Thursday, March 31, 2022


 Biden talked about GAS PRICES ... -_____- 

THEN He had to take questions. LORD HELP ME. THEN he walks off...then HE WALKS BACK ON! Then he walks off..then the news has to have TWO LADIES tell us what he said!! 


Ok, Diane is with Michael and Willow... talking about Nina. Diane says she could totally gain sympathy from the jury.  Then they talk about Michaels' assault charges and they should offer something to that reporter for dropping the charges. Information on something. She's going to go talk to Alexis.

Carly and Sam at Yoga. Carly can't relax. Sam is proud Cam and Joss told their story. Oh Maxie and Nina are there too! Carly snarls at Nina (Seriously, a snarl LOL) and then Nina says "Well, I may as well talk to her about Wiley". Maxie says NO ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? don't do it!! She does it anyway. Carly's like There's NO WAY IN HELL I'm helping you. 

Joss and Cam in Corinthos' kitchen with iced tea and giant orchids. Talking about the article. Then they decide to go to Trina's arraignment. Even IF there are reporters there. Say what you want but Joss is loyal. Trina finally goes before the judge. 

Alexis and Harmony talk about Nina and Harmony wants to talk to Willow about Wiley. Harmony is glad Willow has her life back on track. Willow is VERY tired. Harmony comes over. Tries to talk them into Nina visiting. They are like cut it out, no. 

Diane and Alexis talk. Alexis tells her that Smalz is a free lancer and he is angry with her because she gave the story to another reporter so she can't help. Diane says she'll find another way. 

SO, Trina could take a deal for sexual harrasssment and get 3 years probation but the judge could decide to give her time anyway. Molly tells her it's a good deal tho because if she's convicted of a felony she could do harder time. Scotty tells them to shove it but it's Trina's decision. OFFICER RORY takes Trina for a walk to think. Cam and Joss see her and they all hug. 

Spencer and Nikolas talk. Esme pretends to throw up. And Nikolas says they can LIVE AT WYNDEMERE since she's afraid of Sonny. 

Some guy they showed reading the paper at Charlie's shows up at Alexis Office "Hello Ms Davis, been a long time" and Alexis says "Oh, it's YOU"'s Neil's brother that yelled at her at the funeral!! 

We find out tomorrow what Trina pleads. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Are you Hungry?

 Maurice Benard was on GMA3 right before GH and he talked about his show State Of Mind. It's BiPolar awareness day. Also, he said his son is coming back to GH as Adam again! 

Chase at the PCPD in his baseball gear. He still have 53 days to do for his suspension. He's just signing people up for the teams. They talk about Brook Lynn. 

April 5th is the Deception IPO party date. Brook, Maxie and Lucy are all  happy. Gladys walks in. Lucy sends her out for salads. Lucy wants all the Nurses Ball singers at Deceptions IPO. She wants Brook Lynn to ask Chase to sing for them. She says no. 

SASHA AND BRANDO are on again. Kissing at the Metro. Don't care. Gladys comes over. Talks to them. Brando gets a phone call. Leaves. Gladys tells Sasha she thinks they got married too fast. Don't care. 

Victor tells Nik Esme could be pregnant! AHAHAHAA. Then they find Esme's phone out on the sidewalk where she dropped it. He figures out Sonny has her.  

Esme with Sonny. He says she's there because of what she did to Josslyn. She tries to tell him it's not her. HE says it is..."remember the hospital when ya LIED TO ME"?? He whispers that she better admit she's the one behind the sex tape. IT'S A GREAT BUNCH OF SCENES, WATCH THEM. 
Nikolas and Victor come into the restaurant. Esme hears them, screams HELP ME!! She runs out, into Nikolas' arms. UGH ahahaha Victor stays to talk with Sonny. 

OH! SCOTTY is Trina's lawyer!! HE says there's plenty of room for doubt on this. He thinks it's good Trina has such a good character and teacher like her and she has a job. He leaves for the courthouse. Portia gets emotional with Curtis, she's scared. 

Trina and Spencer. He's saying that he's not sure how Esme could have done this and Trina was really drunk. Trina is yelling at him-- HOW COULD YOU THINK IT WAS ME!!?? He's being a dick. He tells her Esme might be PREGNANT!! OMG! She says that's why you are defending her. Then she tells him to leave, they are done.  NuCop guy gives Trina a soda and smiles. 

Portia goes into the PCPD. Sees Spencer, yells at him about his vile girlfriend. Portia is DOING SUCH A GOOD JOB with this, she's hitting every beat. She goes in to see Trina..they hug. 


Sasha orders more drugs. 

Nikolas and Esme hug in Charlie's..Spencer walks in

Victor tells Sonny to watch it...Sonny tells Victor he's not scared. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

I didn't DO IT!

 Ava and Carly are all nice going over Avery's schedule and activities. Ava says she's sorry about the video.. and Sonny comes up and tells them Trina got arrested for it. Ava and Carly both go: ESME! Ava runs out to go to the PCPD. Sonny and Carly talk about the video. 

Trina says she's PLEADING NOT GUILTY to Jordan. Ava arrives. Says she didn't do this. Has a minute alone with Trina and tells her she'll get her out because she knows she didn't do it. Trina tells her about the 2 phones. Ava says that Esme totally did this. 

Laura and Spencer eat breakfast...he couldn't sleep. Thinks about PG Test and Esme. Almost tells Laura but VICTOR interrupts. UGH 

Laura gets a call from Jordan to go to the PCPD. She tells Spencer she's a phone call away.  OMG Spencer ends up telling Vic that Esme might be pregnant!! Victor says don't worry, we'll care for she and the child if you want. Then he tells him that Trina was arrested!!! Spencer asks to be alone. Then he flashes back to the cabin and Esme rushing out...being in the car and how she denied everything. 

Jordan tells Laura that the whole video mess involves Spencer too. Laura is concerned. Ava leaves and yells She's NOT GUILTY!! 

