Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday: "The Divine One"....

Carly's had this dress on for about 11 days now. Just sayin'

First of all, it was great to see Megan Ward today!! She looked fab in her red dress. ColeKate had a little kiss-a-roonie . Carly is so mad about Jax putting Brenda's face on Crimson.  It's hysterical. Carly is going to go crazy-jealous over Brender!!. uh, I thought she like threw Jax out??
Kate actually went to WORK over there. :thud: She actually TALKED ABOUT THE MAGAZINE!!

Lisa and Patrick-- heck, Brianna Brown is my new hero. She makes he show worth the watch, imo.

Jason's going to Rome--and  how shady is Murphy? Twitter speculates HE might be the Balkan. Since the ol' Balkan  is going to connect every dot there ever was in Port Charles, who the hell  knows. Maybe it's Zombie Steve Hardy.

Murphy and Brenda-- 0.4 chemistry on the Wub Scale of 1-10. Good Gravy. Who even cares that they broke up?  She's going to be in Rome for how much longer??? At least another week and 1/2. ahahahaha. Spin calls  Brenda "The Divine One".

Claire and Sonny. All Charges dropped, and Johnny/Sonny are at a truce. Sonny tells Claire what a great cook he is. Geesh, will he buy her a dress and take her to the island next?? WHY are they doing this NOW? ugh....

Today's show was SUCH A SNOOZE.


  1. they are doing the claire/sonny crap now so she can get knocked up with corrinthos child #5 and he can have a reason to be tormented....Brenda or my new baby? Maybe Lante should have a kid too so they could fill GH maternity ward with baby and grand baby ocorrinthos.

  2. Anonymous 1
    Oh, you mean they have dug up old scripts from when Lily got preggies and that caused Sonny to give up Brenda thoughts to try and be happy with Lily--until she was blown up in a car bomb.

    Ooooooh..Careful Claire....

    Do these writers NEVER have an original NEW thought? Same stuff year after year. Sonny is such a total bore and yet we have to repeat every stupid story of his again and again. Always seducing officers of the law, always getting someone pregnant just as he is about to change his life, Always getting acquited, always taking new conquests off to the island,,,yatatatata....

    You tune out today and tune back in three years from now and Sonny will be doing the same crappy story over again.... No wonder viewers are tuning out...

    I'd love it if Jon Jackson became the new center of the show and carried on the PC traditions with the next generation. We REALLY need to move on from weary ole Sonny....

  3. OYE! Doesn't anyone at GH do their homework??? Kate was talking about Savile Row in London...she pronounced it SAVILLE (as in Spain)hahahahaha...and for a fashionista not to know the pronunciation is just not realistic. And nobody on set corrected her??? Both vowels short, and accent on first syllable ...so bored it stuck out like sore thumb...sorry guys.

  4. So sick of Carly but I have to admit it makes me giddy to think of her panties in a wad over brenda, esp when it comes to jax! Anyone but Sonny for a change!

  5. It's too bad that the Balkan couldn't be revealed to be -- wait for it, Cesar Faison! The last time he was on he had his own illegal operation with diamonds going on. It would be a wonderful way to tie-in Lucky trying to infiltrate his group. What a shock it would be for Lucky to come face to face with the man who brainwashed him!

  6. Leesy, you are so right. There's a web site 'howjsay.com for one. I know these folks have to work at 'a hundred miles per hour', but some one could look this stuff up. Kate and Coleman is another stupid tease, a quick kiss and off she runs.

    I am not a Sonny fan, but Sonny and Claire are just totally awful - she looks prissy and he leers - Yuck!

    Murphy & Brenda - I really think he must be her brother, he isn't even shady enough to be the Balkan. Brenda: "I can't marry you." Murphy: "Really? Oh, OK." He leaves without a fuss, she stands there grinning.

    Carly: Sonny, Jax and Jason are all mine and I'm not sharing them with Brenda. (paraphrasing) I don't think these three guys know this. Jason says he loves Sam, Sonny screws anything that moves, so that leaves her with Jax. Awful, awful show today.

  7. wouldnt johnny be charged with attempt of murder?

  8. Seriously, how long is it going to be before ABC fires Guza??? Frons, too!! Something have to give!!!

  9. Anon 3 (or whatever) You say "wouldn't Johnny be
    charged with attempt of murder". Johnny's got a bullet in the chest, it's only Johnny's word he ever had a gun at all, Sonny admitted to shooting him, but in self defense..."I wanted to kill him" is NOT attempted murder.

  10. Jasam is sooooooo booooooring. How much longer will she remain a doormat for Jason? The character is so useless these day. Even her love scenes with Jason are lukewarm at best.

    I would really love to see Brenda still married to Jason, some sort of mistake with their divorce.

    Love seeing Carly all in a snit about Brenda. Would love to see little Brenda knock Carly on her ass.

  11. What do you mean how Shady is Murphy? Why do you think he is Shady? And NO I HOPE HE ISN'T THE BALKEN! :( Murphy is just so funny and sweet! And hot! :) I love him!

  12. Sonny is cleared and released but diane is not even involved int he scene. Oh, and instead of calling Jason to tell him and then finding out Jason is going to Rome he goes home and cooks pasta instead. Just plain stupid.

    Also, can a Federal Prosecuter be making the types of decisions they have us believe Claire has the authority to make. Would the DA or Police Chief not be the ones deciding?

  13. Well, while we're at it, why are Ronnie and Claire even working in PC? Hello, Guza, PORT CHARLES IS NOT ONE OF THE BOROUGHS OF NYC, as much as he has everyone "driving down to Manhattan," like they're coming from Queens. Doesn't Ronnie work for the NYPD?

  14. i think the writers are very competent at coming up with new ideas. look at the photo on the main page. they decided it would be great to put a yellow sticky note in carly's hair and pass it off as fashion. and it works!

    did i hear correctly? Lisa is going to mess with Robin's HIV meds? that's really low. I guess nothing will cross the line with this show.

  15. It's low for Lisa to mess with her HIV meds..LISA IS LOW!! duh

    I have been thinking Murphy is "Ze Balkan" all along!


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