Sunday, March 20, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Tears For Fears


Stressful week in real life means GH wasn't as memorable as usual...or it just wasn't "must see TV"; not sure which!! The show still has a giant cast and that means I get to wondering about certain characters we haven't seen in forever (ie: Martin Gray, Krissy, Molly)  and if they'll be on again? Rotation is also choppy. We can get 3 days of Marshall chat and then.. nothing. Guess it's the way of the filming schedule. 

Not sure if you have any bangers and mash left over from St. Paddy's Day but that's what I'm having. Oh and a Guinness!! 

Stories featured this week:  Wu Empire Expansion; Trap Victor Plan; Sex Video Release; Liz' Parent Back-Story and Nina wears her Daughter Necklace. 

OFFER OF THE WEEK:  Ms Wu asks Curtis to host some 'legal' gambling parties in his club. They'd be private and involve high rollers. I'm all for it of course. She also wants Brad to run them so double fun for me!! Anyone see Sneaky Pete? So much story potential here. Hopefully she won't take no for an answer! Expand that Wu Empire.

VENDING MACHINE SIGHTING OF THE WEEK: There it was!! Just in time for a long overdue Drew and Liz chat!! Fans have been asking for it and it was actually a good one I thought. It is a little funny how Drew is all of a sudden the "uncle" of PC; listening intently to everyone's problems, providing sage advice. Certainly a departure from the guy he was before!! 

TEMP RECAST OF THE WEEK:  My goodness but this show just uses the "temporary" recasts a lot, doesn't it? This time it was Monica's turn and I liked her. LC wrote she would be back and I believe it was probably due to some ongoing health issues she's had. (hip problems from a fall from a horse long ago).  For the newbies, Monica explained to Finn that she was once married to Jeff Webber (Liz' Dad) and a bit of the backstory regarding he and his wife, Carolyn. OH! Monica is also having a dinner party at some point which could be awesome.

JEFF WEBBER MENTION NUMBER TWO OF THE WEEK: Well, the Liz' parents thing is ramping right up. Jake has been writing to them on the internet for awhile (since Franco died) and didn't want his mom to know. We can see why. She wants no contact with the parents that dumped she and her sister off on Gran back when they were teens to go to Africa. It was written back then that way to get some teen infusion into the scene without bringing adult characters back. Good use of history for Elizabeth to explore. Could also be the reason she has DID (my speculation only) --abandonment issues, yada yada. Hudson West is a good addition to that set. Get Charlotte back on (MIA forever) and also I think Danny and Rocco are now around the same age? I can't keep up with the SORA's. 

INJURY OF THE WEEK: OUCH!! Carly manhandled ol' Esme...or did she? Certainly looked like she was yanking her around. Then again, Ez had a bruise already left by Ryan so it was a nice fresh wound to exploit. Who did she turn to?? Nikolas Cassadine, her next target as per her daddy Ryan. She's going to worm her way into that one but quick. More on ol' Esme later. 

RUDE BOY OF THE WEEK: So, Maurice's real life son played Adam, a student being tutored by Joss. He's all excited because he saw her naked on the net and is hoping to get some. It was perfect because we needed some reaction from the campus kids to make it seem more true. If it's only isolated to the Four and adults...zzzzzzzzz.  Liked him, liked the look and the vibe and I hope he's back. 

SPRINA EXPERIENCE OF THE WEEK: After Trina talks to her mom, she goes to see Spencer and basically tells him she's not going to deal with his ish anymore. Gives him back the book. Spencer had talked to Cam and Esme about the Zex tape. Just when you think he's going to give in an declare is wub for Trina, he folds. This is the last scene filmed with the two actors before Sydney left for college full time. :sobbing: I so wanted a kiss. 

SWITCH OF THE WEEK: Esme calls the PCPD on their "CrimeStopper HotLine" and says Trina is at fault for the video. She then switches out the phones and puts the false one in Tri's purse. How long before anyone figures out that's NOT her real phone? Hopefully quick because I can't wait that long. 

