Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Surgery: The R-Wing

If you are from my area, you know what the "R-wing" refers to; the psyche ward. Knowing headwriter RON is from here, I think he'll appreciate the tie in. (or not who knows! LOL)

This week was again, up and down and all around. I am still feeling like whole pieces are just chopped out here and there. Characters show up at weird times and the flow I like just isn't going to be happening. There were some stellar moments however, especially between vets so...let's get ready to cut into this baby and dish! 

When I write these, I try not to look back at my blogs or screen caps at first to see what stands out in my mind. This week it was the weird catacomb rescue,  Franco's bare chest,  Slap fight at Windemere and Spencer's big mouth! 

You never know what's going to stick with you!! Let's go story by story and review:

RIP Karl the Catacomb Contractor 
Franco finds Carly- gets stabbed then shot--or maybe  just shot.  Don't know. Anyway, the big moment there was his declaration of WUB for Carly. Roger was so good in his scenes, especially freaking out on Heather with his "love for Jason" speech.   They should never have made him Franco though. Why he couldn't have been a Jerome is beyond me.  

Took a whole damn month for this to be over.

The strange scene was when Anna and Newbie CopperBoy were all of a sudden there, guns drawn.  It was like I walked out of the room and missed something. Never mind the fact that we have NO clue where she is right now. You know she's not locked up! 
The Morgan/Michael scenes at the hospital were made bearable because Bobbie and Lucas were there too. Of course, having Bobbie bop in and out really makes  things seem choppy but I'm not going to complain.  I love how Sonny didn't even get word (or care) until the next day.  

THE DNA STUFF:  Liz was as giddy as I've ever seen her! I'm fine with her in this  part; she was a total bad-girl (with a heart) when she first came on. Her lying to Brad and manipulating the whole situation was great.   Although it was very contrived to have her go to Britt before Dante, that turned into a fun full out fight scene! Hee hee. Britt brought out Liz' dirty laundry!! Of course, Liz has the fact that Britt stole genetic material, so I think that trumps her in the "badass" category. 

THE GAY STUFF:  Alexis' talk with Julian was a highlight -- we found out his Dad called him a 'sissy' when he wanted to act in the school play (aww) and he ended up changing his mind pretty quickly. Alexis had some good dialog though  and it was played really well.  Brad "broke up' with Lucas and is going to try to make it work with Felix. Who thinks there's a big triangle coming? 

THE ROBIN STUFF:  ah..I get it!! ROBIN sees DANNY and thinks of Jason not having seen his son! Then she feels like she has to save him. I so wish Sam would have been walking him though. The juxtaposition of Sam's grief and baby Danny? Would have been good. But, no...Sam's in bed, eating pizza with Silas. 

LANTE REUNION: Well, they had another talk about babies, losing a baby..BABY BAAABY BAABY. Having Lulu dream about Ben being theirs was so over the top though. I mean, come on. And shouldn't Olivia see an Italian Horn necklace around Ben's neck? Anyway, I did like the talk with Nikolas about Britt-- that was a good scene.  Lulu's not going to be thrilled she's "not" Ben's mama. I wonder when THAT will come out! May? This year? Next? LOL 

SPENCER FACTOR: Such a little mouth! I love him so much! I think he's sorta like Jack on OLTL a bit..but with money to throw around!! He's a great little actor. I also love Tyler's face when he has to deal with his obvious mouthy outbursts. heh. 

CONNIE COMES BACK: But WHY? WHY? Ava tries to convince AJ he really did kill Connie..and AJ goes to the cemetery to ask Connie. She 'raises from the dead' (and obviously KS taped) --and said...absolutely NOTHING. NOTHING! What the hell was that about? Um, still don't care. 

AVA SLINKS ON IN: With a snake ring no less!! She steals her dear brother's files and hands them over to Sonny. I guess Morgan is THAT good? I know..she 'loves' him. But Sonny's right, what long term thing can they have? 

THE COO-COO'S NEST:  Kin and Tony, locked up in a padded room! I swear, I wish they would have had just a "real time" HOUR with the 2 of them! Scotty makes Luke wear the wig while he tries to get him out of the jacket and takes a selfie ahahhaa.  I'm thinking it's going to be a week before anyone finds them? I think Lulu finally wonders where Dad is..and Lucy is the one that thinks about Scotty. *Lucy, who obviously had this week off. 
Anyway, Luke dressed as Lasha from back in the day when SHE was in a rocking chair. Hee hee.

SONNY MOVES OFFICE: Leading to my melt-down this week over the absence of BADGER BOB. He wasn't back at the restaurant office either. That's empty. WAH 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Julian and Alexis talk about acceptance of Lucas. Very well done, and NLG as always, was just awesome. It also is great for their relationship; now being built a bit slowly and with emotional connections. 