Esme's at Charlie's . Nikolas comes in and she's all smiling (looking at Trina on the phone) and asks how she likes the room above Kelly's. She says it's GREAAAT. She is happy and says she can't get her trust fund until she's 25. They talk about her loving Spencer, yada yada. Then Es has to run out (she didn't tell Nikolas that she might be pregnant). Sits on the bench reads her phone, laughs and someone walks up on her. She looks shocked. 

Alexis thinks it's weird that Harmony knew where her carpet cleaner was. Then SAM comes and tells Alexis that Harmony is a grifter just like she was and she's probably working Alexis. Sam leaves. Alexis asks Harmony how she knew where the cleaner was "it's like you've been here". Harmony says she has. She was in there when she was scouting Krissy for Shiloh. 

Carly and Sonny talk about the video. He says he's going to go 'take care of it'. Storms out of The Metro. Sam comes in "Someone is going to be suffering" she says to Carly LOL. 

SONNY calls BRICK AND SPINELLI!! About time!! Ava comes into his offfice. Tells him it's Esme's fault. She and Carly agree, it has to be true. 


Spencer goes to see Trina  He asks her why she did it? UGH

Esme killed Neil. (flasbacks)

OMG SONNY HAS ESME nabbed and brought to his office! hahaahhaa. YEAH on SONNY!! 

Monday, March 28, 2022

Two Phones

 Portia and Taggert talk about Esme, Trina. She tells him he's been a good father. He says he got lucky with Trina as a daughter. 

Nikolas tells Esme that she can't come to Wyndemere. She says "you've turned your back on me too" sniff. She sees Porta and Taggert run out. She smirks. Nikolas comes back and says Laura isn't coming to dinner which basically means no one is. I think he's going to cave and let her stay at Wyndemere. 

Nina and Scotty talk at the Metro Bar. They make up. Have a drink. He says he'll represent her instead of martin to get visitation with Wiley. She says she wants it to stay out of court. He wonders if she's in love with him. She doesn't deny it. He tells her to get off the ride--NOW. 

Jordan has Trina in her office for an 'informal chat". Trina says ok, she wants to find the person that taped Joss and Cam. She tells Jordan how Esme is the person to look at. Jordan asks where Trina was--she said blacked out. Yada yada.. and then Jordan told Trina she could call a parent or guardian and Trina doesn't want to bug anyone. They talk about the tape and the accusation. Trina says she only has one phone and there's nothing on it. Then, she looks and there's 2 phones in her bag; exact same ones. 
Jordan calls Curtis to call Portia and Taggert and tell them Trina's being questioned without a lawyer and they need to get there. She can't because it's against ethics. 

Taggert runs in. He's pissed. Josslyn is still waiting. Jordan gives Dante the extra phone to have forensics look at it. Taggert yells at Trina about not getting a lawyer and NEVER TALK TO THE COPS and WHY DID YOU TURN  YOUR PHONE OVER? lol He then stops into Jordan's office "How dare you question her without an attorney??!! We were PARTNERS"! Jordan thinks the phone is way too easy to have been in her bag but it is reasonable to hold her because of it. 

Marshall and Curtis at Charlie's.. ugh, same old sheeze. I mean.. I.. Am Done. He talks to Phyllis. She tells him how great Sonny is. 

Phyllis wants to talk to "Lorraine"...oh Harmony. Phyllis basically says that since she gave away Nina's baby, Harmony should help her see Wiley? AHHAHHA What? Then she says: YOU WERE Friendly with Her mother; Madeline. They walked their dogs together and knew each other. Harmony is like, um, not THAT friendly. She goes out. 

TJ and Molly make Alexis dinner to thank her for letting them stay there. Then she says Harmony is going to live there for sometime. They are not happy and say that Shawn didn't like Harmony. Then Harmony walks in and she's there for dinner. Awkward! We don't get to see dinner. They all talk..Harmony is glad everyone is looking out for Alexis. Yada yada. Harmony spills coffee on the carpet. 


Trina is booked

It shows Harmony has been in Alexis' house before when she gets the carpet cleaner from the basement. 

Nikolas rents the room over Kelly's for Esme! He'll 'check' on her

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Sex, Lies and Digital Streaming

 I was of course, going to say Sex, Lies and Videotape but that's Sooooooo '90s !! Anyway, here we are on a Sunday again. This week flew by and GH didn't get interrupted by SC hearings yeah! See, if you wanted to watch you could, if not, you could catch them later!! That's the way to do it. 

Speaking of the judicial system, looks like our NuTrina just might be going to the PCPD soon. Esme has all sorts of plans up her...umm..sleeve. I enjoyed this week and although nothing earth-shattering happened, the cast movements and dialog was for the most part, spot on. Color Wubs Happy. 

Friday, March 25, 2022


 Oh I see the Oscars are this Sunday. I'm not really into it lately. Last year? Meh. HOPEFULLY NEXT year I'll be back in the game. 

Real Andrews is back as Taggert and looking really good. He had health issues so I hope this means he's 100% good to go!! NUTRINA!! They talk about the tape, and her friendship with Joss. She says Spencer basically sided with Esme. Taggert mentions his sister dated Nikolas. (Gia)

Sonny and Curtis. Curtis wants Sonny to get him a sealed arrest record. Sonny's like, is it your business (like Sonny wouldn't do that LOL). Curtis is like, he's lying and I need to know why. Sonny flashes back to finding Marshall's medication and says he won't do it. He thinks Curtis should find out through his father. 

Joss and Cam in the college room. Talking about the tape. How she's worse off than he is. WHICH I appreciate and understand but you bring it up DAILY. WE GET IT!!  Trina walks in. Joss tells her she KNOWS it was Esme that did the taping. 

Esme and Spencer. He's stunned about the PG test. She's like none of your business. He says ARE YOU PREGNANT? She says they did make the love before he went to Spring Ridge.  He tells her to take the test NOW!! She says no..then Cam knocks on the door. "Bad Time"?? LOL Esme leaves. Spencer yells at her. She says "MY BODY, MY choice"! leaves. Cam is like @@ WTF, dude!! Esme is outside the door...cries, then smiles (I think) then cries. 

