Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's Some General Hospital News and Scoops!

Tony Geary (Luke) is going to be performing in the play "Into the Woods" at Lucid by Proxy, an LA based theater group. Geary plays the Narrator/Mysterious man in the play. has all the deets.

Rick  Hearst (@wildmook) will be appearing on an episode of "Castle"! It shoots October airdate yet, I'll update you when I know more.

Jonathan Jackson took to twitter today to tell his followers that he's started a new You Tube channel @! Subscribe now and get all the updates on his music, poetry and acting projects.

Carolyn Hennesy will be appearing on CNN today about her character Barb on Cougar Town! Look for her at 6:45est or 3:45pst. Here's a great New York Post link with an interview about her character on that primetime show.

Kelly Monaco's in Vancouver to shoot a Hallmark movie. Read all about it on SID. 

TAKE A GANDER AT: The Soap Scoop:

BUNCH O' NEW SCOOPS are up!! Carly's going to go sheeze-wacky when Brenda comes to Port Chuck.  She wants EVERYONE to stay away from THE FACE!! lol.  Please hit a sponsor to help Alberta do her AIDS LA Walk!'s that for a round up!!?? Unfortunately,  I won't be here to live blog GH today--so please leave comments below and let me know if I should bother watching it on DVR!


  1. That was a lame preview Stephanie was showing.. anyhowza.. Saw on your rumor page that Sam may be presumed dead from the Balkin. Can we drop presumed and just leave Sam Dead?

  2. Yes! Watch GH today! Robin and Stone YAY! He looked different. Looks like a different actor. Lulu and Dante are lost ROFL! Lulu tells him watch out for the sheep! ROFL!

  3. Re Stone: I didn't know people continued to age after they passed away.

  4. Robin & Stone were great! Still brought a tear to my eye.... and Michael Sutton is a hottie!

  5. Wish I "aged" like Michael Sutton, lolol....I miss the connections that couples like Robin and Stone simple and complete...showed off really good acting too. Time to get that girl out of the well though, she won't die of AIDS, just pneumonia , at the rate they are moving...I'm ready for Lisa to go off the deep end! and I'm ready for Brenda to descend on Pt Chuckles! GONNA BE A ROCKY TRIP! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  6. Leesy: I didn't mean that Stone had "aged" like he is aged, just that he got older.

    I'm thinking that Robin will die of thirst before she dies of AIDS.


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