Saturday, March 5, 2022

Tabyana Ali -The New Trina


As you've probably read, Sydney is exiting the role of Trina because she wants to focus on college and other projects. She will be so missed. Her replacement is Tabyana Ali, an actress who's been in a few movies like Horror Noire (2021) and the Big Show Show (2020) Check her IMDB. 

Losing Sydney at this juncture is heartbreaking because Sprina has been such a great slow burn. The chem between she and Nicholas Chavaz is unmistakable. Can't blame her for spreading the wings though and here's hoping the NuTrina can fill her shoes! 


  1. I like trina but never saw chemistry with her and spencer. I wanted her with cam.

  2. Maybe when Sydney is done with college she will come back to GH!! :) I hope!!!

  3. I definitely hope Sydney returns some day. She is a real find!

    1. She is!!!!! :) I wonder what she is going to college for.. Part of me wants her to stay, but another part of me is glad she is getting an education. :)

  4. Tough shoes to fill. Sydney is a great actress, bubbly, and brings great energy to her scenes.

  5. I just hope they're not going to change her personality or the way the friends interact. Sometimes they do that when they change actors. I've seen the comedy video this girl has up and that's definitely not Trina.

  6. So sad to hear this (on one hand) because she is so awesome. But will give the new actress a chance.


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