Dinner with the Cassadines at The Metro. Nik's hair is driving me nuts. Victor tells him that long ago, Cassadines basically ruled the world. They can again. 

Ava sits with Portia when Taggert takes a call. She talks about Spencer being out of jail and he has to work at the Gallery because of his restiution. She says that Trina will be in charge of him. Portia says NO...No way. 

Jordan gets the tip from the crimestoppers hotline with the information on Trina. Dante tries to see it. She's like "We have a perp" . 


LOTS of GIA Mentions!! 

Jordan asks Trina to go down to the station 

Esme asks Nikolas to help her 

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Oh Esme...


Anna's back, goes to see Sam and Drew. Says she knows now that Luke was murdered. They talk about her trip and the failed Tarot card plan. Carly's mess she made LOL. Then about Project Demeter and Anna hasn't heard of it. Could be higher than her classification. Demeter is goddess of life and death or something. 

Sonny is at Charlie's pouring drinks? Anyway he and Nina talk about damn Wiley. Sonny says he's not drinking still. They laugh and end up dancing to a slow song together. Montage with Nixon Falls Dance. 

Oh, Michael and Willow talk about WILEY! Michael is out on bail. She tells him she fainted. Way too much to take care of Wiley and Nursing school AHAHHA Ok, ok. :eyeroll: 

and...HARMONY AND ALEXIS TALK ABOUT WILEY! Harmony leaves talks about living in a motel for a year. She can't save for a place on her salary. Alexis is like..want me to cosign a lease with you? 

Esme's all sad and doesn't wanna go to the family dinner. Laura tries to talk her into it. Spence isn't saying much. Nik says Victor's coming. Laura is like WTF? LOL Laura has to go to some meeting and will meet them at The Metro. Nik leaves next and Spencer and Esme talk together. Esme says Laura is warming up to her, unlike his friends. They keep talking about their 20 something dramaz..zzzzzzz. 

Oh Laura goes to talk to Team "Luke Was Murdered" at Sam's. They tell her Luke was murdered. She knows Victor did it. 

Ava and Victor and the henchman guy at PC Grille. She's joining everyone for dinner too. Nikolas shows up. He says Esme and Spencer may not. 

Curtis says that Tommy (Curtis' brother) hardly talked about Marshall. They are trying to figure out what Marshall's past is. He wants Jordy to open up Marshall's sealed arrest warrant and she says NO WAY. He gets mad, says she did it for Laura/Cyrus and storms out. 


Nina and Sonny almost but don't kiss 

They aren't going to tell Bobbie and Tracey Luke was murdered. 

Curtis goes to see Sonny 


Wednesday, March 23, 2022

OMG I didn't hit PUBLISH!!!

 Alexis has Cam and Joss over to the office to talk about the sex video. Liz and Carly are there too. Carly and Liz keep answering for the kids so Alexis sends them out.  Cam isn't sure they should do this. Josslyn is sure. Alexis says she will leave them to talk about it a bit more because it's a huge step. Joss says if she keeps quiet she'll feel like more of a victim. 

Carly and Liz lunch at The Metro. Good talk. They touch on boys vs girls. Liz likes how Carly raised Joss and thinks she's a great kid. She's also glad to have Violet around now. They give each other compliments about their kids and THERE ARE FLASHBACKS! wow.. Carly and Liz going at it! LOL 

Marshall is at GH trying to get his meds right...he sees Sonny (with Ava and Avery) and he gets a weird look on his face. Avery's arm hurts and TJ is going to look at it. She needs and Xray and Sonny is going to the gift shop to get he a sucker. Marshall finds him and says "You are the type that doesn't learn the first time"...Tells Sonny not to go near TJ. Sonny's like He's a DOCTOR! Marshall says Find another doctor!! TJ hears the whole thing. Sonny says it's ok, nothing is wrong. Ava talks to Sonny about liking this social side of him. Sonny flashes his dimples. 

After, Ava wants to take Avery to Kelly's for ice cream and Avery wants "Mama Carly" to go too. Sonny says if Carly can't go now they'll have a playdate because they all love her.  

Marshall goes to see TJ about his meds. TJ and he talk but Marshall isn't sure he wants to see him or Dr. Rose. Warns TJ about Sonny. 

Cam and Curtis at the Metro bar talking about MARSHAAAALLLLLL . Drew has info but doesn't know if Curtis should look. He might be happy just to have his Dad in his life. Curtis wants to open the envelope. Marshall was living in Buenos Aires as Marshall -- and didn't change his name so they think maybe he WASN'T in witness protection after all. 

Laura seems to like Esme now. She thought that Esme was great to suggest Nikolas and Spencer make up. AND! Esmay cleaned the bathroom!! LOL Esme is telling Laura that Spencer likes Trina and not her. boo hoo. She crossed an ocean for him and he doesn't even want her. boo hoo. OHMYGOD Laura better see thru this.

Ryan wants to talk to Spencer through Harmony. He says that Esme and Spencer 'exploited his name" to get to Ava. Spencer has no one now but Ryan will be his friend. Spencer is like NO. Then Nikolas walks in to pick him up. Tells him never to talk to Ryan. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Mimosa Time

  Brook and Maxie at Deception. Maxie tells Brook to visit Bailey in daycare. Asks how she is. Brook is lik "meh" She talks about song writing. Brook thinks about kissing Chase. Lucy comes in. Tells them Brando and Sasha got married. 

OH! Brad and Britt are doing a dating app survey LOL . She wants a "dangerous kind" Brad is like "with a motorcycle and leather coat" :) Brad looks at the jobs available for him at GH. Nothing in the lab. Food service LOL. They can't get insurance if he works the lab!! 

Finn and Chase. Chase is at Finn's office again. Finn is sick of seeing him lol. Chase is in charge 

Portia and Curtis sign the pa.pers for their house with Lucy at the Metro. They talk about Trina. 

