Monday, February 24, 2014

and we made it to 13,000!!

RAFE IS SUCH A NARK! Good Lord..who does that!??!! ALexis is mid Julian take down and has to run to the Metro? oy

Here's my meal..Greek Salad with Feta and BLACKANDWHITE CAKE FOR THE BALL!

BARRETT ENTERPRISES? Hmmm Julia? Could Ric have used that name as a funny against Sonny? Cooper Barrett? 
Naw, it's RIC 

Scrubs SEX..whatever. Don't care, just go Robin!! 

AJ and Ava..Ava's like LET IT GO! 
Carlos is going to be privvy to Ava's secret? Hmmmmmmmmmm. 


  1. You were right Karen, it is Rick. I still don't remember him having been that rich.

  2. Very lackluster show for the 13,000 I thought.

  3. Julia mention. Maybe Donna Mills is Julia. And hope Ric is back on contract.

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  5. Did Alexis and Julian forget about Danny?

  6. Rafe said he would watch Danny. I was expecting something big for the 13,000...I ff through Patrick/Robin, I don't care anymore either

  7. Sorry. Have had computer problems.

    Metrocourt: OH! Starki thinks he and Michael went to fast in their relationship. I agree! Oh is she going to break up with him?!!?! Damn she isn't! UGH! Meanwhile TJ and Molly are having dinner. Oh is this foreplay? Molly keeps looking at the bed looking nervous. Oh Alexis and Julian shows up!

    Alexis's home: Alexis and Julian with baby Cheeto awww. :) OH oh Alexis and Julian all hot and heavy!!! :) Oh shoot Rafe had to interrupt them! Oh so Rafe tattles on Molly and TJ! You think she will thank you? I DON'T THINK SO YOU NARK! RIC LANSING YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Ghost Connie and AJ: Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. What is the point?! Give it up drunk AJ! She can't tell you anything!

    Ava and AJ: Oh boy what a scene!!!! And Caaaaaaaaaaaaarlos protecting Ava awww. :)

    Robin and Patrick: Patrick and Emma don't want Robin to go, but that won't stop Robin! And she is begging her husband to make love to her, just to have one last night together! UGH! I hope they are wearing protection. She says she will comeback someday. SOMEDAY?!!?! WHAT?!!?!!

    Sonny's office: Barrett industries really?!?!!?! No Brenda has nothing to do with that. Nor Julia. I bet it's Ric Lansing! :)


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