, I like the whole Bauer thing because it was real peoples. What ever happened to his wife?? She'll probably show up in a year or so when Guza remembers she's still  hanging around Port Charles in our collective ghost closet.

Brenda will be "home" this week... I wonder  if that's a record for a "return" --actually coming back to the town where the soap is set.  You know I haven't been happy about that situation. At least we'll  see her with Carly. I'm so sad Sarah Brown is gone because her as Claudia confronting Brenda? Whoooooooo Weee!! Sonny should still be married to HER right now, and then Brenda come along. Claudia would eat her up, spit her out. Talk about psycho! But no, we have CLAIRE. :eyeroll: Not that I don't like DS-- but I wish she was seeing someone ELSE on canvas. We all know she's a stand-in.  What's going to happen next? Will she get a whacko on like Lisa? Does she die? Slink away? Get involved with Ric...oh..wait..he's gone. LOL.
I'm personally looking most forward to the Spinelli/Brenda/Jason scenes. Should be too fun.

Now there's word on  Soap Central that ZOE might be coming?? Really?  I thought that was long done. We'll see if casting is announced.  I mean, Maya is languishing in the background doing nothing. I guess having her on with Ethan every other week for 5 minutes constitues something, but I'm not sure what. Why bother with Zoe unless of course, it's to draw Michael out of his shell.
Tony Geary shows up to visit Lucky in jail...not sure how long it will take him to get back to Port Charles. Let's hope it's faster than it took Brenda.

Other stuff coming: Michael is going to start to open up more about the whole prison thing, Maxie and Sam are jealous and you know Carly's going to be out of her mind. Becky's back taping on set so Liz will walk in on Brooke and Nik as well. (not actually having sex, I don't think). 

The Desi Geetsman  "Evening with the Stars" is set for October 9th. This is a long standing charity with soap stars and has become a beloved annual event. I have some fun photos of Tony Geary with Vannessa I'll have to look up for you sometime. Tickets: $100 per person at the  Los Angeles Landmark at the Farmers Market.  Click on link for tickets!

Uh, I'm watching the Bills...who were looking good and now? OY!!  Sheeze. Hope YOUR team is doing well.
Some new spoilers will be going up later tonight.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Giovanni IS SHOT!! are DEAD TO ME!!

Who saw The Ferris Bueller driving instructor on OLTL doing Ben Stein??  His name was even Mr. Stein.  Fun.  Who doesn't love Clint as "Asa"!!?  He's a gem. BTW, Jasam fans were all over the fact that their couples song was being played at "Rodi's" today. Can't pull that on soap fans, they'll revolt!

NEW SCOOPS ARE UP!! The worst one?? Lante wanders around "Ireland" lost in the "countryside"...please. I'm scared. LOL...gnomes around? Whatever. At least Brenda will be back in Port Charles by the 30th. I still say it was a bungled attempt at a 'comeback' leaving her there that long. Sure, she and Jason were fun, but really? SINCE AUGUST 11th?? A hotel room, a terrace stuff? @@ :throwing up hands:

GENERAL HOSPTIAL TODAY: Oh, that Irish Jigging music in the PUB was KILLING me!! ahahahaa. It's so stupid. Reminds me of the "Mexican Hat Dancing" music was on. It's like Downtown Disney's Pub. And NO LIE there are bushels of POTATOES in the back! Watch Dante walk past Lulu!! :dying: Can they make Ireland look any more old fashioned? Lucky's room looks like it hasn't been aired out since 1910!!

Liked Mac's grape purple shirt today!! Now, on twitter a lot of people said it was purple on their TVs and others said it was BLUE!! Interesting! Cabins on soaps all look the same. LOL, I was glad neither Lisa or Robin was giving birth. Where was Claudia showing up with the axe!!

Sonny and Michael's "Brenda is life" talk...bleck. Enough. Sonny's waxed poetic about her for too long now. YAWN He even tells him the wire story.

Brenda getting a needle in her arm was rather fun. Massi had his big scene!! Guess he's NOT the Balkan..just the henchman. Stupid IMDB.  LOL.   "Giovanni The Balkan" -- ?? Aren't they misleading. Oh, well..whatever. Massi is DOA! sniff. At least it keeps the Balkan mystery alive. That's about the only reason to have fun lately. A tweep said: Maybe Suzanne?? Now that would be a twist...

Nancy Lee Grahn tweeted this: and i wont be onGH until one day in 3rd week of Oct..set ur dvrs-- she's been working on a project "Back Talk" with Mo Gaffney..but has taken quite a break from GH. Did they find her comments on a recent podcast too tough to take or is it something else?? She's outspoken, that's for dang sure.

For those of you following the ol' Script Writing, money saving story Daytime Confidential is reporting that ABC has to honor the writer's contracts. Good reading. Looks like the network won't be able to cut 20 episodes a year after all.

FUN NOTE: Tony Geary spotted at Amsterdam's Ciel Bleu restaurant. Wubbahs are everywhere! Send your sightings to me on twitter @wubsnet

It's about 120 degrees here. PHEW!! what is WITH THIS WEATHER?!

Wubbly Bubbly: POP Culture Stuff

Oh, so much to write about and not litter up the GH posts! goes the first "Wubbly Bubbly"!! I am taking a poll to see if you'd like this kept on the Wub Tub Blog site or if I should make a whole 'nother blog for it. Let me know in the comments!!

First shock of today?? Omarosa is dating Michael Scott Duncan?? What the hell? Didn't he get enough punishment in The Green Mile?? WHAT!! I'm still not over this one yet.
New TV shows and returning faves are all over the airwaves. Makes me happy on the one hand, and on the other, I love the summer where I only watch 1-3 shows a week. Now, the DVR is on...I'm trying to watch 2 at's all over the place. "Modern Family" was great..loved the bit with the car. People on twitter seem to be sick of Manny's Mom (Sofia Vergara)..but she really IS from Columbia and I loves her. Her Mom can be Charro! Cootchi, Cootchi! The only new show I watched was "Outsourced" last night after The Office. Eh...didn't dig it. The Office was SO FUN though--the opening song?? CLASSIC!! My faves were Meredith's belly --and also Creed. He was SO CREED!! I know I'm enjoying myself when I smile and don't even realize I'm doing it.