Marshall and Epiphany go into the Metro for dinner/lunch? She tells him she's going to take the MCATS and they get mimosas.  Curtis comes over and tells them about the house. Sits down. Epiphany goes to Portia's table to talk to her. Epiphany says she and Marshall aren't serious. 

Mashall tells Curtis a "mom" story about going roller skating together back in the day. 

Selina WU goes to Sonny's house. She wants to use the harbor. He says OK but play by MY rules!! They agree. She mentions Michael being arrested and he gets in her face. Then she gets in HIS face!! "I watch MY family very carefully"

Elizabeth goes to the PCPD to see if anything is being found out about the painting appearing in the living room. Dante says NOPE. Then they talk about the Zex Video and he says that because it's Josslyn, it's "Corinthos Clickbait" LOL!! She wonders what they can do. He's says the PCPD will take care of it. 

Dante then goes to Sonny's. Sees Wu leaving. Gives Sonny and eyeball. Then he tells Sonny about the Sex Video.  Sonny's pissed. His house...he wants to go on the warpath. Dante says no. He wonders why Michael didn't tell him... Good scenes. Sonny tells him Nina helped him stop drinking so much. 

Liz goes to see Finn. They have a nice talk about the boys. Finn gets serious.. "you'll never be alone". She asks her to kiss him they do. Good scene if you are a fan of theirs 


Brad might work as a patient advocate. Britt and he hug WU WALKS IN! She wants to get to know Britt better. Britt's like NO.. lol. Brad says I got a new job. She says no you work for me. 

Portia is going to mentor Epiphany and help her study for MCATS 

Just as Curtis is happy with Marshall, Drew found some inconsistencies in his past 

Monday, March 21, 2022

Survey Says....


UGH I'm out again!! Because of the schedule shift last week, I had to put all my kids later in the afternoon. I know, I know...don't THEY KNOW it's GH time!!?? 

These photos are from the GH Convention this weekend. Sad thing is, General Hospital didn't even have a social media person doing anything!! These are all fan photos!!  Follow @10thfloorGH on Twitter for more 

I thought we'd do a little survey of readers. I know a lot of you that DO comment but I don't know the lurkers so maybe they'll choose to chime in today. 

1.  Pick ONE GH character on screen now that is your fave

2. Pick ONE GH character that's left the show that is your fave 

3.  Cassadines, Quartermaines or Corinthos? 

4. Where are you from? (general area we don't mean to pry) 


Sunday, March 20, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Tears For Fears


Stressful week in real life means GH wasn't as memorable as usual...or it just wasn't "must see TV"; not sure which!! The show still has a giant cast and that means I get to wondering about certain characters we haven't seen in forever (ie: Martin Gray, Krissy, Molly)  and if they'll be on again? Rotation is also choppy. We can get 3 days of Marshall chat and then.. nothing. Guess it's the way of the filming schedule. 

Not sure if you have any bangers and mash left over from St. Paddy's Day but that's what I'm having. Oh and a Guinness!! 

Friday, March 18, 2022

Yesterday and Today

 Thanks for your patience and thank you to Dave and Sonya! 

All I'm going to say is I'M SO GLAD I HAD MY TONSILS out when I was a kid. They yanked them in the 60's no matter what. They DID NOT do that in England. -____- 

Bye Sydney!! So sad...but happy for her but...sad for us. Loved that scene. I wish we could have gotten an Ava/Trina last one. 

OMG EZ calls the HOTLINE? LOL!! 

NUJORDAN is so gorgeous and Stunning. 

OMG FKING CARLY AND THE BRIDGE!!!!!!!!! OMG!! She's SO NOSEY and she just ruined the Demeter thing!  


Nina is talking to Harmony in Charlie's.  She says they have something in common. Harmony asks who. Nina's like: UM WILEY..who did you think I meant?? Then Nina tries to talk Harmony into helping her get visitation with the kid. 

Nik and Esme. She's saying she can't believe he believes Trina about the sex tape. She reminds him she was the one there for him ...always. The argue. A LOT. She reads the inscription in the book he gave her. She gets even more mad. 

Dante and Sam at Corintho's Coffee. She's going to ask Spinelli for help with the Demeter thing. He says ok..they kiss. Does he work at the PCPD anymore because...he's just out doing all sorts of private stuff. They kiss. 

Drew and Carly on the bridge. I wish he'd throw her off. They talk about Carly being brave. Him being brave. Yada yada.  They talk about the tarot card. She talks about JAAAAAAAAAASON. :eyeroll:  He talks about being home and yada yada. 

Alexis and Shawn: He doesn't like Harmony. Alexis says that she knows Harmony got the false birth certificate. He asks about "us"...Alexis: Is there an us?? They talk and decide they shouldn't see each other. Time's over--and they are moving on. Plus, Shawn's leaving the show. 

Michael and Willow at GH. He wants to go to Paris asap. Like you could leave right in the middle of NURSING SCHOOL. OH! And they are leaving today and having MONICA watch WILEY!! 

NuJordan and the reporter guy asking about the Zex Tape. She says "no comment" and he goes to ask MICHAEL ABOUT IT lol OMG SO... Michael has no clue about the zex tape LOL The reporter tells him and wonders if Joss and Cam released it themselves 'your sister is quite the athlete" LOL Michael punches him and Jordan sees it.  JORDAN ARRESTS MICHAEL 


Shawn and Alexis say goodbye

Willow passes out... is she just upset or ...pregnant? 

PHYLLIS KNOWS HARMONY from the old days!! Remember, she delivered Nelle to Carly's parents in Florida!! 

Thursday, March 17, 2022

THURSDAY: St. Patrick's Day

Well, Happy St. Patrick's Day to all the wubbers out there. 
Do you celebrate at all? Wear green to work? Go to a bar with friends tonight? Let us know in the comments. 

This is the THURSDAY show blog. You know what to do. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2022


It's time for the Instrumental Theme Songs. These are a lot different. The ones with the lyrics described the overall plot of the show, these are just melodies but are powerful nonetheless. These are my picks. As always, there is no right or wrong list. Take a gander at mine, make your comments and then feel free to throw in a few of your own.

