Friday, February 28, 2014

I saw those  Nurses Ball fliers for 2014!! yeah!!  Too bad Robin will be gone.

That baby Ben is adorbs. aww.  I saw those ONION rings on Britt's plate! YUM!! Neither she nor Nik ATE THEIR LUNCHES!! ;/ dang!

Nathan arrives in NYC.
No one cares.

He thinks Silas killed KnockAMaura.
No one cares.

Thank god Patrick called Anna or we wouldn't have gotten a Robin/Anna goodbye.GEESH
Anna cried.
I don't even care.

Lulu and Sonny..she gives him a grandpa mug. I'm still missing my badger. Then she runs into Britt

AJ remembered finally. Ho Hummmm whatever  WHATEVRRRRRRRRRR.

Geesh, there's not a hell of a lot I care about right now. The engagement party might be fun.

Knock Knock
Who's There?
Maura Who?
aahahahaGET IT??!!!

What if ... Donna Mills is...

 A Barrett?

My speculation...someone mentioned,what if Donna Mills is Julia Barrett?? COULD Totally FIT! And then,what if the LUKE Rumor about being Bill Eckart is somehow TRUE? (Or he thinks he's him? Who knows).  Julia Barrett had Nina (married last name) who then dated Silas. That would tie that together.

How could Luke be Bill? When he and Scotty were "out" they switched him.  Don't ask me WHO did it! LOL...but there IS something up with our Luke. Look at the way he walks. He totally has Bill's haircut too. And he said "call the police" to Tracy!! Come on..we know he died, but since when does that matter? 

Some history

Julia moved to Port Charles in 1991 to run Barrett Industries at the behest of her father Harlan Barrett. She soon found love in the form of Bill Eckert. The relationship didn't last however as Bill shot and killed Harlan, who was a member of a cartel planning to control global business used a deadly substance. Harlan's death made Julia break up with Bill. 

 She also slept with Ned and AJ! 

Bill Eckert was totally in that mobular world. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. This is ALLSPECULATIONSODON'TGONUTS! LOL. I love to play "what if" especially when the show is so boring.  

*NOTE: Donna Mills is 73!! I thought she wsa 63!! LOL..but hey, she COULD look way younger, right?  Well,  my early specs did lead to my being WAY RIGHT on the Faison-Mask thing. So, let's just pretend!! 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

I'm Here...

Yep...against my BETTER JUDGEMENT! This week I've just gone completely off the show. Not in a bad way..just in a "I'm too busy and really don't care" way. I'm the Carly and Franco of this week--just not that into it. LOL. 

Wait..Ric's staying AT THE METRO!!  Bajeebus!!  Sonny won't shake his hand.

Carrrrrrrrrrrrrlos is pointing a gun at AJ. Ok. Whateverrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  Tracy hits him in the head with a vase-he tries to get Betty to help him but she says no.

Scrubs step off the elevator into Betty. And Betty's belly. Betty will be there to catch Paddy when he falls. Awww. 
 "If you had ANY idea why I'm leaving Carly, you'd BOW DOWN AND WORSHIP ME!" Robin, almost spilling it. Carly yells at Robin, Patrick tells her to shut up but he's still really cold to Robin. 

I loved and Ava! Too fun. By the way-- The pharmacist that vouched for Silas signing the prescription is found dead.

Luke certainly doesn't look like LUKE--hmmmmmm. Wonder if the rumors are true. The hair alone is telling me something. "my family ties".. interesting. WATCH LUKE... something is up. Question is: BIG or Small. He's not even walking like himself. WEIRD.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Customer Appreciation Day

Big thank you to all that purchased Amazon gifts over Christmas! It really helps maintain the site. Visiting the sponsors also helps--thanks for clicking.  I say that and here I am missing a lot of GH this week! For some reason, I'm not hurrying home to punch that DVR up. I guess we all need a little break now and again. 
I should count the days since Carly/Franco have been on. Perfect example of overkill then black-hole. That's how I'm feeling lately. People are glad to have Ric back and also seem to like JuLexis.

Kirsten Storms is back taping March3rd I believe. It will be interesting to see how they handle her baby story. Will she get Georgie back or will Georgie continue to just live in Portland with Spin? Probably would be easier if she didn't have a kid around, right? I guess the "judge" could always just deny visitation over something stupid. 

 Interesting how they can sort-of have Delia 'on the show' with her really not being 'on the show'. She can be in "New York City"...they can block tape and she only has to come in for about a day. Better than nothing, but sneaky! 