Hope you read my Man Men recap from Sunday on Pop Confidential. Sally (Kiernan Shipka) is my new fave TV character of all time. Plus, I totally had her haircut back then. She IS a tad older than myself however, so don't think I'm that ancient. I was still a cherub in '64!! I  remember Patty and Lisa from my old neighborhood having dresses like these though. Short, bright and fun! She's going to be a handful, and I so hope it goes into her teen years and she runs off to San Fran for the Summer of LOVE!!

Last night's Project Runway Didn't biggest beef is that stupid GRETCHEN  got in the top 3. I mean, please...FUG-Tastic dress. I sometimes wonder how they call one thing "dowdy" one week, and "Glam" the next. Does it seem like the show is a total commercial for L'oreal lately?? I do love that it's 30 minutes longer, and we get to see the backstage dish!

LaLohan-- hmmmmmmm. Tragic, I still say that...although that's why she should have had to stay in rehab the FULL 90 days. WTH!  *sigh* It's not like she's Paris-- who doesn't have talent. She just wasted herself and her talent. She's in jail now until October 22nd.  And her father needs to Shut UP. Did you see him out there with that minister yelling after she was taken away? Good Gravy...

What are you watching? Any good NEW shows out there? I started watching Biggest Loser again, but I'm not sure I'll last. Two hours is too long I think. Plus, they are so the same every season.  That's one reason I stopped watching Top Chef. I'll see how the Amazing Race goes, but I HATE that it's always late because of football. You can't DVR it properly. Dang it. I don't watch Survivor. Gave that up years ago.  I guess I have to admit to watching Teen Mom and Jersey Shore on MTV. I'm just fascinated by the Shore kids... and am so glad no cameras/shows were around when I was that age!! Heh. I think they need to track them into old age and see the tanning/alcohol damage in 30 years!

Hope you enjoyed the Wubbly Bubbly!! Let me know if you're going to go see any new movies this weekend!! I want to see Get Him To the Greek on DVD.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sebastian Roche Back to General Hospital??

It was rumored that Jerry Jacks is indeed the mysterious "Balkan"...then there was a tweet from an actress about someone coming back...and now, Ingo Rademacher is hinting at his return as well!! If so, this means we'll have the wonderful Sebatian Roche back on  our screen. ALWAYS welcome!! Of course, he could be back just as "Jerry" and not the Balkan--maybe this time he won't be painted into the "Guza Corner"...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Spoiler Meltdown: The Kiss That Never Happened.

Exclusive behind the scenes photo of Massi Furlan  (Giovanni) and S&C

So...the spoiler breakdowns all said that Brazen was going to kiss, and the photo went out on the wire. Jax would keep it from Carly...and Spin would try to keep it from Sam. HOWEVER--they weren't kissing, just standing there. I wonder if the whole "Brenda is drugged" one is true now. A spoiler that was on SoapNet is one I WISH wasn't happening. Check out the WUBSNET for details on Michael and the Hookah!! :eyeroll: PLEASE remember to click on the ad banners--for Alberta's AIDS LA WALK!!

Another rumor flying around is that Sebastian Roche (Jerry Jacks) may be back-- Nancy Lee Grahn was tweeting about her having a surprise on GH-- involving someone. There's been speculation that The Balkan story will involve him. Hmmmmmmmmm. NLG hasn't been on for awhile, I miss Alexis.

Today's Show: Carly and Sam..I am enjoying this. Loved Maxie, Nik and Brooke. Maxie is the Rachel Zoe of Port Charles! This Brooke story is so contrived.
Are they making Johnny 'mobular' enough??? And what about Ethan's hair today?? All combed out.
I like that  Jax and Olivia are friends. Ingo sounded like he had a cold. I guess he tweeted awhile back he had one and gave it to his TV and RL wives! This must be it!! Looks like ol' Jax is a  bit concerned about Brenda. Hmmmmm...we knew that was going to happen!

Robin taking her meds, should be more a part of the show...AIDS  cocktails are wonderful but they are a grueling process. It would be helpful to show that. HIV is no picnic. Matt even got a scene or two today! wowza..and MAC was on!!

Jolivia was on..yeah!! I love them, they've been the first couple I've liked in awhile--I mean one that makes me want to watch. She said she loved him! He loves her!! I hope we get a hot scene.
See ya later!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

All Hail Diane!!

I tell you what..Carolyn Hennesy just made that scene today. She plays it like she means it-- I love her acting. It's just priceless. It could have been a flat nothing delivery but it was brilliant. Plus she cussed out Claire, so I was double happy!!
Loved seeing Tracy and her saying Lulu was the best thing to happen from her "marriage" to Luke. Now we have Lante flying off to the Emerland Isle...not sure how I feel about that.

Brenda and Jason were fun. BUT--I tell you what Karl Lagerfeld would have been a fun guest star. Batting his fan in Jason's face!! Karen/Jagger mention  today---too bad there were no flashbacks.

I have a fun interview up  with Massi  Furlan...Giovanni The Balkan--He's done a TON of things.
Plus, he's REAL Italian. Figures  they'd have him as Slavic! LOL

NOTE: Kelly Monaco tweeted/FBooked that she's filming a Hallmark Channel movie soon. She's NOT leaving the show!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Ingo and Vanessa on Set!

Just tweeted by @ingorademacher:

Very cute!!

A New Wubbly General Hospital Day!!