PS. I realize GH is instrumental and fits this list. There has been at least 4 different incarnations of the theme song including the most recent horrific one. Not to mention other soaps throughout history.  Maybe Karen and I will do another blog that features SOAP theme songs (daytime and nighttime) and we can rank them? What do you think? 

1. Dallas

2. M*A*S*H
(I love the movie version with the lyrics)

3. I Love Lucy

4. Hawaii 5-0

5. I Dream of Jeannie

6. Mission: Impossible

7. Jeopardy

8. Get Smart

9. X-Files

10. Andy Griffith

Honorable Mentions:

Bewitched, Magnum PI, Room 222

                                                            WUBS FAVORITE: 

This is the Wednesday Blog.
Please post your comments about the show and anything else here. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Come On Eileen


Laura sees her Deputy Mayor person, Eileen. Eileen flashes back to telling Victor Cassadine what Laura is up to. Laura goes into Charlie's and meets with Sam, Dante and Robert about taking down Victor.

Anna and Felicia are somewhere trying to get something on Luke being murdered. They talk to the clerk in Austria and Felicia is playing the part of a widow. Anyway, the guy finally gives them the files to look at. They notice a delay in the schedule. A baddie guy calls Victor to tell him they are at the office. Victor tells him to deal with it any way he can. 

Victor talks to Johan about the tarot card he found. If it doesn't work, they'll kill Drew. 

Willow's Passport arrives. Sonny walks in, wants to talk about Nina and Wiley. Grandparents rights. Yada yada. Sonny says let Nina see Wiley. They say no. He gets annoyed. Repeat. 

Ava and Nina are in the City Grille. At the SAME table Britt and Brad were. Weird. I guess Selina Wu isn't going to confront them. They talk about..WILEY! SONNY!! Put me to sleep!! Victor walks in and tries to charm them. Nina isn't nice to him. Ava is...when he leaves Nina is like WHY U NICE TO HIM?

Drew helps Liz get her snack from the vending machine. He wants to know what's happening with her. She tells him all about the stuff going on with the weirdness and Franco connection. Worried about Jake. He was on Cassadine Island after all. 

TEMP MONICA is telling Finn she's having a dinner party and to bring Liz. He says they are on a break.  Monica tells him the Elizabeth history and that she was once married to her father, Jeff. She's sad Jeff doesn't have a relationship with Liz or her kids. Then Jake steps off the elevator.  Monica leaves. Finn talks to Jake. Jake says he skipped out on his appointment with the therapist because he didn't do anything. 

Monica finds Liz to tell her Jake left therapy but he's talking to Finn. Liz tells Monica that Jake is grieving and having "Behavior Issues" . 


Eileen is questioning Laura meeting with "Town Officials" and it not being on her calendar. Laura tells her she's investigating Luke's death

Victor calls Drew. 

Guy comes in and has a gun on Anna 

Jake says he was somewhere instead of the library but can't tell his mom 

Monica tells Sonny, Michael and Willow she's going to have Jason legally declared dead so his kids can move on. 

Monday, March 14, 2022

Springing Forward.

 I was TIRED this morning. It's so weird, it's only an hour lol 

Cam brings Spencer a late Bday treat at the jail..Spencer tells him to go to hell. Spencer thinks Cameron taped he and JOSS! AHAHAHAA. As a 'momento" and it leaked. Cameron says it's not true and it's probably Esme. They talk some more, Spencer believes him and they eat the cupcake. 

Carly stops Esme from leaving the Metro. They go back and forth. Carly tells her she will find proof it was Esme that did the video because she has resources. Esme makes a shot about Carly's bed not being cold for long "Like Mother, like Daughter" and Carly grabs her arm. Esme had seen Nikolas walk in and acts like it really hurts; cries. He comes to rescue her. (That's the same arm Ryan bruised) 

Esme goes to the hospital with Nik. She has a bruise (from Ryan). She tells him about everyone blaming her for the zex tape. Nik feels sorry for her. Oh geesh. He says if she needs someone to talk to...he's there. 

BRAD AND BRITT EATING AT THE CITY GRILLE TOGETHER!! WHOOOT! They talk about second chances. Peter. Brad says he has a new job. Oh, he wants BRITT to get him a job at GH. She says she'll try. 

Selina WU goes in to see Curtis. She wants to use the club for a 'private social event' (gambling) which is legal. High stakes poker and with really big players. She wants the players to feel at ease and Curtis' lends credibility. She also wants Brad to run the games. Curtis says no. She says NOT SO FAST! Talks more about it. Tells him a story about a money tree (From the old country). Says to think about it. 

Chase and Brook. Exact same thing, over and over. He unpacks some of her things she left. He gets out a journal. Brook says "that's PRIVATE" and snatches it. It's her song book. Chase said she's a good writer. Chase then sings one. 

WU sees Brad and Britt together at the City Grille

WU sends Curtis a money tree and poker chip

Carly calls Diane about Josslyn's situation

Esme tells Nikolas she'll bring Spencer to the family dinner and touches his hand -___-

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Reckless Love


The moment your little bro might learn about revenge porn....

Another  so-so week. Video Reveal was pretty good.  We did get a moment of surprise and creepiness... and I'm always happy when Ryan Chamberlain is on our screen. 

I think his favorite food is fried bologna sandwiches so.. grab one and let's go go. But first help me in wishing Wubs Back-Up Blogger Dave a HAPPY BIRTHDAY yesterday!! We have cake!! Thank you for all you do. 

Friday, March 11, 2022


 Esme walks out of the elevator. at the Metro.there's a big bruise on her arm where Ryan grabbed her. She sees Nik and Ava kissing and says "Show Time" . She butters up to Nikolas. Kevin calls Ava to tell her Ryan has had no change. Esme squeezes her hand under the table. LOL they call Ryan all sorts of things and are glad 'the monster' is locked up. 

Chase and Finn talk about Elizabeth. They talk about the stuff happening with her and the weird stuff.  Then Brook Lyn...boring. 

