Monday, September 20, 2010

A New Wubbly General Hospital Day!!

Remember that Amber Tamblyn (Emily Q) will be on HOUSE this season--tonight's premire is at 8/est on FOX.  Although producers say it's temporary, we can all hope, can't we?? I loved her show "The Unusuals" and think it was canceled way too soon. Is she still dating David Cross?? Interesting mix, that!

Carolyn Hennesy was tweeting about her new book today...Disney/ABC is publishing her book written from SPINELLI's point of view!! It will out in April 2011. When asked, she says she wrote it herself, and is happy to say Bradford will be surprised at it's contents along with everyone else!! Should be a fun one. Carolyn is also in a play with Jason Patrick and Nathan Parsons called "The Busy World is Hushed" which is produced by Ronnie Marmo at Theater 68.  Visit 68'sWebsite for tickets.

OLTL: Damn..they do know how to write a story with a beginning, middle and end. PLUS, not having Eli make ANY  move so we knew what was going on at first!! Take note, GH!! Just sayin'. I'm also enjoying Billy Warlock because I just love him. Yes, he looks nothing like Ross, but I don't care! Love that Lang got Ford fired!! heh.

Scrubs  Sneak-Peak Promo: wow, someone other than Brenda in the mix!! Nice!!

I am trying SO HARD to like the Irish Potato story.. but ugh. I keep waiting for everyone to break out in a jig. I love that Lucky just  calls Dante up..whenever. Undercover cops NEVER have a cell phone that can trace back to themselves. See, in the old days, it didn't It looks stupid and cartoonish to do this sheeze. There are too many savvy spy shows/movies on. I just feel like they think we are 12 years old or something. Plus, people were mentioning all day that it can't be dark in Rome, Ireland..and Port  Charles.  LOL
Massi Furlan was on as a baddie-- maybe he's not the Balkan...or maybe he IS!

ClaireSon: She had on Hannah's black bra. I saw Mo's nipple. hee hee. Sorry, but I don't like this one bit!!  I did like when Diane and Max ate the dinner they left. Sonny and Claire find Max/Diane... Diane's in a nice red cami. LOL

Brazen was on--bantering as usual. Suzanne "He's very talented isn't he"?? Brenda: "At what? Working out"??  Suzanne has the hots for young Jason. Heh. I do like Jason-- but this screetching might get on my nerves after a bit. Steve Burton in that tux :THUD: Dang.

Interesting Dante/Spin scenes. Spin hates Dante! Dante knows a lot about the Balkan. We know that, though, don't we??!! Soon, Lante will be going to ol'  Ireland themselves. Will they see sheep?

The Wub Addresses Maxie's "DO"...
There's a Brand-New WUB up!! I thought it was time. Especially with all this "Rome" and "Irish" stuff happening!! They are still my favorite thing to do--- it's what I cut my teeth on.

Sounds like CarJax might be on the cover of SID sometime?? @abcsoapsindepth tweeted that LW and IR were there for a cover shoot and he brought his son, Peanut with him!!

BY THE WAY: Best Screen Caps on Net?? GO to HD General Hospital Screen Caps.  Fab. Now, if they could only get the broadcasts a day in advance!!

My Mad Men recap should be up on PopConfidential later today or tomorrow. For those of you that saw it..wahhhhh. I was so sad. I won't say anything more.

BENCH WARRANT out for LaLohan!! Dramaz comin'!!


  1. OLTL was really good..
    I wish GH will take lessons..

    GH- I couldn't stop be annoyed with the fact that Rome/Ireland and PC New Your have the same time GH Viewers are smarter than that...

    Claire Sonny/ HOT but that is what it all was, Just Hot the scenes were Boring.. I felt Like I am watching the same thing I went trough with reese and Sonny, Emily ALexis. and all of Sonny's woman..

    Liked Lucky scenes again, But I hate that he is pushed from his own story.

    Brazen they were fun today.. again the scenes with Jason are the best of Brenda since she came to our screen..
    and Jason with a Tux HOTTTTTTT
    but I felt like I am watching the bodyguard LOL

  2. LOVED spinelli today!!!!!!why can't they write him like that ALL the time!

  3. I can't take one more "Irish" scene. It is just too painful to listen to. Fast Forward. I also found the Claire and Sonny sex painful because they looked so awkward with each other. I don't think they have any chemistry and seemed like they were grossed out kissing each other. Fast Forward. Loved Jason's expressions and Suzanne's infatuation. Let's get back to Scrubs!

  4. Best two scenes of the day:
    1) Max and Diane getting it on after eating Sonny's home cooked pasta. The look on Sonny's face walking in on them was priceless. Diane strutting over to Sonny and Claire, in one pump or heal no less, giving them a lecture in her undergarments.

    2)Brenda and Jason in the limo..."oh no, my corset just came undone"..."I don't even know what that is"
    Her asking him to unzip the top of her dress and fix it and he just looks with a blank stare, turns and opens the door and leaves...HAHAHAHA

    One would think that Jason would have some sort of inkling of what a corset is considering he's seen Sam parade around in one when she's wearing her stripper outfit?

  5. The look Steve Burton's face at the end of today's show was priceless!

  6. With that bad irish accent.. can we start calling him LuckyCharms? I keep waitin for him to say.. "They're magically delicious!" LOL

  7. Sonny and Claire's lovemaking just seemed so forced. I don't understand the 'frantic' stuff, how about 'intense'. They really need to watch some tapes of Johnny and Olivia. Don't 'real' people snuggle after, not coldly do the 'was it good for you' conversation. Sonny and the current Carly were able to pull it off, these two are just painful to watch. To me it was a perfect example of 'Wow, I just got screwed!'

  8. I disagree regarding the Irish/Lucky story. I had neighbors who were Irish and he is spot on! I actually am enjoying this story and I usually am with Karen on her thoughts about GH...but not this time. JJ is doing a superb job and the whole thing isn't hard to watch like most "location" shoots!

  9. "Jax: Well, we just do what we've been doing for 2 years now...'cept you holds a baby....dingah..
    Carly: A dingo?
    Jax: Well, I jest like sayin' it...Dinga. heh." work. Which is hard to do without attracting too much attention.


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