I have meetings again today, so post if you wish or not, up to you all. Have a good one. I see CA is going to get much needed rain (but of course  TOO much!!) and we are  still freezing our behinds off here in WNY. They say the Polar Vortex is lasting into March. Like TWO WEEKS into March! What the..
I'm so sick of my big brown coat!! 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Ric's back....thoughts? 
Do you care about Michael and Kiki?
Do you care Molly and TJ were not able to have zex?
What about Ava and Carlos?

Some new spoilers are up.. WUBS NET   someone is shot *sigh*..someone makes a confession *sigh*...someone is arrested *sigh*

I have a busy week so I'm not sure when I'll be able to blog for the days ahead. Keep checking though. Maybe I'll get inspired if I drink enough of those up there! 

Monday, February 24, 2014

and we made it to 13,000!!

RAFE IS SUCH A NARK! Good Lord..who does that!??!! ALexis is mid Julian take down and has to run to the Metro? oy

Here's my meal..Greek Salad with Feta and BLACKANDWHITE CAKE FOR THE BALL!

BARRETT ENTERPRISES? Hmmm Julia? Could Ric have used that name as a funny against Sonny? Cooper Barrett? 
Naw, it's RIC 

Scrubs SEX..whatever. Don't care, just go Robin!! 

AJ and Ava..Ava's like LET IT GO! 
Carlos is going to be privvy to Ava's secret? Hmmmmmmmmmm. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Some Vintage Fun for you!

Since it's the 13,000 eppy Monday, I found some old pics to share! 

Robert, Blackie, Jackie, Laura 2.0 and Tiffany!

Campus Disco Days

Decker Moss

Bryan and Claudia

 OH Myyyyyyyyyyyyy.. LOL

Sunday Surgery: Cheers and Tears

There you have was the week of Scrubs, imo. Things actually turned out much differently than I thought. I wasn't hugely turned-off or upset, which is saying something. I even apologized to Ron himself one day on twitter because I was so pissy about Robin NOT telling Patrick about why she was leaving. 
Whoops. :eggface: 

Oh, and I think some other stuff went on as well like  the SAFE teen sex-attempt, a BLT consumption and a sonogram on Betty's Belly.

Get ready to go-go! I'm celebrating GH's 13,000 show on Monday early by eating some chili and muffins from Kelly's for brunch today!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Ric's Back!

See the first scene for yourself!! 

RIC's Back!!


Ah, Kiki and Michael problems... no one really cares. lol 

Silas doesn't care what Kiki is talking about. HA HA 
Sonny really is like "Well, dude, I can't forgive ANYONE, but you should forgive Kiki" Then he points out Franco DID save Carly. Wow. Even SONNY! 

OMG TJ...don't pick THE METRO for god sakes. GEESH, are there no Motel 6's around? Or even Holiday Inn Express?
Olivia busts him. 'You are the one that wants to get lucky tonight"! She's actually cool and gave TJ a discount. heh..then..
SHAUN walks in! What are the odds?!! Olivia says TJ's getting a job. He leaves. Then Molly walks in and Olivia has to talk to her about the safe sex too. 
THEN they walk into Rafe. Ahaha. BUZZ KILL 

Robin has  to tell Emma and Mac she's going.  Patrick's still sobbing away.   They sit on the couch as Mac looks on.  (Emma looks adorable today as usual)
THAT was underwhelming. Emma was like "Well, ok..don't be gone too long"...Finally she says: "Well I NEED YOU"!! "I don't wanna be strong" and runs out of the room.
Mac knows something is up. But, he's surprisingly understanding.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Here's Your Baby

Who looks JUST like Lulu! LOL..these dumb-dumbs need to notice this NOW!! Britt goes to GH For work, leaves Big Ben with Lante. He's the spitting image of Lulu and Luke. Geesh.
he's a cutie!


Who saw the painting at the sanitorium above that guy's head? Totally Heather's!  Anna finds Luke and Scotty all nap-time together.  I kinda had hoped Scotty had on the wig heh. Oh well. 
Luke's not right? LMAO ... "Epiphany, call a doctor, Luke's been drugged"! Says Tracy. Lucy hugs Scotty. 
Something's wrong with Luke. Maybe his head's all done in.

Epiphany!! She knows Betty is having Drake Jr's baby. She wants to confront Dr. O! WOOT!