Jake and Cam and Liz talk about Finn ..she says they are on the break. Liz tells Jake he's going to go see a psychiatrist today.. He's like "you think I'm psycho"... She says no and don't say that. Then he gets a text about the video. Cam is like DON'T LOOK!!! Anyway, Cam finally tells Liz about it. She's like "want to talk about it"?? Geesh she's not even angry about who could have done it. They say Franco would know what to do. 

Joss is home, doesn't want to go back to school. Tells Carly it was her first time with Cam and something terrible happened. Pfffffft Carly thinks she's pregnant. Joss tells Carly about the video and them being filmed. Cries. Carly is pissed. She wants to call Spinelli to get it taken down. Then they try to figure out who it could be. Joss is like "well.. Trina WAS really drunk". Ut OH. Then she says no she couldn't have done it. Then Carly has a nice talk with her, calm and just rational. 

Brook Lynn comes into the kitchen when Millow are kissing. Brook Lynn has no idea what she's going to do now that Bailey Lu is gone. Blah, blah... Willow goes to GH to "nurse"...yada yada. Michael asks her about Chase. 

Brook flashes back to Chase scenes 

Carly and Joss see Esme at The Metro. Carly tells her to sit down...

Chase walks into the Q kitchen after Brook has a LOTTA flashbacks of him 

Thursday, March 10, 2022

Bliss Street

 The Savoy:
Harmony (temp recast) is with Alexis and Diane. Millow are there too. Oh, party night for the couple LOL . They talk about Nina. Then Michael wants to talk to Diane about Nina not seeing Wiley. Diane says that because Nelle is dead Nina can ask the court for visitation rights in NYS. Michael says they'll fight it. Diane suggests they try to keep it out of court. 

Some British guy hits on Alexis...she's having none of it. Diane thinks she's crazy. Harmony tells Alexis to do it when she feels comfortable. 

Mac and Felicia find out Maxie and Austin are dating. Flea thinks it's too soon. They leave GH 

Maxie wants Austin to help her "get rid of Peter". Dr O is mad Austin is around Maxie. Maxie wants her to forgive him. Liesl says she will but just THIS ONCE. 

Niagara Falls ..They are trying to fix the car. Sasha looks at her pills. She wants to get married now!! They can't get cell reception for an Uber. BUT! GARAGE GUY IS AN ORDAINED MINISTER so he'll call his wife and HE CAN MARRY THEM! WELP!! So they start the wedding. Then--- Married. 

Carly is going to drive a drunk Gladys to Sonny's. Not sure why SONNY'S but.. 

Nina is at Sonny's so I'm sure that's why Carly will be going there. YEP..Gladys is all "I have to stop the wedding" and Sonny says WHY? Nina backs her up saying that Brando and Sasha probably aren't ready. THEN Sonny and Carly make the case they ARE and she changed her mind. Then the 3 of them tell Gladys that Brando is old enough to make his own choices. Weird. Anyway Brando calls from the Gas station phone and tells Gladys he's married. She is on speaker phone and says she gives her blessing. Cries a bit. Sonny says she did good.  

Robert and Anna talking about Peter at the Metro. Robert says he'll be there for her if she feels guilty.  Mac and Felicia join them. They all talk about the plan for Victor. Felicia and Anna going to Austria...Mac says no. Felicia says yes. 


Sasha and Brando are staying at the old couple's house and on the couch and floor. 

That's about it

What was REALLY IN Peter's BOX?

The Contents of Henrick Faison's Last BOX  

 A reminder of who he was 

Book he left for Louise 

Parking Lot Permit 

Acting Cape 

Pack of 12 headshots 

'stache wax 

Wednesday, March 9, 2022



Ryan's cell..the orderly makes a crack about "the new intern" being hot. Ryan is not happy. Then Esme walks right in. Then she hides and goes in when the orderly leaves. She says that Ryan's death stare doesn't terrify her at all. She also says that he could have blown everything if anyone heard him talk. He says she's disappointed him. He yells at her. She says it's not her fault. She has to pretend to love Spencer to keep up the pretense. She then calls him "Daddy--you like it when I call you that, right"? Ryan: "You know I do, but be careful what you wish for"...WHAT? Is she his daughter or?? I mean.. creepy sugar-daddy vibes! Anyway, he says she's not doing a good job and she says she'll just tell his brother he can talk. Ryan grabs her arm and twists it. She gets up and tells him she's strong now. "you're an excellent teacher"... then Ryan tells her to go back to square one: Ava.  THEN he tells her to basically throw herself at Nikolas!! ahahahahhaa

Brando and Sasha driving in Niagara Falls .. trying to find a wedding chapel LOL ..they are lost. No signal and no GPS on the car. Sasha gets snippy. Then she gets happy-- they are going to follow the river to get to the chapel. OH!! Check engine light goes on. They need a tow. Sasha is freaking out. 

Gladys and Lucy at the Metro. Talking about taking Deception Public. Gladys gets thru to Sasha. Says they are in Niagara Falls. Hangs up. Lucy says that's where she got married. Gladys spits out her wine and is like IS THAT WHAT THEY ARE DOING? Lucy says let them be. Gladys is afraid that they are just using the marriage to get over Liam (WHO Cares???????? seriously?)

Victor toasts the "Cassadine Clan" ...just the same old talking points. He leaves. Ana and Nikolas talk about nothing. 

Sam, Drew and Dante figure out Britt has Peter's effects. Want Britt to plant the tarot card with Victor. They go to the Metro. 

Britt thinks there's a bomb in the box from Peter LOL . Oh no, she had people Xray it, it's ok but now she wants to throw it out. Maxie convinces her to open it. They go to the terrace. Then the gang gets there and tells her to stop. Victor comes to the Metro.. Drew stops him from going to the terrace. Then he lets him pass. Out there, Britt and Maxie struggle with the box and it spills on the ground. Victor sees the fake Tarot Card. DUN DUN DUN. The gang picks up the box, leaves. YES, Victor palmed the card and took the bait. He thinks it's the card to control Drew. 

