Friday, September 3, 2010

"Dimples" meets "The Face" Today!! General Hosptial Soap Opera!

Queenie and Alberta Lobster Ready to See S&B!! Note the Whoopi Goldberg champagne and
Artfully arraigned FRUIT. MR. Franco showed up too.

OMG...are you batting down the hatches? Getting the windows boarded up?? Have your FRUIT all arranged?? Today's the day! It's only's not say it, but it's been FOREVER since VMG came back and Sonny finally meet up. JUST on the day hurricane Earl smashes into the coast. Coincidence?? I think not.

SO, at the start of the show...Brenda runs into SINCLAIR's arms...not Sonny's. Heh. Okay, then, Sonny turns around and meets up with newbie Sophia. LAND OF BAD ACCENTS. good gravy.  ugh...what torture. Brenda goes into the hotel with Sinclair and tries to give him A PEAR. What is with the  FRUIT  lately?? WASTE OF MY TIME!! The only way I'd like that older lady is if she stands up and bites Sonny on the damn neck and is really a vampire. LOL

In the meantime, both Sam and Carly are all trying to get the dirt on "The Face" because they know Brenda was the UBER CHICK in Port Charles.
There's a newbie girl on GH, called "Ali"... who looks a bit like Tams Braun to me. I guess she's supposed to make Michael uncomfortable. heh.

so...they finally saw each other, last 10 seconds of the show. Now you have to wait until next Tuesday for some more S&B action.

A FEW new spoilers are up. Looks like Claire and Sonny will hit the sheets. SO STUPID, imo. So stupid. I wonder how S&Bers feel now that Brenda is finally back and before she even gets to PC,  he sleeps with CLAIRE!! HURL!!!


  1. shouldnt Brad Rowe be shirtless? just saying...

  2. i LOVE today show and can't wait to see sonny and brenda reconnecting again

  3. I agree with the posters on the other thread stating that Jax should be who she can't get out of her head. Than and only than should her and Sonny be together, perhaps by accident once she sees jaxc is married to all people, Carly. This is just too much. I don't remember her acting being so over the top and the loud laugh is off putting.

  4. Painful. If I really cared about either Sonny or Brenda, I guess it would matter if they met up...but I care SOooo little that they just make me want to watch OLTL more--so I can find out details about Eli! Of course he escaped the fire, but how is he connected to Tea, or Evangaline? Or even to Ross? I LOVE it--a real mystery! And Billy--love Billy Warlock, but when he first walked into the scene and he is a full head shorter than Eli--had to laugh. So good to see him, but talk about absurd brother identities.... Anyway, the OLTL mystery is far FAR more fun and suspenseful as anything on GH right now. Even Lisa isn't as wacked as the wonderful Eli, who can play good and bad equally well and can lie so expertly, and so charmingly, and so puzzlingly that you wonder if he is really bad...???

    Anyway, if anything with Brenda ties into that godawful Franco, well...urpsville. Hated him and his really poor storyline.... I know they wanted to create a whole backstory for her, but this is boring me silly... Anyway, she always belonged to Jax, not Sonny....

  5. I remember nothing of the conversation between Sonny and that women because I was so distracted by the drawn out forced Italian accent. Can anyone fill me in? Is there a plot point there or just a boring filler?

  6. I loved S&B back in the day but I have been so sick of Sonny recently, I wasn't sure if I could get into it again. But even with the lame plot, today's show totally sucked me in! I completely melted when they finally saw each other, can't wait for next week!
    And can't wait see how they are going to spin it when she meets ALL his kids! :)


  8. Anonymous #4, the thing that struck me about Billy Warlock being cast to play Ross was that the last Ross was imo ubermasculine, and that is so not something he can pull off. Although, seeing him here makes me miss him as AJ--boy could he play crazy/jealous/drunk really well. i loved him on that meat hook (back when i actually thought Michael was better off with Sonny--at this point its a toss-up)

    Anonymous #2, I think that it makes total sense that Sonny is the one that Brenda can't get out of her head. She obviously liked the abusive relationship they had together, and that is why she can't be happy with nice guys like Jax and Brad Rowe (sry, i have no idea what the character's name is--haven't watched a full episode in about 2 months)

  9. Poor, poor Sam is insecure about Brenda. Well, get over it. Brenda was the only reason Sam made it into the Sonny/Jason circle. She was the fill in for Sonny because they look alike (even though they really don't besides being a short, skinny brunette).
    And why would Sam be wary of Brenda all of a sudden. Doesn't she trust Jason fully, like she should...Such stupid writing for Jason and Sam...
    Loving Lucky talking to his sister about how he would love to say yes to Johnny about being bad for once and how he knows the PCPD is the joke of Port Charles...

  10. Sonny and that woman was just painful. I liked watching Lucky today and I'm disappointed that Johnny didn't come clean with Michael. Love OLTL and the Eli mystery too.

    Mrs. Goose

  11. Liked the episode and got a laugh out of VM laughing over the dog. That was obviously not intended, but made for fun TV. I was happy that S&B finally saw each other. Now let's hope things start to get interesting.

    Brenda please have a memory of Jax; I thought you guys were "soul mates"???


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