Monday, February 17, 2014

Patrick, I'm Leaving Port Charles..

and I say..

See ya! BYE!!  

I'm so pissed at this whole thing. From how long it took for her to finally get back to "Port Charles" after being in that lab to hiding at Wyndemere. Now this crap. WHATEVERrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. She should have come back with full-blown AIDS and then had 4-5 months to say goodbye.
Screw "leaving the door open"
--IF Robin was a character that could bop in and out (and didn't have EMMA), then ok. But she's NOT.

UGH. The explanation is STUPID --ALL of them. I have to leave because of danger. LMAO. Ok, you guys stay here WITH the danger and I'll go to Africa!! yeah, that's it! 

I guess she does tell Patrick... because he confronts Victor about it. So-- there's that.  At least  he knows the truth.  


  1. Its AWFUL! Im so mad at KM I hope she never comes back. Fans have been so good to her for her to do this. There is no reason to leave Emma or Patrick who she clearly has stopped loving.

    I actually feel bad for Sabrina bc she is a complete rebound. Patrick should have picked her! Can't believe I'm saying that bc I loved Scrubs but this takes away everything

  2. I liked the Victor/Dr. O scenes...the whole league of supervillians thing that have been working the last year or so is pretty amusing. Seriously, they ought to bring back Grant Putnam next and add him to the mix.

    Robin...yeah. I like Kim and Jason...they have good chemistry and their pairing was genius. However, Robin, after being abandoned as a child by Anna and Robert, would NOT willingly leave her husband and only child for anything. Not even bringing Jason back. It's really kind of lame.
    Honestly, a better exit would have been a PTSD storyline (like Patrick was mentioning today) coupled with a career disagreement with Patrick. Have Robin go on tour around the world to share her findings with her radiation poisoning treatment as a way of getting away from a life with Patrick that she can't get back. Have ROBERT go with her as a traveling companion as her security detail and then write Emma in and out of PC as she occasionally visits her mother on the road. This could have worked MUCH better than what they came up with. If they wanted Victor Cassadine in the mix with that they could have worked him in as well.


  3. Felix and Brad: Oh their first kiss! Oh come on Brad you have hot chemistry with Lucas!!! Go be with Lucas! Oh oh truths spill out! Is Felix going to go on his high horse and judge Brad? I hope not!

    Wyndemere: Really Nik? That is how you purpose to Britch? No I love yous or no speeches? You can do better than that! Oh there ya go! :) Come on Britch! Nik asks you if you knew Dante was the father, and you say no UGH! No more lies! UGH!

    Lante home: Lulu wins the line of the day!!!

    Lulu: He spent so long grieving for Emily. Just going from one bad choice to another.

    ROFL! And the look on Liz's face hahahhahaaha! Oh oh all of a sudden the room is busy hahaha! Oh man! Nik and Liz think Dante is the only parent to Ben! I want Brad to tell the truth!!!

    The hospital: Carly's love willed BobTodd to wake up ROFL! Her love, and her yelling at him ROFL! Oh NOW she remembers Luke! :)

    Patrick and Robin's home: What a horrible scene! Oh come on Robin! Don't hurt Patrick! He knows you are lying anyway!! Tell the truth!

    Victor and Dr O: Geez Victor is trying to court Dr O, and all she is thinking about is Faison! Forget Faison Dr O! Go be with Victor! :)


    I wish I had more to say, but most of you feel the same way. The writing is horrible. I feel bad for the actors. They know that the scripts are not true to their characters (or to the actors for that matter) and yet they have to trudge on through it because they are on contract.

    It's hard for me to attack Kim on this. Although it would be an easy scapegoat. They knew when she came back it was temporary and they could have planned a decent coming/going storyline for her. Instead, we get this implausible, impractical b.s. from the writers that diminishes the character.

    Keep in mind while we "Cant believe" this is happening to robin, that anna will have to say goodbye to her. How awkward will that storyline be?

  5. They should have really killed Robin. This direction is far worse than death.

    Months of Patrick and Sabrina while we knew Robin was alive. Months of Robin in the lab and Windermere. Weeks of Patrick sorting out his feelings. I felt zero joy when they reunited. Now, we should buy that she would leave her child to "save" Jason?

  6. It's strange because I'm also feeling during all of this such a "scattered" pattern to all stories. It's driving me insane.

  7. Anon - love your story idea. Makes so much more sense than what they are doing. It's crazy. The show has ADD lately- tough to watch with no consistency.

  8. I am so over the robin character, period. She's just another Emily as far as I am concerned. So perfect and everyone loves her. YUCK!


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