Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Are you Hungry?

 Maurice Benard was on GMA3 right before GH and he talked about his show State Of Mind. It's BiPolar awareness day. Also, he said his son is coming back to GH as Adam again! 

Chase at the PCPD in his baseball gear. He still have 53 days to do for his suspension. He's just signing people up for the teams. They talk about Brook Lynn. 

April 5th is the Deception IPO party date. Brook, Maxie and Lucy are all  happy. Gladys walks in. Lucy sends her out for salads. Lucy wants all the Nurses Ball singers at Deceptions IPO. She wants Brook Lynn to ask Chase to sing for them. She says no. 

SASHA AND BRANDO are on again. Kissing at the Metro. Don't care. Gladys comes over. Talks to them. Brando gets a phone call. Leaves. Gladys tells Sasha she thinks they got married too fast. Don't care. 

Victor tells Nik Esme could be pregnant! AHAHAHAA. Then they find Esme's phone out on the sidewalk where she dropped it. He figures out Sonny has her.  

Esme with Sonny. He says she's there because of what she did to Josslyn. She tries to tell him it's not her. HE says it is..."remember the hospital when ya LIED TO ME"?? He whispers that she better admit she's the one behind the sex tape. IT'S A GREAT BUNCH OF SCENES, WATCH THEM. 
Nikolas and Victor come into the restaurant. Esme hears them, screams HELP ME!! She runs out, into Nikolas' arms. UGH ahahaha Victor stays to talk with Sonny. 

OH! SCOTTY is Trina's lawyer!! HE says there's plenty of room for doubt on this. He thinks it's good Trina has such a good character and teacher like her and she has a job. He leaves for the courthouse. Portia gets emotional with Curtis, she's scared. 

Trina and Spencer. He's saying that he's not sure how Esme could have done this and Trina was really drunk. Trina is yelling at him-- HOW COULD YOU THINK IT WAS ME!!?? He's being a dick. He tells her Esme might be PREGNANT!! OMG! She says that's why you are defending her. Then she tells him to leave, they are done.  NuCop guy gives Trina a soda and smiles. 

Portia goes into the PCPD. Sees Spencer, yells at him about his vile girlfriend. Portia is DOING SUCH A GOOD JOB with this, she's hitting every beat. She goes in to see Trina..they hug. 


Sasha orders more drugs. 

Nikolas and Esme hug in Charlie's..Spencer walks in

Victor tells Sonny to watch it...Sonny tells Victor he's not scared. 


  1. would love for sonny to be taken down by the cassidines. tired of sonny always on the top.

  2. I agree Witch, and shouldn't he be in trouble for kidnapping her? He's not the cops.
    Now if its Mike vs. Sonny I could get on board. Love Portia, go mama bear!

  3. Loved Sonny and Esme interaction actually------
    bothers me that they are writing Esme/Nelle.2 into a corner-----cause of this video thing----
    still wondering WHO will Victor use as scapegoat for Luke's death?
    Did I miss where Taggart was?
    Nu-Trina is doing great!!!

  4. lol I loved the look on Spencer's face when he saw Esme hugging Nikolas. "El Dummo is hopefully finally realizing that he's been played.

    And loved it when the cutie pie brought Trina the pop.

    And I will be skipping over all the Sasha the drug addict scenes, unless it involves someone catching her in the act buying the drugs. Hopefully it will be Chase...or Sonny. That would take care of the devil girl and her little business.

    I would love to see Victor find out the truth about Esme too. Then he and Sonny could both out her.

    1. Di, I want it to be the women who love Trina, Joss, and Cam to take little miss troublemaker down.

    2. I wasn't saying they should take her down, just find out the truth. Victor is all high and mighty defending her. I'd love to see his reaction when he ralizes he's been played.

    3. You are right. Finding out the truth and taking someone down are two different things. I just want the women of GH to take care this twit. And I'm with you, I can't wait to see Victor finding out he got conned. Helena would have killed her while taking tea.

    4. Where is Laura? Is she going to take Esme's side? She has always been sharp......hope she opens her's her grandson!

  5. Love the scenes with Sonny and Esme.
    Cassadine family is okay but Sonny is 'da man. The real Sonny, not Smike...although a little bit of Mike is a good thing.
    NuTrina is killing it.
    Nik is in big trouble. Watching him now it's hard to believe that smart Ava is his woman. Wish she would walk into whatever the bar is called now.

