Monday, September 13, 2010

Brazen is out "ROME"!

Lante Deliciousness

Some questions came out about the Blog post on the Falconeri Event. First of all...all of the food was yummy. We even had it served to us! I didn't taste the signature drink--I stuck to Vodka and Soda because I wanted to keep my wits about me. The Lante signature cupcakes were SO YUMMY!! A bakery in Toronto donated them as well.  Hit that link for the recipe! The hazelnut buttercream frosting was heaven.
I really should have taken photos of the fan tables that were decorated. I'm going to try to find them for you.  They were so fun. One even had a Ken Doll with Dom's exact tattoos on it!! Dom explained that the one on his back was done when he was younger and means "brotherhood".  He got it with one of his best friends.

OLTL: I am spoiler free so I was SHOCKED when Ford was alive!! SHOCKED. I love this soap. :hugging it: The twin girlies having babies that might be from the same man..or not. Jon's spidey senses for crime are just TOO much aren't they?! He always figures it out. He should be his own CSI show. Billy Warlock is on OLTL now as Ross..which doesn't fit at all, but I don't care, I love him.

GH: Did you see the Brazen promo? LOL... looks cute...but then they had to have Brender laugh at the end. ;/ It's going to be the new Bubble Lamp/Gelato card.  (except louder!!) I think the Jason/Brenda scenes might be the only thing that can save this boring mess. Get to Europe,  Jason. This is moving at a snail's pace.

Claire and Sonny do the flirting dance....sigh. Johnny admits to Ethan he tried to shoot Sonny.  

 Brenda escapes the thugs when the paps try to snap her photo. It was really REALLY lame. hahaahaha. Her shoes cost more than that whole scene did to film!! How embarrassing. At least Suzanne yelled pretty dramatically. I do have to say that having Brenda change into comfy clothes makes me smile. I hate it when those people walk around in cocktail stuff all day (I'm looking at YOU Carly!!)

Carly and a "post traumatic" Michael (that's how the mags describe it)... interesting but I'm getting a bit tired of it. Get him therapy.
The whole construction worker thing was funny--at least the actor looked like real-folk. He's so scared about "Corinthos". heh.

Jax wants THE FACE on the cover of Crimson...Maxie is miffed and is going to go call Kate. Olivia is in the office and smells an attraction between Jax/Brender. 

Ethan and Kristina had a talk on the swings.  Will they ever "go there"?? could be so Scotty/Laura.  Or Luke/Laura--- she was only like 19 when they hooked up. Loved her little dress today.

Sonny says "he's better than this"...and supposedly there's a truce between he and Johnny. Sonny entertains Johnny in his PCPD cocktail/meeting lounge. They should charge people to go in there. The taxpayers of NY would appreciate that.

Suggestion on Twitter from @StephanieMLerma--have Sarah Brown come back to play Sarah Webber. ahahahah. Wouldn't that be a riot??!

I won a great prize on Twitter for retweeting Lisa's Project Teddy Bear page! She has stars sign the bears and then auctions them off for Avon's Breast Cancer Walks. Her bears are more famous than Alberta!! I don't know if I should get Kathy Griffin, Tim Gunn, Whoopi (You know I love her) or Tim Burton for my son.  (his hero)...I should be a good mom, huh??  I think I might try to buy Whoopi's. When I meet her I'll have all  sorts of sheeze for her to sign. I'm not a nuts fan..unless it's her. LOL


  1. I LOVED Brazen and not in a romantic way but they're marriage was hilarious! I still have it on VHS

  2. FYI Karen its not Ford its Eli.

  3. Dear Costume Department: When a dress has wrinkles at the tummy, waist, and hips...IT IS TOO SMALL! Doesn't matter if it is blue stretch spandex during the day (Carley in hooker mode) or red satin night wear and you are a size 0...TOO SMALL IS TOO SMALL AND MAKES A GAL LOOK TRASHY...oooo I may be on to something there, eh?


  5. Finally some fun on GH when Jason and Brenda 'reunite' for her safety. Looking forward to it. For far too long GH has been in real downer. Now things are looking up despite the very dangerous situation Brenda has once again managed to get herself into. Does she have a death wish too?


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