Remember that Amber Tamblyn (Emily Q) will be on HOUSE this season--tonight's premire is at 8/est on FOX.  Although producers say it's temporary, we can all hope, can't we?? I loved her show "The Unusuals" and think it was canceled way too soon. Is she still dating David Cross?? Interesting mix, that!

Carolyn Hennesy was tweeting about her new book today...Disney/ABC is publishing her book written from SPINELLI's point of view!! It will out in April 2011. When asked, she says she wrote it herself, and is happy to say Bradford will be surprised at it's contents along with everyone else!! Should be a fun one. Carolyn is also in a play with Jason Patrick and Nathan Parsons called "The Busy World is Hushed" which is produced by Ronnie Marmo at Theater 68.  Visit 68'sWebsite for tickets.

OLTL: Damn..they do know how to write a story with a beginning, middle and end. PLUS, not having Eli make ANY  move so we knew what was going on at first!! Take note, GH!! Just sayin'. I'm also enjoying Billy Warlock because I just love him. Yes, he looks nothing like Ross, but I don't care! Love that Lang got Ford fired!! heh.

Scrubs  Sneak-Peak Promo: wow, someone other than Brenda in the mix!! Nice!!

I am trying SO HARD to like the Irish Potato story.. but ugh. I keep waiting for everyone to break out in a jig. I love that Lucky just  calls Dante up..whenever. Undercover cops NEVER have a cell phone that can trace back to themselves. See, in the old days, it didn't It looks stupid and cartoonish to do this sheeze. There are too many savvy spy shows/movies on. I just feel like they think we are 12 years old or something. Plus, people were mentioning all day that it can't be dark in Rome, Ireland..and Port  Charles.  LOL
Massi Furlan was on as a baddie-- maybe he's not the Balkan...or maybe he IS!

ClaireSon: She had on Hannah's black bra. I saw Mo's nipple. hee hee. Sorry, but I don't like this one bit!!  I did like when Diane and Max ate the dinner they left. Sonny and Claire find Max/Diane... Diane's in a nice red cami. LOL

Brazen was on--bantering as usual. Suzanne "He's very talented isn't he"?? Brenda: "At what? Working out"??  Suzanne has the hots for young Jason. Heh. I do like Jason-- but this screetching might get on my nerves after a bit. Steve Burton in that tux :THUD: Dang.

Interesting Dante/Spin scenes. Spin hates Dante! Dante knows a lot about the Balkan. We know that, though, don't we??!! Soon, Lante will be going to ol'  Ireland themselves. Will they see sheep?

The Wub Addresses Maxie's "DO"...
There's a Brand-New WUB up!! I thought it was time. Especially with all this "Rome" and "Irish" stuff happening!! They are still my favorite thing to do--- it's what I cut my teeth on.

Sounds like CarJax might be on the cover of SID sometime?? @abcsoapsindepth tweeted that LW and IR were there for a cover shoot and he brought his son, Peanut with him!!

BY THE WAY: Best Screen Caps on Net?? GO to HD General Hospital Screen Caps.  Fab. Now, if they could only get the broadcasts a day in advance!!

My Mad Men recap should be up on PopConfidential later today or tomorrow. For those of you that saw it..wahhhhh. I was so sad. I won't say anything more.

BENCH WARRANT out for LaLohan!! Dramaz comin'!!

The Benard Abode!

What better way to get to know your fave actor than to take a sneak-peak into their crib!!? Here's Mauice and Paula's house which they bought in 2007. The Hollywood Hills house has 4 bedrooms and was built in 1956. As you can see, they've done quite a few renovations since the purchase.

Party ROOM!!

Go to Luxist to see all the photos.... Too bad there are none of his dogs and cats!! They must have a big yard. Next up: A look into Ingo's home!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Surgery: Flatlined; The Day The World Stopped

'Daytime soaps are starting to look like a game of survivor. I hope we dont have to start eating bugs....or each other' ~ Nancy Lee Grahn via twitter

When I saw this tweet posted on Saturday I thought that it was so poignant--especially coming from a daytime actress that has been in the business a long time. As we all know, As the World Turns...53 years old, went off the air on Friday. Although I wasn't a regular watcher, it's still a sad day in daytime.  That leaves six. Only one in NYC. You have to start wondering just how long they are going to last.
At least one actor on General Hospital has said they give the show "six years, tops". Another has said that the future for them might lie in production of a web-based serial series. Notice how many people are already involved with that genre? Well, buckle up for some more.  Of course, you'll never hear that from the producers-- but the ratings are really bearing out the idea that alternative programming will not only cost less, but will free up a lot of time for newer syndicated shows like "The Doctors".  It will be interesting to see how the new talk show does on CBS--can another show make it along side "The View"?? If their ratings are better than the soap numbers, look out.
AH HA!! What's the wild card here?? THE FANS!! That's right...we love our soaps damn it. They have a great deal here--people that watch that spend money. I do think they'll keep some of the shows on the air, and I do think we can weather the storm. NOTE to producers: THE WRITING  needs to captivate us. Buzz needs to be created. You can do that with big time guest stars, or you can  do it with knock-out writing. OR, hey, here's a concept: BOTH!!
Ratings for last weeks GH? 2.0!! Nice work. I guess people tuned in for S&B. Just think if they had done that a month ago!!

On to GH..! There are a ton of new Spoilers are up. Looks like Lucky's going to be locked up in Ireland and receive a surprise visitor--Daddy Dear? Siobhan is going to end up in Port Chuck, and so is Suzanne. As you can see, Brazen steps out on the town--and Brenda will be drugged with heroin. Claire and Sonny will do it again...guess where?

Wubs October Charity is close to the heart! Alberta will be participating again in the AIDS WALK LA!! We need to get her donations up!! Please visit her Donation Page.  You can also donate by going to the site and just visiting some sponsors. Just click on the top link to the google ad!! Goes right to Berta. Guess what? Alberta is ALSO going back to CA this week to be on Let's Make a Deal!! Yep..she'll be going with her Gwaddie Godparents. We can only hope she gets on camera. My lobster is so much a Diva.