BROTHER MOVE OF THE WEEK: Michael finds out from a reporter that Josslyn and Cameron are on a viral sex tape. He punches the guy and ends up being arrested by Jordan. Guess he and Willow won't get to go to Paris and use that fake birth certificate!!  Oh yeah, right after this Willow has a panic attack or something and faints. So: pregnant or will need a life-saving transfusion of only her close DNA relative. :wink: 

CAPER OF THE WEEK: Felicia was so over-dramatic that even Anna was trying to get her to calm it down! The two of them went to Austria to find out if Luke was murdered. Of course, Victor's henchman caught up with them and a fight ensued. He ended up crunching a cyanide pill and killing himself. Dying for "The Cause".  Demeter is the name of the whole thing and Drew is a key. 

PLAN GOES SOUTH OF THE WEEK: Everything is set: The gang gets Victor to find a false Tarot Card. They set a trap including renting a van and putting Drew in harm's way to pretend to be 'activated" and GUESS WHAT. AHAHAHAA. Oh CARLY. YEP...big mouth I can't not be in EVERY STORY Carly stops it by thinking she's a hero "saving" Drew. Not only did I hate it from the point that this will take even longer; it also brought Drew and Carly "closer". She was like a giddy school girl crushing on the guy with Jason's memories. Bleck. Again, VACATION TIME because she's so on my last damn nerve. 

THERE IT IS AGAIN OF THE WEEK: Yeah, Nina's got on the necklace and is trying to get Harmony to talk to Willow about Wiley. Phyllis knows Harmony from her past (when she was Lorraine) and Willow passes out at the end of Friday's show. You all know where this is going. Nina had 2 babies. One was Nelle and one was Willow. I don't actually care so... there ya go. 

WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN OF THE WEEK: Oh, Shawn looked just too dapper and sexy to be leaving!! He and Alexis talk about their relationship and...the fact he's leaving. Could have been a good story. He also could have been paired with my new girl-crush Jordan. 

WUBS IDEA OF THE WEEK: Since Carly HAS to be on 24-7 and I did like her as Mobular Maven Boss, why not have she and Wu work together? Get that Gambling Parlor set up at the Metro!! It would be legal, it would provide fun scenes and it would piss Sonny off. 


Operation "end Victor Cassadine" is thwarted by big-mouth Carly 

Sam gets Dante to agree to let Spinelli help with the plan

Carly and Drew share some Jason-inspired moments

Drew gives Liz a listening ear about her boys

Finn gets Jake to admit he's been writing to his grandparents online

Chase and Brook are still dancing around the obvious

Felicia and Anna fight baddies in Austria but get no proof that Vic murdered Luke

Laura's deputy mayor, Eileen is working for Victor

Operation "Demeter" is what the whole 'plan' is about and Drew's memories hold the key

Esme fakes an injury from Carly; gains sympathy from Nikolas

Trina returns her gift to Spencer, walks out and says goodbye

Esme calls the cops on Trina and switches phones 

Joss and Cam agree to stick together in the wake of the sex vid being leaked

Michael punches a reporter that suggests Joss leaked the sex vid

Jordan arrests Michael

Willow passes out

Nina is wearing her 1/2 heart necklace again and Phyllis knows Harmony (Lorraine) 

Selina Wu wants Curtis to host gambling parties and have Brad run them

Brad wants Britt to get him a job at GH 

Monica wants Jason declared dead. 

SPOILERS FOR NEXT WEEK:     TJ finds a passed out Willow, Will Alexis run the Zexy-College Video Leak story? and... of course, Michael is angry at the world but especially with Sonny. 

And that's a wrap. Hope you all had a good week and spring is starting to feel a little closer where you live. We had worms out all over after a rain and that means: WARMER WEATHER!! whoo!!The show has been just a slow burn for me lately. There's a hell of a lot of dialog but not usually in the direction I want. Really not sure why we are delving into the Nina/Baby/Willow/Harmony story and not say, getting TJ and Molly going with something. Molly should actually be helping Josslyn with the viral video. And...why isn't Spinelli on more? He's mentioned daily. Phyllis pops in and I could sure see her more rather than Carly on the bridge talking about stupid dead Jason. Also, now that Shawn's gone, I'm all for making Alexis a ruthless newspaper chief. 

Photos thx to: @Fluttery @SourceRyan and @ashonine 


  1. "GH" seems rudderless lately. Occasional good moments followed by long stretches of "meh." I think it's time for new writers.

    Speaking of people we haven't seen in awhile, whatever happened to Jackie and Gregory? They could have at least made a mention of them leaving town.

