Sunday, March 27, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Sex, Lies and Digital Streaming

 I was of course, going to say Sex, Lies and Videotape but that's Sooooooo '90s !! Anyway, here we are on a Sunday again. This week flew by and GH didn't get interrupted by SC hearings yeah! See, if you wanted to watch you could, if not, you could catch them later!! That's the way to do it. 

Speaking of the judicial system, looks like our NuTrina just might be going to the PCPD soon. Esme has all sorts of plans up her...umm..sleeve. I enjoyed this week and although nothing earth-shattering happened, the cast movements and dialog was for the most part, spot on. Color Wubs Happy. 

SEX OF THE WEEK: No, we didn't get any actual zex but we DID get the video reminder, especially when Alexis took over the story for the print media. She had the teens come in and offered to tell their side of the story before every outlet in the USA took it over. (and they are acting like it will go viral).  The moms tried to chime in until Alexis sent them packing which, given Cam and Joss' ages and the delicate nature of the questions was a good idea. 

LIES OF THE WEEK: Looking at Esme planning her whole web to trap Spencer harkens back to the Golden Age of soaps. What daytime vixen didn't say they might be PG to the guy leaving them?? She carefully puts a PG test in her bag that falls out in front of Spencer. Spencer freaks out. Esme uses the line "my body my choice" and storms out. Watching her smirk in the hallway was just classic. THEN she goes to plead her sad homeless case to StepDaddy Nikolas at the Metro. "But I have no where to go"...sniff. Oh, Nik.. you're in for ride buddy. LOL. Too bad your Gran Helena isn't around to get Ez's number but quick! Gran Laura seems to be falling for her charms way too hard! 

STREAMING  OF THE WEEK: "You get virtual high-fives and I get slut shamed" seems to be a line someone wrote and loved it so much it just keeps getting repeated over and over and over again. I GET IT. We ALL get it. 

REACTIONS OF THE WEEK: Pick one: Spencer or Cameron!! Their exchange about Esme's "pregnancy" was perfect. For once, I didn't feel like some alien wrote the younger set's dialog. Spencer was outraged, shocked and scared "You go take that test RIGHT NOW"! He yelled. Cam, upon hearing "my body, my choice" looked like he was going to faint on the spot. LOL. Talking about the baby in jail was hysterical.  Photo credits: @Flutterby and @AlexaTurnOnGH 

NEWCOMER OF THE WEEK: NuTrina (Tabyana Ali) appeared and had to step into big shoes left by Sydney. This Trina seems more gentle and softer around the edges. I reserve judgement for a few weeks to see how she settles into the role. The funniest thing to note in this whole scene was Joss calling Esme "Nelle 2.0". She's right of course! Right down to her faking an injury from Carly to getting close to Nikolas, to the pregnancy test. Nelle 2.0 for sure!   Oh, PS. Trina is told by Jordon to "come to the station" regarding the video-tip. Let's see if the PCPD did any checking on the source. 

LUNCH OF THE WEEK: Oh BOY did this start a twitter war with me!! LOL. I loved the Carly and Elizabeth scenes. Just thought it was way overdue considering their kids are dating. Given the history of these two, it's also a very complex relationship. I found it to be a mutual admiration society of respect for how they raised their kids. Most people did NOT. Most saw this as Liz propping Carly up and apologizing for past behavior. I loved the flashback-- everyone else threw a fit. So.. I'll leave it up to the individual on this one. I did like that Carly was calm and not screeching in my face. Liz is included in the story so I'm grateful for that as well because we all know she doesn't get enough airtime. 

SLOW DANCE OF THE WEEK: Well, depending if you're a NiSon or not, you either loved or loathed this whole bit. Nina goes to Charlie's to see Phyllis (which she does on the regular and Phil is never there) and runs into.. Mike .er..Sonny!! Sonny's tending bar because Kristina can't get a contract save her life. They flirt. Talk about Nixon Falls and end up dancing to the same song they did at the ol' Tan-O. (complete with flashbacks). Sonny's dimples came out. He seemed happy. He seemed very MIKE-LIKE. 

DEAD WOMAN WALKING OF THE WEEK: Oh..Harmony. You worked with the Devil and now he's even letting you know you're going to be toast when he's done with you. Heh. Start running girl!! 

PRESCRIPTION OF THE WEEK:  Marshall drops his meds and Sonny picks them up. A shadow falls on his face. Hmmm, what are they? Later he fails to help Curtis get the goods on Marshall because "fathers and sons need to work things out themselves". Huh. Welp, me thinks that he found a kindred spirit in Marshall. Speculation on my part: What if he went away from his family NOT because of crime but because he had undiagnosed bipolar disorder? It would explain his leaving and perhaps, his getting into 'trouble' with the law. Back in the day many people got electroshock treatments for that. (more crude than they are now and not as effective). Think about it. Remember I said this if it's true!! 

