Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jerry Jacks aka The Balkan? Back on GH in December!

Gedstern guessed that Jerry Jacks would indeed be the Balkan, and it looks like it's coming true! Buzz Worthy Radio tweeted that Sebasian Roche (who's been dropping hints all over the place--see past blog entries) is back December 13th. A SID spoiler has said that "The Balkan is known to many in Port Charles". There ya go! Both Nancy Lee Grahn and Ingo Rademacher have tweeted about the possible return of their castmate as well.


  1. YES, YES, and YESSSSS! Now, please don't write the character into a corner where he has to be offed or disappear for a long period of time. GH needs a charming baddie, and Jerry Jacks/Sebastian Roche is perfect.

    Love this!

  2. I'm excited but having him as "The Balkan" would be so damn predictable.

    P.S. I want my Jerry and Robin (yes i'm desperate lol!)

  3. I want somehow for Jerry to be like two people! LOL

  4. Hey, Karen, if JJ can have a "twin" in Ronan...why can't Jerry have a look alike in the Balkan? Or at least be a super duper government agent (license to kill and all that) who is going to bring down the Russian mob. We could use a little excitement ala the good old days of Robert/Luke/Anna/and Laura...sigh, I do miss them so.....

  5. Yes! Why does he have to be all bad????
    Love him to be a super agent who is out to catch the bad guys who are harming those children. I just want to cheer on some hero I like and Sasbastian is SO charming and such a good actor that it would be lovely to see him in action to do GOOD!!

    Why dies Guza have such a problem with that? If Jerry has to be a killer, at least let him kill really bad guys!

  6. I don't think that Jerry is actually "the Balkan."

  7. Still hoping the "Balkan" is a crime syndicate. No one in particular is in charge. It would just be great to have Jerry as a part of the "Balkan" syndicate, and not the de-facto leader.

    Guess this is Guza's attempt at emotional turmoil for Jax, as his brother is going after a woman he loved, in Brenda. And, this will intensify the feud between Sonny and Jax. Also, maybe to show that Jax isn't so much a safe choice for Brenda either because of his connection to Jerry and his dangerous affiliations. Kind of a way to level the playing field after all the years of Jax constantly saying how dangerous it is to be around Sonny. So for once, maybe Sonny is the safer of the two!!

    So predictable...

  8. If Jerry is coming back let him come to PC with Franco's head under his arm. Jerry doesn't like people messing with his family. He might also come bearing gifts for Michael who offed Claudia. Business partner or not, the bitch caused Jerry some distress. That is a no-no.

    Add me to the column of viewers who want Jerry to be deep undercover and fighting crime rather than masterminding it all.

  9. YES! He's my second favourite villain, next to Alcazar of course! I love this man to bits and pieces and I don't care who he's coming back as just as long as he's back on my screen! =DDDDD



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