Britt examines Betty--aw, she apologizes. Makes it sound convincing too!

Nikolas and Liz...Liz goes up to his bedroom when he only has a towel on. Oooo lah-lah! Thank goodness Britt is on the mainland! Nik's not too happy Liz says she loves him. "You chose AJ over me! AJ!" hhaa.  He cries a little. She leaves.

So, Victor goes to see Paddy and Robin. Now, why can't Robin demand the bodies be brought to Port Charles? They've moved them all before!

GH's 13,000 CAKE!

Wubber David suggests this as GH's 13,000 episode cake..what say you!? Isn't it PERFECT?? YES! This is a CAKE!   I may try making it. LOL. looks delicious


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Trotting Out Lucy

Well, she was back on today. I swear she tapes 1x a month and the "insert here". LOL... Tracy and Lulu were good, but boy, I wish it was JMB. wah... 

Full disclosure: I fell alseep during the show!! No desire to watch the DVR either. Whoops.

Why, Yes...I AM an Idiot!

I realize I call Jason Thompson "Jason Patrick' in a LOT of my blogs!! LOL..why? Well, it's obvious but no one called me out on it, did they? 

Jason Thompson:

Jason Patric:

You're welcome.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dante: DOH!!

Whoops!! DOH!! LOL... I'm who? What? Umt . huh? And did you see Liz? she was SO MAD because that was HER news!
Dante was all..hammmanah...ham ah nah!! 

Brit does a decent job of selling "the truth" and Nikolas still wants her!
OMG How long is it going to take these idiots to realize the Embryos that are MISSING is really BIG BABY BEN?

Next sweeps?

I liked Morgan and Lucas..get that Brownstone going! We could have:
Bobby (she owns it)

It's a HOUSE FULL !!

Robin spills the JASON secret!! YES!! thank you! It may help this story a bit. A TINY bit, but a bit. Jason Patrick killed it today. I'm so happy she told him why she's going to leave.  Patrick was US--it was  US sitting there listening to her stupid reasons for leaving.   "WHAT" says Paddy. It was a perfect "WHAT" "YOU ARE INSANE"!  

Ava and Julian: Whatever ....although Ava was fun

Felix/Brad: Whatever..although Felix did see Lucas' pic in Brad's phone!! 

Guess who the Jerome Money Man is? HINT: close to Sonny, hates him and comin 'back!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Patrick, I'm Leaving Port Charles..

and I say..

See ya! BYE!!  

I'm so pissed at this whole thing. From how long it took for her to finally get back to "Port Charles" after being in that lab to hiding at Wyndemere. Now this crap. WHATEVERrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. She should have come back with full-blown AIDS and then had 4-5 months to say goodbye.
Screw "leaving the door open"
--IF Robin was a character that could bop in and out (and didn't have EMMA), then ok. But she's NOT.

UGH. The explanation is STUPID --ALL of them. I have to leave because of danger. LMAO. Ok, you guys stay here WITH the danger and I'll go to Africa!! yeah, that's it! 

I guess she does tell Patrick... because he confronts Victor about it. So-- there's that.  At least  he knows the truth.  

Blog A Go-GO

Well, it's mid winter break here in Western NY. We  NEED it. I am NOT going anywhere sunny- I have dental/doctor appointments and painting the kitchen
Yeah me!! ugh

Today I am not sure I'm home for the show, so this is your day to fill in the blanks. Kim leaves the 24th of Feb, so this whole week should be mucho interesting in THAT "story".

Here's a fun blooper reel from 1979 thru 1982 --the beginning really hysterical.  Steve Hardy LOL  Brian and Claudia...Heather--Noah. So many fun people!! Susan Moore too! Enjoy.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Surgery: The R-Wing

If you are from my area, you know what the "R-wing" refers to; the psyche ward. Knowing headwriter RON is from here, I think he'll appreciate the tie in. (or not who knows! LOL)

This week was again, up and down and all around. I am still feeling like whole pieces are just chopped out here and there. Characters show up at weird times and the flow I like just isn't going to be happening. There were some stellar moments however, especially between vets so...let's get ready to cut into this baby and dish! 

Friday, February 14, 2014


Get 'em while they are HOT  WUBS NET

One shoe under the bed...and NO dust bunnies. Hmm. Interesting.   Spencer visits Lante. He gets Dante YANKEE tickets!!  And Lulu a bracelet. HE's just spending the moolah! LOL Spence tells Lulu that Nikolas and Britt are getting engaged.