  6. Ya, they are playing some of the men as dumb now. Oh well, it's their turn

  7. The hospital/Portia's office:

    Scotty and Portis: Scotty is Trina's lawyer? YAY! Wait why did Scotty introduce himself? Why are Portis acting like they just met Scotty? And are Portis going to a funeral?!!?!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Victor and Nik: Look at how worried he looks for Vampira! Hahahahahaha.

    Deception offices:

    Lucy, Blazer Lynn, Maxie, and a new lady: Why are they all playing hot potato? Maxie just give the file to that lady geez!

    Blazer Lynn, Lucy, and Maxie: Wait! Blazer Lynn didn't ask Chase to sing?!!! Why the hell not?!?!! COME ON BLAZER LYNN! Ask him!

    Blazer Lynn, Lucy, Maxie, and Gladys:

    Lucy: With lots and lots of little croutons.

    HAHAHAHAHAHHA! Lucy would have won the line of the day, but someone else wins it.

    Brase: What?! Chase doesn't want to sing?!?!! COME ON CHASE!!!! You are breaking my heart. You HAVE to sing. You are a great singer!!

    Blazer Lynn: You don't fit into my world.

    OH OUCH! My heart. Blazer Lynn just punctured my heart.. Ow!:(

    Sonny's office:

    Vampira and Sonny: Great scene!!!! Come on Sonny show your dimples to Vampira and hypnotize her! :) Or throw her in with Badge Bob and he can eat her. :) When Sonny said she lied to him, I don't remember until Vampira brings up what he meant. :) Looked like Mo was messing his lines up when he was talking about the names of people. :)

    Vampira, Sonny, Nik, and Victor: Oh hello Nik! Vampira wins the line of the day.


    BAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! And it's hysterical that she runs into Nik's arms! :)

    Victor and Sonny: Ooooo great scene!!! :)

    Police station:

    Chase and Dante: Come on!!! I want Chase to get his job back!!!! GRRRRRR!

    Trina and Spencer: OH SPENCER COME ONNNNNN! You are not stupid! And I love that Trina dragged him! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GO TRINA! :)

    Trina and new cop: He gives her something to drink awwww. :) Hmmm oooo I see chemistry! :)

    Portia and Spencer: Looks like she wants to punch him!!!

    Dante and Spencer: Yeah Spencer! GET THE HELL OUT!

    Portia and Trina: Awwwwwwwww. :(

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Brasha: Welcome back!!!! Is her high still high or is all the drugs gone from her system?

    Brasha and Gladys: Gladys has to pretend that she is happy for their marriage hahahaha.

    Gladys and Sasha: There ya go! Gladys doesn't have to pretend with her. :) Yeah I agree with you Gladys. Never thought I would say that.

    Lucy, Maxie, Brasha, and Gladys: A reunion! :) Oh look a file of Sasha preggers.. Yeah that's not going to help Sasha ladies!!!

    Sasha on the phone with drug lady: Yup it's about that time. :)

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Vampira and Nik: Awwwwwwwww sweet hug.. Oh hi Spencer. :) Hmmm. Why are Vampira and Nik at Charlie's? She doesn't have a room there. She lives at Kelly's.

    1. Agreeing with wubs again today. Brando/Sasha, don't care.

      Loved Sonny yesterday, and I haven't said that in a looooong time! Esme was excellent and I sure enjoyed her being freaked out. Great actress! I also wondered why dumb-Nik and Esme went back to Charley's. Just a little plot point for dumb-Spence to see them.

      Nu-Trina knocked out of the park. She should have slapped Spence right across his dumb face. And great little side eye she gave the new cop when he brought her a beverage. words for her except fabulous, lol!

      Good show yesterday. And I like extra croutons too! :)

    2. "Julie H says, Loved Sonny yesterday, and I haven't said that in a looooong time!"

      Hahaha yeah he was great!!!

      "Esme was excellent and I sure enjoyed her being freaked out."

      Yeah that was great!! She was so skeered of Sonny!

      "Great actress"

      Yes she is! Great find!!!!