DATING QUIZ OF THE WEEK: Britt and Brad doing an old Cosmo style quiz to find out who she should date was just fun. He basically tells her she needs a leather jacket and a motorcycle type guy. Britt gives him a list of jobs to choose from, most being way beneath his pay grade. They finally find one that involves advocacy and paper-work. THEN..DUN DUN DUN... Aunty WU Walks in and puts the kibosh on that!! She wants Brad to do HER work in the 'poker palace'. I have a feeling Brad better dust off his dealer's cap and get busy. 

DREAM TEAM OF THE WEEK:  Anna comes back and briefs Laura about Luke's murder. Laura even tears up. Very believable given their history. Both are on a mission now to get Victor. With Drew, Sam, Dante and Felicia's help they'll do it too! Now, get Robert and Mac on screen more and this will be Olympic Gold!!  Photo credit:  @TheSoapySoaps 

OFFER OF THE WEEK:  Alexis finds out Harmony is living in a motel. She offers her a PLACE TO STAY and save some money. Um, your daughter was terrorized by this lady're having her live with you?? Um.. okay. TJ and Molly are moving out so why not?? I guess we can't further the rumor that Harmony killed Neil if this didn't happen. Yes, that's a BIG rumor out there. Think "You're Dead To Me" series. 

WU OF THE WEEK (or OFFER TWO OF THE WEEK):  Selina wants control of the PC Harbor. Sonny smiles and gives it to her!! What are the conditions? He knows what comes and goes...who's running things and.. NO DRUGS!!  I think Ms. Wu is deep into the faux-fashion industry anyway. I look forward to seeing her merchandise. 


COMEBACK OF THE WEEK: Taggert is back and Real is looking awesome. I like the Tagg and Portia's scenes. Liked him with Trina and he mentioned Gia 2x!! AUNT GIA needs to get here! 


Looks like Willow fainted from low blood sugar/stress. Michael is out on bail

Deception team finds out Brasha eloped in Niagara Falls 

Victor plans a World-Wide Cassadine Domination 

Esme leaves Laura and Kevin's, makes Spencer think she might be pregnant

Joss and Cam talk to Alexis and reporter about their viral video mess

Liz and Carly bond over the past and their kids dating

Sonny and Nina relive their Nixon Falls Days with a slow-dance

Marshall is on some prescription medication that has Sonny intrigued 

Curtis and Portia celebrate their new house

Epiphany plans on taking the MCATS to become a doctor

Avery hurts her arm, Ava and Sonny have a nice non-yelling scene together

Esme plots to get into Nikolas' house and good graces

Anna tells Laura Luke was indeed, murdered--probably by Victor 

Selina Wu wants the Port Charles Harbor. Sonny says yes with some conditions

Brad gets a job at GH but will his Aunt let him keep it? 

Liz and Finn share a kiss and get closer

Chase is in charge of the PC Softball Team this year

NEWS AND NOTES:  Tyler Christopher (Ex-Nikolas) is appearing on Maurice Benard's State of Mind  on You Tube today. Should be really good. 

Michael Blake Kruse has joined GH on contract playing Rory. I'm thinking HOUSE OF WU!!  Speculation: Selina tells him to woo (get it??) Britt and keep an eye on her !!
Thanks to TV Source Magazine for the info and pic!! 

SPOILERS FOR NEXT WEEK:   TJ and Molly are NOT happy Harmony is moving in, even it it's temporary. Brick is back in town and Esme tries to charm Nikolas. Sam and Drew dig deeper into Victor's plan and Greg (Finn and Chases' Dad) pops up. 

WUBS SUGGESTIONS OF THE WEEK:  Rename Charlie's Lenny's. It will really only take a sign change. It makes sense. PLEASE get Kristina bartending and on canvas more!! Molly and TJ can live in the new up and coming neighborhood there. Geesh, it writes itself!! Brando and Sasha can stay gone. Sorry, but it's true. Bring Gia back with a kid!! Oh, one more thing: Selina Wu and Liesl Obrect need to be BFFs. Thank You! 

PHEW! This was a big blog because a lot happened this week!! A GIANT thank you to all that post screen cappies for me to snag on twitter. I still haven't figured out how to do it effectively and I just am so appreciative. 

Great character interaction is always welcomed and GH is pulling it off really well lately. So much movement on the canvas. People don't just talk 2 by 2 in one room anymore. Epiphany goes and sits with Portia to gab while Curtis is with Marshall. Trina goes from her mom and dad to campus. Dante seems to be in all places at once. Yeah!! Even Sonny's moving all over the place and not stuck in his office with Badger Bob anymore. (although yes, I do miss Badger Bob!) Say what you like, GH is very rich in stories and characters right now. Does it always work? No. Are they way too many stories to keep track of? Sometimes. (ie: Sasha and Brando--anyone care or remember them??!) We are also seeing some day players pop up to give a bit of depth to scenes. New detective popping in, a reporter in Alexis office taking the kid's interviews...just things like that to make it feel more 'real'. Maybe I'm crazy but that's me! 

