Friday, February 21, 2014


Ah, Kiki and Michael problems... no one really cares. lol 

Silas doesn't care what Kiki is talking about. HA HA 
Sonny really is like "Well, dude, I can't forgive ANYONE, but you should forgive Kiki" Then he points out Franco DID save Carly. Wow. Even SONNY! 

OMG TJ...don't pick THE METRO for god sakes. GEESH, are there no Motel 6's around? Or even Holiday Inn Express?
Olivia busts him. 'You are the one that wants to get lucky tonight"! She's actually cool and gave TJ a discount. heh..then..
SHAUN walks in! What are the odds?!! Olivia says TJ's getting a job. He leaves. Then Molly walks in and Olivia has to talk to her about the safe sex too. 
THEN they walk into Rafe. Ahaha. BUZZ KILL 

Robin has  to tell Emma and Mac she's going.  Patrick's still sobbing away.   They sit on the couch as Mac looks on.  (Emma looks adorable today as usual)
THAT was underwhelming. Emma was like "Well, ok..don't be gone too long"...Finally she says: "Well I NEED YOU"!! "I don't wanna be strong" and runs out of the room.
Mac knows something is up. But, he's surprisingly understanding.


  1. I missed the first half but noticed Sam and Starr have the same cut and color now. Odd.

    Can't believe Oliva would allow and seemingly promote the teens having sex at the MC. Can TJ actually afford a room even with a discount. Just stupid. I was so hoping Ric would be standing there and the elevator open. It may still happen... they are right next to the elevator.

    I thought Emma was right saying "but you just came back!" No Robin has to save the world because she took an oath. I'm hating this story for so many reasons.

  2. Jasonroks, I was so hoping It was Ric.

    Where is Anna in all of this? Robin should chat with her mama, she clearly has some experience with coming and going.

    Really Michael, don't take advice from someone that moved in to the office where his lover was brutally murdered.

  3. The hospital: Starki and McSilas scene!

    Starki: Did you know that Michael is mad at me for lying to him? Can you believe that? I was so excited to see Michael because I thought here comes my big apology. Right? Wrong! Oh I don't. (she doesn't feel terrible) I had every right to lie. Forgive me? Michael should be the one begging me to forgive him. He really let me down.

    SAY WHAT?!!?!?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW?!!?!?! SHUT THE HELL UP STARKI!!!! BAHHHHHHHHHH! *Throws barware at Starki! Go away Starki! I am done with you!!!! Rafe shows up! Did Rafe do something with his hair? Oh Rafe and Starki are gonna go out to eat!

    Patrick and Robin's home: BAH! So heartbreaking with Emma!!! Emma doesn't want to be strong!!! Why do you have to lie to her Robin!!?!?! Even Mac knows something is off! Poor Emma! :( Robin is leaving on a plane tomorrow! :(

    Sam and Julian: What a great scene!!! What he did for Sam's brother awwwww!

    Alexis's home: Alexis and Molly are talking about college. Is she 17 now? Alexis is acting strange. Does she have a feeling Molly is gonna have sex? I mean after Molly left, Alexis talked about how Molly is too smart to get pregnant. Oh someone is at the door! Is it Ric?!!?!?! :) I was getting excited. No it's not Ric. It's Julian. When is Ric coming? :(

    Metrocourt: Oh really TJ?! Getting a room at the metrocourt where people you know can show up?! I think you are thinking with the wrong head. Oh there is Olivia! Oh there is Shaun! *shakes my head* Olivia and TJ scene was nice. :) She wants to make sure Molly doesn't get pregnant. Hmmm First Alexis, and now Olivia talking about pregnancy. Oh oh is this foreshadowing? Is Molly gonna get pregnant?!!?!! Oh there is Rafe! Is Rafe gonna open his big fat mouth and run to tell Alexis!?!?!

    Sonny's office: Michael and Sonny scene. Yeah Michael. Just cut your losses! If you can't trust her, then dump her!

  4. Anna isnt a part of this storyline becuase the writers dont have the guts to do that scene. THey know no matter what they do, it will be beyond implausible and unwatchable. Because there is no way Robin can justify leaving to Anna.

    I used to like Robin. Now? The writers destroyed her and this is really character assassination. I dont even know who this person is. Maybe she is a clone perpetrated by the Cassadines?

    I was expecting Olivia to offer them complimentary champagne. I mean, after all she is encouraging teen sex why not encourage teen drinking too?

    Just when you thought this show cannot get any more assanine.... here comes the next episode.

  5. I was disappointed in Olivia. I know these are far different times than when I grew up, but some things seem to stay the same, such as accidental pregnacies, and Olivia had no business encouraging teen sex. Not that her disapproval would have stopped them. They are thinking sex all the time now so it will happen. Frankly, I hate it. Molly is way too young and there is plenty of time to get into the grown-up responsibilities. Rethink this, Molly. You will be in love several more times in the future, whether you believe that or not. And sex is much more than physical. Or should be.

    Robin has gone out on a limb before to save someone, but I really came to believe she loved Patrick and Emma. The writers had an impossible task (getting her off the show so the actress can get on with her private life), and I suppose this is as good as any, short of her being kidnapped again too soon after the last time. Still, it hurts the show. I wish I liked Sabrina better, but I can hardly cheer for her to be Emma's substitute momma. Anyway, she's having her own kid.

    I like the way Kiki talks to Silas--her overlapping and contradicting herself--cute. Nicely written, but I agree not much is at stake here.

  6. I noticed that the show featured "fathers and daughters," following up on the recent show featuring fathers and sons.

    Um, Olivia blessing the upcoming sexual initiation, creepy!! Can any one of you imagine going to have sex for the first time after both of you speak about it to a mother figure, then run into everyone you know? Ewwwww, total mood kill, young sex should be illicit and fun, not sanctioned and then being sent upstairs with condoms!

    The Robin leaving thing is SOOO awful, I guess I don't need to add anything after all that everyone's said. . . .

  7. I hate this storyline I really do for Robin to just leave her daughter is just wrong , And I don't want Patrick andSabrina back gether again either.


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