Tuesday, March 8, 2022

SO much talking


Anyone see The Batman? The trailer looks amaze but is it TOO MUCH for me? I didn't want to see The Joker with (JP) because ....too real/disturbing yada yada. Let me know. I love the actor Paul Dano tho so I'm thinking I might. 

Kevin is visiting Ryan at the jail. Harmony is helping him blink out words. Ryan refuses to blink for Kevin LOL. Kevin leaves. 

Nikolas is also at the jail-- wants to see Spencer. Snark to each other. You know, usual stuff.  Nik says he went to Courtney's grave-- they talk about her. 

Laura, Drew and Sam are at Sam's talking about Victor and Dante walks in. MOSS IS ON THE TABLE PEOPLE! Laura decides to let Dante in on "the plan" to take Victor down. Laura leaves. Sam and Drew fill him in on the deets. They are going to get Victor a tarot card, make him think that Peter sent it and then pretend to use it on Drew. Drew will pretend to respond. Or something like that. 

Laura and Kevin have dinner at the Metro. Talk about stuff. 

Maxie shows Britt Bailey and asks for forgiveness for her 'lie'. Britt says no problem, they are safe and that's all that matters. 

Victor is at Wyndemere to see Nik but since Nik is gone, will talk to Ava about his concerns about Spencer. He doesn't want them to renew their vows. More talk about Nikolas, Spencer--Ava.. UGH. Victor thinks they should have a big renewal ceremony and include everyone in the family. Ava finally agrees after flashing back to Laura telling her to keep Victor close and be nice to him. 

The kids are yapping about the video thing. Trina says she's sorry for Joss and Cam and Esme says well YOU DID IT. NO YOU DID IT. No.. you did.  Trina brings up Ez doing the Teddy Bear and the badge at the hospital. OH Esme says it was her fault for wanting to go on the trip in the first place. Trina calls her the B Word! They argue. Cam finally yells at Esme to leave. 
They try to figure out how it happened. Trina said it could have had a timer. 

Esme goes to the Spa Jail. He apologizes to her. Esme is so jelly of Trina. She tells Nikolas about the porn tape thing. 


The video of Cam/Joss is now uploaded to a porn website LOL 

Britt gets possession of Peter's personal effects. She just signed for it. 

OMG RYAN SPEAKS! He asks Esme what she's doing!!! AAAHHHHHHHH


  1. Oooo....That ending. I hope it continues tomorrow and we don't have to wait a week, or a month to find out what happens next.

    Joss needs to talk to Spinelli about the tape. He can find out where it originated. he can probably also trace who bought the burner phone.

    Are you still drooling over those tribbles, Sonya? lol

    1. "Di says, Are you still drooling over those tribbles, Sonya? lol"

      Hahahahaha. Yes they are beautiful! :)

    2. Amen about Spinelli. As good as he is he can wipe it off the entire World Wide Web, lol!!!

  2. finally some movement today with esme back story.

  3. College room:

    Vampira and Jam: I am so glad that Cam is not defending Vampira anymore! :) Vampira blaming Trina! HA!

    Vampira, Jam, and Trina: YEAH TRINA YEAH! DRAG VAMPIRA! DRAG HER! :) Too bad Spencer wasn't there to not stand up for Vampira hahaha.

    Jam and Trina: Oh oh! Porn site!!! Jam's porn is on a porn site! Someone has to take it down!!!

    Joss: I wish this night would never have happened.

    *Cam slowly cries silently inside himself.*

    Joss: Cam. I don't mean I wish the whole night haden't happened.

    Cam: I I know what you meant.

    *Cam still cries inside himself and dies a little*

    Poor Cam. :(

    Sam's home:

    Sante, Drew, Laura, and the Tribbles: Did you see how Dante was holding the cups of coffee? Like they were kissing and having sex! ROFL!


    Hahahahahahaha! The Tribbles want to help with the plan too! :)

    Sante, Drew, and the Tribbles: Ooooo I'm interested in their plan. I wonder how this is going to play out.. I want to know what Victor wants to know!!!!!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Maxie, Bailey, and Britch: Awwwwww that baby!!!! :) How old is that baby? 8 months right? She is small for an 8 month old. Oh my! Hiney's stuff! Why give it to Britch? And how did that guy know where Britch was?


    Laura: I would like to go to Austria with Anna if I could. I feel like a loyalty to Luke.

    Ooooo. Loyalty!!!! Part of Laura still wuvs Luke!!! :) I mean what was the point of her saying that? :) L&L FOREVER! :)

    Spring ridge:

    Nik and Spencer: Oh Nik stop bringing up Kung Foo Barbie!!! The only person who should talk about her and bring her up, is Spencer!!! Oooo so Spencer is giving his father another chance?!! :)

    Vampira and Spencer: She is so jelly over Spencer and Trina!!! Rightfully so! She knows there is something happening between Sprina! :) I don't care how many times he tells her they are just friends. HA! :) Pointing the finger at Trina for the porn tape, because she wants to plant seeds in Spencer's head so he can turn on Trina!!!

    Vampira: They were definitely not ready for prime time.

    ROFL! She would have won the line of the day, but someone else wins it.

    Harmony.com, Ryan, and Doc: Hahahaha. Mr. Blinky ignoring Doc! Hahahaha!

    Ryan and Vampira: RYAN WINS THE LINE OF THE DAY!

    Ryan: What the hell are you doing?!?!!?!



    Ava and Victor: Ava you going to try to seduce Victor? :)

    Nava and Victor: Oh okay no renewal of vows.. :) If they did have the renewal of vows, can Victor marry them? :)

    1. sorry, but I think Cam deserves better than Carly's spawn. For her to suspect Cam at all of doing this is ridiculous. I wish Cam was with Trina..... The writers have done a good job of making her just like her mom.......totally self centered

    2. Line of the day was perfect! I was thrilled when Ryan spoke, lol!
      I was also enjoying the eye looks between Ava and Nik. They're really getting good at silent communication.
      I need Trina to punch Esme in the nose. Now.

      Tribbles/Moss all over the place. I always think of you, lol!

    3. "sammy says, sorry, but I think Cam deserves better than Carly's spawn. For her to suspect Cam at all of doing this is ridiculous."

      She didn't suspect Cam.. She suspects Vampira and is blaming her.

      "Julie H says, Line of the day was perfect! I was thrilled when Ryan spoke, lol!"

      I was so happy when he spoke YAY! :)

      "I was also enjoying the eye looks between Ava and Nik. They're really getting good at silent communication."

      Yes they are!!! Love that! :)

      "I need Trina to punch Esme in the nose. Now."

      Hahaha. Too bad she didn't!

      "Tribbles/Moss all over the place."


      "I always think of you, lol!"

      Hahaha thank you? :) ROFL!

  4. Wait until Carly and Elizabeth find out about the tape. Same better watch her back especially with Carly .

    1. Carly will still be obsessed with Nina...........

    2. I really want to see the mom's find out. It BETTER happen on screen, or else! LOL!

  5. Loved the title for this episode...SO Much Talking. HAHAHAHAH! So true!

  6. Karen, read 4 reviews of the Batman movie they all gave 2 out of four stars. However, I know quite a few people (50-60 yrs old) who saw it and absolutely loved it! Must have been millennial reviewers, lol!

  7. I saw The Batman last night. I loved it. Thought it was a much more believable story. As in making batman seem more like a human and not a super hero. Which is what he is. I highly recommend it. I didn't think it was dark by any means.



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