Hope you had a good week. March is winding down and GH's anniversary date (April 1st) is happening on Friday!! 59 years old!! I remember the 50th celebration. I wonder if year 60 will bring some of the same. 

IT SNOWED TODAY HERE!! wahhhhh JUST when you think spring has whams ya again!! 

CHEERS! Thanks for reading!! 


  1. Sex, Lies and Videotape. Remember that movie

  2. That would make a lot of sense IF this is true about Marshall and un-diagnosed bipolar/ and/or schizophrenia. He could have been afraid of himself around his family and could have gotten in trouble with the law. I get a feeling of Marshall not liking Sonny. Maybe it's just because Sonny is a mobster??? IDK. Sometimes it feels like it's personal.

  3. I'm sorry, but this Alexis befriending Harmony really gets to me. Harmony is Ghilaine Maxwell and Shiloh is Epstein. I'm sorry, it's disgusting that Alexis is doing this to Kristina. I love NLG and Alexis. Give her a better story line PLEASE.

  4. Thanks Karen. You are the best!!!!!!

    I say bring Robert, Mac, Kristina, TJ and Molly on more and let Sasha and Brando stay in Niagara Falls permanently.

    Started a new job and not able to watch or get writing on here much anymore. 28 degrees here tomorrow. YIKES

  5. Thanks, Karen, for another great SS!

  6. Thanks for the great SS. I posted the name of the meds when you were gone and drew the same conclusion. I said "I think maybe nuSonny is feeling some empathy for him. He probably thinks Marshal's past had to do with behavior that he exhibited before he was diagnosed and put on meds. The writers could do a lot with this story. Let's hope they don't screw it up."

    I agree about them beating the dead horse with that slut shaming line too. It happens often these days in tv shows; in fact, I think, to the point that people no longer hear the words and they start defeating their purpose.

    I love the idea that Ms. Wu might be bringing in counterfit fashion items. In fact...The global counterfeiting industry is expected to hit the $4.2 trillion mark this year, so it's a very plausible and lucrative business. lol I can just picture Lucy now finding out she has a fake bag. haha That would make for some great scenes.

    I also hope the PCPD doesn't get written as stupid when it comes to Trina's questioning. I want them to find out it wasn't her sooner rather than later as I don't want them messing with the great friendship the kids have.

    As for the twitter war there seems to be no redemption with some people these days, not in real life, and not even on a tv show. We told the writers what we didn't like and yet some fans won't ever accept a change. They live to growl and spit and name call. Sad, really.

    I personally am enjoying the change and the movement among the main characters. The Liz/
    Carly scene was great. As, as you said,their kids are dating. They should be closing ranks after this revenge video. I loved how the writers handled it as a " mutual admiration society of respect for how they raised their kids" and I thought the flashback was perfect.

    Once again, thanks. I love my Sunday morning reading.

  7. A really great SS! Thank you.
    What a noticeable change in GH this week. All good.
    I may be the only one who does not care at all whether Kristina is on or not. I find the character annoying.
    When Marshall's secret comes out, if there even is one, there will be no more furrowed glances. Don't care.
    Watch what you eat and/or drink Nikolas. Esme is coming for you. LOL

  8. Great SS-always a nice way to start Sunday! I am sick of Esme and her predictable actions. Loved the Carly and Liz flashback. Nik will surely get scammed since he isn’t very sharp, at least nowhere near his wife. Can’t wait for Val to come back already, but the relationship with Anna has already lost momentum.

  9. I really liked the sonny and nina dancing scene. sonny actually having fun. I don't ever remember him and carly having fun. still don't like carly. the only carly I ever liked was tamara braun. the cast still needs to be trimmed down.

  10. Missing Valentine along with Chase/Brooke seeing Bailey. I want Maxie to sincerely thank him.

    Karen we love Bosch! On season 3. Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. Me too. I miss Valentin. We need a nice visit with Maxie and Valentin. Maxie and Brook and Chase.

  11. The Liz and Carly scene was bad because it was Liz propping Carly. The flashback was garbage. Whoever chose that flashback needs to get fired. Period. I’m all for Liz and Carly being civil, but that’s not how to do it.

    1. Me too. Liz is no angel but come on writers! She deserves as much accolades as Carly if not more as she has been a single mom!

  12. Great SS which I enjoyed very much. Thank you!
    I had no problem with the Liz/Carly scenes. Yes, I think a little of propping Carly was going on, but I thoroughly agreed with their mutual admiration society regarding the raising of their kids. I loved it when Alexis tossed them from the room, she knew what could happen and did the right thing!

    Sasha/Brando can go. I have no use for them. And they really need to move Marshall's story along. I'm with Curtis and have lost all patience with the man!

    Esme was a hoot and I laughed out loud when Joss called Nell 2.0. I was dying! Excellent line. I'm still cranky about Anna not telling Sam and Laura about the cyanide capsule and them not asking how the man "killed himself right in front of us." Give me strength!

    I wish Trina 2.0 all the best. She has huge shoes to fill and I'm giving her lots of time. :)

    Thanks again for SS!


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