Thursday, February 20, 2014

Here's Your Baby

Who looks JUST like Lulu! LOL..these dumb-dumbs need to notice this NOW!! Britt goes to GH For work, leaves Big Ben with Lante. He's the spitting image of Lulu and Luke. Geesh.
he's a cutie!


Who saw the painting at the sanitorium above that guy's head? Totally Heather's!  Anna finds Luke and Scotty all nap-time together.  I kinda had hoped Scotty had on the wig heh. Oh well. 
Luke's not right? LMAO ... "Epiphany, call a doctor, Luke's been drugged"! Says Tracy. Lucy hugs Scotty. 
Something's wrong with Luke. Maybe his head's all done in.

Epiphany!! She knows Betty is having Drake Jr's baby. She wants to confront Dr. O! WOOT!

Britt examines Betty--aw, she apologizes. Makes it sound convincing too!

Nikolas and Liz...Liz goes up to his bedroom when he only has a towel on. Oooo lah-lah! Thank goodness Britt is on the mainland! Nik's not too happy Liz says she loves him. "You chose AJ over me! AJ!" hhaa.  He cries a little. She leaves.

So, Victor goes to see Paddy and Robin. Now, why can't Robin demand the bodies be brought to Port Charles? They've moved them all before!


  1. OK...So I've been thinking a little bit. Is it SO out of character that Robin wouldn't abandon her family?
    As a child, her father would cut in and out of PC to live in Australia. He was hardly a reliable every day presence at times there. Her mother is kidapped by Grany Putnam for months and her mother became so caught up with Faison that it took a toll on their family and eventually he kidnapped her.
    She lived for like 10 years thinking her mom had been killed and like 15 or so years thinking her dad had been killed.
    Now she has been kidapped for 2 years and is likely suffering some form of PTSD...
    Consider all that PLUS her affinity for bad boys (like her mom) that requires her to try to rescue them.
    And...well maybe dang...maybe it's not a stretch to consider the possibility that she would bail on her own family. Frankly, the "absentee parent" is the model of parent she was shown by her own two parents a lot.
    All that said, I still find it hard she would bail on Emma. She knows the heavy price that is paid by being gone from personal experience.

    Scott and Lucy! Love it. Scott and Luke are quite the duo too - they ought to pair them up in more scenes together. Lucy and Tracey are a hoot too.


  2. Police station: Tracy worried about Luke, while Lucy is worried about Scotty! The look on Tracy's face when Lucy talks about Scotty! ROFL! Lucy just goes on and on about the past ROFL! Tracy wins the line of the day!

    Tracy: The bottom line is, it's ancient history and I don't know why you are dredging it up.

    ROFL! Lucy you gotta calm down ROFL!

    Mscavage Institute: Oh! Luke and Scotty are sleeeeping!! ROFL! The bromance lives on!!! :) Anna saves them YAY! :)

    Wyndemere: Awww don't worry Liz! Once Brik are over, then Nik will come to you! Altho you will be the rebound. Do you really want to be the rebound girl?

    Lante home: Uh Britch! Dante can be with his son while you are gone! UGH! He can be with his son anytime he damn well pleases! He IS his son for crying out loud!!! Dante with his son awww! :) Lulu you are the mother!!!!!

    The hospital: Piffy!!! :) Piffy is not afraid of Dr O! Oh I can't wait until they have scenes together! Oh Sabrina! What is the point of calling Patrick?! He don't need to be with you on your baby appointment! You can go yourself! And then she does. See? I told you, you can do it yourself! Oh but of course your doctor couldn't make it so it's Britch. It was an interesting but awkward scene. I'm glad Britch apologized. Scotty and Luke showed up! OH! Luke looks horrible! Like he got bit by a vampire! Lucy is so excited and happy seeing Scotty! The look on Tracy's face again when she sees them together ROFL! She must have a feeling something is going on between them. :) Tracy with Luke ROFL! Damn Luke is acting so funny. Luke called Lulu, Leslie. Hmmm. And then there is Scotty with Anna. We missed a funny one liner!!! Back in Miscavage he called Anna head on a stick? ROFL! Why didn't they show it?!

    Patrick and Robin: Oh Victor in the scene with Robin AND Patrick! Glad Patrick is part of the scene. I love how Patrick kicked him out! :)

  3. I'll comment!

    Between Nik crying and Patrick crying this week, I've been a mess. Those two guys are amazing actors! At least Dante got to be happy. He's a good crier too!

    I'm really excited about what they might do with Luke in this "crazy-eyed" state of his. Potential?? Or just a way to ship him off for his next vacation?

  4. "CareyN said...I'm really excited about what they might do with Luke in this "crazy-eyed" state of his. Potential?? Or just a way to ship him off for his next vacation?"

    He already went on his vacation. Or I thought so. Hmmmm.

  5. Sonya, I think sometimes the way they film with block taping and out of order, Luke seems to pop in and out even tho TG may be on vacation. So I can never really tell when he's gone or not. I think, as a viewer, I like it that way. It feels more natural. Sometimes you don't see people every day of your life, you know?

    I wish, since TPTB love KMcC so much, they'd just give her something like that and she can be working sometimes in Africa or for the WSB and sometimes be home. This return/leave again story has really made me sad. Patrick loves Robin SSOOOOO much, and she is just totally taking him for granted.


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