Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Latex Allergy !!

Yep..Latex allergies. So rare--so so uncommon! In a town of thousands...citizens make the link between baby and daddy!!  The pharmacy becomes the hot-spot for intrigue! Hydrocortizone is the epicenter of truth! 

Do YOU have a rash? Is Latex not your thing? Well, today I have a box of latex free surgical gloves just for you. Saddle up and join the fun. 
Peanut donuts are being served, so all you with nut allergies? You are out of luck! 
PS. Don't google Latex Mom has it. Some of those photos are scary!! 

SO, this week was all about the PROPS for me. In fact, the rest of the show could just have been back ground noise!!  There were so many that this blog is going to be a PROPS of the WEEK egg-stravaganza. I can even sum up the show with them!!  

Number one: Faberge EGG

Spencer gets his first Cassadine EGG from Uncle Vic. Ah, how cute! The history of these dates back to the early days of Stefan/Helena. You know I love them. Wasn't it interesting that young Spencer took the launch alone by himself, across the frozen lake to see Emma? When Emma was at school? (does he have a private tutor??) Anyway, he's on to ol' Victor. Such a great Spencer-Cassadine hybrid that one! 

Number Two:  Cream Tubes

Ah, yes.. those TUBES of cream!! Nurse Liz is very alert on these, isn't she? Hmmmm. Could it be? You know Latex allergies only happen in families. And how weird it came on at the same time! So, Liz goes to Wyndemere to steal a hairbrush to get a DNA sample. Felix, not to be out gossiped, gets Dante's water bottle with the spit of life.  Let the experiments begin! 

Number Three:  Frog Charm 

Robert leaves to go help Ethan and Holly--with whatever Ethan is dealing with. (I'm envisioning some international gambling scandal). So,  he gives Mac a gift to give to Robin: A little froggie that means good luck in Aboriginal culture. 

Number Four: St. Jasus Photo 

Ah, Robin stares at Jason's photo so much because--she forgot what he looked like? She needs to brood whether or not to leave her daughter to go MAYBE unfreeze his ass?  Ugh. whatever. You know I think Georgie would have worked better. She could have even told Mac and Patrick. She leaves and Patrick falls madly for Sabrina (this time believable) while watching her carry the baby or something. Oh, who am I kidding? This whole thing sucks. LOL. Just be GONE. 

Number Five: Dessert Cart

Could that be our old  Gelato cart? Why yes!! !! I was just memorized by the wonderful desserts on there!! Of course, Heather went to the Metro Court where NO ONE would recognize her @@ (ahahahaa...duh, why didn't she go across town?) to get a KNIFE (is that a cake knife? to kill Carly with. She has to have a KNIFE ya'll because of the evidence against Franco.  Why didn't she kill her weeks ago? Why? Why did she keep her alive? And again, how the hell did she get her to Spoon Island in the first place?  I HATE this story. Did you know that? 

Number Six:  Paper Clip 

Kiki hands Franco the paper clip to FREEDOM!! And BTW,  when she fainted, she also kinda recreated the 'distraction' when Starr broke Todd out of jail on OLTL.  Oh, yeah, Dante Shot Franco, who then ran off, and was seen by Shirley Jones who told Dante he was in the graveyard. 
Phew! All of that just for Franco to turn around, get a uniform from the Metro and go talk to his Daddy. Exhausting. 

Number Seven: Heather's Bloody Note 

UGh, photo of this masterpiece.  Just know it said she was going to pay back Franco. And her blood hadn't coagulated at ALL in that frozen grave.
Franco finds out Heather escaped. She not only had time to break out of her dirt nap, she paused to write a note in her own blood! Brava! 

Number Eight: The Graveyard...

Hot spot set!! Wow..Lucas came out to Julian there.  Julian wasn't too happy. We had schooling on the Mob vs Gay (Choice vs Born that Way) and we also learned Lucas was QB for his gay FB  team in Seattle!  AJ was also in there with Michael. AJ remembers Ava in the elevator. I think Ava's going to have to kill ol' AJ so she doesn't get caught? Hmmm. This story?? Don't care. 

Number Nine: Ben's Silver Baby Brush

Wow, Uncle V is full of gifts!What baby doesn't want a silver hairbrush? Of course, this one is all about the DNA it contains! 

and Finally..NUMBER TEN: Corinthos' Coffee Logo/Sign 

That's right! Sonny has a new office and Corinthos' Coffee a new little coffee cup logo!  Can I dare hope Connie is going to haunt that office? Hmmm. 

