Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Trotting Out Lucy

Well, she was back on today. I swear she tapes 1x a month and the "insert here". LOL... Tracy and Lulu were good, but boy, I wish it was JMB. wah... 

Full disclosure: I fell alseep during the show!! No desire to watch the DVR either. Whoops.


  1. The hospital: Lucy and Kevin! YAY! Oh she is talking about the nurses ball! YES! :) BobTodd wins the lines of the day today!

    BobTodd: Well well well if it isn't Dr. Turncoat. Tell me something when you when you took the oath to become a doctor, did you take the hypocrat oath? How many of your former patients have you ratted out today? 275 dollars for only 40 minutes? In your weird Freudian dreams pal. You might want to keep your ducks in a row Lucy Coe. This man is not to be trusted. That's a smart cookie of you. Run away. run run run away! That's pretty great. Oh no! Help somebody! I'm being shanghai by my former analyst!!

    ROFL! Too much hahahaha! Oh and he did say analyst right? :) Oh BobTodd remembers Scotty! :) And Lucy is acting funny. Lucy what are you doing? Why are you pretending you don't care about Scotty? Even BobTodd notices you were acting funny!

    The police station: Anna and Heather scene! Mmmm Kelly's BLT's!!! :) Anna is tempting Heather with Kelly's BLT's in exchange to tell Anna where Luke is! Oh here comes Lucy freaking out over Scotty! Anna knows where Scotty and Luke are now! Rats! We didn't get a lot of scenes with Scotty and Luke in the room before they get rescued. :(

    Wyndemere: Oh Britch!!! I think Dante is going to want to be a full father! Come on now!!! Tell the damn truth! Spencer's dance!!!! ROFLMAOPMP! Priceless! :) Spencer is excited that his dad and hot Britch are getting married! Spencer and his hot comment ROFL! I love this kid! :) He is so happy hot Britch is gonna be his mom hahaha!

    Sonny's office: Sonny and Dante scene awww! Sweet. :) And even Sonny thinks Dante not being able to see his son last night was wrong!!

    Lante home: Lulu and Tracy scene awww! :) Tracy's epiphany about family, made me get teary eyed! :) Oh Lulu and Dante are gonna find Luke first before they see Ben! Oh too late! There is Ben and Britch! :)

    Robin and Patrick's home: Oh geez! Liz and Robin scene! Liz whining how she is in wuv with Nik! Liz! You had your chance! You blew it big time!!! Or maybe you just think you love Nik because you can't have him!!! Just wait Liz. Ric is coming! Maybe you will fall in love with Ric! :) Awww Ric and Liz. :( I will always have a special place in my heart for them. :(

  2. I didn't watch GH when LiRic were a couple. People seem to really route for them. I read on a synopsis that Rick told Liz she was the first person (or maybe it was the only person) he ever loved. Were they really that special?

    1. No Rexis was WAY better and who I want. Liz was young and Ric looked up pg Carly behind the fireplace and dried liz the whole time bc he wanted to steal Sonny's baby

    2. LiRic sparkles! They were great! Go to youtube, type "nekkid wednesday Liric" and enjoy the magic of Liz&Ric.

  3. Ok phone in the morning a bad idea. He LOCKED up Carly and DRUGGED Liz

  4. Yeah Carrie what you are saying is true, but Liric was really good in the beginning. :( Ric's desperation and hate of Sonny blinded him. :(


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