TJ and Molly. Um. okay.  TJ whips off his shirt... Molly says: NO!  I want our first time to be special! 

Morgan and Ava in the meantime, go at it like animals!

Duke and Anna... he brings her roses, she's still pissy with him. BUT! Passion takes over!

Olivia and Sonny..he gives her a necklace. They are light and fun. I don't even consider them an "epic couple" they just 'fit' for now. 

The REAL SHOW is Liz and BRITT: "Now I know what you know"...and Liz just puts THE DNA results  in her face!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

'Night Daddy

First Mr. Oleson now John Walton! You know my Walton obsession. Now he's up with Esther and Zeb. RIP Ralph Waite

Hershey Kisses

 I can tell who writes now. Korte days are NOT. MY. DAYS.
Today was a Korte Day

Britt figures out Liz probably wanted the hairbrush for the hair.  

Ava downloads  Julian's files for Sonny.  Alexis tells Julian Ava said HE was downloading files-- so he's on to Ava. Ava goes to Sonny's office to deliver the flashdrive! Sonny is going to be happy it looks like.

Lulu dreams about Big Baby Ben. That's too stupid, they shouldn't do that. They should be completely unaware. Don't be all "What if Baby Ben was ours" or "I love Baby Ben". Geesh!! D did a good job today. He was so sad :(

Britt got chocolates from Spencer (HERSHEY placement) , he knows how to worm his way into good graces!  He's got such a mouth on him. lol Kelly broke her wrist in real life, btw...fell skateboarding.
Nik asks if he should propose to Britt, Spencer says yes!  They go off to buy the ring. 

Lucas and Brad embrace at the hospital and Julian sees! ut..oh!! Julian tries to explain to Lucas why he's a homophobe. Aw, they make up! 
Felix asks Brad to his house to be his Valentine. Brad says yes-- then breaks up with Lucas.

Michael  and Kiki fight ..fight and fight. I ugh. Shut up you two!!   They are just annoying! 

At the end of the show: Liz finds out Dante is Ben's Daddy!  BUT..when will they found out LULU's the mama?

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Alexis Schools Julian

GO Alexis! :) Love that she's  like who cares if Molly were gay!? Shut up and deal with it!  He says it's his dad's fault. He wanted  to be in a play but his dad said it was too 'sissy".  It was a really nice talk. Good scenes. NLG looks fabulous. 

AJ goes and sits on Connie's grave--and she's popping up FOR REAL..well, not real-real. But, KS is back for the day at least!  Connie says to AJ: Did YOU see the footage yourself? He's like, Um, no.  She says "All you have to do is remember".
Great that was a waste of time. I mean..really. Tell AJ to remember. WTF. DUH

Ava and Sonny. She's trying to convince Sonny she's on his side.  She said she's going to "give Julian to Sonny".  OK then!! I still think Sonny should try to seduce her to prove she's a..well, not a nice lady!!  

Silas and Sam are eating Pizza..he doesn't like pineapples on his.  They have sex. Sam's bedroom sure looks different!  They are going to NYC together again. I think that's where they see Delia. 

Bobbie, Lucas visit Carly--I liked that! Michael finds out Kiki was right and it WAS Heather, and not Franco that had his Mama.  Carly's all upset over Franco flatlining. They are trying to shock him back to life.  Carly tells him she'll be waiting for him! 

SORRY for the southern people on the East Coast. I hate ice storms, I've lived through two really terrible ones. Hope you are OK and have power.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


BOB is not in the old office anymore!! He really IS GONE?! 
damn it. 

Oh, Franco tried to carry Carly out, didn't get far. Heather Shoots him, then Franco stabs her in the foot! They tussle!  Then, she shoots him in the gut!! 
Anna finds out  Heather is in the Catacombs.   They find them, Pull their guns. THAT WAS IT? LOL Terrible editing.
Todd says he loves Carly..then passes out 

Scott and Luke locked in a padded room together. Kinda fun. "Sally's a MAN...Man" says a loopy Luke.
Scotty takes a pic of Luke in the wig to tweet!  

Ok, so Ava says AJ really did shoot Connie and she saw it on the DVD. Now, she could be lying. I'm thinking we may never know. If AJ believes her though, it's a way to get rid of him. AND this story.
I think AJ and Ava could do some good damage in the Q mansion! 

Sonny and Morgan having covo 900 about AVAAAAAAAA. And no BOB there to make me smile. 