Hope you had a good week. Although Sonny slept with Claire, quite a few people enjoyed the Brazen scenes and also the Crazy-Lisa stuff is going over well.  (and into a well soon! LOL). What do you think about the whole Ireland thing? I'm glad JJ has a storyline, but you know I'm laughing at most of it. heh. Mr. Geary should be back on screen in the beginning of October...and Becky is already back taping.
See you on Twitter (@wubsnet) and right here at 3:00 every day I can make it!! xxoo

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Bit of a Balkan Mystery??

As reported on TVGuide and other websites, Massi Furlan is slated play The Balkan. Even  IMDB has him listed as such...and yet,  I'm not entirely sure?? He's been on as one of the guys that grabbed Brenda when Sonny saved her. He also writes this on his Facebook Page:

I play "The Balkan bad guy also called Giovanni'. Keep an eye for my big next scene on the 24th. Big surprise !

I'm wondering if he's actually THE Balkan or just Giovanni the henchman?? He does have scenes with Dante coming up. We shall see-- it's just interesting they'd have the identity on so quickly.  OR is this to further the 'Secret' that Brenda may have. I do think there's going to be a connection  between Brenda/Dante. Just how FAR that goes, not sure. Lots of things swirling in rumors-- I still say Guza's fine tuning this whole thing...and it might change at any point. We know that it will all dovetail when Lulu/Dante get to Ireland-- when Lucky has to play more of the part of his assassin AND the Brenda connection comes around.
Massi was actually BORN in  Italy-- at least we'll get a real accent...LOL.  Since  we've heard the Balkan is really Russian, not sure about that either. Why would he have been one to grab her if he is indeed, THE REAL Balkan?? I guess I'm wondering if things are a bit mixed up on how the press releases went out. least something to  think about  this Saturday!! PLUS, he does say there's a "surprise" on the 24th??! I hope it's a good one.  Dare we hope??

Friday, September 17, 2010

Sonny and Claire Share the Showmance...

Getting ready for CLAIRE!!

Well, Claire just about jumped on Sonny after dinner! LOL... if she gets PG I will just die. Although maybe Dr. Kelly will be on again. Who likes this couple?? I think there are a few out there. I like DSalem... but I wish she'd go with Ronnie or Steven Lars.

AHAHHAAHAHA. Lucky can't even keep up his cover for ONE damn day.  Might have worked if he didn't go WITH "Siobhan"-- who knows Ronan so well. Write a decent storyline DAMN IT. Siobhan doesn't believe he's not really Ronan anyway. What the hell.

Dante is talking about someone he got involved with "while on the job"... WONDER WHO THAT CAN BE? Sonny and he talking about "the one that got away".  It has to have some meaning, eh?

Jason/Brenda-- Brenda's all over the fact that Sonny never mentioned him seeing her. Jason just stands there.  I loved when Brenda/Carly were on the phone. Now,  I do love Laura Wright, but Sarah Brown and Vanny? Priceless.

CarJax angst...they are so predictable...such the same stuff.

Scrubs and this "plan"...hmmm. Ok.  I do wish Steven had more to do than this. "House" type cases. He hasn't even had a real romance yet (I'm not counting Lisa)...why not he and Monica?? Just sayin'.  She did have an affair with his father after all.
Lisa overheard Maxie/Patrick talking a bout 'the plan'..whoops, the jig is UP!! Now, Robin will  be dumped in some hole and we get to see Stone's ghostie.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Massi Furlan Playing the Balkan...


Check out his IMDB Profile.  Here's hoping he can do a mean Russian accent!!

Irish Potatoes, Flashbacks and Dimples.

Dear God...this Irish sheeze is going to drive me INSANE....ugh!!! UGH!! The accents are just really, really bad.  Sorry, but they are.

Jason went to see Brender but got to talk to Suzanne's boobalage instead.  I think Suzanne wants a bit of THAT!! @@ Brenda was out on a photo shoot that had ONE person doing it..which is pretty hysterical. She also seemed to have one dress on.  Many wedding flashbacks involving Sonny, Jax and  Jason.  And some good fights.  
Thank goodness they finally met and could fight a bit.

Sonny and Claire. I tell you what, if Max wasn't standing there in that scene, I would have left the room. This is He asked her out for dinner-- and takes her BACK OUT ON his own terrace? WTH?

CarJax..Carly finally changed her dress. Carly freaks out that the school called Dante and not her.

Carly and Jason going to save Brender. Loved it when she went off on Sam 'Jason's first obligation is to me and my kids"...Wow...Good Ol' Carly.

Did you get the hints today about the Big Twist??'s going to piss people off if I'm right!! :twirling:

Today, my son goes: MOM! Look at the time. It was 3:58pm...he reminded me he was BORN at that time, on this date 18years ago!! See, even then  I waited for GH to be over. Heh.

SCOOPS  up later... right now I have to go make my baby a Lasagna!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

General Hospital Chat...Michael Park of ATWT Honored

Do you think they used the whole "What If" airplane for this??!

So...looks like Jason and Brender fly back to PC the week of Sept. 27th. OY ....LONG ENOUGH WAIT?? Spinelli will  get the Penthouse all spiffed up (see Spoilers on The Wubs Net), and that looks rather hilarious. There are more scoops up and photos  as well. Robin will "See" Stone when she's trapped by Lisa.. Carly and Spinelli work to make Dante look bad and the whole Ireland adventure takes off.