PROP  of the WEEK: I'm giving it to the Candy Conversation Heart. It was after all, Valentine's Day. Molly and TJ are thisclose to "making the love" too. 

RUNNER UP:  Sonny's Necklace to Olivia. I put it up there because I think it's supposed to be a branch of a tree, signifying her loyalty and their family?  Anyway, thought you'd like to see it up close.  Hey, at least it wasn't a dress! 

FACE OF THE WEEK: YEP..Liz gets it again!!! BOO-YA to Britt!! And that hair tho! 

So, all in all, a  lot did happen this week..although it didn't really feel like it. I'm thinking the entire Heather story happened to further "redeem" Franco (hey, he was literally resurrected on the ER table). The mob story between Sonny and Julian just rings false; they seem like guys that would get together to make more money than try to kill each other off. Is Tracy still running around with that net? The AJ thing is comical by now. Why NOT have him see Zombie Connie? And although Robin was on at the beginning of the week, they'd better start to really REALLY focus on her to make any sense out of what's coming. I feel like KM's time was so wasted--from the time she was on in the "lab" for a month until now, when we see her so sparingly.  We're going to get a "should they go all the way" teen story.  Ric will be back though, so we can look forward to that.  And of course "DONNA MILLS" is coming. Sorry, still makes me giggle.  By the way, was that the only part poor Shirley Jones got? Huh. Okay then. Wish she was like an old friend of Audrey's! 

What's your fave part of GH?   I'd say the DNA stuff--and Lante baby but I am SO afraid that Dante/Lulu will have huge angst over Ben being "his" and not "hers" and that reveal will take another age and a half. 


  1. I think LuLu is the baby mommy too. Didn't Britt steal fertilized embryos and evil mama Obrecht implanted them.

  2. yes, they did say that. Obrect confirmed she took the entire embryo.

  3. Now they are going to drag that out? Might as well stop watching.

  4. Now they are going to drag that out? Might as well stop watching.

  5. Liz was great in those scenes, but Britt's expression as she realized Liz only knew half of the story was also really good. I also liked how Liz told Britt everything- the hairbrush, Dante's water bottle, the copy of the DNA letter- all in one quick scene, as opposed to the usual multiple cutaways they use these days. Plus I kept wondering if Britt was gonna thump her with her cast!

    My favorite parts of the show right now are anything Cassadine, any Julian scenes with Ava, Alexis or Lucas, and any scenes with either Anna or Scott. So I guess I am more about my favorite characters now, instead of any actual storylines, most of which just aren't working for me. If I had to pick a story, it would be Scott/Lucy/Kevin, which is more of an afterthought than an actual story.

    Glad the kidnapping story ended. I loved RH as Todd; now I FF his scenes probably half the time.

  6. Favorite scene of the week was the Liz/Britt faceoff and cat fight. Liz relished waving the DNA results in Britt's face, and Britt was completely accurate when she told Liz this was about keeping her & Nik apart rather than any concern for Dante. They make great adversaries, and I'm glad they gave Liz something else to do than stand around the Nurse's station at GH.

    Morgan is the perfect picture of a p-whipped teenager. Ava could tell him that dog poop is ice cream, and he'd ask for a scoop.

    Funniest scene no doubt was Scotty plopping that wig back on Luke's head to take a selfie.

    GH's writers are telegraphing the reform of Franco to the point where it's so predictable, I've lost interest.

    They've made Lulu such a whiny victim that I can't identify with her as a Spencer any more or really care if she's Ben's mother.

    Looking forward to Nik's reaction to the fact that his gf has had custody of his nephew this whole time.

    Teen romance. Meh. Who cares.

  7. They should have Franco die and Todd come back to town

  8. Yes! Kill Franco and bring back Todd! PLEASE

  9. All in all, I'd say it was an interesting week. I think the choppiness is the result of too many stories going at once and having to go from one to the other. But it was relief to have Heather caught, the baby reveal, to see Anna and Duke, and to have Luke back on.

    I was happy to have AJ back, too, and I felt the thing in the cementary was about AJ trying hard to remember. Connie was in his head--he conjoured her because she seems to be the only one who really knows what happened that night, but she can't tell him what isn't right there in his head. I would hate to lose Sean now--the redemption of AJ has been a story I liked because all thru the Guza years he was a whipping boy. Used to make me winch. Why would they let him go now?

    I would like Victor to hang around, too. Always liked Thaoo. I could do without Lucy cheating, and without Scott, and I am sick of baby stories. There are way too many babies on the show now.

    I'm interested in Silas and Sam because they play so well together. I used to hate Sam, thought hers was the worst written character on the show. But ME brings out something very likable in her and in him.


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