Friday, February 28, 2014

I saw those  Nurses Ball fliers for 2014!! yeah!!  Too bad Robin will be gone.

That baby Ben is adorbs. aww.  I saw those ONION rings on Britt's plate! YUM!! Neither she nor Nik ATE THEIR LUNCHES!! ;/ dang!

Nathan arrives in NYC.
No one cares.

He thinks Silas killed KnockAMaura.
No one cares.

Thank god Patrick called Anna or we wouldn't have gotten a Robin/Anna goodbye.GEESH
Anna cried.
I don't even care.

Lulu and Sonny..she gives him a grandpa mug. I'm still missing my badger. Then she runs into Britt

AJ remembered finally. Ho Hummmm whatever  WHATEVRRRRRRRRRR.

Geesh, there's not a hell of a lot I care about right now. The engagement party might be fun.

Knock Knock
Who's There?
Maura Who?
aahahahaGET IT??!!!


  1. Delia's restaurant: Who killed the pharmacist guy? Ava? Nina's mother? McSilas's brother? Maybe Detective West? McSilas wins the lines of the day!

    Mcsilas: I don't know what excuses men have used with you in the past, buy typically they can't inform you that they themselves are dead. Oh come on you nearly peed your pants you are so eager to tell Sam about Nina.


    Kelly's: Baby Ben can eat solid foods YAY! Oh come on Nilk you should have told Britch the truth about what Liz told you!!! Britch and Lulu scene! COME ON BRITCH TELL HER THE TRUTH! Where has Lulu been? She isn't wearing that red sweater anymore. I have been meaning to mention it. I want that red sweater! :)

    The hospital: Oh come on! Is Robin going to go around telling people goodbye?!!?! UGH! Just leave already if you have to go! Wait tho, wasn't she supposed to leave that morning? Now she is leaving that night!?!?! HUH?! I'm glad Liz and Robin didn't walk around and around the whole hospital. :) Robin and her mother scene. :( This stinks! Love the flashback tho. Is Jason coming back? They keep showing his picture. Is Jason going to have plastic surgery so he is gonna look different?!

    Ava and Caaaaaaaaarlos: NO CAAAAAAAAAAARLOS DON'T DRINK THAT DRINK! Don't trust her!!!

    The Q's: No AJ! Dante doesn't need to open his eyes! You do!!!! Will you think man?! It's Ava who got Caaaarlos to try to kill you! Wake up!!! Oh so NOW he remembers that he didn't kill Connie! :)

    Lulu and Sonny: Aww sweet scene. Um where is Luke? He was going to go talk to Sonny! Did Luke already talk to Sonny and we missed it?!!!

    Karen! KnockAMaura! ROFL!

  2. I believe Delia got a call from some man who noted his friend the pharmacist had set up a date, so the friend called to let her down--only the real caller was DetectWest who had discovered the guy dead. I think West is part of that family keeping Silas away from Nina. (Unlike others, I'm interested in this story!) I am speculating that either Nina has been dead all this time, or else she is NOT in a coma, but kept somewhere. Silas never acted like he got any of those millions she was supposed to have and perhaps this was the way the family kept him from inheriting.

    I am SO worried about AJ--don't want him to go see Ava--no no. Michael needs to get AJ to some AA meetings NOW. Going to Ava with your news is just dumb, AJ! Drink has always got you in trouble and sober you are a pretty good guy.

    We see so little of Luke I can't tell about him. He acts weird, like drugged.

    I am no longer much interested in Patrick or Robin or whatever--partly because I know all this means we have to see a lot more of Sabrina. (Is that right? I keep forgetting her name.)

    I look forward to a party at Wyndemere, as long as it doesn't turn out like the last one. I'd like one where they actually had fun, people dressed well, danced, and Britt persuaded a few to like her.

  3. Soap lover - detective west said he made the call to Delia.

  4. Where the bleep is Anna? Robin is leaving town and Anna is no where to be found.

  5. "Kanella said...Where the bleep is Anna? Robin is leaving town and Anna is no where to be found."

    They just showed her with Robin. Robin was telling her mother goodbye.

  6. Yeah right, when Robin is ready to leave town. Anna should have been front and center.


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