Oh, BTW, Bobbie's disappeared again. And besides hysterical loon Michael and Franco, no one cares about Carly ! Ha

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Morgan and Sonny. I really love watching Bryan Craig lately. His angst over Ava was really well done.  I like these two. Plus, they were unpacking Sonny's new office for "Corinthos Coffee".  You know I was diggin' that. Although they'd better get Badger Bob in there or I will have to go myself and find him. 

RUNNER UP:  Lucas and Brad. HOT and just done right. LOVED that Lucas sent a selfie to Brad...LOL 

FACEs OF THE WEEK:  These are quite possibly, my fave EVER Look at that glee!! Gonna catch a Britt! 

WOW. A LOT of Props to get through?!! Kudos to the Props Dept at GH.  Love them all. Hopefully, Carly and Heather will finally END this week. Please..please. It will be Valentine's week too. Romance..or...mayhem!!? 


  1. Karen, I am the first one again!! I LOVED LOVED LOVED this full-on surgery, just 2 teeny-tiny little comments: 1) Spencer was with his chauffeur, he was not alone (others here have commented on this also, so maybe I missed something?); and 2) The Amazon Christmas store is still featured on one of your pages (you replaced the other one).

    Other than that, I give you props for your Sunday props!

  2. "AntJoan says Spencer was with his chauffeur, he was not alone (others here have commented on this also, so maybe I missed something?)"

    No you didn't miss anything. Spencer did have his chauffeur with him! :)

  3. OH THANK YOU!! I totally DID miss the chauffeur!! DUH. LOL.

    I'll try to replace the amazon ads--

  4. Gotta love how quickly Sonny forgets his women- so he takes over the office where she was murdered.

    Lucas is bordering on stalker territory w Brad, and his confrontation w Julian was PC crap.

    Why not just stick your member in his face? Ridiculous.

  5. Cosmo, the thing that rang untrue for me with Julian and Lucas was that I didn't for a second believe Julian would react like that. I don't know why, but it seemed just..flat and not believable he'd react that way.

    I do give kudos though to the bed scene, it went way farther than I thought it would for daytime.

  6. and PS. was how a hetrosexual couple would act after a hot night.. ;)

  7. ITA with everything this week! Especially the faces of the week and the scenes with Morgan. Remember how unpopular he was when he came on? And now he's one of the better actors on the show.

    The thing that drives me crazy about Robin leaving (again) is that she and Carly never got a scene together. Everyone was just gush gush gush over Robin being alive, but you know Carly would have hated it! That scene would have been hysterical. And maybe Carly could have said, "Why you? Why not Jason?" And then continued making those digs. And if Sam and Robin had a few scenes where Sam really mourns Jason and talks about Danny and basically gets to Robin's heart strings/guilt strings, then her conflict and eventual decision would maybe make more since.

    I'm placing bets on the scene that eventually helps Robin make a decision being seeing Patrick with his hands on Sabrina's belly...Any takers? :)

    And the Heather scheeze? Blah. Too much. Too long. Too boring. Too predictable. If they wanted to give Franco some story, why couldn't he have found out about Scott and Lucy's affair, felt bad about keeping it from his shrink, and maybe blackmailed Scotty? Hijinks, drama, and best of Heather!

  8. What I saw was pretty good. Glad Britt is going to finally be found out. So over pregnancies and Heather. About Spencer though, isn't Courtney his mom? Making it a Corinthos-Cassadine not Spencer-Cassadine?

  9. Yes, Courtney was Spencer's mom,so he is part Corinthos, but Laura's his grandma, so he's related to a lot of Spencers, too.

  10. "Bookworm said...Yes, Courtney was Spencer's mom,so he is part Corinthos, but Laura's his grandma, so he's related to a lot of Spencers, too."

    Yeah so he is part Cassadine, part Corinthos, and part Spencer! :)

  11. The only story I'm interested in is AJ/Connie.

  12. I'll tell you one thing - I'd never go to GH to get my prescription filled. I mean how many people are now aware of Dante's allergies. A few nurses, a few doctors, a lab director...Everybody in the freakin hospital now knows Dante needs a medication for these allergies. Geez, give the guy some privacy.

  13. Who fills a RX at a hospital anyway, and gives it to some random nurse NOT in the pharmacy?

  14. Julian is being set up as the evil bad guy to Sonny's good bad guy.

    Of course, Sonnny can rape, murder, hotwire airplanes, but a dad be queasy finding out his new son is gay- that's INHUMAN!



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