Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Surgery: A Cabin in the Woods

Oh, Lisa...dragging Robin off to a cabin in the woods..a cabin we've seen so many times before. Maybe someday, my wish will be granted and I can be a props-master and actually get into one of those to decorate it. Wubbers noticed  that was totally Patrick's old couch in there. Maybe next time, they could put a "cottage" looking place up. Think of all the stuff that's happened in cabins over the years. Babie's being being seen-- Luke smashed in the bear trap, Claudia hacked up.  Then what's next? Robin falls in a well...and how many people have been trapped like that? I'm thinking about Natalie--wasn't she in a well forever on #AMC? Erica was just trapped somewhere in the woods. At least the STONE fans will get a bit to squeel about with all this. 

All of that Deja Vu-- and another mysterious baddie coming. Text Message Killer, Karpov, Anthony Zacchara--numerous Cassadine villians. When in doubt, send in some maniac to stir things up. See, I like the whole Bauer thing because it was real peoples. What ever happened to his wife?? She'll probably show up in a year or so when Guza remembers she's still  hanging around Port Charles in our collective ghost closet.

Brenda will be "home" this week... I wonder  if that's a record for a "return" --actually coming back to the town where the soap is set.  You know I haven't been happy about that situation. At least we'll  see her with Carly. I'm so sad Sarah Brown is gone because her as Claudia confronting Brenda? Whoooooooo Weee!! Sonny should still be married to HER right now, and then Brenda come along. Claudia would eat her up, spit her out. Talk about psycho! But no, we have CLAIRE. :eyeroll: Not that I don't like DS-- but I wish she was seeing someone ELSE on canvas. We all know she's a stand-in.  What's going to happen next? Will she get a whacko on like Lisa? Does she die? Slink away? Get involved with Ric...oh..wait..he's gone. LOL.
I'm personally looking most forward to the Spinelli/Brenda/Jason scenes. Should be too fun.

Now there's word on  Soap Central that ZOE might be coming?? Really?  I thought that was long done. We'll see if casting is announced.  I mean, Maya is languishing in the background doing nothing. I guess having her on with Ethan every other week for 5 minutes constitues something, but I'm not sure what. Why bother with Zoe unless of course, it's to draw Michael out of his shell.
Tony Geary shows up to visit Lucky in jail...not sure how long it will take him to get back to Port Charles. Let's hope it's faster than it took Brenda.

Other stuff coming: Michael is going to start to open up more about the whole prison thing, Maxie and Sam are jealous and you know Carly's going to be out of her mind. Becky's back taping on set so Liz will walk in on Brooke and Nik as well. (not actually having sex, I don't think). 

The Desi Geetsman  "Evening with the Stars" is set for October 9th. This is a long standing charity with soap stars and has become a beloved annual event. I have some fun photos of Tony Geary with Vannessa I'll have to look up for you sometime. Tickets: $100 per person at the  Los Angeles Landmark at the Farmers Market.  Click on link for tickets!

Uh, I'm watching the Bills...who were looking good and now? OY!!  Sheeze. Hope YOUR team is doing well.
Some new spoilers will be going up later tonight.


  1. I agree with the other posters that Carly's hair on Friday looked like puppy dog ears.

    Looking forward to the Stone scenes, but I also would have settled for Jason or even Sonny saving Robin due to HISTORY. Silly me.

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  3. Scrubs-probably the best story on GH these days, even with some stupid writing or stage like the cabin.. how many cabins did we have??
    they always look the same!! lol
    But still it is good story....
    looking forward to see Stone again
    I am only praying that the next dead character that will show up will be Alan talking with Jason. they never had the last talk....

    Brenda.. her scenes until the two the last two/ three last weeks were Boring.. sorry the build up and the memories were flat..
    it got better with Sonny, but still something was missing
    But her with Jason was it!! it was hilarious/fun/cute.
    and now it is time go get her back..
    looking forward to see her with Carly.. that should be epic
    and with Robin. and the rest of the cast not Dante though
    and her living with Jason and SPinelli should be hysterical..

    Sonny and Claire bore me.. stupid S/L

    Bulkan another bad guy ??why I am always thinking of james Bond???
    it can only be good if he is jerry!!!!

    I am still looking forward to the reveal of Michael's secret , I think they, so far, did good job with it.

  4. I've liked Michael's story so far but if Sam gets him a hooker?ugh

  5. Karen, that part is what I am going to hate LOL up until now that story was good..
    and real!!!!
    usually , men do not tend to admit that they were raped, If that is the case,but i think it is...
    we saw Michael having issues when people touched him, I think only with his mother he was comfortable..
    when he was dealing with intimacy how he struggle with it..
    how Jason acted with Rage
    It was written and played well..

    I am still waiting to see how it unfolds on screen.. they could still do it in a good way,if there is a good way to deal with this huge huge S/L...
    they didn't good with Kristina/Kiefer..

  6. Sorry Karen- my team is the Patriots! Can't be anything else when you live in Foxboro! My Mom was a Bills fan 'til the day she died though, so when they are not playing the Pats, I wish them well.

  7. I thought that Patrick's old couch was a subtle sign of Lisa's no, dig up the old furniture of the guy you're obsessed with? =) If GH spun it that way it would have been believable but instead they chose to think they have doped the fans once more! *eye roll*

  8. Ooooh, did you see what Sebastian Roche tweeted?

    "Watch yours truly on "Fringe" Sept 30th and October 14th and on "Supernatural" October 8th :)"

    "And maybe other things to come ;)"

    SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Jerry Jacks is coming back!

  9. Why can't Jerry Jax be a deep undercover agent instead of being a badass criminal? His only saving grace as per his last couple of appearances is his love for his brother and family. Even so, he is preferable to that disgusting, vomit-inducing piece of garbage Franco.

    Looking forward to Brenda getting back to Port Charles. I am not looking forward to Carly winning again against anyone and everyone she confronts. Surely someone is strong enough to stop her insanity. Since Jason is responsible for much of Carly's personal problems (he always comes to her rescue when she screws up) he should confront her and make her feel his disappointment and even disgust for her behavior. She has lured Spinelli down her little path of revenge and Jason isn't going to be happy at all. Some woman on the show needs to pull Jason so far away from Carly that he NEVER thinks of her again. Carly could do with a good shunning from everyone she holds dear, including her kids.

    I have really enjoyed the Scrubs story, altho I find Robin's insecurity about Patrick's infidelity just a little off character. For years, Robin was the only adult on the show. Now, she is acting like Carly.


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