Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Customer Appreciation Day

Big thank you to all that purchased Amazon gifts over Christmas! It really helps maintain the site. Visiting the sponsors also helps--thanks for clicking.  I say that and here I am missing a lot of GH this week! For some reason, I'm not hurrying home to punch that DVR up. I guess we all need a little break now and again. 
I should count the days since Carly/Franco have been on. Perfect example of overkill then black-hole. That's how I'm feeling lately. People are glad to have Ric back and also seem to like JuLexis.

Kirsten Storms is back taping March3rd I believe. It will be interesting to see how they handle her baby story. Will she get Georgie back or will Georgie continue to just live in Portland with Spin? Probably would be easier if she didn't have a kid around, right? I guess the "judge" could always just deny visitation over something stupid. 

 Interesting how they can sort-of have Delia 'on the show' with her really not being 'on the show'. She can be in "New York City"...they can block tape and she only has to come in for about a day. Better than nothing, but sneaky! 

I have meetings again today, so post if you wish or not, up to you all. Have a good one. I see CA is going to get much needed rain (but of course  TOO much!!) and we are  still freezing our behinds off here in WNY. They say the Polar Vortex is lasting into March. Like TWO WEEKS into March! What the..
I'm so sick of my big brown coat!! 


  1. I SO wish I could get over Franco bc I LOVE RH but I can't. I hate it. And it ticks me off more bc Carly would NEVER do this!

    I can buy Silas though so that's something.

    Damn Olivia has been on 5 years. Time flies.

    I hope Ava is gone soon and Carlos goes with her. Bring back Faith.

  2. Alexis's home: Alexis wins the line of the day!!!

    Alexis: Not that you care about academics anymore. since you're using your hormones as brains.

    ROFL! Perfect line! :) Oh Julian! :) I love their scenes.

    Carly and BobTodd:

    BobTodd: I love you.

    Carly: I love you.

    Awwww! :) I can't help it. I love them together. :) Okay her calling him her superhero was strange and funny ROFL!

    Kelly's Oh so it's okay with Shaun if TJ and Molly have sex. And he is going to talk to Alexis. How old is TJ? Is he 17? 18? TJ tells Sonny about Julian talking to him about the warehouse. RA RO!

    Q home: Caaaaaaaaaaaaarlos has a gun! Gonna kill AJ! Oh wait he can't! Michael and AJ are having a heart to heart talk ROFL! I love the Michael and AJ scene today! AJ seems sober.

    Delia's restaurant: Delia and Ava. Okay writers I get it! You don't need to show a flashback of Ava talking to Caaaaaaaaaaarlos about her being at her mother's restaurant because it's her alibi! I get it! There is need for a flashback. I am not stupid! I love Ava's smokey eye. :)

    Sam and McSilas: Oh sex time! :) Delia trying to call them to warn about her mother being there. :) McSilas and his comment about naked pillow fighting ROFL!

    Maxie's home: Hottie West working out! :) Hubba hubba! Oh there is Starki UGH! Oh and she just had to blab about where McSilas is UGH! You blabber Mcblabberson!!!! I don't know who is worse! You or Rafe!!!!! And she was hoping to stay at this place! She is looking for a place to live! Where is the brownstone?!!?!

    Ric's home: RIC BABY! :) Had Ric and Olivia ever met? Shut up Olivia! Oh she is figuring out that maybe Ric is bankrolling Julian. :) Olivia had to call Sonny about Ric! OH RIC AND SONNY SCENE! :)

  3. Nice to see Delia. Wish they would move her to PC but I guess if she is married..

    I am sick of people saying it is fine for young teens to go to a hotel for sex--of course they want to, of course their blood is running high, of course they think they are in love so that makes it okay--but Molly is too young and too unsophisticated to make such decisions. Wait a couple years at least, Molly. Date a few other guys before you try it out. Your perspective may change.

    I am worried about AJ. I want him around. I don't want Ava to get away with still another major crime!

  4. Yes, Ava, how many murders and attempted murders? There used to be a law, I think, that in the movies (and maybe TV), if someone killed someone they HAD to show them caught and punished. Obviously, someone took that one off the books . . .

  5. I'm sorry I can't get behind Carly and Franco . Carly would never forgive him.

    Kiki needs to go away I just can't stand het.

    I loved AJ and Michael Please do not kill off AJ More Q's please. We need AJ.

    Delia asks more like Roxy from OLTL than Delia from RH.


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