Friday, February 7, 2014

Where's BOB?

Why yes, it WAS a quick cameo!

Sonny moved into Julian's office! NO MORE warehouse! woot! The CORINTHOS Coffee is "legit"!!  THEY'D better get Bob The Badger in that office, damn it!! ;/ He'd better get in there. Wha. Hey, wasn't Connie murdered in that office? You'd think Sonny would be creeped out by that. 
Morgan starts to unpack after Sonny leaves and Ava slinks in!

The GRAVEYARD is like The Park or something?  People just strolling around, meetin' up! LOL. AJ is on! AJ..remember him?  He remembers AVA being in the elevator.

Heather is mad Carly is "Dead" the wrong way! She wants her stabbed, not crushed.  Carly wakes up.  I can't believe no one has checked down there after that giant collapse LOL geesh

Ava's dress was..well, it gave me the hives. I hated those slits!!

Todd and Scotty were just brilliant. I really like RH--with anyone. He's acting just like he did on OLTL and I LOVED that character so...sue me Prospect Park!! 

Lucas and  Julian. Weird convo. I guess that's what someone sounds like that disapproves of gays?  "Sports, Girls..." hahaa. I think Lucas should move in with Sam. 


  1. Someone please make the Carly Franco Heather story stop. Please make it stop. Make it stop!

  2. Police station: Oh look! Hot detective West got Nina's will in his mailbox! ROFL! Hmmm who would do that?! OH I KNOW! Ava. :) Sam is wearing a summer shirt! Is it summer already? Ava and Starki scene! Starki wins the line of the day!

    Starki: You are sitting here crying to your incarcerated daughter, about how your boyfriend who's your daughter's ex husband, was forced to break up with you by his daddy.


    The park: Great Michael and AJ scene! So sweet!!! Too bad AJ is still drinking. :( Michael is still mad at Starki! :) OH AJ REMEMBERS HE SAW AVA AT THE ELEVATOR THAT NIGHT OF CONNIE'S DEATH! :)

    Cemetery: Julian thinks Lucas being gay is just a phase! ROFL! I guess Lucas wouldn't want Julian to meet Brad ROFL!

    Scotty's home: Scotty and BobTodd! ROFL! Great scene! Great dialog! Interrupting one another hahahaha!

    Wyndemere catacombs: Oh Carly and Heather are UNDER the debris instead of over it! The director fixed it! Good job! Heather thinks Carly is dead and isn't happy! She wants her to be dead the right way! ROFL ROFL! Heather doing CPR HAHHAHA! Then she yells at Carly and hit her chest and it worked! Hahahaha! Oh oh Heather has to find her new BFF knife! Oh she found it! :)

    Sonny's office: Wow!!!! Sonny moved into Connie's old offices for his coffee work! I guess Sonny is over where Connie died. The sign Sonny has up! Corinthos coffee! ROFL! That made me laugh. It wins the line of the day too hahaha! Poor Morgan. :( He loves Ava so much! I love Morgan and Ava together! Come on Morgan snap out of it! You and Ava can sneak around! :) Sonny knows how Morgan feels! Cus of Connie! And no other women! Just Connie! Connie is the wuv of his life you know! He is the woman he has only dated! I mean he married Connie's ghost for a short while until they divorced cus he cheated on her with Olivia! Is Olivia the love of his life now? :)

  3. I FF'ed through all the Heather & Carly stuff today. I just don't care.

  4. Karen, I KNEW you would hate Ava's dress as much as I did. Where DO they get those shmatas that they put on her?

    Um, Carly wasn't crushed when that giant whatever fell on her? And her hair still looks great!!

    Sam and Alexis--matching boobalages!!

    LOVED the concept of 4 fathers with 4 sons--thought it was brilliant, really, to see the 4 dynamics in counterpoint.

    Also, if Carly hasn't breathed since yesterday (when the beams caved and no one bothered to come down and check it out--gee, maybe the foundation is compromised?), wouldn't she be dead, or brain dead?


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