Are you diggin' GH lately?? You know how I'm feeling. Although I like the ideas of all the storylines, I'm just so disappointed at the execution. The whole Sonny/Claire thing is a DISASTER, imo. No reason for it. NONE!! I like Delia Salem finally, but there are enough men on canvas  (Ronnie, Steven, Mac ) that could be involved with her.  We have that story, Crazy Lisa, The IRELAND adventure, Brooke and the Prince-- Teens going back to school, Brenda and Jason/her returning to PC, Carly trying to frame Dante and all the filler crap going on. Not a lot connected either.

ATWT is coming to a close, I know many fans are so saddened by this. Michael Park (Jack) has been in town to receive the Spirit Award for Rochester's nonprofit theater "Break A Leg". In today's paper he says how it still hurts and thanks all of the fans out there. I can only hope he's going to OLTL.

I remember watching the show with my Mom while she ironed and I was sick on the couch!! ...Scary that so many soaps have been canned over the years. Here's hoping it doesn't happen to any more!!

On to Today's show!!  Why the hell do AMC and OLTL get all the outside shots??! Geesh, the cast of GH need some vitamin D

OMG, could the headmaster of the school BE MORE BORING?  God, they could have made him hugely eccentric or something. Told you Taylor would be back-- the "Ford" looking dude that Krissy tutors. They hired some TEEN KIDS for this!! wow...impressive. And I say that with NO sarcasm!

There was the IRISH PUB we've been waiting for!! Wow..they went all out-- didn't they? Bed Warmer on the wall...guys in caps...foaming beer. Will they have sheep wander in? PPPFFTT! Siobhan is on--in all her red-headed glory. Lucky has a Guiness. Everyone starts talking in some Irish strangeness. :dying of laughter: I had an Irish nanny...and know a ton of Irish people in England and NOT ONE sounds like the guy from the cereal commercial. The other guy in the scene is named Liam. I'm waiting for a Sean and Angus to show up next.

Jax and Carly, fighting over Brender...sigh. Carly, you have his cute little Joss...just remember that. Ingo looked all muscle bound in his "work out" shirt. HOW DARLING was that baby  playing with her feet?!

I didn't watch much of Brook and Nik...Brook's extensions just take my focus away.

I love JJY. At least Mac is in there. Robin's going to end up in some pit somewhere soon. She won't have her meds. How about the "hearing" at GH with Steven Lars, Lisa and Patrick. Wouldn't you need a mediator in there?? Ah, whatever.

We got into a height discussion on twitter. Did you know that Ingo Rademacher, Jason Thompson and Tony Geary are all 6' 2'?? Steve Burton is listed at 5' 11" and Maurice is listed at 5'9" ...JJ is at 5' 8"..although..hmmmm.  Not sure about that!! You know all  these guys probably added an inch.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday: "The Divine One"....

Carly's had this dress on for about 11 days now. Just sayin'

First of all, it was great to see Megan Ward today!! She looked fab in her red dress. ColeKate had a little kiss-a-roonie . Carly is so mad about Jax putting Brenda's face on Crimson.  It's hysterical. Carly is going to go crazy-jealous over Brender!!. uh, I thought she like threw Jax out??
Kate actually went to WORK over there. :thud: She actually TALKED ABOUT THE MAGAZINE!!

Lisa and Patrick-- heck, Brianna Brown is my new hero. She makes he show worth the watch, imo.

Jason's going to Rome--and  how shady is Murphy? Twitter speculates HE might be the Balkan. Since the ol' Balkan  is going to connect every dot there ever was in Port Charles, who the hell  knows. Maybe it's Zombie Steve Hardy.

Murphy and Brenda-- 0.4 chemistry on the Wub Scale of 1-10. Good Gravy. Who even cares that they broke up?  She's going to be in Rome for how much longer??? At least another week and 1/2. ahahahaha. Spin calls  Brenda "The Divine One".

Claire and Sonny. All Charges dropped, and Johnny/Sonny are at a truce. Sonny tells Claire what a great cook he is. Geesh, will he buy her a dress and take her to the island next?? WHY are they doing this NOW? ugh....

Today's show was SUCH A SNOOZE.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Brazen is out "ROME"!

Lante Deliciousness

Some questions came out about the Blog post on the Falconeri Event. First of all...all of the food was yummy. We even had it served to us! I didn't taste the signature drink--I stuck to Vodka and Soda because I wanted to keep my wits about me. The Lante signature cupcakes were SO YUMMY!! A bakery in Toronto donated them as well.  Hit that link for the recipe! The hazelnut buttercream frosting was heaven.
I really should have taken photos of the fan tables that were decorated. I'm going to try to find them for you.  They were so fun. One even had a Ken Doll with Dom's exact tattoos on it!! Dom explained that the one on his back was done when he was younger and means "brotherhood".  He got it with one of his best friends.

OLTL: I am spoiler free so I was SHOCKED when Ford was alive!! SHOCKED. I love this soap. :hugging it: The twin girlies having babies that might be from the same man..or not. Jon's spidey senses for crime are just TOO much aren't they?! He always figures it out. He should be his own CSI show. Billy Warlock is on OLTL now as Ross..which doesn't fit at all, but I don't care, I love him.

GH: Did you see the Brazen promo? LOL... looks cute...but then they had to have Brender laugh at the end. ;/ It's going to be the new Bubble Lamp/Gelato card.  (except louder!!) I think the Jason/Brenda scenes might be the only thing that can save this boring mess. Get to Europe,  Jason. This is moving at a snail's pace.

Claire and Sonny do the flirting dance....sigh. Johnny admits to Ethan he tried to shoot Sonny.  

 Brenda escapes the thugs when the paps try to snap her photo. It was really REALLY lame. hahaahaha. Her shoes cost more than that whole scene did to film!! How embarrassing. At least Suzanne yelled pretty dramatically. I do have to say that having Brenda change into comfy clothes makes me smile. I hate it when those people walk around in cocktail stuff all day (I'm looking at YOU Carly!!)

