Monday, March 7, 2022


 Well, I went to  lunch and ate too much. FOR SURE.. Reubens are awesome ...I DID Share but still OY TOO MUCH!! 

The class sees Joss/Cam go at it. LOL The professor apologizes for not closing the lap top soon enough.  I love the professor.  Anyhoo.. Joss and Cam find out it went to the whole school and email. Joss is stressed and yells at Cam. Cam is like "DO you think I did this"?? She says no.. Ez is out in the hall laughing. Cameron asks if Sonny could have cameras in there. Then Esme drops her bag and Joss finds her in the hall. They blame her. Esme plays all innocent. "I wouldn't drop low-fi armature porn" . Joss calls her a sociopath. 

Carly and Sonny talk about Courtney. She says it hurts when she sees him and they should see each other less. Sonny says FINE whatever you want. blah blah... argue. 

Trina wonders if  Spencer is breaking out of jail. He shows her Courtney's grave. Then Jordan walks out --Spencer hides. She sees Trina. Trina gives her some BS about being there. When Jordan leaves Spencer gets up and talks to Trina and she pushes him HARD. She's angry that he's such a rich brat that does whatever he wants. 

Lucy showing Curtis and Portia The Aussie abode. She thinks Sonny might bid but Jax would rather sell to them. They talk about all the bedrooms and Portia says Curtis' Dad could move in. He's like NO.

Oh god, Sasha wants to elope in Niagara Falls. Brando isn't sure, he thinks she's doing it to forget about Liam. She says yes because she realizes she can have more now and that includes Brando. He says yes and goes to take a shower. 

Liz and Finn talk about Franco and such-- and Liz tells him she's taking some Rx to help at night. Says it's mild. Finn wants to know if they should go away for awhile.  Liz says no way. They agree. She also doesn't think he should stay at the house. 


SASHA pops another pill 

Jordan warns Sonny

Portia and Curtis take Jax's house 

Esme blames Trina for the video..and Trina walks in the room. 


  1. Boring episode but just made no sense.....I feel it was like students who are finishing their research paper cause spring break is coming.....outta NOWHERE WHY WHY does Jordan care about SONNY day one? What about going to the office and reading the files of cases missed? Liz's stalker? Laura telling her about Victor and yet she went to see SONNY to put him on notice? No - no sparks----- nu-Jordan still a work in progress....but it was just random....
    Sasha and Brando - apparently they get lost so I think she runs out of her high from pills and he realizes it...
    I wanted to slap Esme through my TV - LOL-----call Spinelli...
    Liz telling Finn to go away was meh for me since her boys never see her anyway
    WHY was Trina at cemetery - did he CALL HER? I missed that ----- nu-Trina has her work cut out for her - LOVE Sydney...
    WHEN was Courtney Carly's best friend?
    and last RANDOM STUPID comment --------Portia saying Marshall could live with them? Did she NOT hear Stella's warning? and when moving in with a hunk, you don't want his dad in the house.....................
    just not a great day-----just didn't make sense....

    1. "Mufasa says, WHEN was Courtney Carly's best friend?"

      ALWAYS! They were always so close. Carly was okay with her and Jason as a couple.. Back then it was always Carly, Jason, Sonny, and Kung Foo Barbie. Always together.. It was so annoying.

    2. I remember friends but I completely forgot best friends...

    3. The kids are in college so I don't see how a classroom scene was not making sense.

      I loved nuJordan today. And since she's back and well again it made perfect sense to me that she's hitting reset with Sonny.

    4. There was actually a period in the early 2000s when I stopped watching "GH" for 4 years or so. It was because almost the entire focus of the show became Sonny/Carly/Jason/Courtney. Hated it and I also never cared for the actress who played Courtney.

    5. In those days I had to fast forward Courtney and Jason - they were sleep inducing.

  2. Niagara falls:

    Brasha: We really didn't need the whole hour of Sasha trying to convince Brando to get married.. Totally unnecessary!!!

    Port Chuckles:


    Spencer and Trina: Love how she dragged him hahahaha. Love the shove!! Quick Spencer kiss her before she turns into the recast!!! Hey where is all the snow?! Look green everywhere!! Hahahahaha. Is it spring already? Or are they still dealing with the heatwave? Nobody has talked about it.. Hmmmmm.

    Trina: Why? You planning on taking me hostage while you plan your getaway?