AHAHAA, NLG was tweeting today:
: Fact: Those file boxes in Sonny's office are FILLED with 8x10's of Steve Burton circa 1991.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Bye Contractor Karl..

I am SO SICK of Carly and HEATHER! The poor repair guy is stabbed.  Whoops.  Whatever.

AJ's flashbacks feel like they happened 3 years ago--NO ONE CARES!  He tries to tell Liz. She doesn't even care. He smells like a pickle factory. 

Nathan West..pretty but dull and NO ONE CARES ABOUT NINA!! 

The only saving grace? Emma and Cam sledding--and Victor and Spencer. Cam takes a pic of he and Emma and sends it to SPENCER ahahaha.  They just steal the show. 

OHHHHH so Robin sees Danny Morgan!! Ergo-- she's going to want to save St. Jasus for the baby. Ah, got it.  

Everyone is going to Wyndemere.  Scottie gets trapped with Luke in the padded room! 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Latex Allergy !!

Yep..Latex allergies. So rare--so so uncommon! In a town of thousands...citizens make the link between baby and daddy!!  The pharmacy becomes the hot-spot for intrigue! Hydrocortizone is the epicenter of truth! 

Do YOU have a rash? Is Latex not your thing? Well, today I have a box of latex free surgical gloves just for you. Saddle up and join the fun. 
Peanut donuts are being served, so all you with nut allergies? You are out of luck! 
PS. Don't google Latex Mom has it. Some of those photos are scary!! 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Where's BOB?

Why yes, it WAS a quick cameo!

Sonny moved into Julian's office! NO MORE warehouse! woot! The CORINTHOS Coffee is "legit"!!  THEY'D better get Bob The Badger in that office, damn it!! ;/ He'd better get in there. Wha. Hey, wasn't Connie murdered in that office? You'd think Sonny would be creeped out by that. 
Morgan starts to unpack after Sonny leaves and Ava slinks in!

The GRAVEYARD is like The Park or something?  People just strolling around, meetin' up! LOL. AJ is on! AJ..remember him?  He remembers AVA being in the elevator.

Heather is mad Carly is "Dead" the wrong way! She wants her stabbed, not crushed.  Carly wakes up.  I can't believe no one has checked down there after that giant collapse LOL geesh

Ava's dress was..well, it gave me the hives. I hated those slits!!

Todd and Scotty were just brilliant. I really like RH--with anyone. He's acting just like he did on OLTL and I LOVED that character so...sue me Prospect Park!! 

Lucas and  Julian. Weird convo. I guess that's what someone sounds like that disapproves of gays?  "Sports, Girls..." hahaa. I think Lucas should move in with Sam. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

General Hospital 13000episodes!

A FABERGE EGG!! If you don't know about my obsession about Faberge Eggs, you don't know ME!! And VICTOR HAD ONE!!! OMG. I am. DEAD!! WOOT!

Liz is going to DNA Big Baby Ben!  She's so happy isn't she?    She gets the hairbrush and Felix gets Dante's water. Good LORD but everyone knows that he has a PRESCRIPTION cream waiting for him ahahaha. 

Lulu figures out that Heather could be alive. 

OMG Brad and Lucas were HOT!! Geesh..they had a little make out there! Hope Russia watches GH 
heh. Lucas even took a morning after selfie!! 

Carlos and Julian. I think they should both fall for Alexis.  Along comes Lucas to talk to Julian. Ut oh.  He's not going to like the gay thing!! 

Patrick and Emma's headband! Awwwwwwwwww.. and then he runs into Betty.  bleck. GO AWAY

Robin sees "Jason" on a DVD that we don't get to see.  Well, that's not right lol .  Robin's trying to figure out how to leave Port Chuck. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Bye, Mr. O!

Richard Bull..aka Mr. Oleson is gone. Wah. I guess he's running the store in the sky.  Hey, I'm not sure when I'm writing about the show today. It's horrible weather here, and frankly I may just watch the show later. 

Let me know what you thought of it--or if I manage to watch, I'll post.  

I did see: The tunnels collapse, Dr. O leave Wyndermere and Dante finding Heather's note.
Liz is all of a sudden in the know on ALL THE BABY Daddies!! Geesh...first Patrick, now Dante!! 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


This was on twitter about an hour ago:

Apparently Natalia Livingston (ex-Emily/Rebecca) is taping at tomorrow. Wonder why...