    I would love to see several characters cut (Brando, Sasha, Willow, Gladys, Harmony, NuJordan) in favor of seeing Jeff and Carolyn Webber. Just get really good "name" actors to play them.

  2. It should of been laura in Austria with anna. two very talented actresses. felicia is too corny with the baby voice and the faces. why not have the 2 best actresses in daytime together. GF and FH. the scene would have been great. could care less about the sex tape. and drew with carly is a big NO.

  3. Another great SS! I just don't know how you do it with what GH presents lately.
    This Drew thing is so done before. CM is really good in the role if only he had something meaty to be involved in. This is just reheated leftovers.
    Tired of guessing who Nina's kid(s) is/are.
    the Esme possibilities are endless. But her emotions might get in her way.
    There are so many cast members we barely see and so many we would rather not see on a daily basis. GH needs a good 'haircut'.

  4. I have to agree as much as I love Felicia, the scenes were over done and awkward.

    Ezme is one of the only interesting newer characters. Sadly I am rooting for her in an admittingly odd way.

    Please bring us some Chase and brookie!

  5. Nina had twins????????? I just can't with that storyline.......please no...

    serious question----everyone seems to hate Carly-----is that a 'soap hate' or a real 'hate the character'------- I read that several want her gone----
    She is sometimes annoying.......but I like the character.....being in every scene I think is done on purpose to make people 'soap hate' her?????????????

    1. I don't want a twins storyline either.

      As for the hate, I think some people just have to have someone to hate on, There are people who go on sites and bad mouth actors and characters every day, even when they're not on screen. And hating a character is bad enough, but hating on the person who does that JOB is ridiculous. I mean how would any of us like it if people wrote to our bosses every day and said they wanted us fired just because they didn't like us? Some people have been isolated too long I think and hate is taking over.

      I didn't like Carly when they were having her be the screamer every episode. I'm liking her character more since they've toned her down and I think it's good that they're testing her with different groups. Having her with Sonny day after day just wasn't working. She's on contract and that usually means you're guaranteed so many hours. And having her name constantly on everyone's lips is good for ratings, I guess.

    2. The ratings haven’t been good for a long time. Carly, Sonny and Jason have never really brought great ratings for years now. Carly just needs a long vacation. Although Peter was a really hated character, it isn’t wrong to say that the acting was really bad, too. I thought the overdone scene with Felicia was intended to bring a little humor and I loved it.

    3. My main problem with Carly is that they seem to have to put her in every storyline. Plus, she can get real self-righteous and shrewish at times. I've noticed that when Carly isn't with Sonny those traits are very toned down. I actually like Carly when she isn't with Sonny. I do hope that they keep Sonny and Carly apart for a while. That doesn't mean I want Carly with Drew. I think Carly at least subconsciously is considering Drew as Jason replacement and he isn't. Drew is his own person. I love them as friends, and that is how they should stay. Friends.

    4. I like that scene with Anna and Felicia too. I also think it was supposed to be funny.

    5. I like them best as friends too, Gary.

      And I also think they wanted the Felicia scenes to be funny. I guess they're missing the clown since they toned Roger down in his latest incarnation. He was always doing something silly to distract in the middle of scenes which is one reason why I didn't like most of his characters.They were all the same.

  6. Off Topic: Guess who's on NCIS Los Angeles tonight?

  7. Since Sam, Dante, and Drew know how nosy and impulsive Carly is they should just bring her in on the plan to bring down Victor. They would have to make sure she didn't go off the plan, but it would prevent things like her trying to "save" Drew.

    Are we really sure that Ryan is biological Esme's father? Cause I'm wondering if they have made their own psycho family.

    I'm all for Carly letting Ms. Wu have her poker games at the Metro, mainly because it would drive Sonny crazy. I was hoping that Carly wouldn't give up the mob power when Sonny came back. She was so good at being mob boss.

    Too bad that LC wasn't able to film those scenes with Finn about her marriage with Liz's father. I would have loved to seen flashbacks of Leslie and Jeff.

    1. Yeah, but Patsy Rahn was playing Monica back then. Leslie Charleson really didn't have many scenes with Richard Dean Anderson. Not discussing their past marriage, at least, that I recall.

    2. I forgot about Patsy Rahn playing Monica first. I don't remember when Leslie took over but you may be right, it may have been after Monica and Jeff's divorce.

    3. I don't think Ryan is Esme's father. I think that's just a little role play.



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