END: Important: Looks like Esme IS Ryan's daughter but damn.. those scenes were SO sexually charged. I mean like.. wtf?? Who wrote that? WHY did they write that like that? 

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

SO much talking


Anyone see The Batman? The trailer looks amaze but is it TOO MUCH for me? I didn't want to see The Joker with (JP) because ....too real/disturbing yada yada. Let me know. I love the actor Paul Dano tho so I'm thinking I might. 

Kevin is visiting Ryan at the jail. Harmony is helping him blink out words. Ryan refuses to blink for Kevin LOL. Kevin leaves. 

Nikolas is also at the jail-- wants to see Spencer. Snark to each other. You know, usual stuff.  Nik says he went to Courtney's grave-- they talk about her. 

Laura, Drew and Sam are at Sam's talking about Victor and Dante walks in. MOSS IS ON THE TABLE PEOPLE! Laura decides to let Dante in on "the plan" to take Victor down. Laura leaves. Sam and Drew fill him in on the deets. They are going to get Victor a tarot card, make him think that Peter sent it and then pretend to use it on Drew. Drew will pretend to respond. Or something like that. 

Laura and Kevin have dinner at the Metro. Talk about stuff. 

Maxie shows Britt Bailey and asks for forgiveness for her 'lie'. Britt says no problem, they are safe and that's all that matters. 

Victor is at Wyndemere to see Nik but since Nik is gone, will talk to Ava about his concerns about Spencer. He doesn't want them to renew their vows. More talk about Nikolas, Spencer--Ava.. UGH. Victor thinks they should have a big renewal ceremony and include everyone in the family. Ava finally agrees after flashing back to Laura telling her to keep Victor close and be nice to him. 

The kids are yapping about the video thing. Trina says she's sorry for Joss and Cam and Esme says well YOU DID IT. NO YOU DID IT. No.. you did.  Trina brings up Ez doing the Teddy Bear and the badge at the hospital. OH Esme says it was her fault for wanting to go on the trip in the first place. Trina calls her the B Word! They argue. Cam finally yells at Esme to leave. 
They try to figure out how it happened. Trina said it could have had a timer. 

Esme goes to the Spa Jail. He apologizes to her. Esme is so jelly of Trina. She tells Nikolas about the porn tape thing. 


The video of Cam/Joss is now uploaded to a porn website LOL 

Britt gets possession of Peter's personal effects. She just signed for it. 

OMG RYAN SPEAKS! He asks Esme what she's doing!!! AAAHHHHHHHH

Monday, March 7, 2022


 Well, I went to  lunch and ate too much. FOR SURE.. Reubens are awesome ...I DID Share but still OY TOO MUCH!! 

The class sees Joss/Cam go at it. LOL The professor apologizes for not closing the lap top soon enough.  I love the professor.  Anyhoo.. Joss and Cam find out it went to the whole school and email. Joss is stressed and yells at Cam. Cam is like "DO you think I did this"?? She says no.. Ez is out in the hall laughing. Cameron asks if Sonny could have cameras in there. Then Esme drops her bag and Joss finds her in the hall. They blame her. Esme plays all innocent. "I wouldn't drop low-fi armature porn" . Joss calls her a sociopath. 

Carly and Sonny talk about Courtney. She says it hurts when she sees him and they should see each other less. Sonny says FINE whatever you want. blah blah... argue. 

Trina wonders if  Spencer is breaking out of jail. He shows her Courtney's grave. Then Jordan walks out --Spencer hides. She sees Trina. Trina gives her some BS about being there. When Jordan leaves Spencer gets up and talks to Trina and she pushes him HARD. She's angry that he's such a rich brat that does whatever he wants. 

Lucy showing Curtis and Portia The Aussie abode. She thinks Sonny might bid but Jax would rather sell to them. They talk about all the bedrooms and Portia says Curtis' Dad could move in. He's like NO.

Oh god, Sasha wants to elope in Niagara Falls. Brando isn't sure, he thinks she's doing it to forget about Liam. She says yes because she realizes she can have more now and that includes Brando. He says yes and goes to take a shower. 

Liz and Finn talk about Franco and such-- and Liz tells him she's taking some Rx to help at night. Says it's mild. Finn wants to know if they should go away for awhile.  Liz says no way. They agree. She also doesn't think he should stay at the house. 


SASHA pops another pill 

Jordan warns Sonny

Portia and Curtis take Jax's house 

Esme blames Trina for the video..and Trina walks in the room. 

Sunday, March 6, 2022

Sunday Surgery: An Axe To Grind


This week seemed like a WHOLE LOTTA dialog and very little story movement. Which, I understand we need now and again but I just wasn't feeling it. Sometimes the show grabs you and sometimes it doesn't, right? 

With the world in turmoil it IS nice to sit and just forget for an hour and thank goodness we still have our soap to watch. I am grateful. 

Grab some grub and expresso and let's GO-GO! 

Saturday, March 5, 2022

Tabyana Ali -The New Trina


As you've probably read, Sydney is exiting the role of Trina because she wants to focus on college and other projects. She will be so missed. Her replacement is Tabyana Ali, an actress who's been in a few movies like Horror Noire (2021) and the Big Show Show (2020) Check her IMDB. 

Losing Sydney at this juncture is heartbreaking because Sprina has been such a great slow burn. The chem between she and Nicholas Chavaz is unmistakable. Can't blame her for spreading the wings though and here's hoping the NuTrina can fill her shoes! 

Friday, March 4, 2022

Ode to Courtney

 Yesterday's show. Meh.. other than Dr O and Anna... zzzzzzz. Glad I napped. Hope Today's show is better. 

Sad and happy news. We are losing Sydney Mikayla because she has decided to leave GH for school and bigger and better things. She's something else--and it will be so hard to fill her shoes. 


Brando and Niagara Falls. Sigh. BORED. They kiss and are in bed together.  Sasha does some blow...oh no! She takes pills.