Ryan runs TV he knows stuff! Is she a ghost to help AJ? Is he going to die and she takes him to heaven?  See Nikolas? Hmmmm.

"You're Going to Pay for What You've Done"

Everyone, Steve Burton signed on longer to YR so he's not coming back--I'll never say never but it's NO TIME soon, at all. It's a plot point. Should have been Georgie, I could see her maybe leaving for that..but Jason? Naw.

I can't tell you how many people "in the real world" that know I watch the show either texted me or are like WHAT IN THE HELL IS HAPPENING!? LOL.. they are confused at the direction things are taking. Most figured out KMc was leaving again.


Alexis and Sam ... I still can't believe Sam doesn't  get that spouses leave their stuff to each other!

Julian and Silas..whatever I don't know ..then Sam comes to see Sias.

Olivia and Sonny (over salads)  ..DID YOU SEE THOSE CAKES!? 

Heather is in the Metro dining room? Ummmmmmmm, ok. 

Franco shot and down.  "you shot me"! and instead of running after him, they sit here and question KIKI ..and then Franco digs UP the frozen ground to find a note from Heather
Kiki is in jail opposite Silas.

Sabrina and Patrick ...Geesh Betty, just drop it out there over the nurses' station.   Good for her Robin has to go make some un-dead people alive.

Robin and the Cass-a-Crew ridiculous.  He has Stavros, Hells and Jason and robin can't tell anyone .. because, well, it's a soap.
This is so weird. So so weird.

HAAHAHA...  I don't think this will happen--- but AHAHAHA 


Steven Bergman
Talk about meta! According to a report on, GH Head Writer Ron Carlivati is hoping that James Franco will make another return to Port Charles -- but not as his former alter ego, Franco, who is now being played by Roger Howarth. Carlivati's concept is to have James Franco play himself in scenes opposite Howarth.


Monday, February 3, 2014

Little Girl...Big Ears..

So, Liz spills and Emma hears it. LOL.. whoops.  

The catacombs are going to ...well, did you see the Spoilers? 

So, Robin has to go and get Stavvy and Helena back up and alive? Oh, okay. Why not get David Hayward-- with Genesis? 
Cassadine ON ICE!! Get them going!! Maybe they can skate an arena near you. Dr. O is out because she helped Victor.
Robin can save Helena, Stavvy and  JASON! that's why she goes! Ok, got it. She leaves everyone (even her kid) to maybe unfreeze Jason.

Todd tells KikiMcStarr that Heather's dead and he killed her.  Didn't he kill his Mom on OLTL? Yep..and Starr broke him out of jail! Well,well.  
Franco ran and Dante shot-- 

SOMEONE just get rid of Heather for godsakes, I am so sick of this. 

OMG! DANTE and Ben BOTH have a Latex allergy? What ARE the odds? Snicker. 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Phil Hoffman... Our Fairport Boy

Phil Hoffman graduated from Fairport High School and was such a hometown hero here, I can't tell you. He would come back and talk to classes about films and film-making. My own son saw him and was so inspired. His mom is a respected judge and it's just so damn sad. That's him in my favorite film 'The Talented Mr. Ripley" right before uttering my fave line "Tommy, Tommy, Tommy".

I saw him at the post office one year and stood there like an idiot with my mouth open. He just smiled, shook his head a bit and walked by. I knew I knew him, but didn't where from-- lol. Didn't hit me until he left.

RIP.  You will be missed. Such a talent.

Dr. O and Sonny...on AMC!!?

Oh my GOSH!! Look at this!! Kathleen and Maurice...on All My Children --she's Taffy, after Nico and trying to sabotage his girlie Cecily!!

The beginning is KG--she's the blonde, with the NY accent, and then watch around the 3:27 mark. It's delicious!! Tad and Dixie are so young too.
Great Clip  

Sunday Surgery: Insert Here

Oh boy, it's difficult to write the blog on weeks like this!!  You'd think with a Cassadine return, I'd be all a twitter. Not the case. This week dragged for me, big time. How about you? Are you feeling like the show is a cohesive collaboration of streamlined stories? 

I didn't think so.

Ok, let's get our gear on and go to work!  I'm having a Bloody Mary this morning. I'm going to need it. 
GH has been great on one thing--one liners, funny moments, props, wigs  and some pop culture mentions. For that, I salute the writers. Bottoms UP! 

Luke's BDAY

  Michael and Kristina eat at Kelly's. He wants to tell her about Sonny.  He says the way he's acting he won't get custody but m...