    BAHAHAHAHHHAHAAHA! She would have won the line of the day, but someone else wins it..

    Trina and NuJordan: Hmmm. Didn't recognize NuJordan at first..

    NuJordan and her friend's grave: I thought at first that she was visiting Kung Foo Barbie! Hahahahaha. I'm like huh? Does she know her? Ohhhh it's the guy that died who was working with her to take down Cyrus!! Okay.. What was the point of that scene?

    Spencer and Trina part 2: Just kiss her already!!!!

    Spencer: Me man. You woman.

    Hahahaha adorable! :) I love their scenes! GAH!!!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Carson: UGH! Stop talking about you know who for crying out loud! Oh people have talked about Carly got a haircut. I finally noticed. :)

    NuJordan and Sonny: CHEMISTRY ALERT CHEMISTRY ALERT! I felt a ton of chemistry between them! YOW!!!! Are they going to have sex? What was all that closeness and flirting about?

    Sonny: I prefer something a little more spicy.

    WHOA! I bet you do Sonny!!!

    Liz's home: More of the Alyssa Milano portrait. :)

    Fiz: I love them so much! They haven't shown the boys having a problem with Finchy!!!

    Liz: I'm not going to ask you to wait for me.

    Finchy: You don't have to. I was probably going to do that anyway. No not forever. Maybe like 100 years 200 tops, but then I'm walking. In case I wasn't clear, you're worth waiting for.

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! My heart is melting!!!!!

    Jax's/Brase's home:

    Purtis and Lucy: Love Lucy's hair and dress.

    Purtis: The so many rooms can be turned into something else. Maybe you will have more babies.. :) Uh no Mr. Hat man living there is not a good idea Portia. Then Curtis and his papa will have the same conversations over and over UGH! Lucy! Hahahahaha. You dirty girl you. :) Lucy and Marty need a duck together as a pet. :)

    College class: Jam are both horrified, but yet having eye sex.

    Jam and the professor: Love this professor!!! She needs a backstory and a storyline. :)

    Jam: While they were talking, Vampira's quiet laugh was making me laugh. :) All the dinging on Jam's phones! Hahahahaha.

    Jam and Vampira: Vampira wins the line of the day.

    Vampira: Or is it just out there for the whole world to, enjoy.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! I'm dead. Just bury me. Right now.. *Dead*

    1. I totally cracked up when Sonny said he preferred something spicy. That sure ain't Nina! HAHAHAHAHAH!
      Esme was great yesterday, god she's just an awful person. Sociopath indeed! I enjoyed all the college kids yesterday. I'm so going to miss Trina. :(

      Portia lost her mind. That's all I got!

      Finn said all the right stuff, I was just swooning away. :)

    2. "Julie H says, I totally cracked up when Sonny said he preferred something spicy. That sure ain't Nina! HAHAHAHAHAH!"

      Hahahahahaha. No that's not Nina. :) Looks like NuJordan can be spicy with Sonny!

      "Esme was great yesterday, god she's just an awful person. Sociopath indeed!"

      Yes! Awful person. Soapy goodness. :)

      "I enjoyed all the college kids yesterday."

      Hahahaha. Yeah. :)

      "I'm so going to miss Trina. :("

      Me too. :(

      "Portia lost her mind. That's all I got!"

      SHE DID!!!!!

      "Finn said all the right stuff, I was just swooning away. :)"

      Me too!! :)

    3. lol Sonya. You swoon if a tribble trembles.

    4. "Di says, lol Sonya. You swoon if a tribble trembles."

      Hahahahahahahaha. YOU!!! :) *Smacks you upside the head* ROFL!

    5. "Di says, Owwwww! (´0`)ツ"


  3. writers have college students all wrong. I don't think they would give a shit about a sex tape. especially sit and laugh. more like 16 yr. olds. portia is out of her mind , her and curtis have never lived together, now she wants his father living with them. why not wait to see if the relationship will work out. and I am starting to like fiz.

  4. karen where did you get the reuben from? I also live in Rochester. my favorite sandwich

  5. Nobody heard the professor shout out "Lord Vs Chandler! Look it up!" Who was this a soap reference to?

    1. victor lord and adam chandler

    2. No Matthew I didn't. Someone on twitter mentioned it. That's cool! Lord is from OLTL and Chandler is from AMC! :)


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