Carly and a "post traumatic" Michael (that's how the mags describe it)... interesting but I'm getting a bit tired of it. Get him therapy.
The whole construction worker thing was funny--at least the actor looked like real-folk. He's so scared about "Corinthos". heh.

Jax wants THE FACE on the cover of Crimson...Maxie is miffed and is going to go call Kate. Olivia is in the office and smells an attraction between Jax/Brender. 

Ethan and Kristina had a talk on the swings.  Will they ever "go there"?? could be so Scotty/Laura.  Or Luke/Laura--- she was only like 19 when they hooked up. Loved her little dress today.

Sonny says "he's better than this"...and supposedly there's a truce between he and Johnny. Sonny entertains Johnny in his PCPD cocktail/meeting lounge. They should charge people to go in there. The taxpayers of NY would appreciate that.

Suggestion on Twitter from @StephanieMLerma--have Sarah Brown come back to play Sarah Webber. ahahahah. Wouldn't that be a riot??!

I won a great prize on Twitter for retweeting Lisa's Project Teddy Bear page! She has stars sign the bears and then auctions them off for Avon's Breast Cancer Walks. Her bears are more famous than Alberta!! I don't know if I should get Kathy Griffin, Tim Gunn, Whoopi (You know I love her) or Tim Burton for my son.  (his hero)...I should be a good mom, huh??  I think I might try to buy Whoopi's. When I meet her I'll have all  sorts of sheeze for her to sign. I'm not a nuts fan..unless it's her. LOL

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Surgery: Toronto Triage!!

What a fun weekend I had!! My brother drove me to Toronto and we spent time at the Eaton Center and looked around for celebs at the Toronto Film Fest. No luck there, but there was a ton of people and big cameras around!! My brother saw the back of Ben Affleck's head (he thinks) at the opening of "The Town". That was as close as it got.

I got to the Falconeri Event about 10 minutes ahead of time after taking the wrong way off the subway. Whoops. The hotel was very nice--and the ballroom was all decorated in "Falconeri" gear. Fans had tables decorated with trains (for the "Lante Express"), Yankee logos, Italian food, Lante cupcakes--the works!! Lisa, Dom and Ronnie had spent all day at the baseball game with a family from the Children's Wish of Canada and 10 lucky fans. We learned about the charity and watched a touching DVD about the program.

The organizers came  up with a signature Falconeri Martini which looked yummy. The three stars had their fill of those, sushi and other goodies while talking with us. I wish I would have gotten the recipe for the cocktail-- I'll have to try to find it!

Then the REAL fun began.  Some eye opening questions/converations took place for about an hour. We learned that Dante goes to Ireland with Lulu to find Lucky. Dante has a major connection to The Balkan. I said how great their dialects were during the show--and Lisa was telling how often she's asked to play an Italian from  NYC or NJ.   Since she's from Michigan, she has no real  accent "in real life'. Of course, Dom is from Toronto so he isn't doing the accent, but Ronnie, he's the real Brooklyn deal! They told us that Dom's Mom had cooked them all dinner on Friday evening. I have to say I'm very old-fashioned when it comes to my TV Shows...especially soaps. I really like to think everyone that I see that is family on my tube gets along outside the show. We know they don't always do...but these three were just so comfortable with each other and obviously really great friends. It was so nice to see.

There was an auction for the chairty and items like a signed script  from Michele Val Jean (The Sonny shoots Dante eppy) went for as much as $550!! The three actors even did a quick improv from the show, with Ronnie doing the part of  "Sonny"!!  heh. The most interesting item of the night was the "sock' Dom wore during his infamous Lante sex-scene. I believe the final on-line bid was $580!! Posters,  photos and DVDs were all auctioned off for the cause.

At around 10:45, finally got to hand Dominic a sharpie and he and Lisa both signed 5x7 pics I had made for them from their Alberta enocounters at MOCA and FCW. Ronnie, who was the only one not to have met Alberta yet, got his photo taken with her--as you can see above!! I also met some really great people I've tweeted with. It's always SO AWESOME to meet tweeps and Wubbers in person!!! Kudos to the stars that stayed that late to meet every person and sign things, they had a long, long day. Thanks too to the coordinators--Terry, Heather, Mary and others --this was GH's first EVER event in Canada!! Oh, and a shout out to the bartender guy from the hotel...he was fantastic :) Another hell to the great TVWatercooler Gang!

I've gotten some new scoops up....Robin's going to be taken by Lisa-- Mac goes on the hunt...and guess who else Dante has a connection with??

Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Fiesta! And my Toronto GH Getaway!!

Take a good look because NLG won't be on again for awhile!

I'm getting all ready to go to the Falconeri Brunch and Ball in Toronto tomorrow night! WOOT!  Alberta Wubs is all packed too. We'll  try to tweet from the event so follow @wubsnet.  I'm taking the laptop too, we'll see if I can get something typed up. Maybe not until Monday..not sure. Sunday Surgery might be Monday Medicine! LOL What questions do you want me to ask Lisa/Dom??  I can't wait to hear them sans accents. That's what a speech pathologist does--listens to the dialect work!

Today's OLTL had MORE outdoor shots.  REAL outdoor shots. Dang it. :stomping foot: I want outdoor shots on GH!! Oh, and I don't like Lang's hair all straight and choppy. ugh.

Lisa's going to drug Robin the week of Sept 27th!!

GH: The Port Chuck Band played yesterday in Vernon  Hills, IL!! They are on the road and are in Newton, CT today. Hit the link to find out where they'll be in NY on Sept 11th and 12th.

Brenda's back  in her hotel room...Sonny's back at the PCPD. *sigh*  that didnt' last long! LOL All I hear when Suzanne talks is Wah wah wahhhhhhhhh. Like Charlie Brown's teacher. TIME Waster! Not that I don't like AB...but ugh... come  on.