Everyone is thinking about..COURTNEY?, ok. It's her death date. Carly shows Sam a photo of her on her phone. Spencer is bitchy when Ezme visits (it was his birthday yesterday) because he's thinking of his mom and BOTH Nik and Sonny visit her grave. AHAHAHAHA Okay. Sonny says Nik cheated on Courtney. Nik mentions Carly LOL 

Spencer is sad that he can't put flowers on Courtney's grave. He's SUCH A GOOD ACTOR wow. WOW. Really good. He says Trina can relate because she thought her father had died. Esme gets mad and says she's had real loss. Spencer says she never talks about things. 

Trina's professor stops her and tells her she's not participating enough in class and can tell something was wrong. 

Cam and Joss talk about Trina. She only comes to the dorm to sleep. 
Trina walks short with them. Joss lays into her because all she did was defend Trina and Trina is mad at her. 

Ava and Victor. Interrupted by Laura. She doesn't trust him. Victor leaves. Ava and Laura talk about Victor. 

Anna and Drew talk about Victor. Anna thinks Victor wants drew because he knows something or did something. 


Esme sends the file to the entire college. They are in class. Joss and Cam are there. Some kid puts it up on the big screen LOL.. 

Trina runs into Spencer at the graveyard. I guess Victor broke him out to put flowers on his mama's grave


Thursday, March 3, 2022

Wednesday, March 2, 2022


 It's time for WED to be here. I hope today isn't just filler. A lot happened yesterday but not a lot of story movement. 

Anna visits Mac at GH. Says the WSB agent that flipped is dead. Suspicious. Anna also found a phone and local number. Everyone thinks it's Victor. Oh, Laura, Felicia and Anna are all there when NuJordan walks in and says she's back on the job! 
Laura and Anna go and brief her. 


Austin comes up and wonders if Maxie can forgive him. They go to his office to talk. He tells her about helping Liesl bug Victor to help Maxie. 

Liz and Finn--Liz is like "What can the endgame be here"?? Jake walks in..BIG JAKE! Tall! Anyway he asks why the police were there. Cam shows him the portrait. Finn asks if he saw anyone around the house yesterday. Betsy Frank? He says no. OMG Jake didn't know Peter was dead!! LOL..Cam is like "Mom didn't tell you"?? Jake is happy he's dead. Cam is too. They hug. Later, Finn tells Jake he'll protect Liz. Jake says he and Cam can do that. They talk about Franco. I think he forgot Jason got killed too LOL 

Portia and Drew. Geesh, has DREW TALKED to the entire town yet? They talk about Curtis. It was just filler. Oh he does say there's a house she and Curtis should look at that he knows about. 

Marshall and Curtis meet. Marshall says he knows what he did re: Drew. Same convo as always. Marshall says he has a criminal history. NO..REALLY?? It's sealed now he says but Drew could still find it. Anyway, Marshall is going to take the job. Curtis is happy and says he won't pry anymore. 

Sam and Dante at the bar, throwing axes. Olivia and Carly must have gone home. Dante tells her about Elizabeth's 'stalker'.  He says Liz thinks it's Betsy Franco. They are going to track her via Spinelli to see if they can find out where's she's been the past few days. He says she went to the cemetery but didn't go in. Also found out she was arrested last November by the NYS police. 


Marshall tells Drew he'll take the job

Jordan sees Portia and Curtis saying they'll buy that house and hugging. 

Betsy got a DWI and attacked a cop and got a 72 hour hold in a psyche ward. 

Betsy shows up at Liz' house and says she has to 'tell her the truth"

Anna gets a mysterious phone call

DR O Is on tomorrow! 

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Hanging Around


Liz looks at the Zexy Picture hanging up that Franco did for her. Someone comes in the house and startles's CAM. So everyone was out for about 24 hours and Liz has no idea how that portrait got there. 

Finn tells Chase about the strange things happening to Elizabeth. Finn says not to say much because he's not sure if Liz wants people to know. 

Then Liz calls Finn ...he goes to her house, Chase stays home. The cops arrive at Liz'...Dante is there. They try to figure out who could get in (no forced entry). Liz thinks it's Betsy Franco. "Grieving People do desperate things" ..I'm still saying Elizabeth is doing all of this. 

Willow wants to talk to Michael about Nina. Willow "played Me" Michael. She doesn't want Nina to see Wiley. Michael agrees. Leaves. 

Michael talks to Chase. Chase lays into him about sleeping with Willow and being mad at HIM for 'sleeping" with Brook because he may have 'hurt Willows feelings". I wish he would have punched him but... 

Nina sees Curtis and Stella in Charlie's, they say they can talk to her if Phyllis isn't there. She and Curtis talk about Sonny while Stella goes to the bar.  Then they talk about Marshall and he needs to know more about Marshall. Stella says not to have Drew look around Marshall's past. Curtis says he has to if he's moving in with Portia to protect her. 

Nina sees Willow at GH .. :eyeroll: Willow yells at her for sleeping with a married man. :Eyeroll: Nina pleads to see WILlllllllley. Willow says no. Nina pleads. Willow says No.  

Sam and Drew debrief about Maxie at the Metro. He wants a more "leadership" role at Aurora. Sam says he has her blessing. She leaves. (PS Jax sold his shares we find out) 

Drew then meets with Marshall about the Media Company. He asks him to be a consult for the music part... but Marshall realizes that Drew is asking questions about his past for Curtis. Drew convinces him it's a real job. Tells him about HR policy and background checks. Marshall says Um, no thanks. Don't want it. 

Carly tells Olivia she filed the divorce papers. Olivia makes her a drink. Carly is just sad and doesn't know how all this happened. Sam walks over. Olivia said they planned something to get Carly's emotions out. It's an ax-throwing bar. They have fun, Olivia brought a pic of Nina. Music montage. 


Finn is going to stay at Liz' for a bit

Carly gets a bullseye when she says she's releasing herself from Nina and Sonny

Nina says she'll fight for her right as a bio grandmother to see Wiley

I May or May Not... I MAY!

  Be here today! I'm subbing with 3 year olds and then doing an eval on a 2 year old so... not sure I'll be fit to do ANYTHING at 2p...