      "I also wondered why dumb-Nik and Esme went back to Charley's."

      Yeah that was confusing..

      "Just a little plot point for dumb-Spence to see them."

      Spence could have easily went to Kelly's!!

      "Nu-Trina knocked out of the park. She should have slapped Spence right across his dumb face."

      Hahahaha. Yeah she could have!!

      "And great little side eye she gave the new cop when he brought her a beverage."

      Love it!!!!!!!!!!! :)

      " words for her except fabulous, lol!"

      She is!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      "Good show yesterday. And I like extra croutons too! :)"

      Hahahaha little teeny tiny croutons hahahaha.

  8. sorry - 2 more questions- WHy was Sasha freaked out about a party and needs drugs? I fast-forward cause I don't care, but that seemed a weird thing to be afraid of - and NOT the going public of Deception.
    I HATE this storyline with Esme BUT it will be a grand day when Nick and Spencer and Victor have to drink shut-up juice/find out the granted, I'll be in a nursing home probably, but still........

    1. "Mufasa says WHy was Sasha freaked out about a party and needs drugs?"

      She wasn't freaked out about the party. She saw the picture of herself pregnant.. Poor Sasha. :(

      "now granted, I'll be in a nursing home probably, but still........"


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  10. It's funny that Spencer and Dante are cousins but don't act as such

  11. Soaps need villains so I hope Esme survives this somehow. It's way too early to get rid of her.

    Also, I am beyond tired of Brando and Sasha. For the love of God, can't these two leave town for a new start?

    1. I agree with both points, Kevin. Don't give a fig about Brando/Sasha. And I have no interest in her being hooked on drugs again.

      Esme is excellent. The actress is so good, and I loved it that Sonny scared the bee-jeebers out of her, lol!

  12. NuTrina can really act! Portia was excellent as was Sonny. Nik is such an idiot. After seeing Tyler C on State of Mind with Mo I really miss him more than ever. The interview was really brave and heartbreaking. He had an intensity that NuNik is missing. Gladys is growing on me, too.

    1. I miss TC too. We were sad when he lft(but understood why) Ans sad that they let his two cousins go too.

  13. The Sonny-Esme scenes were brilliant. She’s like The Bad Seed aka Rhoda Penmark from that famous play. She also reminds of the second Heather (Mary O’Brien) in how she plays Esme with that saccharine sweet delivery and then in the next moment her eyes tell what she’s really up to. That was classic Heather before Robin Mattson took over the part. Avery Kristen Pohl is very talented and this character isn’t going anywhere. Nell was poorly written in the beginning. Her back story never made sense, so I don’t see the comparison. And for people who can’t understand how adults fall under the spell of a demon child, watch The Bad Seed. Loving the new Trina. The actress has nailed the character while also playing her a bit more vulnerable. and Nicolas Chavez continues to impress me.

    1. Totally agree with everything you just said. GH's casting department has stroke gold again hasn't it.

      I love your name. I remember Diana Taylor was murdered in the early 80s.

    2. Thanks! The Diana Taylor murder was perhaps the best murder mystery in soap history. But it was a major mistake to kill off Diana, a character that pretty much was the center of GH from the late 60s thru the 70s. I remember when Diana died that was like Gloria Monty slamming the door on the 70s and anything that happened in that era. When Diana was murdered, I don’t even remember any scenes with Jessie acknowledging her death and those two characters shared a tortured history. ,

    3. I remember the shock of when it came out that Heather's mother Alice killed Diana. And I vividly remember when Heather got the dose of LSD she planned to give Diana because little PJ - aka Stephen Lars - spun the lazy susan on the coffee table switching the glasses. And then she wrote Anne in Diana's blood to try to pin the crime on Jeff's girl friend so she could have Jeff all to herself. Ah, the good ole days. That was a good murder mystery.

    4. That was how Peter's murder should have been written.

  14. Susan Lucci's husband died. He was 84. They were married a long time.

  15. avery pohl is excellent. she shows emotion in her eyes. I see her going places. also love the new trina.

    1. Let's hope they find a way to use her and not let her go and kill her off. She will be signed elsewhere so fast!

    2. Yeah Linda!!!! She is so fantastic she would be signed elsewhere so fast!!


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