I think it's hysterical that this O'Reilly guy has the same straggle beard as Lucky!! GEESH..they could have shaved him for that photo or something!! LOL...or added some. I'm so looking forward to  our faux Ireland!! squeee!! At least we got Spencer-Family meeting out of it. Good cover to go  look for Luke.
Hey, you think we'll hear someone singing "Danny Boy" before this story is over?!

Brooke is going to learn how to eat a big dinner!!  She's learning about the FORKS!! WOWWWZA! She's a QUARTERMAINE..why the hell wouldn't she know FORKS? Ugh, stupid writers. At least THINK about what you are writing. Thank You. She did actually LIVE with the Q's for awhile. @@

Spinelli was on with Michael. It was nice to have them talk about stuff.

Jason is looking more and more like Johnny Bravo. Someone on Twitter said his hair is looking like Pauly D's!! ahahhahaha. OMG..funniest thing today? The construction guy looked at Jason and said "Hey, you been on reality TV? The Bachelor maybe"?? Steve Burton's expression was  priceless.
Lisa should fake that she's pregnant. Just an idea. The crazier the better.

Claire and Sonny..shoot me now.

SEE YA!! :) I'll let you know about the Toronto GH Stuff when I can...a few new Scoops and a photo is up on WUBS NET.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Is Eminem Trying to Be Jason Morgan?

Ahhhhh...nice day to relax and watch all those scenes they tape to "insert here" when there's a lull. Dante/Lulu in Crimson talking about the Opera...Lucky and Tracy...Interpol. The Cassadines were dining on some feta at one point, I liked that. Hating the stupid Brooke Lyn Story though. It's just stuck in there. It's not like we'll ever see the Q's.

Anyone see the Eminem video "Not Afraid" is Jason Morgan inspired? TOTALLY! Black  tshirt...short hair, looking all buff (on the acai berry?!) flyin' around in sunlight? LOL... Today  Jason actually caught mistakes in the police report NO ONE else noticed. :cue music:

When Scrubs was fighting in the park and Lisa was crouching down in the bushes, it looked like she was peeing.
Carly's talking to Lulu about Dante. Johnny and Olivia...Tracy and Lucky-- like I said, pretty much filler day. Poor S&B fans, it's gonna be a long, long rest of the month!! 
It was so boring today I really REALLY wanted Danielle from Real  Houswives  of NJ to walk into  Johnny's room with her little bodyguard Danny. THEN I thought I'd love for Lucky to see the Smoking Man and Scully at the Interpol office. Gawd, I watch too much TV!!

PS. I think Olivia dropped her pastry bag along the disappeared!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

General Hospital: Back To School

AMC...ok, this is the way I think. To  give the David H murder a REAL twist? Angie would be faking her blindness and would have killed him and  drugged Ryan. YEP! Plus, come on, if I were there I'd go INTO the autopsy-- watch them cut him open, get a DNA test and then stand there while they put him in the crematory. THEN we'd know he was DOA. Really DEAD.

Best part of the Lisa story? Mac Daddy's on!!
Remember to go to GH Screen Caps for pics everyday from GH!!

Today I sent my one and only off to school as a senior...and he got his driver's license yesterday.  Dear Lord. Enough stress for one month? YEP!  I can't have a senior in HS. Not possible! LOL. It's back to school here in WNY, ergo, those kids better buckle up on GH!

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Thank you for all your HUNK suggestions!! I think we covered them all. LOL. I told people on Twitter that you can usually tell someone's age by their answers!!! Heh. No one said Steve Hardy, so we're ok.

Lisa..ahahaha. Getting Robin suspended. Nikolas uses his feta-sense to know she's a faker though. Just like his own Granny. Love that Robin is living with Mac!! That's the ol' Webber house. Laura used to run around there. Coffee in the kitchen. *sigh* I guess I'm happy Pat and  Robin are working together to get Lisa.

Ok,  Brenda's laugh is really getting on my nerves. GEESH!!! ugh....annoying. And a little scary.  It was always loud but NOT THIS WACKY!!
She and  Sonny talk about Port Charles. She knows about Josslyn..and  Jax donates to her charity. Blah, blah..blah. I hope they don't spend days on end in that damn room. Reminds me of Sonny and Kate at Wyndemere during the B&W ball..being stuck in there the whole time.  (Except for the stupid blood transfusion heh)

Sonny talks about Karen and Brenda  being so young when he was all over them.  Nice touch. Caus we DO remember that. Interesting that he tells her he shot Johnny because of the Kristina situation. Not because Johnny had a gun or anything about the Claudia situation or Michael being shot. hmmm. THEN he tells her about Dante-- shooting him  when he was an undercover cop. Brenda's like, So Sorry for you!! Ditto about the car bombs. She GETS HIM....see, she really GETS him!!

Sam had a cute face on when she was listening  to Jason talk about how much he loved her. He told Spin she was so much better than Brenda, basically. heh. Carly's going to try to fan the jealousy flames when he's in "Rome" but this will remind her not to fall into that fire.

CarJax was a bit strange, but I'll take it. Love the half-porn music!! "My Love Arise" ...hmm, that says somethin'!

NLG  just tweeted: @sherrimonavie wee im not on air for at least another month
Interesting... not by choice she's said. Hmmmmmmm.

TODAY's GH is brought to you by the COUCH. Lante, CarJax and JaSam were all on couches. Guess it saves on the bedroom budget.

Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi, 6" Display, Graphite - Latest Generation

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's THE DAY! Was it Worth Your WAIT?

I noticed Sonny went back for his mag..he's stingy. LOL. It was a re-do of Friday's ending for today's beginning. Vanny had to crawl over that dog again today. heh. Sonny stops TWO gunmen-- and that giant dog is a distraction. Oy...underwhelming again. In fact, I'm saying it: That was  just awful! LOL!! Like the old Spaghetti goodness. They were very cute in the hotel room. I don't know if I like the whold "Brenda Ditzzie" stuff right at the moment. But Mo and Vanny looked like they were having fun.

Loonie Lisa is scrubbin' in with Patrick. Robin sees the boiling doggie and runs to get Emma. That daycare lady had on some strange clothes for her job! If they are REALLY afraid for Emma, call in Granny Annie...she's WSB for godsakes!! OMG, Robin totally cold-cocked her !!heh!! wow Nice Scorpio punch.

Maxie and Spin finally meet up again at GH when he's there for a check up.  Too bad she's looking for Dr. Matt Boring-Man. Spin's face was so sad when he saw them together. Maxie looked like a giant banana. You think Franco's Fronkey will go after her?! lol

"You looked  like you were going to be sick when she was taking your shirt off...that's how I feel around  guys when they touch me"...says Kristina. Observant.

QUESTION: This is a poll by Fans Giving Back: Who are your 3 fave GH Hunks of all time? It's for a charity give-away!!

SPOILERS ARE UP!! Rumors too!! Looks like Sarah Webbah might be coming.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Surgery: Delayed Diagnosis

SQUEE! Only, it's Monty, not Sonny!
GET great screen caps everyday from GH Caps

Oh, it finally happened.  Their eyes met from across a crowded Rome street set. Sonny dropped a magazine just as Brenda was turning. Then, an older woman caught his eye just as Brenda was running to Sinclair. Oh, the agony. Finally at 3:57pm Friday, they looked at each other. Underwhelming to say the least. I didn't even see a spark in Vanny's eyes. I guess I expecting to see her look a BIT surprised to see ol' Sonny boy standing there.
Yeah, the big Sonny and Brenda meeting happened. To me, it came at LEAST two weeks too late. WAY too late. I personally think the whole Monty Sinclair, Suzanne,  Balkan-Thugs were such a waste of time. For real, do we even care? My favorite part of the whole thing was when Brenda started arranging fruit in her hotel room. The highlight of the week. Heh. As far as this "Balkan" crap goes, all I can do is roll my eyes.  I am glad that Lucky will be some kind of under-cover hit man for a bit. At least he'll be out of boring PC. I'm sure we'll get "Irish" stuff to look at. Pubs? Clovers? Red-Headed Lassies? Given the fake Italian accents we had to suffer through, I can only hope they hire a diction coach for some Eire-Speak.
Discouraged? You bet. Seems like there are a lot of us that are. Ratings for the week of August 23rd were down from the week before.

FROM SON...see all ratings categories there!
Ratings for the week August 23-27, 2010
(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)
Total Viewers

1. Y&R 5,040,000 (-254,000/+78,000)
2. B&B 3,106,000 (-277,000/-121,000)
3. GH 2,516,000 (-107,000/+115,000)
4. DAYS 2,475,000 (-50,000/-286,000)
5. ATWT 2,360,000 (-124,000/-37,000)
6. AMC 2,326,000 (-57,000/+118,000)
7. OLTL 2,264,000 (+48,000/-15,000)

1. Y&R 3.5/12 (-.1/same)
2. B&B 2.2/7 (-.2/-.1)
3. GH 1.8/6 (-.1/same)
3. DAYS 1.8/6 (same/-.3) <- ties low rating (8th straight week)
5. ATWT 1.7/6 (same/same)
5. AMC 1.7/6 (-.1/same) <- ties low rating (Last time: August 31 - September 4, 2009)
5. OLTL 1.7/6 (same/-.1)

SO... I guess the whole Vanny experiment speaks for itself. Maybe it will pick up next week, once they get together?? See, the thing is---Sonny leaves again for the US of A to turn himself in. THEN, its been spoiled he's going to fall into bed with...Claire. @@ Jason's going to go to Rome to "take care of Brenda". Sam's all jealous in Port Charles.  Carly's all jealous in Port Charles (We don't know why because Jax doesn't seem to have anything to do with The Face just yet). Brenda is supposedly due back in town by Sept 23rd. That will be a full 34 days since her return. Even with weekends inbetween, that's shameful. I do hear it will be really "fun" when she does get back to Port Charles and moves in with Jason for protection. There will be a "twist" that involves Jax--whether that's the whole Crimson angle or something bigger, I'm not sure yet.
Megan Ward will be on mid Sept with both Jax and of course, Coleman. Maybe we'll hear more about Crimson then.
I'm trying hard not to be a wet blanket on the S&Ber's parade, but I call 'em like I see 'em. So far...not real impressed.

This week I'd love to send Kudos off to Brianna Brown for her subtle rendition of "Looney-Lisa". She's playing it perfectly I think: a creepy smile here and there... twisting her dialog just enough. Loves it!! Too much wouldn't be as nuts or as entertaining.

Check out Brandon Barash's fun video about his "To Shave or Not To Shave" fundraiser for MDA!! He and Bradford Anderson will be in Vegas this weekend for the telethon. Awesome for him to be at "the big show" finally!! He's been raising funds for years for this cause, and was actually in Buffalo, NY last year. Big step up. Jerry must like his stuff.

Notice who's in the FOREGROUND...:) Berta got more face than  Julie in this photo!

GIANT NEWS!! Alberta Wubs was in the Sept 6th issue of Soaps In Depth at the MOCA shoot! Julie Berman was walking down the carpet and Alberta (being held by caretaker Amber), was sneaking in to say hello.  Too fun. She's gotten more press than the Wubs Net lately. NEXT weekend we will both be in Toronto for the Falconeri "Brunch and Ball".  Can't wait!

Check out Spoilers on the site. Every time you visit a sponsor, Alberta's total goes up for her LA AIDS walk in October. More on that coming next week!! This is her third AIDS walk.
Thanks for keeping me company all week on here and Twitter. No matter how much I bitch about our fave soap, you know I love it--and spending time dishing with YOU!

GH: Monday YET Tuesday

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